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Saturday, June 18, 2011

K-pop overtakes dramas as main purveyor of the Korean wave

June 16, 2011

MANILA, Philippines -- A decade ago, Korean dramas were the main driver of hallyu, or the Korean wave, with such hits“Winter Sonata,” “Jewel in the Palace,” “My Name is Kim Sam Soon” and “Coffee Prince."

But with the explosion of the internet and social networking sites such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter in the past few years, Korean pop music, or K-pop, has overtaken Korean dramas to become the top purveyor of the Korean wave worldwide.

The Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) has released the results of its survey in connection with the 10th anniversary of its website.

The survey, conducted in May, had 12,085 non-Korean respondents, 90 percent of whom were women, from 102 countries through the KTO’s website, email, Twitter and Facebook, according to Korea Herald.

The respondents were asked which hallyu aspect that interested them the most. Of the total participants, 53.3 percent, or 6,441 respondents, chose K-pop.

On the other hand, 33.2 percent, or 4,012, chose Korean TV dramas while Korean films interested 6.2 percent, or 749 respondents. The remaining 7.1 percent, or 858 respondents, chose others that include Korean TV shows, Korean food and shopping.

Asians comprised 77 percent of the survey respondents while the rest came from Europe, North America, Africa and Oceania.

Almost half, or 49 percent, of the respondents were in their 20's while 18 percent were in their 30's. Teenagers comprised 17 percent while 8 percent were in their 40s and 6 percent in their 50's.

The respondents were also asked to pick hallyu stars they dream to be their travel buddies in Korea and nine of the top 10 picks were K-pop stars.

Boy band Super Junior came as top choice by 13 percent of the respondents. Big Bang came at second with 9 percent and JYJ at No. 3 with 7 percent.

TVXQ was at No. 4 with 5 percent and Girls Generation at No. 5 with 4 percent.

Completing the top 10 were Jang Geun Suk at No. 6 followed by Kim Hyun Joong, SHINee, Hyun Bin and 2PM. Hyun Bin, who starred in “My Name is Kim Sam Soon” and “Secret Garden,” is the only actor that landed in the top 10.

By language spoken by the respondents, English speakers chose Super Junior while the Japanese respondents picked Bae Yong Joon, who has a massive following in Japan.

Credit : Manila Bulletin

Love Love Planet - God of Universe [U:zoosin - by KIM HYUN JOONG]

cre: By Kim Hyun Joong 김현중 

really love  his!

110617 Young Saeng dances to Break Down during Encore MB

Happy to see Young Saeng dancing to KHJ's Break Down! What a sight! Oh My...missing them both..anya...all 5men together.

Kim Hyun Joong doesn’t want your “inconvenient” smart phone

Smart phones are the trend these days, especially among celebrities, however, Kim Hyun Joong is not one to follow that trend.
Whether it be during filming or recording, it’s common to see stars use their smart phones to keep busy during down time. However, Kim Hyun Joong is still using an old “folder style” phone, and he claims to never have used or wanted a more advanced phone.
Kim Hyun Joong explained, “Smart phones are inconvenient. Normal phones are more comfortable.” Even though he recently had to buy a new phone because his older phone broke, he still bought another folder phone.
A representative of Kim Hyun Joon said, “Kim Hyun Joong doesn’t show much interest in new cultural products. He says smart phones are inconvenient and insists on the style of the phone he used before.
Not only does he not have a smart phone, but he doesn’t have a minihompy, Twitter, or any other SNS, and because he doesn’t have a smart phone, the use of SNS’s are not easy.
A celebrity friend of Kim Hyun Joong revealed, “It’s not necessarily for the sake of mysticism, but rather because he doesn’t enjoy internet communication much. Rather than through the internet, Kim Hyun Joong likes to meet with people in person. He doesn’t think like someone born in ‘86, but rather like someone in their 30s.
I know there are a ton of Kim Hyun Joong fans out there who are dying to interact with him, so do you think he should get with the times?
Source: Enews24 via Nate

Hyun Joong spotted on the streets of Hongdae on a Guerilla Date


SS501’s Kim Hyun Joong caused a complete roadblock in Hongdae, Seoul.
On June 17th, through internet community sites and Twitter, netizens revealed that Kim Hyun Joong was in front of Hongdae filming for KBS 2TV’s “Entertainment Weekly: Guerrilla Date“.
Netizens posted pictures of him during the filming, which showed Kim Hyun Joong surrounded by hundreds of fans who came to get a glimpse of him. Also, many fans posted how they felt about seeing him in person, which was further proof of his wide popularity.
Meanwhile, during the guerrilla date, Kim Hyun Joong revealed how he felt about placing 1st during KBS 2TV’s “Music Bank” for his comeback solo track “Break Down“.

