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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Omo! Jung Yong Hwa's Arm...a Feast for the Eyes!

And I thought that he is still a boy! :))

Seeing this photo makes me realize that Yong Hwa is indeed a man...a young man and in his prime. Fangirls are surely feasting their eyes on this photo that was uploaded in the net.

See those muscles?

This was a cut from the video teaser of Juniel, his junior who he helped by producing her album and written a song, She was also her labelmate. A very nice and sweet sunbae, Yong Hwa!

the news:

Jung Yong Hwa’s arm, “A feast for the eyes”

Rock band CNBLUE member Jung Yong Hwa showed off his good looks on the music video of his junior labelmate Juniel.
With her debut right around the corner, Juniel has released a teaser music video on the 18th for the pre-release song ‘Fool.’ In the 26 second video clip, Jung Yong Hwa showed off his masculinity driving a Jeep on a long stretch of a highway.
It was a short clip but the reactions of the fans have been simply explosive. The fans commented, “The song is sweet and Jung Yong Hwa looks cool”, “I’m dying to see the entire music video”, “Juniel’s voice is so beautiful”, and so on.
Juniel is under contracts by the same agency Jung Yong Hwa is signed up with and she is the first solo female singer to debut from FNC Entertainment. Jung Yong Hwa has written a song for Juniel and he has also produced her album, showing much love for his junior labelmate.
Juniel’s pre-release song ‘Fool’ featuring Jung Yong Hwa will be released on May 22nd.

Juniel – ‘Fool’ Teaser (Feat. Jung Yong Hwa)

Image: FNC Entertainment
Source: OSEN via Nate

I love the teaser so much!!!
a look forward to..that's for sure.

Yonghwa is enjoying the break, missing fans a lot

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[Trans] Have you seen the teaser today? A musical journey with Juniel has been completed, everyone please look forward to its official release! kkk In the meantime please watch this! kkk I’m enjoying my holidays for now.. :p kkk the weather is nice these days ~~^^ Everyone~~~! Can’t wait to see all of you soon!!! ㅠㅠ
Source: @CNBLUE_4
Translated by: fizzy @ cnbluestorm

[Heartstrings] Park Shin Hye and Jung Yong Hwa's You've Fallen For Me Soon to Air in Japan

A look forward to for Japanese fans of Yong Hwa and Shin Hye. Soon Heartstrings aka You've Fallen for Me will air in Japan. 

They surely will fall for this cute drama and also they will love this couple just like I did.



cre: http://cnbluestorm.com

A teenage TV series starring CNBLUE’s frontman Jung Yong-hwa and actress Park Shin-hye will begin its run in Japan in two months, according to Jung’s agency FNC Entertainment. 
FNC said in a press release today that MBC drama “Heartstrings” will air in prime time on Japan’s Fuji TV starting July.
“Heartstrings,” helmed by producer Pyo Min-soo, tells the story of people in their 20′s and 30′s that attend a performing arts school.
The pair’s show also caused buzz before its premiere in Korea, after it was pre-sold to eight countries including Japan, China, Hong Kong, the Philippines and North America.
The show, which also stars CNBLUE member Kang Min-hyuk, Song Chang-eui and So E-hyun, brought in ratings between eight and nine percentage during its two-month run in June of last year.
Article credit: Lucia Hong via 10asiae.co.kr
Re-published with permission from 10.asiae.co.kr
Posted by: Camille @cnbluestorm

Kim Hyun Joong Taiwan Fan Meet 2nd Night 120519 - Live tweets

This is the 2nd FM in Taiwan tonight, 120519. Tweets are already going on @twitter and of course, I will not miss it. It's the only way I can imagine the event and how excited the crowd are to be with the only one Kim Hyun Joong!

tweets shared live by @OnlyKHJTimes...
again at the venue.


cre as tagged
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Love the crowd tonite!!! U:zoosin is out!!


Love the cowshed tonite!!! Such energy!!! Guess everyone had an early meal before coming? Dumplings? LoL


Not cowshed...typo. It's CROWD*!!! RoFL!!

ah it's "Please"...+ nipple-peeking time. XD~

Many ppl came today, so firstly thank u all for taking time to come today. This is 2nd time seeing u guys today.

How many of u came yesterday? Many ppl raised hands. LoL

To make sure u all do not get bored today I will put in more effort to make a better show..and the contents will be a bit diff.

Thank u a lot of fans and reporters who came yesterday. As I saw many good reports today and I was encouraged. Thank u all...with this song.

