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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Jung So Min Posted a Photo in her Twitter 120211

cre: JSM twitter

missing her smiles...i hope you post another pic soon with your bright smiles!

120210 Twitter update- Siwon posted another photo

What I like about Siwon, although I am a new follower of him is that the way he interacts with his fans. He is always online, well, on his twitter account and posting photos and some thoughts, either funny or an info. This is a nice way to make him closer to his fans worldwide. And he seems to be enjoying posting them in a fun way.

희범아 내일 미용실가자^^ "야 다음엔 너 머리도 내가 잘라줄게" 난 아주 정중하게 거절^^ btw mission complete!

I tried google translate and as expected it is a little rough and needs careful understanding.

Beauty huibeomah go tomorrow ^ ^ "I should then have your hair cut you." I very respectfully decline.

perhaps some needs a haircut but declined the suggestion??? was it Siwon or the cat?! :))

KHJ's Debut Album in Japan Reaches Gold!

Yah! This is daebak! Chukkae Kim Hyun Joong! 

In just two weeks, his debut album in Japanese achieves "Gold Status" already! KHJ is making everyone see him as an artist to be reckoned with. He is not just an ordinary singer with a beautiful face but his popularity is so vast outside Korea.

Kiss Kiss/Lucky Guy album is really anticipated in Japan after he said that he would do a Japanese version of the album and even before it was released January 25, 2012. And I am happy to say that Gold status can only be achieved if an artists has sold a 100,000 copies. And Kim Hyun Joong has done it like a piece of cake and even surpassed it when he made a total of 71,812 copies sold on the first day! Imagine that! Amazing!

below is the article about this great news!

cre: allkpop

 Kim Hyun Joong is proving to be quite a force to be reckoned with in Japan, as his album has reached ‘Gold’ status in just two weeks!
According to the Recording Industry Association of Japan (RIAJ)’s ‘Million Singles/Albums’ list, Kim Hyun Joong’s ‘Kiss Kiss/ Lucky Guy’ has achieved ‘Gold’ after being released on January 25th.
The RIAJ reviews the sales of various albums and awards different rankings depending on the amount of album sales. ‘Gold’ status is awarded to those who have sold over 100,000 copies, which Kim Hyun Joong was able to surpass easily as he sold 71,812 copies on the first day alone and 100,000 copies in the first week.
With such high figures, he easily clinched the #2 spot on the Oricon chart, and also set a new record for an overseas artist for the amount of first day sales. Talk about impressive!
In related news, Kim Hyun Joong held a concert commemorating his debut on February 5th and met with 20,000 fans. He expressed, “Thank you for giving me, a rookie, such a great outcome.”
Source + Photo: Star News

[more recent photos] Kim Hyun Joong Overload! Feast Your Eyes!

Kim Hyun Joong greeted 2012 with a bang! He held a fan meet this January in Seoul for his lucky fans and he has just finished a successful debut concert in Japan a few days ago. He was so busy promoting his Japanese album and he was everywhere. Like in various magazine covers and interviews, he was also busy making appearances in TV shows.
With all these happening almost simultaneously, there were an overload of photos of Hyun Joong around the net for his fans like me to feast my eyes on. And I can't get enough of HJ, All photos are superb and worth staring at for awhile. I have been busy posting his activities these past few days and still not over because of so many more updates about him.
Ergo, I just decided to post those photos in one blog, although I am very sure that tomorrow when I wake up, there will be more barrage of photos of him. And they are just like a fountain, never ceasing in pouring outstanding pictures and news about him.

source: @khjean14
pics cre as tagged

Lotte Internet Duty Free Shop

by hyunbar66
a collage of leader's face


ONLY STAR NO. 7-1626 by elley

Off Shot

U:Zoosin Cake for leader's Japan Debut
by Kimhyunjoong24

singing Kiss Kiss
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by khjean14
...hello HJ! hmmm...what's that? and the pout??:))

cre: Mai Ruim
Cuteness Overload

by KHJaru

and this one is an added photo for TRIPLE S...
SS501 fun art
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with Mr. Jeong!:))

wow! I miss them! these cute boys...

wonderful photo by willpower

Newspaper Flyer of the AEON Valentine's Day
cre: elley

Activities Japan's Lotte Duty Free shop
cre: jp.lottedfs.com

a cute gif
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HJ showing his love for his fans

HANGTEN Spring Photo

this one is really cute!
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loving his wink and a slightly naughty smile!

