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Thursday, December 6, 2012

[recap] The King of Dramas Ep.9 and10

The King of Dramas always ends in a dramatic way. In episode 8,  another problem arose. The investment of the Watanabe Group was withdrawn by the so who inherit the company. Just when the filming is about to start, this is another attack to Anthony by his previous employer, Empire company whose main aim is to make him loose everything, even the right to air  Morning in Kyeongseong. They want to snatch that from Anthony.

Episode 9

Anthony put all his efforts in finding a new investor so that he could return the money to Watanabe Group. Everywhere he goes was met with resistance. The banks are all pressured by Empire not to give in to Anthony. But he is not a man to be easily put down. He remembered the lot of land he once dreamed of building the largest studio in Korea just like in hollywood. He then went and see the land owner and talked him into not selling the land if people would come look for him. He would only take the offer if made for the last time, in this case, 5x more worth the value of the land. As Empire is so greedy, they did offer so high for the price of the land. Anthony then made the land owner an offer that he invest in his drama and promised half the profit.

Episode 10

Lee Go eun and Kang Hyun Min brought the contract to the land owner and in the nick of time, saved Anthony from having his hand chopped.

The drama started filming. Kang Hyun Min stays true to his personality, that of a superstar who has so much belief in himself. He and Sung Min Ah always bicker. I always wonder how the drama would turn. Lee Go Eun and Anthony has a wonderful chemistry. He even told in front of Sung MinAh that the only person he trust is writer Lee Go Eun.

This he said after the plagiarism talks came out. The writer of Fated Lovers wants to sue Go Eun and block the broadcast of Morning in Kyeongseong. She insinuates how Go Eun copy her book. But Go Eun stood her ground. She did not plagiarized the novel. She needed an evidence to show the year she wrote the story but she has not yet found it. 

As the filming continues, Sung Min Ah asserted that Go Eun change her lines. But Go Eun don't want to do it. The similarity of her story and Fated Lovers can not be helped for both are written during Japanese times. In the end, Anthony told Sung Min Ah that she will not request any more change in her script in the future. He only believe in Go Eun.

The story is very interesting as it goes on. There are so many things one viewer can learn just by watching. And in the end, I hope that all hardships will be paid off. Anthony is changing unconsciously. And it is all because of writer Lee Go Eun.

photos credit to 
King of Dramas (드라마의 제왕)

Photo: [Spoiler] "King of Dramas (드라마의 제왕)" increases slightly

Anthony Kim (Kim Myeong-min) was suffering from lack of production cost due to some withdrawal of investments and writer Lee Go-eun (Jeong Ryeo-won) was going to borrow money from Kang Hyeon-min (Choi Si-won).

She found out that out of the 3.4 billion won that was invested in this drama, 2 billion was used as Kang Hyeon-min's pay and she asked if he could lend her half of it.

Kang Hyeon-min opposed asking why he should lend her that money but she said, "The drama is at risk and we just need to get over this obstacle and to do that we need to stick together. Anthony is going around to borrow money alone. He doesn't say it but he's having a hard time".

Kang Hyeon-min randomly asked, "Do you like Anthony? It's his problem not yours so why are you trying to borrow money?"

However, Lee Go-eun looked appalled but this time she almost convinced by saying, ""Solid Morning" started with Kang Hyeon-min and you are the landmark of our drama".

In the end, Kang was going to lend Anthony a billion but changed his mind and pretend it never happened.

(c) Hancinema
Photo: <드라마의제왕> 최시원, 한겨울 바다수영 '장항준 작가에게 입수사진 꼭 보여주고 싶다' 내용>> http://j.mp/TFC2V0 영상보기>> http://youtu.be/oV4pFiuI0Rk

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