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Friday, August 19, 2011

Hyun Joong visits THEFACESHOP @ Causeway Point, SG [2011.08.19]

source: 더블에스오공일 (Double S 501)

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Kim Hyun Joong THEFACESHOP Asia Tour in Manila features in Philippine Daily Inquirer [2011.08.19]

Credit: Thefaceshop Phils on Facebook 

Hyun Joong @THEFACESHOP Press Con @ Resorts World, SG [2011.08.19]


 더블에스오공일 (Double S 501)

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( photo) KHJ's Luggages!

Kim Hyun Joong's luggages~~ But he is really nice to bring them all back ^^ 

Credit: hyunjoongkajeablover.blogspot.com


더블에스오공일 (Double S 501)

English version of Kim Hyun Joong for What's waiting for you in Seoul?

Credit: tnynt @ YouTube

Hyun Joong - Seoul-TV Commercial (english version)

더블에스오공일 (Double S 501)

Astroplus Exclusive! KHJ “The High Five" event | Aug. 25 @ TriNoma

Gimme five, Henecians! Counting down the days before KIM HYUN JOONG Break Down The "High Five" event on AUGUST 25 (Next Thursday already!) at TriNoma Activity Center!!

Check out the event mechanics! Note that there will be no ticket selling, no autograph signing, no meet & greet nor picture-taking but just a simple “gimme me five” up-close and personal moment with Kim Hyun Joong.

CD selling starts at 10AM! Be early! See you there!



edited version- oppa/dongsaeng couple photos (khj and jsm)

After the Playful Kiss event ended, news about my favourite couple (of them being together) will surely be scarce. I will surely miss them. 
Below are some edited pictures I did while passing the time.:))

aren't they cute?
personally, they really look good together!!!

it's just me..mslee as a shipper:))

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Playful Kiss Ranks #1 on Viki All Time Rankings!

daebak! a true conviction that Playful Kiss is a success! Congratulations to our oppa/dongsaeng couple!

Korea films and dramas are enjoying great popularity all over the world. The high rankings of the videos in America have drawn the public attention.

On 18th, 'VIKI RANKINGS ALL TIME' , a United States global site has revealed the top 10 of the Korea drama and movies that the Idol Stars starred in.

The most popular drama is MBC drama 'Playful Kiss' starred by Kim Hyun Joong since people watch it from YouTube. The drama has attracted a lot of viewers and the fact that it has already been made into a movie has become even more appealing to the overseas netizens and they are requesting the production of season 2 of the drama.

The second place goes to the parody of  'Flowers Over Boys' by the popular group,Big Bang . In 2008, when they were holding their national concert, they introduced 'Flowers Over Big Bang' which was adapted from the well-received comics, 'Flowers Over Boys'.  Big Bang members took up the roles of the flower boys group 'F4'. T.O.P. acted as Tsukasa and he always had the powerful friends around him, namely Rui (G-Dragon), Sojirou and Akira (Seungri and Taeyang) and Tsukushi (the role of  herorine which was taken up by Daesung).

'Secret Big Bang' was broadcasted in SBS 'Big Bang Show' this year. It also ranks 5th in the chart which shows that they are very popular all over the world. 'Secret Big Bang' is a parody of the hit drama, 'Secret Garden' and in their parody, G-Dragon took up the role of Jiraim, T.O.P. was Kimjootop, Taeyang was Taetimjang, Daesung was Kang Secretary and Seungri was Seungska.

Moreover, the 1st reality show of f(x), 'Koala', gains the 8th place and Shinee 's live music show, ' The  Muzit' ranked 15th.

In the meantime, the dramas, animations, music videos and news from all over the world are available in 130 languages which serve an average of 4 million viewers/readers per month. For famous sites, the page views and the cumulative views of the vidos can reach as high as 1 billion and 10 billion  respectively.

Source: Osen
Translated by: Rice @bigbangupdates.com

Kim HyunJoong lugging fans' love, not leaving anything and bringing all away

source: 더블에스오공일 (Double S 501)

Kim HyunJoong left Taiwan on 17 August, around 200 over fans squeezed in the airport to send their idol off, he made his stop in Taiwan for 4 days 3 night, the number of luggages he had were massive, he said that inside all those luggages were gifts he received from Taiwan fans, he had specially reminded his staff to pack all back, not leaving back even a single gift.

