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Friday, August 5, 2011

PK Talk Cut...translated 3

I am trying to share all the translations I find @soompi, so forgive me if I may be reposting some parts again. There hasn't been a  video of the whole event so far that is why our friends @soompi are trying their best to translate parts of videos only available at a time. Mini videos are all we have for now, all are fancams from the event and translations are based on them, whenever they are uploaded randomly. But it's good that everyone is sharing their accounts and fancams. KOMOWO CHINGUS!!!

video uploaded by ridamasa
translated by jangkijjang @soompi.com


following is on part 1...below is only what khj and jsm say since my japanese is very limited.

khj:  yes.  pass.  (i can't quite follow what he's passing on answering.  someone with good japanese could translate the host's question.)
jsm:  i feel like i shouldn't pass on it too...uh ng's...in hyunjoong oppa's case, he had a lot of long lines and he found that to be a bit difficult.  ah in my case, once, there was a scene where he was tutoring and i was bragging about something i do better than he.  i was supposed to name all super junior members quickly and although i knew all the names, it was confusing because i had to do it fast pointing out the faces.  i had a lot of ng's for the first time with that.
jsm:  oh but if it were ss501 i could probably do it faster.
khj:  of course.  there are only 5 members.
host:  besides isn't there any secret of hyunjoongsan that only sominsan knows?
jsm:  uh...
khj:  pass.
jsm:  he says to pass.
khj:  daijobu-des.  zenzen daijobu-des.
khj:  well i probably would've said the same.  if there's someone i like i can't talk or i have a tendency to say the opposite.
khj:  this was the first scene shot after seeing each other not many times.  this was the second meeting with sominssi, first time acting with her after the daydream scene.  (lol he goes back and forth about whether it was the first or the second time meeting her.  he must be confused like his usual forgetful self.)  that time it was really awkward and we started shooting when we hadn't talk to each other at all.  so i was supposed to talk coldly to her but because we weren't really close i felt sorry to do that and i couldn't even say i was sorry.  it was really awkward and i think the scene sort of shows that.
khj:  yes that's right.
jsm:  first shooting was a kiss scene.
khj:  yes first shooting was a kiss scene.
khj:  in the daydreaming scene.
jsm:  (she says something here in the background and i can't make it out.)
khj:  yes that time it wasn't really awkward because it wasn't a mutual kiss.  hani was asleep and seungjo character while she's sleeping gave, not really a kiss but should i say bobo, so it wasn't stressful even though we met for the first time.  it was just a light peck on the lips.

part 2 will follow later.  re; audio file, thanks opiod0101 and an anon who sent me the link!  i just haven't had time to listen to the whole thing yet.  if i hear something interesting that hasn't been translated or with different nuances from what's been circulating, i will try to clarify.  let's enjoy all the moments everyone! 

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(fancam) PK Talk @ Tokyo - Talk Cut & "One More Time"

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※ 嚴禁修改及切勿再上傳在線!!!
※ 재업로드, 2차 변형 금지!!! 映画の転载・二次加工禁止です!!!

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(Photos) Hyun Bin- Life as a Marine

cre: soompi.com/hbthread
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The following photos show Hyun Bin's life as a Marine.
The pictures tell us how he trains. A life so unlike as a celebrity, like he is.
missing you, Hyun Bin.
Take care and will be waiting for you at the tv/big screen soon:))

110804 Kim Hyun Joong @ Kimpo Airport

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Kim Hyun Joong singing One More Time @Japan showcase and @Pk Event

At last, a video of HJ singing One MOre Time. Thank you for sharing this with us. It was said that he was kind of teary eyed here while singing the song...and I wonder why is that?

2011.08.02 Kim Hyun Joong-One More Time@Playful Kiss Event in Tokyo

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110729 Kim hyun joong 日本Showcase_One more time

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cre: Inprz @soompi

Translated "Talk" @PK Fan Meet-2

The following translations were cut from the Playful Kiss "talk" part. I have already posted a few translations before, click here (PK cut)  and now another set of translated parts were shared again by friends @soompi.

Japan PK Event – The first partSource:日饭Blog ,Translated by : 塋塋     Night show when asked what both think of kissing scenesLet’s listen to their conversationBSJ return OHN’s love letter, MC think that OHN is one with little brains.KHJ said “I too am not a very brainy person, whatever, afterall it’s not a bad thing.” About WineTalk about wine, MM wrote wine in Japanese.HJ wrote soju.  He said he drank a lot yesterday,in Japanese he said he was joking. About HoneymoonBoth wrote Jeju Island.  MC: Heard that the shooting was very smooth.HJ drank lot of wine yesterday.  Talk about wine he laughed, said yesterday he drank it with the director, that he was drunk and joked (said that many times)Because it’s to be done at one take, very serious about it, so I wanted to make it stronger(laugh)From PD’s permission gotten the least limit for the deep kiss and done with great effort.The dream kiss at the beginning, is really the earliest shots.But compare to kiss, thought I just lightly touch once
About HaNi as a nurseMC mentioned the scene of HaNi telling SJ of her decision to become a nurse and SJ hugged her, and asked HJ how does he feel about that. HJ said by then he already had kissed her many times and hugged her many times so he don't feel that affected, he just take the mood of how SJ would feel since HaNi has returned to act out the scene.

