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Friday, July 15, 2011

KHJ Stares @ JSM (Playful Kiss BTS)

Happy! Smiles..Smiles..that's me, of course whenever I read something interesting about the oppa/dongsaeng couple @the thread.

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photos BTS of PK where HJ steals glances or stares openly @ SM despite the cameras capturing the moment...

thanks  to snowflakesj16 for the video

cre as labelled

stare all you want HJ, we don't mind..I don't mind! as long as it's Minmin...I know she's cute and irresistible not to take notice of. This is only one of those videos where you can't resist not looking at her, either like a steal glance or open staring! kekeke...lovely face, indeed! 

Photo collage @ KHJ's Jaksal Chicken Restaurant - Playful Kiss Pic Spotted!! (Hani and Seung Jo)

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Credit: Anon6906

Do you remember someone posted a photo from Jaksal Chicken (HJ's Restaurant) where there were BSJ photos on the wall?

On the wall of Jaksal there are lot of stuff related to HJ as you can see from these screencaps

Now look at the last screencaps I put, it's a panel with the big faces of the owners of Jaksal Chicken (HJ and his two friends) and in the background there are lot of photos of HJ, HJ ONLY NO ONE else from his various works and free time (HJ FC men, HJ as BSJ in PK etc...)

Now look what I found out zooming in
pls. click for a better view

Hani & Seunjo!!!! MM is the ONLY girl in the panel!!!! MM is in HJ's restaurant panel, the only one!!

As you can see there are ONLY HJ photos, also from PK they put photos of HJ only but still they put that photo, a photo of the couple!!

If they wantend they could avoid to put that photo because ALL the other ones are HJ photos ONLY so no need for it, but still they put it! Hidden among the other photos!!

HJ put in HIS restaurant a photo of him and MM!! And they chose a pretty meaningful photo, Hani's dream about children (4 children anyone?! lol)

Here the photo they put

Hope you are happy too! Hyunmin is the best!!!!

This is the video where I made the screencaps from "[media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=txF8Gvv86bk[/media]"


ok that what the anon found. hope everyone is happy with the new discovery. So i uploaded the episode from PK YT Episode 3. the HyunMin Peach Dream 

cre as labelled

kekeke..amazing eyes from a shipper!!! a little detail such as this can't be missed by razor sharp eyes of  ca shipper!:))

smiles...smiles..makes my day!

Kiss Kiss MV - (screen caps 2)

more stills from Kiss Kiss MV...

Kim HyunJoong Returned As 'Pretty Boy' JiHoo Sunbae, Turned From A Strong Man Into Mild Man [11.07.14]

Source: Nate
English translation: Stephanie (@5StarsAs1/ 东方5AS1)
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Removing his strong man image in Break Down, Kim HyunJoong returned as a gentleman.

Kim HyunJoong performed his follow-up song 'Kiss Kiss' on 14th of July in the Mnet broadcast 'M!Countdown'.

'Kiss Kiss' is a song that suits well with the warm summer for it's a light rhythm's pop dance song. Furthermore, through the sweet lyrics of the song, it conveyed Kim HyunJoong's heart towards the fans, spurring warm reactions from the fans. What's more special that attracted the people's attention was that Kim HyunJoong had dyed his hair into a bright color and with the bright smile on his face, it looked as if Kim HyunJoong have returned to his 'Boys Over Flowers' JiHoo sunbae's appearance.

Additionally, 'Kiss Kiss' music video consists of never-before-seen scenes from Kim HyunJoong's 1st solo mini album released until his recent activities.

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Kim Hyun Joong spotted @ Restaurant

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Credit: as tagged + twitpic.com/5pz5c6

The cancellation of Kim Hyun Joong’s Music Bank “Kiss Kiss” performance from KeyEast

Source: www.hyun-joong.com
Chinese translation: 凌 @ KHJ Baidu Tieba
English translation: @tzeyin28 @ www.facebook.com/DS501fanpage
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Hello, this is Henecia management team.
The scheduled “Kiss Kiss” performance on July 15th at KBS Music Bank has been canceled. I hope you don’t misunderstand this sudden announcement. Thank you!


On 22/7, KBS will be airing Music Bank Tokyo K-Pop Festival which was recorded yesterday in Tokyo Dome. As for 15/7, there'll be no performance recordings as performers had just returned from Japan today from the K-Pop Festival.

[Media Photo] Kim Hyun Joong - KISS KISS on M!Countdown [2011.07.14]

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