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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Jung So Min's Stills from SK II CF!

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credits: snowflakesj16 of soompi

Looking at these photo stills, I realize how beautiful So Min really is. She looks innocent yet there is that extra factor that keeps you staring and stare one more time.  Her aura is very fresh. I'd say that she exudes elegance in a dainty and fashionable manner.

KHJ @ KBS 2FM Volume Up (Choi Kang Hee's Radio) [11.07.21] with Eng Trans

Credits: sweetbabyhyun

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translated by cheerko @soompi.com/khjthread

This will be very sketchy trans. The reason is that both KHJ and ChoiGH are mostly reading scripts sent in by the listeners. That is how CGH conducts her Thursday radio sessions. CGH also calls KHJ a very loyal guest because he promised to return and he has. KHJ says at the end of the prog that he has promised to return to Volume 3 times--he may return during the week of August 5~11 when he will be back in Korea after he goes overseas to meet his fans. He is going to Japan first. he might return in October when his new album comes out. These listeners wrote their own scripts based on events in their own lives. I am not going to translate them even though they are very interesting. CGH asks KHJ questions based on the scripts. I will translate those. Also, KHJ gives out three signed CD's from his first 100 album collection that he bought when they first came out. He is doing this because CGH is from the same agency.
Part 1:
@2:17 KHJ was asked about his tired look. He has too much schedule these days and he says he sleeps about 4 to 4.5 hours per day. In about three days, his KIss KIss activity will end and he will be going overseas. KHJ says that whereever his fans are he wants to visit. He hears that he has fans in Nigeria and he is very curious about that as well. On fan wrote in that she got the 9000th CD album that was published with numbers. KHJ thanks her. KHJ found out 5 minutes before he came to the radio show that he is to read the script with CGH. (He does a real good job with it.)
@2;12 Choi asks what type of movie KHJ likes. He says he only likes Korean-made movies of all types. He would only watch foreign movies that had been seen by 500,000?? He can better understand the movie if made in Korea. Also, he somehow cannot concentrate that much when he sees foreign movies which usually have great scale. So, he did see most of what Choi made.
Many fans write in saying they love KHJ voice. KHJ thinks he remembers one name of the fans who wrote into the radio prog. Choi says that he tends to think out loud. The previous script is about short-lived love bet a passenger and a bus driver. KHJ says that he rarely rides bus. CHoi asks KHJ about any fateful meetings. KHJ says yes. His friend was going to introduce him to a woman. He was not that serious about it and said OK, OK. He says that he realized that he had accidentally met that woman before. He met her when he and several "hyungs" went to have some soju and saw her there. They talked there without knowing that KHJ's friend would introduce him to her later. Choi asks him if he did date her. He says yes. (That was the end of that story) CHOi says his story sounds a bit less than "fate". KHJ laughs and maybe so. But he says (somewhat strange), if it is fate, it is. (Boy, I thought he hates introductions but he was introduced by a friend and dated someone--but  it seems like he knew her before he was introduced and they both can have soju....I also wonder what he means by saying, if it is fate, it is. Perhaps there is something to this woman whom he met by chance at a soju place and he knows her already and then his friend introduced her to him. I think he is calling that meeting a fate. Very interesting,,,,keke)
KHJ keeps on saying that he recognizes fans' names---he thinks one of the fans is from Busan., etc. It makes Choi laugh. KHJ says that he recognizes many names who are writing into the show. He finally recognizes Kim Yooji fan who sent in some onion ?preserves? for KHJ. He says the received them well. He says that fan is studying to be pharmacist and will be goind abroad.
He gives Kim Yooji one of his CD. Choi calls that recognition "a fateful meeting".  Kiss Kiss is played.