Komapta! ~ from the bottom of HJ's hearts! ❤

Today is 2nd performance, maybe would feel tired but seeing so many of u came to support me today so feel energized.

To me, my happiest moments is to dance, sing, act in front of u all. Hope the following 2 hours will bring happiness to everyone. ^_^

Kiss Kiss... And there's suddenly a bunch of sweet pink light sticks mixed in with the sea of green! XD!!!  


A lucky girl was suddenly chosen from the crowd at the end of KK! Ying Shuang Xi?? Got the bear + pic opt with HJ on stage!!!

HJ: Is it fun? "Yes" crowd answered. HJ: Then I won't say too much but give u my next song, 'I'm Your Man'... LoL

Lemme drink some water. Wait ah...ok done drinking. Now I will bring you...Smile... ❤

Crowd so responsive!!! Squealing aloud at every cute gesture from HJ in this song!!! And HJ's smiles are...PrICELeSS!!!

Straight on to...'Because I'm Stupid'... *happy sigh*...love this every time. Fans many singing aloud!! ;-)) 

Jihoo Sunbae + Kim Hyun Joong sitting suavely on stage = SCREAMSss from all corners of the stadium! LoL

HJ raises mike and let crowd sing some parts... Love the energy here!!! ^_^

MC is out on stage! He observes that today's show is more HiGH than yest!

He asked whether its like a FM. Fans: NO! MC: it's like a full concert isn't it? Fans: YES!!!

MC: I have hosted many FMs and not one as grand as this one! Fans: Yes! MC: it shows he really loves u all. Fans: YES!!!

Under fans passionate screams for his name, HJ reappeared on stage. Talk time!

Crowd singing Happy Birthday song for HJ in Korean!!!

HJ: many ppl celebrate my birthday for me, I feel like I shd live longer. LoL

HJ: as long as I can I will continue to sing on stage for everyone. So I will take good care of myself. Thank u very much.

HJ: I have received the gift from everyone. (meaning the birthday song.) I am now feeling very good.

HJ: And with this feeling, I want to invite 5 fans to join me on stage.

OMG!!! One fan who was chosen is wearing a bridal gown!!!!

I'm not kidding you... LoL... Daebak!!! 


Five posters/cards to be chosen from today! But they're all diff from yesterday! Wah!!! Exciting!!! 


The girls all chose their numbers and the cards are shuffled. First card: Secret (jay Chou movie)!

Second card chosen: my sassy girlfriend! Aigooo...another hug-pose!

Third card: Joker/U:zoosin! The small girl aged 12 taken backstage. "we dunno what u will get. Just go backstage first".

Fourth card: gone with the wind pose! HJ holds the girl by the waist! >,<

The fifth card: the "bride" got a pose of a movie (dunno name) + the pose is jus hero + heroine stand together.


The 'bride' fan asks if she can suggest a slight change of the pose. and hold HJ's fans while staring him in the eyes. HJ of coz agreed!

HJ went off stage and back again now with "Marry Me"! He has such beautiful smiles today!!!

MC said: Standing nxt to him is not good coz he is too handsome! LoL

The 12-yr old fan is now on stage with HJ..on that special bed...and well u can guess what is happening... LoL

Final poster after Marry Me: Playful Kiss! And the 12-yr old girl gets to kiss HJ on his cheek!!! *dies of jealousy*


Aigooo..many fans on the floor seats hv stood up and crept closer to the stage: preparing to grab U:zoosin dollars!!


All busy grabbing!!! 


Pandemonium!! LoL

And it's now Lucky Guy!!! Fans jumping and waving to the beat! OMG I can feel the floor moving.... @,@


OmG everyone is standing on the floor and the ground is subtly shaking...

Everybody, e-e-everybody, shake it shake it shake it!!!!!

Special dance stage...eliciting screams from all corners... Oh my ears.. LoL

Hahaha...the audience is just pure POWER tonite. HJ is really hearing the love of fans who are with him in Taiwan, right here, right now!

HJ: today's time flies really fast. It seems to fly faster than I could have thought.

Fans making sad sounds when he said that. ;-)

HJ: I would stay longer if I had more...really hard to leave. Its the last song tonite: If Youre like Me.

HJ said many things tonite. Briefly: he is very touched by fans support + he knows he is called god of rain coz it rains every time he comes

But I hear rains brings prosperity. I hope nxt yr I come, it will be clear day. U will wait for me right? Fans: Yes!

