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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Hyun Bin Looking Hot in His Official Uniform

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Hyun Bin Looking Hot in His Official Uniform

A picture of Hyun Bin in official uniform appeared on Military Manpower Administration (MMA)'s ongoing event poster. Currently, MMA is hosting the "Military Service Family Heritage Proof Shot" event on its official facebook page. The event invites everyone to take pictures of Military Service Family Heritage promotional landmarks and/or posters and post them on MMA's facebook page. 
In the poster, Hyun Bin is wearing white Marine Corps official uniform and smiling. On the left side of his chest is the symbol of Korean Marine Corps, a red name tag with his real name Kim Tae Pyung written on it. Although this is quite a different look on Hyun Bin, he still looks handsome as ever.  
Netizens commented, "Hyun Bin in uniform, so hot!" "There cannot be a military personal this hot. The uniform looks so good on him," "Hyun Bin's uniform picture is the best! He looks so handsome."
Hyun Bin enlisted on March 7, 2011. After seven weeks of basic military training at ROK Marine Corps training center, he has been placed at his current station in Incheon. He will be dismissed from service on December 6. 

Friday, March 9, 2012

The Handsome and Shy Ambassador Kim Hyun Joong

After viewing the video of KingHyunJoong shared @YT, I was amused to see HJ once again in an event where he must attend [surely he must be present to receive such a prestigious title..lol!] and see him a bit awkward, most of the times. Yes, he really did look uncomfortable not because he was not prepared for the event, but being in a room full of people where he won't be performing as an artist...and he was kind of shy. Even though he was looking very handsome in that new haircut and hair color with matching elegant suit. I could see how courteous he was with people around him, always bowing and smiling shyly and sometimes looking downwards. Perhaps because he was chosen to be the Ambassador of UN Social Contribution Campaign of Korea. Whew! Even if I really do not know the tasks I somehow perceive the importance and the honor of this title. 

Mansae! Kim Hyun Joong!

Hey Hyun Joong-ssi..there is no reason to be shy, you are doing a great job. Your presence in that event was an honor,  too to those people who trusted you with this great work. They are very certain that you will be an an asset to their future goals.

Anyway, I did another set of screencaps...video credit to KingHyunJoong @yt.

Hyun Joong was so handsome I was excited to do sc...and  gif, too!:))

Love his profile! So serious...:))


mianhe..some captures were not good quality..

the gif

ain't he looked adorable?! :))

Siwon's Tweets 120307-09

A summary of Siwon's tweets from March 07-09


바쁜시간 쪼개서 만난 네사람^^ (사진찍어준 마이클포함) 다느님의 활약으로 시원,마틴팀 1승3패^^ 이제 자주 몸좀 풀어줘야겠다 *_*


Good morning~^^ 


Thanks siwon's family :) its really pretty! 

Kim Tae Hee captured “Must have fallen for herself…”

cre: kpopfever.com

A picture of Kim Tae Hee looking at a mirror is creating a buzz online.
On March 5th, a picture was posted on an online community board tagged, ‘Kim Tae Hee must have fallen for herself too…’
In the picture, Kim Tae Hee appears to be wearing a bathrobe as she looks into the mirror. Kim Tae Hee has her beautiful eyes wide open checking her face in the mirror. The beautiful facial features and the perfect line Kim Tae Hee’s face makes on the side really impresses.
Netizens commented, “Kim Tae Hee fell for herself. I don’t blame her”, “So pretty, I’m jealous”, and “The mirror must be in a good mood even.”
Kim Tae Hee recently wrapped up the filming of a cosmetics CF, solidifying her spot as a Hallyu star.
Source: Star Today via Nate

Kim Hyun Joong becomes a chic Spring model for ‘Hang Ten’ [12.03.08]

cre: allkpop


Hallyu star Kim Hyun Joong sported a new casual look to melt away the cold and ring in the warm Spring season.
The ‘Hang Ten‘ model sported the brand’s newest light and casual seasonal clothing, showcasing his chic and stylish appeal.
During a previous photo shoot, Hang Ten Korea’s executive director Jung Yong Ha remarked, “Kim Hyun Joong increased the likeability of our brand by modeling for us last year… His image is one that appeals to the masses, and his stylish nature pairs well with our brand’s image.”
Kim Hyun Joong will be endorsing the brand’s Spring/Summer collection, and will continue to serve as their official model for the next year.

[Trans] Kim Hyun Joong’s Speech as an Ambassador of UN Social Contribution Campaign of Korea [12.03.09]

Credits: @howlovelylala + @kcluan

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Hello I am Kim Hyun Joong and feel very honored to be here.
Korea was supported (by UN) in 50's but now in my generation, Korea can repay.
I think the previous generation served as the foundation for our generation's result.
I am going to be the someone who can give out happiness throughout the world as a singer and actor.
I am born in Korea and very grateful to be an honorary ambassador as a singer and actor.
I would like to say that I wish to pray for world peace.


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[photos and video] Kim Hyun Joong as UN's Honorary Ambassador

Congratulations Hyun Joong for this new task...it's a privilege to be the new Ambassador for the UN Millenium Development.

cre: @hyunited6686 + HenciaPhil

120309 KIM HYUN JOONG fancam - an Ambassador of UN Social Contribution Campaign of Korea

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[fancam] Kim Hyun Joong@120309 유엔사회공헌 한국캠페인 출범식

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