Because of Kim HyunJoong's consideration for his fans, his check-in luggages were overweight 121kg, and need to pay more than NT42000 (Around S$2100). His staff said, although knowing that he will need to pay the fines, Kim HyunJoong still insisted to bring the gifts along with him. Since young his family was not very well off, so he has caltivated a bit of being thrifty, but because of fans' love gifts, he doesn't feel heart pain, but smile briliantly.

During Kim HyunJoong's visit in Taiwan, he had an exclusive interview with MTV channel 'JK Music Craze' MC Calvin Chen.

He said that his hobby is playing soccer and revealed that he has joined a Korean Celebrity Soccer team, and would gather his celebrity friends to rent a soccer field to play all they want. 

He even played the 'Fishing Competition' game with Calvin Chen, upon hearing that the prize was spicy beef jerky, Kim HyunJoong who favour spicy food put in all his might to win the competition, when he won the beef jerky he immediately opened it up to eat, and kept saying: "It is really spicy! delicious! delicious!'

Credits: news.chinatimes.com + (English translation) PlanetHyun.blogspot.com
Please repost with full credit

KHJ @ Changi Airport--caught on fancam dancing Kiss Kiss!

Originally, this piece of info I read @kathy's bench. And...aigoo, he is just adorable and cute making dance steps while waiting for his turn at the Immigration area.:))

cre: poohlhl @yt

(photos) KHJ arrives at Singapore 110817

[17/08/11] Kim Hyun Joong @ Singapore Changi Airport


 더블에스오공일 (Double S 501)

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Latest Update as of Aug. 18, 2011- KHJ High Five Event Philippines!

With only a week to go before KHJ lands on the Philippines, there are some small or maybe big details that are being ironed out, especially with Trinoma being the host for the High Five event on the 25th, August. The latest detail/update were posted this morning @their facebook page. 

Pls. click here for all the updates, read carefully the mechanics so that there will be no confusion at the site where the event will take place. As of this morning, this is their notice to all KHJ fans waiting.

will make sure to post further details if ever they release more...:))

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Continuation of Tokyo PK FM - Talk& Live (The Kitten and the Little Squirrel)

With a lot of appreciation and thanks for a very nice shipper @oppa/dongsaeng thread, tlbpc, for always translating for us the interviews our cute couple had during the recent PK FM event @Tokyo.

I omitted some parts which were already translated earlier and posted here.
Source: http://navicon.jp/news and 日饭Blog
Translated by :大毛&由幽&Annie and莹水
From: www.hyunbar66.cn and Baidu HyunMin Bar

MC: Happy times are this short, finally let both of them express their thoughtsMM: Very thankful for so many hav ecome, seems like full house, thank you everyone. I will still return the next time to Japan to see everyone.  Hope you would watch out for my TV dramas and movies, Goodbye ~~HJ: Thank you everyone for being able to come in the hot summer.  Please give PK much more love and also for singer KHJ. 2011 is also a year I’ve been getting everyone’s love, will continue towork hard.  Will see you tonight (the audience laughed) When singing One More Time, KHJ seem to be teary.

In the whole fm, HJ gave the impression that he has forgotten about many PK’s shoot happenings.  It was MM at the side who reminded him and then he remembered.MM kept addressing HJ as “Oppa”.
Night Show

Ha Ni’s bath scene
HJ: I remember this scene, there was such a scene.MC: Seems like there were many NGs?MM: The director gave a lot of directions on acting and there were many changes to the lines and standing positions which took up a lot of time.HJ: Really didn’t have time to sleep,even 5 days overnight in a row.  Earlier when shooting BOF, heard from the director that if the first drama was this hard, the next will be easier.  I was gladly looking forward but PK turned out to be doubly harder.

