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Saturday, December 8, 2012

SHINee's Minho @120812 SHINee at SWCIISG

As Minho is my bias in SHINee, I decided to just post photos of him [focus] only. These are fan photos at the event tonight just wrapped up a few minutes ago at Singapore. SHINee's World Concert II.
Tomorrow is his birthday, so I'll greet you Minho a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! SAENGIL CHUKA HAMNIDA, MINHOSSI!

photos via twitter/credit on logo

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@SHINeeFor Shawol
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Yong Hwa and Minhyuk Wins at 2012 K-Drama Star Awards!!!

Chukahae! Cn Blue's cute guys, Jung Yong Hwa and Kang Min hyuk wins at the 2012 K-Drama Star Awards.
They won the Hallyu Star Awards.

photos as tagged/allkpop

Dashing Yong Hwa

Cute Minhyuk

the news:
via allkpop

CNBLUE‘s Yonghwa won the ‘Hallyu Star Award‘ at the ‘2012 K-Drama Star Awards‘.
The ceremony, held on the 8th at the Daejun Convention Center, awarded Yonghwa for his work on television dramas, such as ‘You’re Beautiful‘, ‘Heartstrings‘, and ‘Gentlemen’s Class‘.
Fellow CNBLUE member Minhyuk also received the ‘Rising Star Award‘.
Announcer Kim Byung Chan and actress Yoon In Na hosted the two-part awards, while Epik High, Kim Hyung Jun, Girl’s Day, and BtoB performed.
Congrats to both CNBLUE members!

[photos] KHJ Performance @MIGUHUI AWARDS Chendu. China 121208

Rehearsal for Miguhui Awards @Chendu, China...121208
cr: weibo.com/hyunjoongk

photos via twitter


cr: on logo
via @khjean14
Thank U Hyun Joong-ah..

What a Performance..!!! Daebak..!!!

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Yes  U Broke Them Down Hyun Joong-ah..!
Great Performance..!

Please  -DAEBAK

Hotness Overload!!

121208 Kim Hyun Joong Most Popular Overseas Singer @ Miguhui Awards

Photos credit as tagged/on logo and via twitter

KimHyunJoong's Girl♥


121208 Kim Hyun Joong Most Popular Overseas Singer @ Miguhui Awards cr:as tagged (11) http://twitpic.com/bk519c
121208 Kim Hyun Joong @ Miguhui Music Festival 'Congratulations !!' cr:as tagged (9)
121208 Kim Hyun Joong Most Popular Overseas Singer @ Miguhui Awards cr:as tagged (16)
121208 Kim Hyun Joong Most Popular Overseas Singer @ Miguhui Awards cr:as tagged (17)
121208 Kim Hyun Joong Most Popular Overseas Singer @ Miguhui Awards cr:as tagged (18)
121208 Kim Hyun Joong Most Popular Overseas Singer @ Miguhui Awards cr:as tagged (19)
[HD] 121208 Kim Hyun Joong Most Popular Overseas Singer @ Miguhui Awards cr:Henecia_cz
121208 Kim Hyun Joong Most Popular Overseas Singer @ Miguhui Awards 'Backstage' cr:as tagged

[Screencaps] Kim Hyun Joong "Save Today" MV[UNLIMITED]by @elley0606

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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Kim Hyun Joong releases the lead track of his first Japanese album


cre: http://en.korea.com

Kim Hyun Joong’s first Japanese album is already attracting a lot of attention.
Before releasing his first Japanese album, Unlimited, on December 12, Kim released “Your Story,” the lead track of the album, on such major music sites in Japan as iTunes, Music.jp, and Recochoku.
Playing band music in this album, Kim showed off a charismatic look with his powerful voice and guitar playing in a 45-second teaser video of “Your Story,” which was released on November 28.
According to reports, modern rock band Daybreak’s bassist Kim Seon Il participated in the song, playing instruments and arranging it. Other Daybreak members also played guitar, bass, and keyboard for the song.
A spokesperson for Kim says, “Kim Hyun Joong has been acknowledged as a talented musician who does high-quality music since the single, Heat, succeeded in Japan in July. It attracted a lot of attention with the fact that it was created in collaboration with the popular Japanese musician B’z. People in the music industry are guessing that ‘Your Story,’ which was released in December 5, will also become a hit.”
Indeed, when a ringtone of “Your Story” was released along with the teaser video of the song on November 28, it ranked first on the Recochoku Chart and the Dwango K-pop Chart.
Unlimited, Kim’s first album to be released in Japan, contains a total of fourteen songs, including such new songs as “Your Story,” “Save Today” and “I’m Yours,” and other hit songs of Kim’s. It will be released on December 12.

