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Saturday, February 16, 2013

[KHJ and JSM] HyunMin Couple's Love for their Dogs

Photo of HyunMin and their dogs...

Same place, perhaps? Look at the fence and the green pole. Ah, yes the dogs goes to the same training school. Hope they bump into each other always. Love the caps...a bit similar, yes?

source: HyunMin thread/soompi
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Friday, February 15, 2013

Song Joong Ki - [SKT LTE] Samsung Galaxy Pop (삼성 갤럭시팝) - '송중기'편 메이킹 필름

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HYUN BIN 2013 - Photo Update After Discharge from the Army

Two months later after Hyun Bin was discharged from the Army, yet I have not posted any photos of him. But then, I am waiting for some official photos from CF's and possibly from a new project like k-drama. 

Recently, he released a new CF and video. 

Will finally share some here.

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Hyun Bin 2013 new K2 modelling picture

K2 S/S 2013 Making

February 14, 2013
(Photo: Taiwan FM, 2013)

via facebook.com/CANTATACOFFEE

(Photo: Samsung Smart TV, 2013)

KHJ - Official Mobile Photo Update

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Generous Song Joong Ki - Gives his manager a car as a gift

Wow! If I am his manager, I'd feel blessed and cared for. Really!

Song Joong Ki recently gave his manager a big gift.Song, who had the best moment of his career in 2012, recently gave his manager an expensive car as a gift. 

It was to express his appreciation for helping him to become a top celebrity.Blossom Entertainment’s Kim Jung Young, who received the gift, has worked with Song since his debut. When Song moved to Blossom Entertainment from SidusHQ, he even followed him. Kim only says, “I just appreciate his consideration.”Song became a top celebrity last year as his film A Werewolf Boy became a box office hit, attracting over seven million viewers, and his drama series Nice Guy also became a hit immediately after that.Showing off a manly, charismatic look, getting away from a sweet, gentle image, Song has appealed to many women, and he’s currently one of the most popular actors in Korea.

Source: Starnews
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[event] Media Photos of Jung So Min @ LIE 130215

cre: http://ameblo.jp/official-minmin/
source: Lie Sang Bong/newsen

Jung So Min Update her Blog 130215

Another update from MinMin! Wow, she's beautiful.

cre:  http://ameblo.jp/official-minmin/
via 정소민, Jung ("Jeong") So Min, 郑素敏 , チョン・ソミン (จอง โซ มิน)

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[Scans] Kim HyunJoong Official Collection Book 『素顔のままで』~HEAT~

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