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Saturday, March 17, 2012

[JSM] Script Reading of Stand By Cast

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Close-up photos of So Min in Bad Guy Event, Japan

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Kim hyun joong made his respects to Yoochun's Father

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[oppa/dongsaeng couple] Coincidence or Not - Almost Similar Items and some more...

With my previous thoughts about my HyunMin/JoongMin/ oppa-dongsaeng couple, aka HJ and So Min I was inspired to write another post about them. Just to tickle my mind about these two cute and adoring "couple" from Playful Kiss. That's where this all started. Me watching their chemistry and cute BTS and joining the ship as a follower.

This is based only from my opinions [and some shippers at the thread] and nothing here is proven.

Just made a photo collage of what a shipper likes me want to think and wish for my love couple. A shipper's view. The relationship may not be a fact, coz there was never a rumour  least a confirmation, still a shipper will always wish for a realization. But one thing is certain, these captures were real and things they wore might be coincidence...or not.

cre: mslee1107

click the photo for a better view.


I think this was the same necklace. This was @SBS Gayo Daejun 111229.


for a more closer look...looks like the cross on the shirt of HJ and Minmin's are almost similar and medieval.

Will add Minmin's CYworld background... 

photo cre as tagged

remember this was a topic @the thread and this photo was a fanpic of So Min feeding Jaksal chicken to two dogs...[art and matic] :))

and So Min used this as her photo...
I am [really] wondering if she knew the story behind the photo..:))

leader was asked during  his comeback as a solo performer, [launching of BD album] what does he looks for in a girl first...

and this drawing answered the question.

on which coincides also when he said at the FM of PK that Minmin's eyes are beautiful. :))

this was another update on Minmin's cyworld

 with a girl kissing a kitten!

remember when she told the story of Hyun Joong snoring like a kitten during one of PK's filming when leader dozed off.

then I saw this photo of HJ [who loves dogs and owned 3 dogs..]

ironically, he was holding a kitten in this photo...

KHJ oppa with a cat…:))
(do you remember you snore like a kitten?!:O) 

a girl waiting for love with a kitten...

Posted Image 

        two bears hugging each other of course is like the PK scene...

To summarize...Minmin seems to be in love with the idea of love or perhaps there really is "someone" who she loves and loves her back. 

Just to add something...this ring must have been a favourite also...:))

It [ring]  doesn't have to have meaning for her to wear it. but a shipper's mind will always wonder...pondering over it.

Again, coincidence or not, only time will tell. But in a shipper's sharp eyes and mind, these are enough to make my day.


photos from JSM twitter, oppa/dongsaeng couple thread@soompi, JSMthread@soompi and media photos 

Friday, March 16, 2012

Jung Yong Hwa - Updates about CN Blue's new album

Updating what's happening to Jung Yong Hwa and CN Blue's new album Titled Ear Fun! 

CN Blue Names Third Mini Album “Ear Fun”

cre: soompi.com

CN Blue Names Third Mini Album “Ear Fun” 

Last week, CN Blue launched a contest asking its fans to guess the name of their upcoming third mini album. The first five participants to get the correct title were to win a chance to take photos with the boys and receive their autographs. But the contest that was supposed to run until March 21 came to an abrupt end yesterday, as CN Blue announced on its official Facebook page that it would be “closed earlier than our plan.”
Their official site, however, updated its page with the title of its third album, which turns out to be “Ear Fun.” It only has the title of the album and its March 27 release date mentioned, as well as the music video of “Still in Love,” which was revealed earlier today.
How do you like the name of the album? Did you guess the right title?

CN Blue’s “I Still Love You” tops the real-time charts

cre: en.korea.com

“I Still Love You,” a song included in CN Blue’s new album Ear Fun, scheduled to be released on March 27, topped the real-time charts on March 16 right after it was released in advance of the album’s release.
Released on YouTube and portal site Nate, “I Still Love You” proved its popularity by entering the real-time search word lists of all portal sites. This song also attracted wide attention by topping the real-time chart of Soribada.
People responded: “CN Blue’s ‘I Still Love You’ is really awesome!” “CN Blue’s ‘I Still Love You’ is great! The year I spent waiting for them was not wasted!” “CN Blue’s ‘I Still Love You’ is much better than I thought!”
Composed by Jung Yong Hwa, “I Still Love You” is an acoustic modern rock song that clearly presents CN Blue’s distinctive style and sensibility. Its sweet melody and sad lyrics leave a lasting impression on many music fans.
The DVD of CN Blue’s Winter Tour 2011 – Hear, In My Hear, which was released on March 14 in Japan, ranked second on the Oricon Chart on the first day of the release.

CN Blue Unveils MV for “Still in Love” 

cre: soompi.com


CN Blue has just released the full music video for “Still in Love,” the title track from their upcoming third mini album. Written by Jung Yong Hwa, “Still in Love” has a simple beat and catchy tunes, making it another hit song in the waiting for CN Blue.
The music video is comprised of footage of the group in the recording studio. There are also snippets of the members just having fun with each other, but what really leaves a strong impression is the part where the guitar sound completely takes over the song.
Also, in case you haven’t seen it already, make sure you read our exclusive interview with CN Blue here!