Kiss in the rainscene
HJ watched the video very attentively, seems like he’s suppressing his inner feelings. MM and the MC smiled shyly.  As HJ was watching he said: It was really acted with an confessional mood.MC: Wasn’t it a mischievous kiss?  Should be a deep kiss right?HJ:The director requested it to be a passionate kissing scene and it must be done at one take OK. (Suddenly he laughed)  In my experience, this is the most intense kiss ever. (He was too frank here)MC:Does it mean that it is up to now for acting in a TV drama?HJ:In PK, because I have acted in two dramas only, it’s imaginary.MC:Not in your private appointments?HJ (laughed):This shoot was really difficult, there wasn’t enough water, need to be done at one take.  Because it’s nearing dawn 6am,it was really rush.  Actually SM wasn’t feeling well that day and she took some medicine.MM:I didn’t feel well and had some medicine.
(It was said to be done in one take but the camera was placed in different positions to shoot and that already took 3 to 4 times.  2 persons’ kiss should have a certain feeling of shared happiness; it didn’t seem distasteful to look on.  If this is how to get married then it will be just like them.) (My note:  This is the blogger's opinion)
MC to MM: In the TV drama you wore many cute clothing, how do you dress usually?MM:I too like cute clothing but recently have been wearing trendy clothes.MC:How do you want your future boyfriend to dress up?  About how many points do you give HJ’s clothing style?MM:How one dress most importantly is whether the person suits it or not.  HJ sunbae 9 points. 100 points as full marks(laughed)HJ seem quite upset:  Me? Actually I have no choice; it seems that it’s just those few clothes for the filming.  For example, even if it’s the same clothes still need to continue to be worn. (HJ like a schoolboy defending himself)MM: It’s 9 points out of 10 as full marks actually.
MC:Please tell what little secrets only you both know of each other, or anything that’s cute.HJ: SM has very good appetite for food.MM laughedHJ: SM doesn’t eat a lot but will eat different varieties of food (laughed) like at a birthday party (a variety of food)MM:If there are people around me, I’ll dare to eat not leaving food behind,normally I’m don’t do that.MC:Why…why?MM: During a break while eating a very big hamburger, because it is as large as a face I didn’t see HJ in front, then I heard - kekeke… sound of laughter and itwas HJ filming me with a film recorder. I told him - quickly delete it off, erase it off quickly.HJ: When SM was eating the hamburger, her face is like a piglet (laughed)MM held her fist to hit HJ and HJ reached out to block it (laughed)HJ corrects: Just like a little squirrel holding with 2 hands to eat an acorn as she ate the hamburger.MM: This is cute? Call me piglet.HJ facing the audience: Cute or not? (Weak reaction from the audience)MC: Then SM do you find HJ cute in anyway?MM: When HJ sleeps he snores like a kitten (laughed)MM facing the audience: Can this be said as cute? (The audience laughed)MC:Then both of you can be called kitten and a little squirrel (laughed) Word connection gameMC:BoatHJ(When he was pondering his face is very beautiful, kept pondering with his head bending)MM: SeaHJ: Salmon fish shop….because in PK’s episode 9, I went to the salmon fish shop to use their toilet at the park.MM: Thinking over more ……HJ: That we will talk about it later at backstage
What do you want to do most this summer?
Both:SoccerHJ:I just wrote down what I thought yet SM wrote the same answer! MC:Playful Kiss the TV dramaMM:DirectorHJ:Oh Ha Ni
It was then forfeit time followed by a quiz with the audience, both performed their songs and it was the ending.HJ: Finally, thank you everyone for giving PK so much love.  Please keep BSJ’s existence in your heart forever.  After this I will continue to work hard as an actor and singer.
*Latest additional translation by淘气默 of Baidu HyunMin Bar on the ending part –MM: Very grateful that everyone has been waiting for today.HJ: Please give more love to PK and hope everyone will forever remember BSJ.  Thank you for loving me and Jung Su Min.

Kim Hyun Joong appears on TVBS’s ‘The Person’ in Taiwan

Source: TV Daily from Nate
Translation: http://en.korea.com/

shared from nycgirl@soompi.com/khjthread

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On the 15th, Singer Kim Hyun Joong appeared on Taiwanese talk show The Person. The show is very popular and Kim was the first Korean who appeared on the show.

The Person airs every Sunday in China and in other many countries, including, Singapore, Hong Kong, Macao, Australia, Malaysia, America, and more.

Famous stars, including, Andrea Bocelli and Jay Chou previously appeared on the show.

Taiwanese national announcer, Fang Nian Hua, is an emcee for the show. She prepared some questions for Kim by herself and talked about Kim’s childhood, debut, acting, and first solo mini album together.

The entire Taiwanese crew praised Kim for his bumble attitude and great manner. The crew said, “Kim is the best Korean star.”

Kim is touring in Asian countries, including, Japan, Vietnam, Taiwan, Singapore and more, to meet his fans in August.

Kim Hyun Joong is the first Korean artist to guest on top Taiwanese talk show, ‘The Person

Source + Photos: Seoul NTN via Nate

Posted Image

On August 15th, Hallyu star SS501’s Kim Hyun Joong guested as the first ever Korean star on Taiwan’s TVBS program, ‘The Person‘.