Source: My Daily via Nate

Kim Hyun Joong wins @ KBS Music Bank 110617

Wow! As in daebak! KHJ is sweeping the title. This is really a major comeback for leader. It shows his power to be able to stand alone on a stage and does an incredible performance that fans will really like and be happy about. It also establishes him as a singer in his own right. Those antis will surely have to stop bashing him but accept the truth that KHJ is a winner and will always be. What makes him unique for me as a fan is that he can perform perfectly, and you can see that he has perfected the moves before he goes on stage. That's who KHJ is. Not just a singer, but a total performer that will leave the audience in trance while watching him.

I think that these facts are what makes him a winner.:))

Again...Congratulations KGH! You really deserve the spot!

Happy to see Young Saeng @leader's side..again.:))

Kim Hyun Joong’s single “Break Down” is number one on the K-chart. He has charmed his way into fans hearts with this steamy number. How long do you think this alluring track will stay at the very top?

Today's Winner

the performance @Music Bank
Break Down

source: soompi.com

Friday, June 17, 2011

KHJ @MCountdown 110616


"I sincerely thank this reward today.
I reserve all thankfulness to Yong Joon hyung, KeyEast's board of directors and staffs, Cordi Noona, our wonderful team dance Artmatic and many others... 
And well of course, all fans. I really want to send my deepest gratitude to you. 
This award today is given by all fans who have worked hard. 
Thank you all again and again".

Kim Hyun Joong [June 16th.2011 - Mcountdown]

Young Saeng and Hyun Joong on the Same Stage!

Hyun Joong wins. He is number 1 @ MCountdown!

And what pleases me more is that, when they announced the winner and HJ accepted the award, a trophy, Young Saeng was at his side, arm on his shoulders, patting him and perhaps conveying his congratulations to leader.

What caught my attention more was when YS turned to leave the stage, coz HJ will perform again but Hj kept on holding him back, pulling him in the arm and YS gave in for a bit more time, staying on the stage with the back up dancers of HJ. But of course he had to step out of the stage when HJ began singing, live!

What a nice surprise for me and of course for the rest of the TRIPLE S, who are wishing for a reunion/comeback of 5men. The camaraderie between HJ and YS is still there despite the time spent apart, busy with their own schedules and album presentation. The friendship is definitely tight. The support is awesome. Yes, YS and KJ were in leader's Break Down album launch recently.

some photos from the M Countdown...June 16, 2011

pics from  Kim Hyun Joong 김현중 · @facebook.com

these two guys are really cute!:))


Kim Hyun Joong wins #1 on M! Countdown

Congratulations Hyun Joong! You made it!

And YS was there also at his side..:))

Today's Winner

[News]Bae Yong Joon Brand’s Male Idol Group Debut Coming Early Next Year

Bae Yong Joon is in the middle of preparing for a Hallyu Idol Group.

Known as “BYJ Brand,” it is said that the idol group will debut early next year at the earliest. 

A major shareholder for Keyeast, BYJ is in the middle of preparing to push forth in the music industry. Starting with Kim Hyun Joong’s solo album, he will be debuting a male idol group to follow. 

Someone involved with the project, “We are searching for various ways to slowly make a strong presence on the music industry rather than being too impulsive.” 

Keyeast has been working towards debuting next year by already selecting the upcoming talents and training them. 

Someone who is a part of Keyeast says, “The selection team was able to pick the new members through auditions. They plan to go ahead and search for many talents in the future as well.” But they don’t have many details regarding the group itself, including the number of members or an exact date for their debut. 

It looks as though BYJ will be a prominent force in the debut of the group. 

At Kim Hyun Joong’s recent showcase, he said, “BYJ studies about music a lot. Under the guidance of BYJ’s production work, I received a lot of support from him both emotionally and financially during the production of my album. This is a subtle implication of BYJ’s dedication to becoming a part of the music industry. 

