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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Will Start on a new K-Drama - Flower Boy Next Door

Flower Boy Next Door has began airing but I haven't watched it yet. Will start now, after posting the cast of the drama.

Will share my thoughts after catching up. 

Title: 이웃집 꽃미남 / Flower Boy Next Door
Chinese Title: 鄰家花美男
Also known as: My Neighbor Flower Boy / The Pretty Boy Next Door / My Flower Boy Neighbor
Genre: Romance, comedy
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: tvN
Broadcast period: 2013-Jan-07 to 2013-Feb-26
Air time: Monday & Tuesday 23:00
Related Series: Flower Boy Series


Based on the webtoon titled I Watch Him Every Day/나는 매일 그를 훔쳐본다 which was Published from 21/June/2011~17/July/2011.
This is a drama about a girl, Go Dok Mi (Park Shin Hye) who is a shut-in Miss Lonelyhearts type, who spends her days spying on the man living in next building. She is caught spying by her other neighbor, Enrique Geum (Yoon Shi Yoon). Meanwhile, Oh Jin Rok (Kim Ji Hoon) is the man who notices her from long ago, and knows everything about her and will fall in love with her.
Go Dok Mi is a ′city Rapunzel′ who never ventures outdoors, yet has her own set of charms that makes men go weak. Oh Jin Rok is a scruffy manhwa artist. Enrique Geum is a genius creative director, who is good-looking, stylish and bohemian and can′t get enough of soccer. He will form a love line with Go Dok Mi.


Main Cast

Park Shin Hye as Go Dok Mi
Yoon Shi Yoon as Enrique Geum
Kim Ji Hoon as Oh Jin Rok
Park Soo Jin as Cha Do Hwi
Next Door Boys
Go Kyung Pyo as Oh Dong Hoon
Mizuta Kouki as Watanabe
Kim Jung San as Han Tae Joon


Kim Yoon Hye as Yoon Seo Young
Lee Dae Yun as Hong Soon Chul
Kim So Yi as Im Jung
Lee Jong Hyuk as Hong Dae Guru (cameo ep. 1)

Production Credits

Production Company: CJ E&M
Producer: Jo Moon Joo
Director: Jung Jung Hwa
Original writing: Webtoon ‘I Watch Him Every Day‘ by Yoo Hyun Sook
Screenwriter: Kim Eun Jung

King of Dramas - My Final Thoughts

Go-eun: “Even though he’s just a third-rate producer now, he’s forever the king of dramas in my mind.”

King of Dramas was one of the dramas that kept me hooked and on edge, every time it ended each episode. The anticipation for the next one was so high and the pace of the story was great. There is always positivity in every bad situation. The lead role, Anthony, may not be my actual dream of a handsome lead actor, it's more like Kang Hyun Min [Choi Siwon] but Kim Myung Min as Anthony gave a very great performance on his role. He may have presented a cool guy, not romantic and has a lot of baggage, still, his charm wove into me and found him cute specially whenever there is Go Eun in the same scene. 

I like how the lack of romance builds up later, even though I felt the electricity or how Go Eun connects with Anthony without effort every time they were together, but the only thing that made me a little bit off was how the writer of the story went and made it dramatic, which personally, should not have been. I had watched World's Within and it has the same story of the lead actor suffering an eye problem that could lead to blindness. The only difference, Hyun Bin did not go blind. 

I was really looking for a more romantic scene, a happy ending [though it has] and a more successful couple in the movie industry, but, well, I guess they want it to be as realistic and positive as the story can be. That total happiness doesn't depend on success alone and anyone can be totally happy and content even if you are disable and with the one you love the most.

This ending of the drama is fine because it lets the viewer think of what is the most important in life.

Anyway, after battling all the problems, even letting his chance of treating his eyesight, Anthony who puts his drama first got what he dreamed of. A successful drama. Even the couple Hyun Min and Min Ah who were always fighting became a real couple in the end and even do business together as CF couples.  

Choi Siwon's character may not be what I hope for but he sure gave the character a nice touch. His quirky and realistic portrayal of what some actors in the field must be like, somehow it gave me laughter and smiles. So what's wrong in being all material and ambitious? It is reality. People tend to be this way when popularity made them. The nice part, Hyun Min get his happy ending.