About Episode 14’s endingHJ:To become more like BSJ, I kept telling myself that I hate foolish people MC asked MM whether is she on losing weight for she has become thinner.MM said she has grown older, meat on cheeks are gone.
MC asked HJ did he rest well.
HJ said he has not enough sleep (the audience laughed)
It’s not that!  Moustache ~~ HJ: Today’s lighting is very good.
MC : Because of training you have restrained yourself?HJ: That’s because of everyone About the Sports Day in PKMC: The sports day shoot seem very hot, like 40 degrees?MM: Not 40 but close (voice softly) even SJ as he drank water under the tree because he has to read the script, felt bad about it.MC: But in the scene, SJ have to keep runningMM: I’m very afraid of worms and birds.  At first have to run to a lot of places with pigeons, I was so afraid that I kept avoiding. PD told me not to avoid, have to keep running, I was so distressed.
MC : You are afraid of pigeons?
MM: Very afraid of birds and worms. Pekingese I'd dare to touch but am afraid of worms.

Here they were shown scenes of PK on the screen as they watch it together and talk about it with the MC.
Translated by : 莹水 of Baidu
Content of the PK Event Fan Meet - The 2nd part

Kiss in the rain scene
MC: How do you consider for filming this scene?
HJ: Yes, had a lot of considerations, really carried the frame of mind to express myself in acting this scene.  It's like do or die with one take. Because there are not much water, have to get it done before the water run out and also before dawn comes, it was really difficult.
MC: One take done?
HJ: It's playful kiss not bobo
MC: Just as the title Playful Kiss
HJ: Kiss is still have to be kissed. As compared to the pressure of one take done, PD requested that it's to be a deep kiss, from my experience I thought of this way of kissing, after all this is only my second drama.

Christmas kiss scene
HJ: Watching this, because it's the final episode, feel that it's such a pity
At the time of filming this scene, PK was about to end
Now recalling it also feel that it's really too bad  (HJ really feel sad about the ending of PK's filming despite it's almost one year now, probably he wish it can go on longer Posted Image)
MM: NG many times remember? (Sure, how can he forget)
HJ: I remember, said saranghae with saranghamnida to stress manly appeal, and NG till unable to say saranghae
MM: Finally you did say it 

translated @soompi by tlbpc
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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Kim Hyun Joong concludes ‘Playful Kiss’ fan meet

by VITALSIGN @allkpop

On August 2nd, SS501’s Kim Hyun Joong successfully concluded his ‘Playful Kiss‘ event at the Tokyo International Forum.
Over 10,000 fans showed up for the event, all of whom were chosen through a special lottery, since applications for seats exceeded the total amount allowed.  The fans wildly showed their enthusiasm for the Hallyu star, and the event has been described by the media as a ‘passionate’ one.
After sharing tidbits from the film set, Kim Hyun Joong tried to get closer with his fans through special events like ‘OX Quizzes’.  He then went on to perform “Thank You” and “One More Time” from the “Playful Kiss” OST, as well as “Kiss Kiss” from his solo mini-album.
Kim Hyun Joong will be completing further interviews and magazine photoshoots before returning to Korea.

Source + Photos: Dispatch via Nate

Few Translated Part of the PK EVent-110802

Since Playful Kiss fan meeting was held 02 of August, many are dying to know what happened in the event. For those of us who were not there, we are eager to find pics, videos and possibly some good soul who will share with us the English translations of the event. Very thankful for the shippers @ the oppa/dongsaeng thread (hyunmin/joongmin) for posting tidbits about it. Really appreciated much how they shared.

Below are some parts of the "talk" show held in the fan meet. honey_ko and jangkijjang @soompi.com posted some translated parts.

credit to  Anon0205 of simplysomin chatbox 

posted by jangkijjang:

Anon0245: Thank you for sharing the audio file of the evening eventI hope you can find and share also the first one, I translated some parts from Japanese note that my japanese is not perfect so just a rough translation of some parts (M=Min J=Joong)About NG this one was cuteM said that after J had long amounts of dialogue without NG, she NG on the names of the Super Junior (she didn't remember all the names) and she add if it was SS501 it would have been better/more easyJ : Yes, because it's only five! (so less than Super Junior) lolIn this evening event they talked a lot about the kisses scenes lol (will share about it next days, no time now to properly write about it)They showed 4 scenes from PK including the rain kiss and the kiss in the car in the last episode of PK(I sooo would like to see a fancam of them while they were watching these scenes on the monitor!)About the kiss in the car M remember the laughs in the saranghae part (we saw the NG video of it) but in the end they did it in a good way but the scene was cut out!J is so disappointed about it! lol He said something like he said it (I love you) in a very deep/masculine way, with feelings and it was cut out in the editing! so disappointed lolJ : "In the end the saranghae (scene) was not said! (it was cut out)M : " You said it!" (maybe M is trying to say even if the scene was cut out they left the voice of BSJ saying it, not sure)(In the Korean version they left the voice over of BSJ saying I love You, maybe in the jp version was cut out also the voice over, I don't know)

