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Friday, August 3, 2012

Coffee Prince and Goong Now in Latin America

Reading this piece of news makes me glad. Finally, Latin America will also have a taste of Korean drama especially these two dramas where YEH was the lead actress. Actually, these two dramas were one of the best I have watched so far of YEH's. Her sweet character in Goong and her double personality in Coffee Prince  left a lasting impression on me. She was a good actress, there was no doubt. I became a fan after watching Coffee Prince.

the news: 

source: Star Light 스타 라이트

Coffee Prince and Goong air in Latin America

MBC’s series Coffee Prince and Goong are drawing a lot of attention by airing in Latin America. As a result, actress Yoon Eun Hye has become popular as well.

According to MBC, the series Goong started airing on SERTV in Panama on July 30. The series Coffee Prince will start airing in Paraguay on September 15 and Goong will also air in January next yea

MBC has been airing thirteen Korean TV series, including historical series Daejanggum and Damo, and modern series Queen of Housewife, My Name is Kim Sam Soon, and The Greatest Love so far. The most popular TV series is Daejanggum, in which actress Lee Young Ae appeared.

Yeo Seung Chul from the Embassy of the Republic of Korea to Panama said that the series Goong is receiving considerable attention from the local public.

The series airs on prime time from 8 to 9 at night. The series My Name is Kim Sam Soon is the most hit series in Panama and the second popular series is Boys over Flowers. People are wondering if Goong can beat those series.

The series Coffee Prince will start airing in Paraguay on September 15 on every Saturday. And Goong will air early next year from Monday through Friday.

Jung Gil Hwa, president of MBC in Latin America, says, “Thanks to the K-pop boom, Korean TV series is also receiving a lot of attention. Since the series Goong has familiar story line to history of Latin America, it will appeal to the public. Coffee Prince will also draw considerable attention because this area produces lots of coffee. Actress Yoon Eun Hye will also show off her power in those series.”

City Conquest Photo Stills - Kim Hyun Joong and Jung Yoo Mi in a Sweet Back Hug

A couple of still photos from City Conquest, [Kim Hyun Joong's new drama] were released in the net showing Hyun Joong holding Yoo Mi in a sweet back hug, a romantic scene that is always visible in every K-drama.

Hmmm..just adding my thoughts, quickly... I hope that as the drama progresses, the on screen chemistry will also develop. For now, I'm still kind of searching for it. But, then, it's still the early part of filming and few photos were shared yet. [just my thoughts]

Credit: http://news.search.naver.com 


Thursday, August 2, 2012

News about Cn Blue's New Single "Come On" and Yong Hwa's Photo of His Muscles

Just got to post these news back to back!  For the group's new single "Come On" which was released in Japan and got 4th place in the Oricon Daily Singles Chart...daebak! 

For Yong Hwa showing off his manly appeal through muscles on his back...charming!

These are the latest news about my favorite k-group Cn Blue.

Cn Blue Releases Japanese Single Come On
cre: dkpopnews.net

‘Come On’ will be composed of four songs including the title track “Come On”, its instrumental version as well as “Wake up” and “My Miracle”. All tracks were penned and written by CNBLUE members.

CNBLUE’s third Japanese single ‘Come On’ has met an explosive response upon its release. The single, which was released in Japan on August 1st, made a fourth place debut on the Oricon Daily Singles Chart.

Check out the tracks below!

“Come On”

“Wake Up”

“My Miracle”

CN Blue’s Jung Yong Hwa shows off a muscle in his back

cre: en.korea.com
CN Blue’s Jung Yong Hwa is currently attracting a lot of attention online with a muscle in his back.
The muscle in Jung’s back can be seen in the video of “Come On,” CN Blue’s third single released in Japan last month.
In the video, Jung is posing to show off a muscle in his back in a black sleeveless shirt. Jung’s firm muscle in his back and arm muscle remind many people of Sylvester Stallone from the movie Rambo. Jung used to appeal to many girls with his gentle image, but it seems like he can also appeal to many people with his strong image.
People responded: “I love the muscle in his back.” “Jung even has a great muscle in his back.” “I want to cling to his back.”
CN Blue released their new song “Friday” on July 31 at midnight.

Source: TV Report

Starting on a New K-drama...Moon Embracing the Sun episode 1

Today I started watching another periodical drama [fictional] Moon Embracing the Sun. 

The Moon That Embraces the Sun

Just finished episode 1 for now, and although I find it hard to memorize the names, which is understandable, at least I try to remember the three lead characters of the drama. 

Summarizing the story of episode 1, Moon Embracing the Sun is a love story that will involve the three main characters. The two half brothers, one Crowned Prince [dongsaeng]and acknowledged by the King and the other one who is  older [hyung] who unfortunately is not favored and lives like any other noble man but with a good heart and who loves his dongsaeng.