Then they read a second script about a cold good-looking city boyfriend who later does marry the script writer and is now a very faithful husband of 12 years. He treats his wife like a queen, cooks for her and is very devoted.
Part 3
Fans write in that KHJ read that script as cold city man very well and they want him to play that type of role next time. KHJ wants that as well. A fan asks if KHJ is a type likes a woman who listen to him well or rather he prefers woman who would hold tightly to him/held down.  KHJ says that he is not easily held down or caught. He says that his style of woman does not listen well to boyfriend but who is "cool". He says someone who knows when to play and ,,,,He says that he cannot be/stick by the woman all the time. He wants a relationship where she can go out and play and he can go out and play with his friends as well. He does not like ?prssure=uk-ghap?. CHoi asks if he likes woman who may look very quiet but also knows how to play? KHJ says that, in terms of outer appearance, he does not care that much for quiet type of person. When he meets people who are quiet, he himself is not quiet that he cannot seem to have conversation with them. Fans are wirting in a lot saying that KHJ really seems like the character that was just read--somone who is cold, not explain things well, who makes the other person feel kind of bad,,,yet, he is gentle and kind inside. KHJ says that he does also find the character somewhat like him. When he is asked where he is going. He would say to a radio program. She would ask what radio. Then he would say, why, are you going to listen? Why do you aks? That is how he may talk. He says that he would rather the woman just take what he says as is and be understanding. CHoi says that KHJ seems like somewhat difficult person to deal with. (This is a slight different aspect about KHJ--isn't it?? He can be kind of cold...hehe)
He chooses 2 more people to give out CD copies.
Time to end. 

Kiss Kiss Performance & MV- screen caps

I made random screen caps from Kiss Kiss performance of HJ...

Friday, July 22, 2011

Kim Hyun Joong's signature on the Henecia Card Envelope

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Credit: KeyEast 

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더블에스오공일 (Double S 501) @fb

There's SS501 on it, keke ~Jiaying~

Jung So Min (Oh Ha Ni) Interview-Playful Kiss

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Source : 日博
Translated from Japanese to Chinese by : 莹水

Playful Kiss's  lead character Oh Ha Ni is new actress Jung So Min.  On today's appointment at the cafe, she appeared giving the impression of just as Oh Ha Ni.  At the entrance, she almost fell and gave a loud yell but didn't fall into the cafe.  We got a shock, "You're alright?" JSM said laughingly "Absolutely fine." and laughingly said "Actually like today, wearing this pair of shoes earlier I did fall before.  There was a slight injury then it's all right after that."  The director of PK said "When I saw her during casting, the moment at seeing her laughed, I decided it's to be her." Now we sort of understand that, really she and OHN are very similar, no ....she is Oh Ha Ni.

Heard that for OHN's role, there were many singers and actresses vying for the role, do you have any confidence to get the role?

That day happened to be "Big Guy"'s very important shoot, all energy were exhausted.  That night I rushed to meet the PD and crew yet I remember I could unbelievably chat easily with them.

When casting you didn't specially dress up and were just as you normally are?

Yes, didn't do anything special.  While casting I have already heard that there were many participants, contrarily, I went in a relax mood to face it.  Told the PD that my house is just nearby etc etc, really it ended just like any normal daily chit chat.

Do you find yourself and OHN very similar?

HN and myself are the type that would complete anything by not resorting to any kind of  trickery or method but even though if it fail once also wouldn't let it go, this we're very similar. (laugh) Although sometimes I'd use my dignity to work but HN didn't so I'm envious of her.

What difficulties are there in acting a manga character?

Very difficult (laugh) HN is not the type that guys of this present society would like.  Recently, growing up in an age where women continually have to work hard, I too grow up in such an environment, frankly, initially I find it hard to accept OHN's character.  But because the original is a manga, compare to reality, it's like another world .....it's hard to contemplate, so may as well accept it gladly.  The TV drama world, for the audience may seem very exaggerated but in our daily life are there not dramatic moments too? OHN may seem very unusual, but to her, she's just another ordinary person in everyday life.

During today's meeting, although it looks like JSM and OHN are very similar but after our conversation, find that it is entirely two different persons, so how is JSM really?  That was some one who was changed into the character?

 (Laugh) I too was amazed, I would changed accordingly as I act with my co-actors and situations.  It was not changed intentionally, it was changed without my knowing. Sometimes I'd become very steady, sometimes I'd hold onto the subject theory till my friends thought I was crazy, when with family members I'd feel as if there's an elder sister there, just find the roles I did very enriching.

Is your romantic view similar with OHN?

Absolutely different (laugh) Definitely can't be like OHN hanging onto the guy like that. I'm the type that's unable to reveal my liking to that person.  Not only on romance but I express myself very badly.  Even saying "Thank you", "Sorry" also seem difficult to say it out to the person next to me .... able to be so bold in expressions like OHN is something I wish for.

