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Friday, April 29, 2011

[2011.04.29] JOM: Hello, this is Hyun Joong

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Source: KHJ Japan Official Mobile Site
Japanese~English Translation: miyo @lovekimhyunjoong.com

Hello, this is Hyun Joong
2011/04/29  Hyun Joong

I will go to Osaka on 2nd May.
I’m going for the Playful Kiss promotion event, it’s been while since I’ve been to Osaka and I’m feeling excited.
In Osaka, I want to eat Takoyaki(ball-shaped dumpling filled with baby octopus) and of course I also want to eat Gyu-don (Beef bowl) too.
Japanese fans will be seeing me in my short hair. Do not be surprised at the style that you are not used to see.
Recently I’m into sports and my body has become bigger… From now onwards, I would be showing everyone the manly feeling.
In June (at Korea), we are planning a showcase for the sales of the album, please look forward to it.
The choreography, jacket etc for the album…. all parts have been taken with care one by one so please take your time to look at it.
After May has passed and when June comes, let’s fly up together once more.
At that time, I will bring the album to visit Japan so please look forward to it.
Please be live well and smile happily. Thank you. 

Mark the date 0606 - june 6 for the KHJ's album Launching we will fly with him!!!!

cre: soompi.com/kimhyunjoongthread/newyorkcitygirl

Hyun Bin boards for Baengnyeong Island

On April 29th, actor Hyun Bin concluded his five day break and finally boarded the ship for Baengnyeong Island, where he will be serving for the next two years.
He’s already achieved great results during his weeks of training, earning 20 full points in various areas, as well as badges for his combat uniform. Reportedly, he spent his last day of break with labelmate actor Jang Dong Gun to help loosen up before he leaves for good.
The star is still as popular as ever with the public eye, as exemplified by the sold out seats for all ships heading to Baengnyeong Island which is in close proximity to North Korea.
A travel agency commented, “Seats are usually always available, but for fans that heard that Hyun Bin will be going into the island today, they have bought up all of the tickets. At best, there are maybe six seats that are available right now because of cancellations.”
Source: Star News via Nate


Kim Hyun Joong – New Message on Official Website 110428

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original :

앨범마스터링 6시6분전에 끝 …………………

간다 시동걸어놔라

eng trans :

Album mastering ended at 5:54………
Let’s Go

Another translation by reena29shadowReena @ Twitter

Kim Hyun Joong 9th message: Album master copy completed before 6.06pm today…. Here, get ready for the final sprint!

can't wait for the album of KHJ:)) i got to have one...

Just Thankful..

Really glad and thankful for my followers @crazyquilt.
Already got 23 followers:))

For more of leader KHJ, Jung So Min,  Playful Kiss, Hyu Bin, Secret Garden...just  visit my tumblr.:))


Playful Kiss- Just My Review (mslee1107)

Just been to another site and unfortunately read a bad opinion of Playful Kiss. Well, here are my own thoughts about the drama.

Playful Kiss for some seemed a lousy drama…but the fact is, it is a drama that has a lot of charm and if you would only watch it patiently, like I did, it grows on you. For leader’s acting, well, I, too, thought at first that his acting sucks, like I was watching a re-run of BOF. But after finding and understanding the character of Baek Seung Jo who is a GENIUS with an IQ of 200, I realized that his acting is just apt and right. A genius person is not like us, who do things naturally/normally, who can express his thoughts with openness, who talks non stop or talks without thinking. A genius rarely express his true feelings. Most of them are the silent ones, who only looks around, sometimes without an expression because they, too, feel the awkwardness to others, maybe because what they want to say, most of the times, we can not grasp immediately. So they tend to just stare or be drowned by their thoughts. Like in a scene in PK where Oh Ha Ni suddenly blurted out she could not read his thoughts, when she felt frustrated, and Baek Seung Jo suddenly turned around…perhaps, guilty or surprised by Ha Ni’s words.

If you saw him in WGM, which was a reality show, you will see the lighter side of him, the quirky and funny KHJ, who seemed to be at ease in front of a camera, without script or guidance from a director. So, it is not true that he acted badly in Playful Kiss.

As for Oh Ha Ni, Jung So Min’s character, it reminded everyone of us of our high school days when we were swooning at our crushes. Sometimes painful, but most of the times happy just to stare. Oh Ha Ni is not weak, but rather strong in her desire to accomplish what her heart wants. Her willingness to study even though she is not the typical smart heroine in a drama is a positive value which every student must copy. There were many scenes in Playful Kiss where Oh Ha Ni tried her best, not mindful of critics, not being put down by harsh words from Baek Seung Jo, but rather she challenged herself and her capability to overcome obstacle. I remember the scene where she has to go for an interview for a college acceptance, there was a typhoon, still, she went ahead. If it is not a good value or a strong character, I don’t know what is. It means that a little burden is not enough to sway her from her dreams.

If you believe in romance, in finding love, in conquering heartaches just for that one special love, I think Playful Kiss has it.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

MAKING Of Kiss Scenes NG's and Tender Moments *Playful Kiss* [Heart Beat]

Hi PK lovers! Maybe you had already watched this a 100x, but, still, let's admit we can't get enough of PK.:))

I can say that this is not just an ordinary love story, for teens, but we can learn from Oh Ha Ni's good values in the story. Her doing her best to achieve what she really wanted, the desire to learn her studies in school even though it was really hard for a girl like her, her persistence, her big heart, and more, especially her love and loyalty for Baek Seung Jo not to add the desire to make him feel proud of her.