[Newsen Entertainment Team]


Kim Hyun Joong confessed 'Dislike match-make, when fall in love will concentrate fully'

News Courtesy Newsen + (chi trans) bian@金贤重中文网 + (eng trans) kelemama@501wangja.multiply.com

Posted Image

Kim Hyun Joong honestly disclosed his way to love.

Kim Hyun Joong attended SBS Night After Night on 13 June, and talked about his matchmaking experience and way to love, showing the honest and frank side of him.

with regards to MC Park Myung Soo's "Do you want to fall in love? Match-make before?" questions as such, Kim Hyun Joong confessed "Good friend recently has a girlfriend""That friend introduced a friend of his girlfriend to me".

Kim Hyun Joong talked about the awkwardness of matchmaking. "In actual fact matchmaking is really awkward, so I really dislike it" "There's nothing much to talk about when going to those places. Like 'what's your blood type' this kind of topic is really weird".

Kim Hyun Joong frankly talked about his experience in matchmaking "Went to a match-make by friend, was quiet for 15mins" "I'll start to talk first, ask the girl 'Do you know what is this seat for? Just comfortably have fun, and bid farewell just like friends will do'".

Kim Hyun Joong with regards to his way to love says "Belong to those that when fall in love will give undivided attention", "Will be very nice to girlfriend. A totally different person unlike what my friends know me, will become a different person. Will also act pettishness like a kid".

cre: lissa@soompi.com/khjthread

Kim Hyun-joong, "My grandma passed away on the day of awards"

Source: http://news.nate.com.../20110615n02114 (hangul) + http://www.hancinema...ards-30648.html (eng)

Singer Kim Hyun-joong spoke about the time he couldn't be with his grandmother when she passed away.

On the SBS TV "Kang Heart", Kim Hyun-joong said he had a problem with not being able to express his feelings to his family because of his bluntness.

He said, "When I give them money, I just set it down or give it to my brother instead. I want to express myself but I can't and that bothers me".

He continued, "My grandmother passed away at the end of year awards last year. After the event my bow tie turned into a black neck tie and found out about her. Then I felt, 'it's too late to regret it. Show as much as you can when you can'".

However, still stressing about his bluntness, he decided again, "I've realized again. I haven't been contacting my father a lot recently preparing my album but I think I should at least start now".

Then he ended his talk with a video letter for his father. "I never told you this before but I respect you. I think I've only been cold and rigid. I'm sorry I can't act out the way I feel. It's because of you I'm here and I'll become a better son.

Meanwhile, "Kang Heart: King of Kings" hosted 2PM Jun Ho, TVXQ U-Know, Park Jeong-ah, Oh Jeong-hae, Choi Hong-man, Kim Hyun-joong and more. 

cre: phoenix81@soompi.com

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

[FANCAM] 110607 Kiss Kiss - Kim Hyun Joong

Playful Kiss Theatre (Episode 8) BTS

It's our MinJoong couple again in  PK BTS:))

credit: snowflakej16 of soompi

So glad to see how close MinMin is to the coordi noona of Hyun Joong! His coordi noona seems to like MinMin too! And just one quick question to Hyun Joong, do you really need to hold her arms even though you are just practicing your lines or just waiting for the scene to be shot? Well, it just got me curious thats why I'm asking! 

@snowflakes: yes, I totally agree with you. Really glad that shippers are all observant about this things from BTS. 

they really are cute together:))
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Kim Hyun Joong Reveals Personal Love Stories

by: thunderstix

Kim Hyun Joong revealed a stories about his first love and romance with a female celebrity. Appearing on today’s SBS radio “Choi Hwa Jung’s Power Time,” the SS501 leader was asked if he was ever approached by a female celebrity in the past. Kim Hyun Joong responded, “Yes, but it wasn’t me getting approached—I asked the girl out. Things worked out well and we dated for about ten months.”
Although he declined to mention the name of his celeb ex-girl friend, he said he used to cook her Kimchi fried rice. He also talked about Hyori, who he often picked as his ideal woman type, saying, “I don’t want to go out drinking with Hyori. She’s a nuna (older female friend) that I respect and get a lot of help from, so I don’t think I’ll be at ease drinking with her.”
Kim Hyun Joong hasn’t been the type to shy away from talking about his real life romances as he talked about his first love too on Monday. On SBS “Night After Night,” the star singer/actor said, “I met this girl at a Soondae stew restaurant in 7th grade. I went with my friend to have Soondae stew, and found a girl that I really liked. So I went to that restaurant every day for two and a half years…But I actually got to see her only two or three times.” (Editor’s note: Soondae is a Korean sausage made of bean curd and gree-bean sprouts, stuffed in pig intestine; it sounds a bit strange, but you’ll love it when you try it.)
But he waited in front of the restaurant many nights to get to know her personally. And before heading to high school, he was finally able to start dating her, he said. However, as he became a singer and followed a busy schedule, the two couldn’t continue with their relationship. Let bygones be bygones, but can’t help but wonder who the lucky girls were!