CNBLUE’s Yonghwa checks in with fans from Vietnam 

cre: allkpop


CNBLUE‘s Yonghwa is currently in Vietnam and has checked in with fans in anticipation of their upcoming album.
On March 15th, Yonghwa tweeted,
There is a lot of fog in Vietnam. Please give a lot of attention to ‘Still in Love‘. Please give a lot of love to our album that will be released on the 27th as well. Everyone, I’m still loving you and will continue to love you.
Fans commented, “I’m still loving you. I’ll continue to love you. I’m going to love you for the rest of my life.” and “I’ll love you forever!“.
CNBLUE is in Vietnam for the Vietnam – Korea Music Festival in Hanoi.
In case you missed it, you can check out Yonghwa’s self composed track “Still in Love” here.
Source: CNBLUE’s Twitter

@4everhyun Shared Photos via twitter inside Jaksal Chicken: KHJ - "BREAKDOWN" & "LUCKY" Limited Edition Album Inside

cre: @4everhyun

tweeted tonight that @4everhyun is @Jaksal Isu Branch...so pictures were being taken and shared via twitter.


tweet: Inside Jaksal...


and so mslee assumed that @4everhyun ordered this delicious looking Jaksal Chicken with rice cake...


@4everhyun continued to tweet..
lots of Odeng @Jaksal res


am not really sure what this is...a soup perhaps...

 tweet: Breakdown album with HJ's autograph #88


tweet: Lucky album #88


tweet: another inside pic


 Wow! Lucky @4everhyun for being there @Jaksal. This is going to be my destination dream someday.:))

Hyun Joong writes SS501 in his autograph. :))

Thursday, March 15, 2012

[for oppa/dongsaeng couple shippers] The shipper in me takes A Wild Guess! Am I Right ... or Am I RIGHT!

My oppa/dongsaeng couple made me think, making me guess what's the real score.

I have been doing screencaps of Playful Kiss this past few nights, because I am missing both HJ and SM together. Both are busy with their own activities, and the reality that PK already ended a long time ago and Japan fanmeets wrapped up already August 2011, there will never be reasons for both of them to be together unless for a new show or event. On which I doubt will happen sooner. 

Seeing them on their own is alright. But I wish there will be things that will somehow connects them still. I am a shipper and naturally, I will always wish and look for that "evidence" that my opinion [like other shippers] and belief are true.

There has been talk about the cross pendant of Minmin, which I think I was the one who brought it up at the thread, [although sadly, few only noticed and give weight] when she wore it and as a fan of HJ, I always saw him during promotion of his album wearing necklaces with cross pendant in different sizes and shapes.

same cross pendant 

Then there were notes posted about this @the thread and I was convinced that wearing accessories like these are common. 

But what strikes me is that this particular necklace has been a favorite of Minmin recently. She was always wearing this same necklace with the same cross pendant in some of her photos uploaded in her twitter.

Posted Image 

And in some event, too like this one.


Still, it was all wishful thinking on my part as a shipper. 

Yesterday, March 14, 2012 Hyun Joong went to Japan for PressCon regarding Aeon Coolish Fact and he then came back to Korea after that. The previous day, 13th, Minmin also wrapped up her activities for Bad Guy in Japan and returned home a day earlier than HJ.

Already posted photos of Minmin here and watching videos and fanpics of HJ at the airport, I was surprised to noticed that HyunJoong was wearing a long necklace with a cross pendant similar to what Minmin wears. Scrutinizing it closely for a long while, mind you, I keep playing the video on the part where I could see the pendant again and again! I looked for photos and yes there was a good capture! My mind is not playing tricks on me, is it? Of course not! It was also pointed out at the thread by Hyunminie. 

Posted Image 

See? The shape looks identical but a bit smaller in size. And what even more surprised me, again with my sharp eyes [I hope I am not imagining this one] is that the eyewear HJ was wearing was also similar if not the  HIS version of what Minmin wore in Japan also at the event.

Posted Image 

I based my conclusion at the white line, maybe the brand's logo [sorry, I am not familiar with the eyewear] because when you look closely at HJ's you can see the same thing, it was just beneath his hair.

They seemed like the same. Just as I assumed it could be HIS and HERS version of the shades.

This is a wild guess from a shipper. A coincidence that is rare from Hyun Joong and So Min. The first time since PK started and ended that they were seen wearing almost similar things. [I don't want to say couple things coz I know that HJ is not the type to wear those. But perhaps, LOVE can alter his thinking?]

Am I right or am I....right?! :))

photos not mine...cre as tagged


[Photos] Kim Hyun Joong (김현중) Arrival at Gimpo Airport from Japan by HYUNBAR and LYRICHJ

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source: Kathy's Bench + http://hyunjoongkajeablover.blogspot.com