posted by honey_ko

Anon0245: There is so much to say about this event, they are really so comfortable with each other and they are so funny!
The baby-pig thing was in this evening event, before they were asked to say one secret about each other and J said that M is really greedy in eating food lol
(note by me : in a radioshow J said he isn't interested in young girls from music groups and one of the reasons is because they are always on diet lol
Now I know why he said that lol)
When J said that (M greedy for food) M say that one time she was in the waiting room (on PK set) eating an hamburger and J filmed (or photographed) her and she said to him stop recording! lol
Then the MC ask them a kawaii (cute) moment about each other? (
M says again that episode of J snoring like a kitten beside her and she says I like cute kittens ^^
J (here come the baby-pig thing) said "when M eats like a little pig!" lol (so he finds it cute! lol Obviously he was joking)
M's slap and as you have already read he says he was joking, she eats a hamburger like a squirrel eats an acorn! lol
About the words association game this time they were asked Jeju Island (in the afternoon meeting it was "Honeymoon" and they both answered "Jeju Island")
this time both of them answered "Honeymoon" :))
Will translate the others next days, they got 3 answers the same and 3 different, the last question they were asked
MC : Speaking of Dorama Itazura no Kiss (PK drama)...
M : Director
J : Oh Hani (sweet joong!!)
(So for J, PK = Oh Hani, so cute! M answered Director, poor hyunjoong! lol love minmin!)
So because they didn't get the same answer for three questions they had to do the batsu-game (penalty game)
J said let's do it together! lol Like in the afternoon J was a little afraid M was more brave in the end J got it right Tofu! (japanese food)
Hope to have time to translate more the next days because it's really worth it and I hope they will release a dvd of it
If you find the first event share here, will try to translate also it.

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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

PK Tokyo Fan Meet Moments...KHJ and JSM

Still waiting for more videos and perhaps with English translations or subbs of the fan meeting of PK @Tokyo. Meanwhile, I have been doing some screen caps of the "so far" only video uploaded by Murderer Q. Thankful for always sharing them.
These two lovely couple always put a smile on my face and has yet to disappoint me. Their teasing, the way they look at each other, HJ's helpless staring..hehehe, yes, cameras don't lie, not when they were captured and being watched over and over again, like what I have been  doing now, and how So Min is really comfortable around HJ and unconsciously touching him are enough to make me happy as a shipper.

below are some captured moments of our lovable oppa/dongsaeng couple!

please be advised that the following captions I made are based on my being a shipper. just spazzing over these two cute couple.

video cre as mentioned

he is definitely looking at her...not @ the MC at Minmin's right

I love this portion where HJ seems to be a little bit nervous/afraid of what he has yet to touch inside that box and look at SM laughing so heartily!!

HJ was being cautious and SM decided to give him help (well, maybe she's anticipating HJ's reactions if she pushed his hands inside..naughty girl!)
and predictably, HJ reacted! in a cute way..hahaha, scared Hyun Joong oppa!

and they kept on laughing...

cute facial expressions of HJ...:))

again, the look...

still, talking but never leaving SM's pretty face...(or am I just being a shipper here)

nahhh... he can't help himself:))

and he teases her...:))

Hyun Joong Teases So Min @Playful Kiss Fan Meet

A couple of screencaps cut from the video shared by Murderer Q
cre: heartprincess @soompi

cre: Jeanneth @soompi.com

What's behind these cute photos and gifs?
Apparently, during the last part of the  video  khj says ...like a baby piggy.  that's why jsm makes the smacking motion:)  then he says he's just kidding.  she ate the burger like a squirrel eating an acorn.

translations by jangkijjang @soompi.com

hahaha...naughty Hyun Joong, teasing So Min like that. I guess, he likes to tease her that much so that he'll get that "predictable smack from his dongsaeng"!!! Anticipating oppa..:)) As heartprincess has commented @the thread, there is that distance separating these two cute couple, still HJ extended his hand to ward off his dongsaeng's slap which was just an instinct action from SM...as if her hands would get HJ's arm. :))

Kim Hyun Joong and Jung So Min in Japan News! (Hug again ^^) + pics and screencaps

shared by mijoo_pearl @soompi

thanks for these short vids..it's enough to make my day as a PK fan!!! woot! another hug from the couple!!!:))

Kim Hyun Joong Jung So Min - Japanse News 1
20110308 - So Min Hyun Joong in Japan - Hug again ^^
@00:10 Hyun Joong initiated the hug..:)) yes!!! OMO!! I'm grinning!!!

added more pics

..and I am lovin' the dress of Minmin and suits of HJ. they both look oh so cute together and they always compliment each other with their attire!


HJ staring again..:))

..and keeps on staring...

my amateur's gif:))