And he is thankful for all the words/msgs of encouragement + support from fans all these while...

T.T.... Can't believe it's the final song now... HJ ahhhh...can't let go of u!!

Encore calls throughout the hall!

Calls of encore turns to "u:zoosin"!

And it's now One More Time!!!

Crowd stood up, waving light sticks and sang along with him...

Party time!!! LoL

Floor is shaking!!!!

I got a lot of fond memories in TW! I wont forget everyone! 1-2-3 Xie Xie!!

His shirt nearly got pulled off by one of the dancers who gave him a towel just now? LoL

That was the best encore stage I think! ❤❤❤....Taiwan fans~daebak!!!

I think I lost my voice. LoL

Now waiting for hi-5... XD~

Lingering image: HJ's gorgeous shy smile when his shirt nearly got pulled off just now. Ah, that perfect shoulder + *ahem* nipple. LoL

Just now fans rushed forward for the final encore stage. I got pushed down a bit. Luckily the guards acted quickly to stop the mad dash. ^

Erm, the top of my light stick flew off my stick just now. *Igot2excited+waved2vigorously*. Lucky it didn't hit anyone's head. -

Landed in a fan's lap some 2 meters away. LoL


Now, it's safely reattached. XD


HJ reappears + immediately came down from the stage to shake hands with some fans - probly fans who have difficulty going up the stage?

Hi-5 officially started + immediately a fan went close + lightly side-hug him! *Screams*

Do you see his warm, brilliant smile? ^_^ 


Soon my turn! HJ ahhhhh... ❤~ 


The lovely "bride" is so beautiful! Asked why she dressed this way, she sweetly answered: Coz I wish 2 marry him! XD~


Hehe..I just hi-10 Hyun Joong...what amazing sparkly eyes + heart-stopping smile!!!

thank you again @OnlyKHJTimes for your effort.


additional photos...
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full packed crowd again...2nd night
cre: @khjean14

cre: willpower

[LQ] KHJ encore @ TW...\(//∇//)\


 : 현중 님이랑 신나게 놀았어요~ ^^ 


will add more....stay tuned!


CN Blue Appears in Textbook

cre: http://global.mnet.com

Just when it seemed that CN Blue’s popularity couldn’t soar any higher, CN Blue made a surprise appearance in a textbook in Thailand. 

With May 14 marking the first day of the school year in Thailand, eager students shared what was included in their new textbooks - particularly the 12th grade ‘Intro to Music’ textbook, which featured CN Blue.

The text blurb under CN Blue’s picture read in Thai, “CN Blue is a very popular band in South Korea. The band creates very emotional and vivid songs for its audience.” 

This recent addition in the textbook demonstrated CN Blue’s growing popularity overseas. 

Netizens who saw the picture commented, “I’m so proud of CN Blue for appearing in a text book!” “They have a lot of popularity in Thailand too,” and “Representing South Korea!”

Photo Credit: FNC Entertainment

Reporter : Grace Danbi Hong (grace@cj.net)
[Copyright CJ E&M Entertainment Portal enewsWorld, All Rights Reserved]

[vid + gif] Sweet Kim Hyun Joong Asking the Staff to Move the Table to be Closer to Fans

Once again Hyun Joong has been sweet towards his fans. Anyway, this is just one of those incidents where his nice character has once again surfaced. He always put his fans first above anything. He wants the fans to fully enjoy the FM and also to be closer to them. 

the video of him asking the staff to move the table away...

as tagged

the gif
cre: small0826

...and I would just add this one also where he stopped his BG from warding off or stopping the fan from taking a video of him.

cre: @khjean

and I repeat...that is why fans love you KIM HYUN JOONG!

[by a-hlia] 120512 Photos of KHJ - Do You Like That and Lucky Guy + Encore

All for the love of Kim Hyun Joong!

Omo! I am late posting updates for a few days due to a personal reason. Today I woke up early after a long sleep last night which thankfully recharged me. I went on-line hurriedly to catch up on things all about leader. 

Now my hands are feeling numb already but...what the heck, am still not finished! Have to share these great captures by a-hlia although these were from HJ's Hongkong FM 120512. I saw these sets of awesome pics, as usual by a-hlia and they are all good and leader was so handsome in every angle.

great job once again a-hlia! thanks for sharing

note: pls do not edit, keep the owner's photo intact. they are doing all this for the love of HJ.