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Saturday, November 17, 2012

SHINee’s Minho breaks cup stacking record on ‘Star King’

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SHINee‘s Minho showed his athletic ability by breaking the cup stacking record on November 17th’s ‘Star King‘.
Elementary school student Kang Hee Joon, the top ‘sport stacker’ in South Korea, appeared on the show. Members of SHINee and f(x) practiced for a week prior to filming in order to attempt to break his record.
OnewVictoria, and Luna lost to the record holder, but the last competitor, Minho, was able to stack 12 cups within a faster time. However, he was disqualified for not returning the cups to their original position.
Kang Hee Joon offered a rematch, and Minho gladly accepted. The SHINee member then beat the champion’s record by 0.24 points.

Episode 6 - Can We Get Married Screencaps

Will post screencaps for now.

Episode 5 - Can We Get Married Review

I thought getting married is very easy. But watching this series seems very difficult. Problems keep popping up and the couple, Hye Yoon and Jung Hoon are always fighting. Both mother's of the couple keeps bickering and they frustrate the couple. The issue now is where the wedding should take place. Church or inside a Hotel. Hye Yoon can't say what she truly feels in front of Jung Hoon's mom. So Jung Hoon is in the middle again, placating both side, his mom and Hye Yoon.

While after venting her anger inside Yuri's apartment with a baseball bat, Hye Jin met her again and told Yuri to stop meeting Do Hyun. It's funny how civil they can be. How the wife can talk to her husband's mistress. I guess if you really want to show the other woman what a wife is really made of, it should be this way, full of confidence. I'm still not sure where Hye Jin will do next. She see's a lawyer, ask for advise and she has to prove Do Hyun having a mistress. She will make Do Hyun pay a lot for making her miserable. But then, she loves him. I'm intrigue on what will happen to them.

 Dong Bi confronts Ki Joong after learning of his engagement. She told him she can't let him go, but seems that Ki Joong is not affected. His marriage is nothing but a business arrangement between his and Chae Young's family. His true feelings, I am not sure. A few days later, Dong Bi met Chae Young while doing photo shoots for her work. Chae Young was fitting for a wedding gowns and then Ki Joong arrived. It was a situation I would not ever think about happening to me in real. But Dong Bi showed her professional side and stayed silent. When Chae Young asked her to be the photographer on her wedding, Dong Bi declined.

Of course, the ahjumma-ahjussi love story continues to made me laugh. Minho and Deul Rae keeps seeing each other despite their constant insults and bickering like children to each other. I like the chemistry. For all the problems surrounding the characters of the series, these two lighten up the drama.  And I am really looking how their story will develop.

For now this is my review for episode 5.



Friday, November 16, 2012

Episode 4 Update - Can We Get Married Review + Screencaps

I know I'm behind watching this drama but i try to catch up.:) Now, just finished watching the episode and done screencaps, too.

First, I love this episode. The hazards and the conflicts of preparing a wedding is putting pressure on the couple. It's really hard to impress each other's family. What to do? Do you just say yes to anything they suggest or stand firm on your decisions? Even if it will hurt the one you love, your mother. 

In this case, Hye Yoon and Jung Hoon reconciled despite their misunderstandings and issues not yet resolved. Hye Yoon loves him so much she did anything just to see him, and of course, he came running to her when he thought she was in danger. They decided to give it another chance and resume the planning of their wedding. 

But once again, another conflict came up. This time Eun Kyung, Jung Hoon's mother is making plans without consulting the couple. From Hotel venue to church wedding. And giving her expensive gifts such as bracelets which Hye Yoon could not do anything but accept. Again, she compalined to Jung Hoon. She is not happy of the way things are turning out. But she was too emotional and her outburst are too much for Jung Hoon to handle. 

Meanwhile, Yuri, the mistress still decided to continue the relationship with Do Hyun. She sent another photo of herself and Do Hyun to Hye Jin just to annoy her. Do Hyun decided to get back with Yuri when he learned that his mother-in-law will sleep over at his house.

While Ki Joong is engaged to Chae Young. Dong Bi has not learned yet of this situation. But Hye Yoon met the girl. Deul Rae and Minho are still seeing each other. The bike their common interest. But he confessed to Deul Rae. Will wait what will happen to this couple.

Ending of the episode was Hye Jin went to Yuri's apartment with a baseball bat and `broke Yuri's things inside. Hell hath like a woman scorned! Hye Jin was fed up. She was very angry. As a viewer I want to see her in a stronger character who knows her place as a wife and not make herself be defeated by a mere mistress.

The episode is full of true accounts of what is happening inside a marriage, how a single mother feels while doing her best for her children and how to deal with the in laws. I'd say this episode was pretty entertaining. Looking forward to more and how the conflicts will be solved.

some screencaps

Sorry for the poor sceencaps..will try to do better ones next time...

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