Marine Hyun Bin thanks Jang Dong Gun and Sistar at military discharge ceremony

cre: kpopfever.com

Actor Hyun Bin thanked sunbae Jang Dong Gun and girl group Sistar.
Actor Hyun Bin’s military discharge ceremony took place at the Marine Corp headquarters at 10am on December 6th. The ceremony was crowded with the fans, the members of the press in Korea as well as from overseas.
The reporters asked Hyun Bin, “Is there an entertainer who you had spoken to the most while in the military?” and he answered, “I spoke to Jang Dong Gun sunbae the most.”
When Hyun Bin was asked about the picture with Sistar members which created a buzz recently, he answered, “I had attended a big event in the Marine Corp then. I asked Sistar for a picture and they obliged, no problem. I want to thank them again right now. It was a support while in the military. I will root for them going forward too” drawing the eyes.
Hyun Bin had started his military service on March 7th of 2011, joining the Marine Corp and has now been discharged after a 21 month service.
Image & Source: TV Daily via Nate

CNBLUE’s Yonghwa ranks on top of Japanese OST chart

cre: allkpop

CNBLUE‘s Yonghwa took over a Japanese OST chart with “You’ve Fallen for Me“.
Japan’s music site Dwango revealed that “You’ve Fallen for Me” ranked #1 for 2012 under the K-Pop OST ringtone category. 2nd place went to Jang Geun Suk for “Love Rain“, and 3rd place went to “Still” from ‘You’re Beautiful‘.
The drama, ‘You’ve Fallen for Me‘, features Yonghwa as the main character. The story line revolves around an arts university, incorporating dance, music, theater, and pop culture to draw out the romance and loyal friendships the young students form on campus. It aired on Fuji TV from July to November, gaining high popularity not only in Korea but also in Japan.

Dec. 06, 2012 - WELCOME BACK HYUN BIN!!!

The most awaited day for Hyun Bin's discharge from the military has come. Today December 6, 2012, he is finally back. I as a fan missed him in the small screen. After Secret Garden which was a total success, he entered the military March 07, 2011. Leaving us with tears and a sad news that he and lovely Song Hye Kyo already ended their relationship.

But now he is back and soon will be on different interviews and programs.

I will be looking forward to that, Hyun Bin.

the news: 

Hyun Bin discharged from military + sheds tears as he discusses acting

Although today may seem like an average day to many, it is a special day to fans across the world and actor Hyun Bin, for he has returned after finishing his military service!
Hyun Bin was officially discharged today, December 6th, and held a simple, brief event to address the thousands of fans who had gathered to witness his return back to society.
The actor, who had been serving in the Marine Corps, greeted his fans with a booming voice and discussed some of his thoughts on returning to his life and career.
“Thank you to all the media and fans who have made it here despite the snow and difficult conditions,”he started off.
“I promised to greet you again after 21 months as a hardened soldier, and I think I have been able to keep that promise while serving in the Marines. I think I am now able to greet you as a more solid and confident person,” he continued.
“Having received so much encouragement and interest from everyone before enlisting, I started my life as a soldier with a happy heart, and due to the consistent support and energy that you have all sent me even after enlisting, I think I am able to now stand here alright and healthy.”
Tears then began to form in the actor’s eyes as he thought about returning to acting once more. “I wanted to act so badly,” he admitted before the silence that followed due to his tears.
“Since I couldn’t act during my vacations, I’d go to places where hoobaes were acting and would watch them and think about it… But now, the time has come for me to be able to act again, and as much as everyone has waited for me, I want to work hard in preparing to show you the acting I’ve wanted to do. I have stored all the energy that I’ve received as a soldier, so I will return energy back to everyone,” he concluded.
Hyun Bin enlisted back on March 7th of 2011, and after 21 months of serving in the Marines rather than in the promotional division of the army like most celebrities, the actor has made his return and will be spending his time with his family for the time being.
Welcome back Hyun Bin!