I love how King of Dramas wrapped up in the end. There is forgiveness, there is humility and most of all, it told how the world is. It's round, sometimes you are up, sometimes you are down. If you think that you will always be on top, then you are wrong.

What happened to Anthony happened to Oh Jin Wan. :))

Well, that's life. That's reality. No one can predict and can hold on to something that fate can reverse.

For now, I can say that King of Dramas is one of the good dramas I watched in 2012. And this is my final thoughts.

-mslee1107 writing-

Friday, January 11, 2013

[Park Yoo Chun and Yoon Eun Hye] A Fanvid for My OTP - ChunHye Couple aka Jung Woo and Soo Yeon

This is what I Miss You did to me... gone addicted and a little bit crazy over these two beautiful stars. Not really into making fanvids coz it takes a lot of time and effort but I just can't stay put. And I love the soundtracks too. So with the song that always brings smile and warmth to my heart at every cute and sweet and romantic moments between Jung Woo and Soo Yeon, well...I really see them as Yoo chun and YEH, I did this amature fanvid just for my satisfaction.

Sharing it here with you guys..hope you like it.

I Miss You - ChunHye Couple

CNBlue Releases Video Teaser for Comeback Song “I’m Sorry”

CNBlue Releases Video Teaser for Comeback Song “I’m Sorry”

cre: soompi.com

On January 10, FNC Entertainment revealed that the title of the group’s comeback song is “I’m Sorry” and simultaneously revealed part 1 of “Blue Teaser.”
The teaser starts off with a girl’s voice saying, “It’s over. I’m sorry” and leads into the boys performing a snippet of their title track.
It’s been previously revealed that Jung Yong Hwa has composed the title track making many fans and industry insiders anticipate the song’s release as he has slowly built a name for himself as a composer.
Meanwhile, the second video teaser will be released on January 11 and the song will fully be revealed on January 14.

“I Miss You’s” Latest Error Amuses Netizens

“I Miss You’s” Latest Error Amuses Netizens

cre: soompi.com

Recently, sharp-eyed netizens spotted an amusing error in MBC drama “I Miss You. The screen captures from the 17th episode of the drama were shared on various online communities, humoring netizens.
The error was spotted in the final scene of the 17th episode where Han Jung Woo (Park Yoo Chun) runs away with Lee Soo Yeon (Yoon Eun Hye), who had been framed for murder. During the scene, viewers were drawn to Yoon Eun Hye’s shoes, which magically changed from black boots to sheepskin boots. Amusingly, in the beginning of the 18th episode, which aired yesterday, she changed back into her black boots.
Netizens who saw the photos commented, “Haha that’s funny,” “She must have changed into the sheepskin boots because it was freezing,” “How did they find this?” “Netizens never cease to amaze me,” and more.
Meanwhile, “I Miss You” has been extended by one episode and will end on January 17 with a total of 21 episodes.
Meanwhile, check out the preview for the nineteenth episode of “I Miss You” with subs here!

Actress Son Tae Young to cameo in her husband Kwon Sang Woo’s drama ‘Queen of Ambition’

cre: allkpop

Actress Son Tae Young will be making a cameo in her husband Kwon Sang Woo‘s upcoming drama,SBS‘ ‘Queen of Ambition‘.
According to her agency, the actress decided to appear in the drama at her husband’s suggestion. The representative shared on the 10th, “She won’t be playing a big role in the drama. She’s just making a cameo appearance. While speaking with the director, Kwon Sang Woo suggested that his wife should cameo in the drama after reading a line in the script that said, ‘He looks like my husband. It sucks.’ Son Tae Young gladly accepted the offer, and she’s concluded filming successfully.”
This will be Son Tae Young’s first appearance in a drama since the conclusion of SBS’ ‘Two Wives‘, which aired back in 2009.
Son Tae Young’s appearance in ‘Queen of Ambition’ will broadcast on the January 15th episode.