I suggest this drama for all the teens to watch, now that it will soon be on GMA.:)) (plugging) Anyway, I am a certified KAPUSO! That's why I am truly happy that they got the rights to air PK! :))

ALL 13 Kiss Scenes HD *Playfull Kiss and Special Edition* [HEART BEAT]

As Playful Kiss will soon be airing in the country(PHIL.) I felt my energy came back. Yes! Soon on KAPUSO network this May.

Excited to see my Baek Seung Jo and Oh Ha Ni again..(for the nth time..I can't count how many times I have already watched PK..hehehe) in our local TV network.

This is for all the Joongmins/Hyunnies out there.
cre: video@YT

Kim Hyun Joong and Jung So Min : You got Me-PK BTS

I am not sure if I already posted this video, but this is my favourite BTS.:))
Love, love them!:))
Oh! Baek Seung Jo and Oh Ha Ni, I really miss you. Hoping there will be another drama for the both of you together in the (near) future. Wish...wish...wish....:))


Monday, April 25, 2011

Watching The Other Side of Leader KHJ

Kim Hyun Joong became a household name here in our country when BOF was aired in one of our local network 2008. During that time I was one of those who stick in front of a television just to watch the afternoon show. I was already a K-drama follower as early as 2002 when Autumn in my Heart was first shown in my favourite network.

But Boys Over Flower was a series that immediately loved by almost everyone, young and old. The handsome boys playing in the drama were all the talk of the town. During those times, admittedly, I was so into Lee Min Ho maybe because he was the lead character in the show opposite "Geum Jan Di" aka Gu Hye Sun. Though I  find leader cute and handsome (much handsome) he did not make an impact during that time.

It was only recently when I saw him in Playful Kiss that I came to love him not just as an actor but as a singer, hence, I became a follower of  SS501. It's sad that just when I was so into their songs, it was the time when they finished their contract in their previous agency, DSP, and did not renew. Now they are currently on their own in different companies and are not doing any event as a group. But leader pacified the fans by saying that it is not the end for their group, they are not disbanding but rather just trying to make it on  their own for the time being. That is why I am still waiting for that comeback with the rest of the Triple S.

Playful Kiss became my number one series this 2011. Perhaps it did not gain popularity in Korea during the time it was airing due to many competitions, but for me, the moment I watched it, I became addicted to it. The story is an ordinary one, but because of the great chemistry between Baek Seung Jo and Oh Ha Ni, (KHJ and JSM), I really liked them. Jung So Min is so cute and pretty while Kim Hyun Joong is so handsome and he makes the screen come alive with his presence.

I always thought that leader is a silent type of person. That he lives a serious life. But the other day I had the chance to watch We Got Married, where he was paired with Hwang Bo in a reality show. The moment I watched it, I realized that I was wrong in my assessment of leader KHJ. He is such a funny person. He is so natural in that series, there was no script, he played as himself. He is such a sweet person. He also has wittiness within. I like the way he thinks, whether it was a joke or just a thought, it always came out funny. I hear myself laughing all the time I was watching him. And I see his child like manner which is so endearing, I want to give him a hug. What I like is his playful side. I can say that he is a smart and intelligent person, with the way he speaks and thinks. Maybe some people will say that he is weird, hence he got the title "4D", but for me, his way of thinking and actions are just unique, not common, because he is an amazing person. A very talented one, and it is a fact. A singer, an actor, one who dances very well, his moves are great, a person who can play different kinds of instrument...what else? Ah..yes, he plays soccer also. A good swimmer. Seldom we see a person like him who is multi talented. And another factor that makes him an awesome individual is that he is a person who likes challenges and never backs down, like what I saw in WGM. He likes to win, not only against an opponent but he likes to challenge even himself, to test how far his limits are, that's why he is a winner. With this characteristic I can easily assume that he is a perfectionist.


He is also a caring person. He was very sensitive to the feelings of Hwang Bo and when she was not feeling well, he will go to the drugstore/convinience store to buy food and medicines.

And what I like most is that he keeps his promises no matter what. A true leader indeed! A person who value his words.

I had a great time watching We Got Married. I get to see the other side of leader Kim Hyun Joong, the lighter and true side of a very handsome leader.:))

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Translation of Joo Wons' Letter to Gil Ra Im-Secret Garden

I’m letting you know beforehand but you are the first and last “alienated neighbor” to ever get a letter from society’s leader, Kim Joo Won. So be proud of yourself. 

It is an afternoon when the wind shakes the branches of the trees. I hope that when you read this letter, it is the same kind of afternoon. I hope that you are able to see what I saw. If you stand by the window where I stood, sleep on the bed where I slept, and read the books that I read, with that, let’s say that we are together. Let’s say that we are happy like other lovers. 

Finally now I think that perhaps the magical spell we are under is a gift from the heavens. So laugh like a person who received an unexpected gift; if you laugh with your heart, I’ll hear that laughter. Because I am a more able person than you think. So shave my face nicely, and dress in the clothes that I like. With that, let’s say that we are together. Let’s say that we are happy like other lovers. 

credits: Joonni

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