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Saturday, October 27, 2012

[fancam] Kim Hyun Joong(김현중)@121027 Incheon Itnl’ Airport

Do not re-upload & re-edited this video clip.

YES의 자료는 김현중을 사랑하는 곳이라면 어디든지 이동가능합니다.
(우결관련사이트 절대 퍼가지마세요!)
재편집,재업로드금지/ 이동시에는 출처와 YES의 로고만 확실히 지켜주세요.

[MinSul] Choi Minho and Sulli Talking @Suecomma Bonnie 121025

Just found this photo and I am so excited and just stared at it for awhile! Oh my MinSul, talking at each other  their "chaperon" not interrupting them.:))

The first event where they were seen together after TTBY.
And my heart pounds!:))

[SHINee] Choi Minho @PressCon SHINee World II in Hongkong 121027

My new hobby, following Minho's activities after TTBY. :)) I will just concentrate on him without the rest of the SHINee members.

Photos from today @PressCon for SHINee World II in Hongkong. Photos as tagged.
source: shinee.net

Kim Hyun Joong @Incheon Airport to China 121027

Fresh from tweets by fans @twitter. Kim Hyun Joong @Incheon airport on his way to China. He's doing HAPPY CAMP recording.

Photos as tagged via twitter...


Park Shin Hye to make a cameo in upcoming drama ‘King of Dramas’

cre: allkpop

Actress Park Shin Hye will be making a cameo appearance in SBS‘s new drama, ‘King of Dramas‘.
She will be playing the role of a lead actress in the fictional drama being produced by a character called ‘Anthony Kim’ to help add a touch of reality to the depiction of film sets in the drama. Her decision to make this cameo dates back to her relationship with PD Hong Sung Chan, whom she last worked with for her 2009 drama, ‘You’re Beautiful‘.
Despite her busy schedule, she made sure to travel a long way to the filming set as an expression of her friendship.
The drama, which tells the blossoming love story between a drama producer, a rookie script writer, and a top Hallyu star, will begin airing on November 5th.

Super Junior express their thoughts on receiving the ‘Teen Style Icon’ award

cre: allkpop

Super Junior revealed their secret to popularity.
On the 25th, the Super Junior members were awarded with the ‘Teen Style Icon‘ award at the ‘2012 Style Icon Awards‘, along with PsySeo In GukEunjiSong Joong KiSuzySISTARYoo Joon SangIm Soo JungJang Dong Gun, and Ha Jung Woo. The biggest award of the night, the ‘Style Icon of the Year‘, was given to Jang Dong Gun.
After the event and receiving their ‘Teen Style Icon’ award, Leeteuk said, “To be honest, creating pop culture content such as a popular song, fashion or choreography is what we try to do best. This award is very valuable and meaningful. I think this award gives us more passion. We will untiringly repay that passion in the future.
When asked about why he thought Super Junior was so loved all around the globe, Leeteuk answered, “I think it’s because of our honesty and our passion. We honestly work hard at anything we’re given, and I think that’s loved anywhere in the world.

Jang Dong Gun shares the honor of receiving the ‘Style Icon of the Year’ award with his wife

cre: allkpop

As mentioned earlier, actor Jang Dong Gun received the grand award ‘Style Icon of the Year‘ at the ‘2012 Style Icon Awards‘ (commonly known as SIA).
Out of the many stars that were nominated, Jang Dong Gun was the one who took home the grand prize. The actor has received praise for his roles of a bachelor in his 40′s in the drama ‘Gentleman’s Class‘ and his tough guy role in ‘Dangerous Liaisons‘, which both showed his charismatic and professional acting skills.
After receiving the award, Jang Dong Gun humbly said, “I wonder if I’m allowed to receive this award instead of all of the prominent juniors. I will work hard to greet the audience not only through acting, but through good style too.
The host Kim Sung Soo asked Jang Dong Gun who he would pick if he could share the honor of receiving the award with just one person. In response, the actor called out to his wife Go So Young, saying, ”Honey, I won the grand award.
On another note, previous winners of the ‘Style Icon of the Year’ include Jang Mi HeeKim Hye SooLee Byung Hun, and Cha Seung Won.