Hyun Bin to return to the public eye through coffee CF

cre: allkpop

Hyun Bin will be returning to the public eye through a coffee CF.
On January 10th, Lotte Chilsung Drinks stated, “We have recently signed on Hyun Bin as the new face of Cantata. After the drama ‘Secret Garden‘ ended and Hyun Bin voluntarily entered into the Marine Corps his popularity soared. We felt that he was our best model and we have been in frequent contact for quite some time.
Cantata is a popular canned instant coffee line that comes in various flavors.
They added, “So far, Cantata has been signing the best actors such as So Ji Sub and Lee Min Howho are popular with the young demographic. Hyun Bin has finished his enlistment and has the image of a top male actor. Cantata will be writing a new ad story line with him.
The coffee CFs featuring Hyun Bin will begin airing in February.

Netizens vote CNBLUE’s Yonghwa as #1 anticipated male star born in the year of the snake

cre: allkpop

CNBLUE‘s Yonghwa was recently chosen as the #1 anticipated male star born in the year of the snake (’89).
Online portal site ‘dcinside‘ began the new year with a poll that asked netizens, “Which male star born in the year of the snake are you looking most forward to in 2013?”. After receiving a total of 6,253 votes, Yonghwa came out on top.
Yonghwa received 32.3% (2,018 votes) with netizens praising him as a triple threat entertainer with his success in music, acting, and variety shows.
Trailing behind in 2nd place was ‘Superstar K4‘ heartthrob Jung Joon Young with 23.1% (1,445 votes) and ‘Birth of A Great Star‘ winner Baek Chung Kang in 3rd place with 20.5% (1,283 votes).
INFINITE‘s Sunggyu, actor Lee Jong Suk, and SHINEE‘s Onew also ranked high on the list.

[vid] KHJ - LOTTE Duty Free Interview

Credit: lottedfs@yt

Kim Hyun Joong starts going on a tour of Japan


Kim Hyun Joong recently started going on a tour of Japan.
On January 10, Key East, Kim’s agency, reported that Kim held concerts in Kobe on January 6 and in Saitama on 7 under the title of Japan Tour 2013 Unlimited.
Kim has attracted a total audience of 20,000 to the two concerts.


A spokesperson for Kim says, “The concerts were really successful. Thousands of fans of Kim Hyun Joong waited for the concerts to begin for several hours in front of the concert halls, wearing shirts that have Kim Hyun Joong’s initials printed on.”
For nearly two hours, Kim gave dynamic performances to the audience with a lot of energy, and the audience enjoyed the concerts standing up. Kim also occasionally tried to communicate with them in Japanese.
The spokesperson for Kim also says, “Kim Hyun Joong tried a variety of performance and stage setting at the concerts. With a band participating in the concert from the beginning to the end, he received many favorable reviews from the audience.”
Kim will make stops in a total of ten cities in Japan, including Nagoya, Fukuoka, and Osaka.

[Fancams + Fan Photos + Media Photos] - More of Kim Hyun Joong's UNLIMITED TOUR in Japan 2013

photos and fancams credit as tagged
media photos as tagged

Credit: naver.com

mediamedia (1)media (2)media (3)media (4)media (5)media (6)media (7)media (8)

@ Saitama Super Arena [13.01.09]

newsnews (1)news (2)news (3)

Kim Hyun Joong @ Saitama Super Arena for Unlimited Japan Tour 2013 by MurdererQ [13.01.09]

Credit: MurdererQ

MurdererQMurdererQ (1)MurdererQ (2)MurdererQ (3)MurdererQ (4)MurdererQ (5)MurdererQ (6)MurdererQ (7)MurdererQ (8)MurdererQ (9)

Thursday, January 10, 2013


Okay, so Jung Woo got to kiss Soo Yeon anytime he wants now, even in front of his aein...Soo Yeon's mom. Now, got to say, PDnim and writer are both giving us sweet romance of these two for the last 6 episodes now and I really wonder if this is to make many memorable scenes of these two and then give us a sad ending? Oh no...jebal! I can't help but think this way when they insert the prolouge in last episode where Jung Woo was lying somewhere that looks like an abandoned warehouse with a wound shot on his temple. 

Anyway, I am hoping that it won't happen...please writer and PDnim. Don't make me cry in the end. Just give us a happy and sweet ending.:))

Just to continue with the screencaps, because the subs will not be up till.. I hope by tomorrow both 18 and 19 will be subbed already so I can write my review. Waiting for the team of I Miss You subbers and thanking them for their hardwork.

Well, the kiss scene again with Soo Yeon's mom present.

video credit to the owner

Soo Yeon was brought for investigation.

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