‘The Person’ is said to be one of the representative programs of TVBS, and also consistently records #1 in viewer ratings. Through TVBS-Asia, the show is broadcast to Singapore, Hong Kong, Macau, Australia, Malaysia, the States and other locations. Top stars that have previously guested on the program include Andrea Bocelli and Jay Chou.

Kim Hyun Joong talked about his youth, his debut, his acting career, and his debut solo mini-album. When he was requested to perform his title track, “Break Down“, on the spot for his Taiwanese fans, he didn’t show any signs of hesitation and got up to throw a spectacular performance on par with a real stage.

Announcer Fang Nian Hua, a famous figure to the Taiwanese, was also the MC of the program and was reported to have come with questions that she had come up with herself.

Kim Hyun Joong charmed the studio with his smooth charms and humble attitude. Staff commented, “He’s not only charismatic, but has such great manners. Truly worthy of being the best star of Korea.”

Kim Hyun Joong’s episode will broadcast on August 21st

Breakdown KIM HYUN JOONG Hi-Five Touch Event Philippine Promo Tour Mechanics UPDATE -110817

New update! Please read..for all Henecians and fans of Hyun joong here in the Philippines.

the first update was about 300people only( originally, it was 500)..but there is a new(another) update from TRINOMA! and they are adding another 100 so it is going to be 400 people that will have a chance to HIGH FIVE KHJ!!! pls read the second update below...
don't get confused okay?:)) 

first update:
update reposted from kathy's bench
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So apparently, there has been change of plans of the number of people. Instead of 500, 300 people will only be accomodated... hmmmm....

Credit: http://www.facebook.com/TriNoma.AyalaMalls



1. First 300 buyers of Kim Hyun Joong albums at the Astrovisions booth located at the TriNoma Activity Center on August 25, 2011 shall be entitled to one (1) Hi-five touch pass and one (1) seat stub.

2. Stubs shall be given at the Astrovision booth upon purchase of albums together with the official receipt of purchase.

3. One album purchase is equivalent to one hi-five touch pass and one seat. One (1) CD, one (1) person policy applies.

4. Astrovision reserves the right to validate receipts. Receipts that are defaced, crumpled, tampered, photocopied and smaller than the actual size will not be honored.

5. The schedule on the stub is final and cannot be changed.

6. Hi-five touch passes shall be surrendered to the Ayala Malls representative situated at both ends of the stage.

7. All qualified participants, complete with official receipt, hi-five touch pass and seat stub will high five Kim Hyun Joong on a first come first served basis.


a. First fifty (50) Ayala Malls A Cardholders and first fifty (50) VIPinoy Cardholders who will call the TriNoma A Card hotline at 901-3000 or 901-3690 on August 22, 2011 are entitled to reserve one (1) slot to buy Kim Hyun Joong’s Breakdown album. One (1) Ayala Malls A Card or VIPinoy Card is equivalent to one (1) slot only.

b. When reserving, the Ayala Malls A Card and VIPinoy Cardholders will be required to give his/her A Card or VIPinoy number for identification and a mobile number where a text message will be sent regarding the confirmation and details of the album reservation.

c. Present the Ayala Malls A Card or VIPinoy Card and confirmation text at the A Card Concierge located at Level 1 on August 23, 2011 to get your reservation stubs. The presentation of Ayala Malls A Cards or VIPinoy Cards and confirmation text would be strictly implemented.

d. The Ayala Malls A Card and VIPinoy Cardholders must purchase the reserved album at the Astrovision satellite selling booth at the Activity Center on August 25 until 1:00pm only.

e. Present the reservation stub to the A Card/VIPinoy Concierge personnel located at the Astrovision satellite selling booth at the Activity Center, on August 25 until 1:00pm only. The presentation of the reservation stub would be strictly implemented. One (1) reservation stub, one (1) CD policy applies.

f. Reserved albums will be forfeited by 1:01pm on August 25 and slots will be released to the public.

 For inquiries, please call our Concierge Hotline at 901-3000.

second update:

wheww! I guess..there will be updates as KHJ's visits nears.

another response from TRINOMA regarding the KHJ High Five event! posted @ Trinoma@facebook jsut an hour ago...

TriNoma's response on KHJ's Hi-five Touch Mechanics

I guess the mechanics stay the same...so read carefully!:))