[recap] The King of Dramas Ep.9 and10

The King of Dramas always ends in a dramatic way. In episode 8,  another problem arose. The investment of the Watanabe Group was withdrawn by the so who inherit the company. Just when the filming is about to start, this is another attack to Anthony by his previous employer, Empire company whose main aim is to make him loose everything, even the right to air  Morning in Kyeongseong. They want to snatch that from Anthony.

Episode 9

Anthony put all his efforts in finding a new investor so that he could return the money to Watanabe Group. Everywhere he goes was met with resistance. The banks are all pressured by Empire not to give in to Anthony. But he is not a man to be easily put down. He remembered the lot of land he once dreamed of building the largest studio in Korea just like in hollywood. He then went and see the land owner and talked him into not selling the land if people would come look for him. He would only take the offer if made for the last time, in this case, 5x more worth the value of the land. As Empire is so greedy, they did offer so high for the price of the land. Anthony then made the land owner an offer that he invest in his drama and promised half the profit.

Episode 10

Lee Go eun and Kang Hyun Min brought the contract to the land owner and in the nick of time, saved Anthony from having his hand chopped.

The drama started filming. Kang Hyun Min stays true to his personality, that of a superstar who has so much belief in himself. He and Sung Min Ah always bicker. I always wonder how the drama would turn. Lee Go Eun and Anthony has a wonderful chemistry. He even told in front of Sung MinAh that the only person he trust is writer Lee Go Eun.

This he said after the plagiarism talks came out. The writer of Fated Lovers wants to sue Go Eun and block the broadcast of Morning in Kyeongseong. She insinuates how Go Eun copy her book. But Go Eun stood her ground. She did not plagiarized the novel. She needed an evidence to show the year she wrote the story but she has not yet found it. 

As the filming continues, Sung Min Ah asserted that Go Eun change her lines. But Go Eun don't want to do it. The similarity of her story and Fated Lovers can not be helped for both are written during Japanese times. In the end, Anthony told Sung Min Ah that she will not request any more change in her script in the future. He only believe in Go Eun.

The story is very interesting as it goes on. There are so many things one viewer can learn just by watching. And in the end, I hope that all hardships will be paid off. Anthony is changing unconsciously. And it is all because of writer Lee Go Eun.

photos credit to 
King of Dramas (드라마의 제왕)

Photo: [Spoiler] "King of Dramas (드라마의 제왕)" increases slightly

Anthony Kim (Kim Myeong-min) was suffering from lack of production cost due to some withdrawal of investments and writer Lee Go-eun (Jeong Ryeo-won) was going to borrow money from Kang Hyeon-min (Choi Si-won).

She found out that out of the 3.4 billion won that was invested in this drama, 2 billion was used as Kang Hyeon-min's pay and she asked if he could lend her half of it.

Kang Hyeon-min opposed asking why he should lend her that money but she said, "The drama is at risk and we just need to get over this obstacle and to do that we need to stick together. Anthony is going around to borrow money alone. He doesn't say it but he's having a hard time".

Kang Hyeon-min randomly asked, "Do you like Anthony? It's his problem not yours so why are you trying to borrow money?"

However, Lee Go-eun looked appalled but this time she almost convinced by saying, ""Solid Morning" started with Kang Hyeon-min and you are the landmark of our drama".

In the end, Kang was going to lend Anthony a billion but changed his mind and pretend it never happened.

(c) Hancinema
Photo: <드라마의제왕> 최시원, 한겨울 바다수영 '장항준 작가에게 입수사진 꼭 보여주고 싶다' 내용>> http://j.mp/TFC2V0 영상보기>> http://youtu.be/oV4pFiuI0Rk