What type of guy to you like? If BSJ exist would you like him?

(Sorry, the Chinese translator translated what MM said into her China colloquial expression which I don't understand, it probably mean - SJ is fine enough!, I may be wrong) Although there's favourable first impression but it seems hard to maintain that feeling.  He has been locking himself up in his own world not allowing any one in.  I prefer those who are relax, natural, easy, happy and simple guys.  Contrarily, being with an over sensitive person can be tiresome and NG! also those who always are concern about their outward appearance are very loathsome.

Kim Hyun Joong's first impression gave was? Doesn't he exactly gave the casual, natural, easy, happy and simply feeling?

He's a very lovable person.  Just as most said, 4D (laugh). The first thing he said was very humourous, the content is just different from any ordinary person.  Only he finds it funny, others don't get it, saying it can't understand the meaning .... it is just very hard to explain.  When actually it was not a big joke but it was different from others!  Conclusively, he's a humourous person (laugh).

The set for shooting seems to be very relax, are there anything worthy to share?

HJ's sleeping act is real sleeping (laugh) then it was the kiss in the rain, my tummy aches badly.


cre as labelled

“Secret Garden” Causes “Alice in Wonderland” To Top Bestseller List

Why is a 145-year-old novel suddenly a best-seller in Korea?  Because it was featured in a hit drama, of course! In the popular drama “Secret Garden”, the characters played by Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won both read “Alice in Wonderland”, and lines from the book are featured in the drama.  As a result, “Alice in Wonderland” is currently the number two bestseller of the week in the online Korean bookstore Aladdin.


Kim Joo Won trying to get his mind off of Gil Ra Im…… while Gil Ra Im reads “Alice in Wonderland” to find out what’s going through Kim Joo Won’s mind.  How cute!]
This is a continuing result of what the news refer to as the “Hyun Bin effect”: In 2005, another book, Michael Ende’s “Momo”, hit bestseller lists in Korea after Hyun Bin was shown reading it in “My Name is Kim Sam Soon”.  This book ended up selling more than a million copies in Korea.  Looks like Hyun Bin is an excellent method for encouraging reading!
Source: hancinema

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(screen caps 2) KHJ @Mcountdown 110721

my next batch of screen caps of HJ @Mcountdown..:))

[Article] Young Saeng is a Talented Dancer According to Hyun Joong

[Trans] Kim Hyun Joong "Heo Young Saeng Is Talented In Dance"
Source: Korean News
Chinese Trans:0317 @ Heo Young Saeng Baidu Bar
English Trans: http://cllslam10.blogspot.com
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Kim Hyun Joong as the promotional assistant for Heo Young Saeng. "Regarding the beautiful voice of Heo Young Saeng, it would be a pity if you hear it alone." Kim Hyun Joong praised and appreciate Heo Young Saeng style. Debuting as SS501 members, Kim Hyun Joong and Heo Young Saeng recently released their mini solo album "BREAK DOWN" and "LET IT GO" respectively and they are currently having their activities now.

On the broadcast of 23 June, KBS 2TV HAPPY TOGETHER, on the question "Any advice exchange prior to the sales of albums?" with this Heo Young Saeng replied, "Before releasing the album I did seek advice from Hyun Joong. He said that I should use ballads, cos I have been the main vocalist, like Jung Sung Mo, to make a ultra-luxurious MV" he revealed.

"But, I wanted to use dance songs" Heo Young Saeng explained his views and ideas. Now "Why do you advise it?" "If I debut as a dance song, fear of conflict with my image, is it?" he humourously asked. Kim Hyun Joong, "Heo Young Saeng style is already good, thinking that ballads suited him very well." he replied. During KTV, a person alone hearing this kind of standard would be a pity. "Good songs, when you can easily stand there and sing, why go and sweat it out? Only Heo Young Saeng's style, you will be touched if you understand." it is not difficult to find out Heo Young Saeng's unique charm.

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(screen caps) KHJ @Mcountdown 110721

Kim Hyun joong at KBSJOY Lee So-ra 2nd Propose

Credits : 김현중 ★ PERFECT


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Credits:  KHJ baidu + http://blog.naver.com/raphael0606

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