The Crowned Prince is Lee Hyun [Yeo Jin Goo playing the child prince] and the half brother Yang Myung Goon [Lee Min Ho playing the child older brother] will both fell in love with a young miss [agassi] who belongs to a noble family named Heo Yeon Woo who later be called Wol [Kim Yoo Jung plays the child character]. I  remember Kim Yoo Jung as the young Dong Yi, a previous historical drama, too.

In episode 1, a Prince who the villains thought to be a threat to the King's position was plotted and killed, which was [un]fortunately witnessed by a shaman. She was then pursued and while on the run, she met a good hearted woman who is carrying a child then. the shaman had envisioned the child's future and saw that she will be the moon that will play a big part in the lives of the two suns who are the future crowned prince and his half brother. She promised the woman that she would always protect the child [moon] even after she dies.

This shaman had a close friend who was also a shaman, living inside the palace and she told her to find and protect the child. But unfortunately, she was unable to to tell her more.

Years passed and the three main characters were all young adult. Heo Yeon Woo's brother is a friend of Yang Myung Goon. I guess that this friendship will play a part on how Yeon Woo and Myung Goon will become closer.

It is still difficult to remember the names, yet, the story started good. I just can not resist writing something about it after finishing episode 1. Few screen caps only.:))

Yeon Woo

Myung Goon

Lee Hwon

Jang Dong Gun and Kim Ha Neul share their thoughts on wrapping up ‘Gentlemen’s Class’

cre: allkpop

With only two episodes left for SBS‘s ‘Gentlemen’s Class‘, lead roles Jang Dong Gun and Kim Ha Neul shared their thoughts on wrapping up the drama through short handwritten messages.
On August 1st, Jang and Kim’s agency, AM Entertainment, updated their official Facebook page with two new photos of messages written on the last pages of a script.
Jang Dong Gun wrote, “It was a great experience and everybody worked hard… I will remember this for a long time.”
Actress Kim Ha Neul’s message read, “Everybody worked hard and I’m very thankful. I believe this will be another project I’ll never forget. I hope I’ll be able to see everybody again sometime.”
Although the filming already came to an end on July 31st, the last two episodes of ‘Gentlemen’s Class’ will most likely not air until August 11th and 12th due to the 2012 London Olympics.
Source: AM Entertainment’s Official Facebok

Mix Photos of Kim Hyun Joong in Thailand Fan Meeting ASIA TOUR 2012

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Weibo and Facebook update

Departure from Bangkok
by pluto

Kim Hyun Joong Certified Hallyu Star!

cre: dkpopnews.net

Kim Hyun Joong is not only a certified Hallyu Star but also the best artist and performer. Kim Hyun Joong recently concluded his Asian Fan Meeting tour in Bangkok, Thailand on 29th of July. This marks the end of his tour around 5 Asian countries and 8 cities.

He toured starting this May from Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, Thailand and all his eight fan meetings were sold out. In total, his fan meeting had over 40,000 audiences in attendance, which is a very remarkable number considering it is only a fan meeting not a concert. This proves that Kim Hyun Joong has a huge and loyal fan base not only in Korea but all over Asia. Aside from the fans, even media and performers overseas are also impressed and are singing their praise for Kim Hyun Joong with his dedication to his fans and his work.

 Congratulations Kim Hyun Joong!

Source: Newsen
Written by: blueprincess824 @ dkpopnews.net

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

[News] Keyeast Entertainment heads to China.

Cr. - http://koreajoongangdaily.joinsmsn.com/ 

Actor Bae Yong-joon of agency Keyeast Entertainment is set to take his business to China.

The agency announced on Monday that it has signed a contract with a Hallyu content management company called Star Lake Agency as part of efforts to extend its reach in Asia.

“Through the mutual contract, stars belonging to Keyeast will be able to take on roles in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan,” a spokesperson from Keyeast said. 

Some of the agency’s stars include Kim Soo-hyun, Kim Hyun-joong and Lim Soo-jung.

Star Lake Agency had previously distributed Bae’s photo essay on Korean tourist destinations in China. 

Kim Soo-hyun will also take an active role in promoting himself in Japan. Amid speculation by entertainment insiders as to whether Kim’s fame in Korea will catch on in Japan, Keyeast said it is confident that Kim will appeal to the Japanese public.

“He has a unique style that sets him apart from all the other Hallyu stars who are popular in Japan,” the agency said.

source: http://twssg.blogspot.com

[videos] Kim Hyun Joong in Thailand Fan Meeting by HollisHyun

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Did some screencaps of HJ singing If You Are Like Me...

pls give credit when taking out photos....:))

KHJ - Lotte Duty Free August 2012 Wallpaper