Friday, October 26, 2012


The much awaited photos after To The Beautiful You has ended, finally I see my MINSUL together in an event, of course with their own fellow members, Minho with Key, Sulli with Victoria and Luna. It's like my thirst for missing them after TTBY has been quenched. And most of all, seeing them sitting side by side is what made me grinning like a fool though it may have been nothing unusual. [but the shipper in me wants to dream!:))]

Anyway, will share the photos. Thanks for all the fans who shared them via twitter and on fansites as well as media photos.

as tagged

credits and source: http://shawolindo.wordpress.com / http://www.shineee.net / Beautiful Days / @sulli94net / Osen, Sports Seoul, Asiae, TV Daily, BNT News, Dispatch

How I love this photo! So great! My MinSul together!



[121025] SHINee Minho Key_F(x) Sulli Victoria & Luna | 2013 S/S Suecomma Bonnie Collection

I just love this latest photos! 

I just wish there were more captures of them together like maybe sneaking a glance at each other. :))

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

New Photo of Jung Yoo Mi in City Conquest

cre: @thecityconquest/twitter

Reunion of AGD - Kim Min Joong, Kim Ha Neul and Jang Dong Gun @ SMTOWN Celebrity Party

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Nice to see Kim Min Joong, Kim Ha Neul and Jang Dong Gun together again after A Gentleman's Dignity wrapped up for more than a couple months now. The news that both KHN and JDG are on the same company again...SM, I am looking for more good projects.

Together in the photo are TVXQ!

[SMTOWN Celebrity Party] SHINee's Minho & Key w/ beautiful Kim Ha Neul, charming Kim Min Jong & senior artist Kangta

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Kim Ha Neul also with former co star Jamg Dong Gun joined SM. Looking forward to more exciting events and projects.


[SMTOWN Celebrity Party] Super Junior with Jang Dong Gun. Please welcome Jang Dong Gun to SM!

tweets form @SMTOWNGLOBAL

I am excited about this! OMO!

photo as tagged

Dream cast in Missing You: Park Yoo Chun, Yoon Eun Hye, Yoo Seung Ho…

cre: Yoon eun hye

All actors and actresses are ready to shoot MBC’s new Wednesday-Thursday series Missing You, which will start airing in November.

On October 22, an official for the ser
ies said that Yoo Seung Ho decided to appear on the series with JYJ’s Park Yoo Chun and Yoon Eun Hye. Child actor and actress Yeo Jin Goo and Kim So Hyun will appear as a young Park and Yoon.
Park, Yoon, and Yoo will create a love triangle in the series and are drawing considerable attention.
Park will play the role of a detective named Han Jung Woo, who still misses his first love. He is delightful but chases criminals like a fierce animal.
Yoon will play the role of a fashion designer named Lee Soo Yeon. She is always bright and confident in herself, but she is also hiding her sadness deep inside her mind.
Yoo will play the role of an asset manager named Kang Hyung Joon. He looks gentle but he seeks vengeance upon Han Jung Woo.
The series is written by writer Moon Hee Jung, who wrote Can You Hear My Heart and The Last Scandal Of My Life. Producer Lee Jae Dong, who produced Thank You, will work with the writer together for the new series.

Source: TV Report

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Lee Hyun Woo Photos

Lee Hyun Woo [Cha Eun Gyul] was so charming in To The Beautiful You that I am sure many fans were so rooting for him to be with Sulli who played Goo Jae Hee. I for one was a bit sad for his character because I knew that in the end he would only remain as Jae Hee's good friend.

Anyway, some good photos of this cute and funny actor.

From photoshoot...

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and receiving so much love from his fans...

source: KeyEast@fb