cre: soompi.com/news

Hyun Bin to Get Second Vacation since Enlistment in July

by: thunderstix 

Next month actor Hyun Bin will receive his second vacation since enlisting in the Korean Marines last April. According to an official from the Marines today, Hyun Bin will be granted a customary five-day vacation to mark the 100th day of his service in early July. Currently serving in the northern island of Baeng Nyeong Do, the star actor has enjoyed his first military leave in late April. This time he will be given an extra vacation day for the long travel to get to his hometown.
Following the end of mega-popular SBS drama “Secret Garden,” Hyun Bin’s popularity has gone through the roof. Despite leaving the entertainment scene in April to fulfill Korea’s compulsory military service, Hyun Bin’s name has still been mentioned a lot in KPOP news. There was a TV documentary show following his military training and there were rumors of releasing a photo essay of him in the Marines. Also, he was the winner of the top award at the Baeksang Arts Awards held last month. Hyun Bin will be released from the Marines on Dec. 6th, 2012 after completing the two-year mandatory service.
 cre: soompi.com/news

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Heo Young Saeng's Let It Go

Been busy updating news about leader that I forgot all about Heo Young Saeng's new album. Let It Go is a nice song that has a nice melody. And of course it showcased his nice vocal range. Indeed he is no doubt a good singer. Aside from leader KHJ, HYS is next to my favourites among the SS501 members. He is so cute you want to give him a hug.:))

here is a video, one of only many performances of HYS's Let It Go

[Fan Photo] Young saeng - Let It Go Fan Signing Event by HSscandal [2011.06.11]

Credit: HSscandal.com

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More Pics of Hyun Joong @Radio program hosted by Choi Gang Hee 1106013

cre: http://www.cyworld.com/hyunjoongnara/3650290

[Trans]Kim Hyun Joong talked about Bae Yong Joon on Choi Gang Hee's radio show, "Volume Up."

Original in Korean: coffeesarang (byjintoronto)
Date/Time: 2011.06.13. 20:52
Translated into English: suehan

A while ago on Radio 89.1,
Kim Hyun Joong came on the radio program hosted by Choi Gang Hee and spoke a lot about our Bae Yong Joon.

He spoke quite a bit about BYJ with Choi Gang Hee. ^ ^
I heard that when Choi Gang Hee went to BYJ's hospital room when he was sick, BYJ laughed while telling her stories about Hyun Joong.

He said that Hyun Joong was cute, and it made him laugh just thinking about Hyun Joong.

The way that Hyun Joong met BYJ was...

A lot of people said that him and BYJ looked very similar.
So he jokingly replied saying that he was interested in meeting BYJ.
Hwang Ryong ssi and Hyun Joong's manager arranged for the two stars to meet.

He said that he was starstruck when he met BYJ for the first time... Hehehe.
But now he said that BYJ is just like any other person~

Even Choi Gang Hee also said that she became starstruck looking at BYJ and Hyun Joong siting together at the "Jjejje Love" movie premiere.
She says that now, she sees him like any other person as well. 

Hyun Joong asked BYJ if he would dance once while they were around meeting fans at the Tokyo Dome.
BYJ agreed to do it.
KHJ even said that he picked the song for BYJ, but BYJ couldn't dance because of his herniated cervical disc.

They also talked about "Strong Heart."

The audience sent in letters commenting on how BYJ found Hyun Joong to be cute and cared for him.
Anyways, they spoke for quite some time.
(This interview came on between 8:20 to 8:40pm)

**Also, Hyun Joong...
He never knows what will come out of his mouth when he speaks.
His agency advised him not to speak. Hehe...

Anyways, it was very funny~~

cre: suehan's byj blog

Kiss Kiss Dance - KHJ [Raise the Volume - June 13th.2011]

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