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Friday, February 17, 2012

KHJ in All White

Gorgeous old photos of leader while performing...wahhhh...he is so handsome!!! Waiting for him to have this hairstyle again.:))

source: KimHyunJoongThailand
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Donghae & Siwon at EFM Station. February 14, 2012


Jung Yong Hwa in Heartstrings...+OST

Who is this lead guy in this cute drama Heartstrings? He has such a great voice and no one will dare contradict me when I say he is an awesome guitarist! Just looking at him play the guitar is enough for me to be interested in the drama. He looks so cool. 

 Creso...I turned on google and searched the cast of Heartstrings and found out his name is Jung Yong Hwa, member of CN Blue and lead vocal. No wonder he sings and plays beautifully. He captured not only my taste in music but he played his role very nicely. A cool guy. And so, I watched the entire drama in just two days! 

Well, the story is good and cute. There was chemistry between Jung Yong Hwa and Park Shin Hye. I realized that the soundtracks were all nice and upbeat...and they just stayed with me till now. I keep on humming the songs. 

Jung Yong Hwa's Profile

Name: 정용화 / Jung Yong Hwa (Jeong Yong Hwa)

Profession: Singer and actor

Birthdate: 1989-Jun-22

Height: 180cm

Blood Type: A

Star sign: Cancer

Talent agency: F&C Music
KPOP group: C.N. Blue
Hobbies: Listening to music, piano

His serious personality in the drama made him more appealing to the viewers. Anyway, he stands for E in CN Blue, which means "Emotional". Guess he is just the type of person that's why he can compose and plays beautiful songs.

The OST - Heartstrings

You've Fallen for Me

A Chance Encounter

Because I Miss You

Live Version: Because I Miss You

Because I Miss You

The Day We Fell In Love

The Cast

some still cuts...

Heartstrings NG Collection [Yong Hwa]

...and he just could not stop laughing every time! A funny guy, chincha!

for now...these are some of the "about Jung Yong Hwa".
and I say..CN Blue just added a fan in me.:))

Japanese edition of Playful Kiss booklet interviews KHJ and JSM !!! Translations by tlbpc...

Another translations by tlbpc, this short interview maybe like others before but still worth reading. As a shipper [oppa/dongsaeng couple] their answers will always be give PK fans delight.

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source: soompi.com/oppa/dongsaengthread

Journalist: Which scene in the TV drama is the most impressive?
MM: The kiss in the rain scene because the kissing scenes earlier were just lightly touching whereas this scene is a real kiss but my stomach is making me feel unwell that day so that’s how the shooting was done. But later when I watch the replay it turned out to be so strong and affectionate, I was also taken aback (laugh).  I was quite worried about the kiss because of my physical condition but then during the filming I really completely forgotten about not feeling well (laugh).

J: Which kiss in the TV drama is the most impressive?

HJ: The kiss in the rain, it was actually very cold on that day so I was a little worried that it will affect the filming but with Ms Jung So Min who acted as Ha Ni in the drama, acting with her had reached a very familiar stage, so acting that wasn’t a very big problem.  (Emphasized) At the beginning there was some unfamiliarity but since there were so many scenes together so our understanding with each other got better and better!

J:  Which subjects are you best at in your school days?

MM: Sports and Japanese.  I have no problem with basic Japanese; I still watch original version of the Japanese TV drama and movies.  That’s originally when I was thinking of going to Japan I would know some Japanese, at least I wouldn’t be starved to death (laugh).

J: Which are your favourite subjects in your school days?

HJ: Sociology and history.  In the drama, BSJ is able to easily solve some very difficult mathematical problems, that’s just acting like as if I really know (laugh).

J: What else are you good at in real life?
HJ: I can cook, I can cook some very delicious food (emphasized).  But because I live alone most of the time I get to eat out more.  Only when I want to eat alone at home then I’d cook.  I have cook beef with rice, other than that I can also cook pork chop rice.  It was when I came out to live by myself then I started to cook, I would watch some cooking TV programmes and write it down.  Till now I would still watch cooking programmes (laugh).

J: In the drama BSJ is a varied person, like he was very friendly to friends but very cold towards Ha Ni.  In real life how are you like?

HJ: In real life I’m definitely not as cold as BSJ (laugh).

J: Then at times you would also tease or bully a little the people you like, you agree on this?

HJ: In the drama, BSJ bully and tease Ha Ni, this kind of feelings I can understand.  When I was young I would also like to play mischievously with those that I like.  I remember I used to take advantage of the one who sat next to me in class, I drew a line on the table and set the rule that if anything cross over the line will belong to me.

J: Are there any happy scenes that leave a more deep impression?

MM: It’s the last scene on the bed with BSJ teasing each other.  That was a very deep impression scene, that scene seems like an impromptu one with HJ, it was done in an extremely tacit way, very delightful very happy (laugh).

J: I remember you seem to have said that you feel very lonely at the end of the shooting didn’t you?

MM:  Yes, during the filming I was wearing the wedding ring, when suddenly the moment it has to be taken off I felt a little strange, an indescribable mood.  When the TV drama has completed the filming I really had a lonely feeling, it was just like the feeling of a divorce (laugh)

J: So at that moment did you have the impulse of wanting to get married?

MM: Ha Ni got married when she was very young, also she lived a happily married life, at that moment I did think that if I get married will I also be very happy. When I want to get married I think I want to have 3 kids so I think of getting married at the age of 20 something would be just right (laugh). 

credityao (Baidu HyunMin Bar) 

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Yoon Eun Hye Valentine's Day in Fukuoka, Japan FM 2012

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What's up with the Rest of SS501? New Photos...

It has been a while since I posted someting about SS501. Mianhe. Although I admit that among the group, Kim Hyun Joong will always be my pick. He is the reason why I searched SS501 songs before and gladly I found all their songs beautiful and I really connected with the songs although there was a language barrier. Gwenchana! A good music will always be good no matter what.

I have been busy posting activities of leader..and they were so many, as you can see. There really was no time to post other things recently besides my thoughts on some K-drama I watched. Anyway, here are some photos of SS501, excluding leader, of course. I hope they somehow compensate for lack of news and activities posted recently. 

[Fan Photo] Kim HyungJun 김형준 - 자체발광 그녀 Filming Site

Credit: blog.naver.com/heeya124 + SS501Baidu

Credit: As tagged+ NATE Search

Credit :  @YoURpEaCE on TWT

[Video+Translation] Park Jung Min 박정민- Valentines Day Greetings by "Fondant Garden" Cast

Credit: chinatv @YT

English Translation : RPJM (http://royalpjm.wordpress.com/)


Fondant Garden
Park Jung Min, Jian Shu Man, Kingone Wang, Lia LeeWishing everyone a Happy Valentine's Day.
Jungmin: Why (is the heart) so big?
Jian Shu Man: Why (is the heart) so small?
Jungmin: But... You must watch it (Fondant Garden)!

Ep 01 - 02

Translated from the chinese sub based on : WithJun (kimhyungjoon.com) and 517ww.com 's production
English Translation : Angel @ flywithSS501.com
Timing+ Encoding : HJ_fan @ kimhyungjunThailand.com

Repost with full credit
Ep 01 [EngSub]

Ep 02 [EngSub]

Ep 03-06
Credit: http://www.kbsn.co.kr/drama/jabal_girl/ + PRETTYBOYJUN2 @ YT
Repost with full credit
Ep 03
Ep 04
Ep 05
Ep 06