This is Daebak! Kim Hyun Joong's Japan album sales for the first time in two weeks...GOLD!
cre: hyunbar66

gif from Henecia

photos by elley

by willpower

Lotte Duty Free Shop
cre: @mollybb0706

Well, these are just from today's tweets shared by fellow fans. I know, they are all good and you too can't get enough of him! HJ will take our breaths with each and every single shot of his face alone including his bright smiles. But then again, he is not just a beautiful face, he has all the good qualities from head to toe. And there's talent also not to add how smart he is...that's why he is known for his 4Dness! Only 4D like him can come up with witty answers whenever, wherever. And I am hooked, just like you.:))

[photos] Kiss Kiss MV Japanese version update from Hyun Joong Official Site

more photo update from www.hyunjoong.com of Kiss Kiss MV Japanese version.
credit as tagged

BTS of Kiss Kiss Japanese MV- KHJ Facebook Update

Friday, February 10, 2012

[Eng trans] Kiss (Me) Sweet, Kim Hyun Joong (heart)...exclusive interview with ANAN

Lifted from popular Japanese magazine, ANAN, Pg 54-55, Feb. 15th issue. 
Article entitled "Kiss (Me) Sweet, Kim Hyun Joong (heart)", exclusive interview only with ANAN.
Translated by OnlyKHJtimes (http://onlykhjtimes.blogspot.com / @onlyKHJtimes on Twitter)
[Please retain full credits when reposting]

Pic credit: amazon.co.jp (image lifted from www.hyunjoongusa.com)

Q: What was the thing that caused you to laugh out loud recently?
KHJ: I watched "ondarusemu", which was a Korean comedy TV programme. I don't usually watch TV. I had just turned on the TV by chance, then a popular comedian, Mr Yu Se Yoon was imitating animals! It was so funny and I don't usually laugh out loud, but that time i couldn't help bursting into laughter.

Q: When did you cry recently?
KHJ: I won't cry at all even when watching sad movies. Because I would feel embarassed if friends saw me crying. I don't watch movies alone. (I don't usually cry but) I cried only on June 7th, last year. Tears were coming out without my noticing at the showcase in Seoul. That was the first event since I became a solo singer. But I didn't cry out, my eyes just got wet and tears dropped out a little bit.

Q: What was the thing that you got angry recently?
KHJ: Well, I haven't gotten angry recently. I don't always have the feeling of "anger", so I can't remember when and for what reason I got angry the last time. (I think) You get angry because your selfish needs aren't understood by other people. (But) Things won't change even if you get angry. So I think the clever way would be to try to solve the problem rather than getting angry.

Q: What would you do if you hadn't become an entertainer?
KHJ: I think I would hold a job related to music because I can't live without music. There're many kinds of jobs related to music even if you're not a musician, aren't there? Music exists among people. (For example) the ringtone of a cell phone is related to music... but my ringtone is always kept silent. I feel kind of embarassed if (my) cell phone rings.

Q: You belong to the entertainers' football team, "FC MEN". Which position are you good at?
KHJ: The position isn't fixed. For me, I will go on the attack when I'm feeling fine and play defense when I'm feeling tired, but I (usually) have the confidence to go forward. I don't know why but only that my feet are two-handed (ambidextrous - meaning he is equally adept in using both feet to score). I feel that's my benefit as I can shoot with both my feet. I don't attempt heading unless it's very important because there would be some problems if I am injured on the face. That's the fate of entertainers.

-Part 2
cre: Kathy's Bench

English translation: Lafone0606
Image: as tagged

Love is sweet and dramatic ! 

KHJ:   I did not have even a day-off the last year.  I was so busy that I could not remember how I spend my time.  Among that tight schedule, the Japan tour I had in November, the last year was an precious memory for me. I was so happy to see how long Japanese fans had been waiting for me that I unintentionally talked the things which should not be disclosed (* about his new drama ) .  I also threw away a unfinished plastic bottle of mineral water to the audience (laugh) .   It may be something special of my concert.  So, I will continue this kind of things, perhaps.

I also enjoyed eating many specialities of the local area in Japan.  I love class B Gurume ( delicious but inexpensive dishes), such as pork bone broth ramen, chiken wing tip, Okonomiyaki ( a savoury pancake with many ingredients, a speciality dish in Hiroshima pref. ) and so on.

Debut single, Kiss Kiss, a sweet dancing song,

KHJ:  I had no problem in singing this song in Japanese.  The pronounciation of “ tsu “  (usually hard for Koreans to properly pronounce) was also fine with me.  It was rather hard for me to struggle to keep awake as the recording of Japanese album took place midnight.  There is a saying in Korea that if a singer listens to a ghost’s voice, his/her album will make a big success, but unfortunately I could not listen to it.  I had a hard time to keep my eyes open^^   However, with so many fans’ support, I believe that my album will be a big hit. 

The most favorite part of Kiss Kiss ?

The most favorite part is the hook of this song, “ Kiss Kiss, Sweet “ While blewing a kiss, he dances by  rocking his body from side to side.  He sings this phrases with such a cute choreography. 

KHJ:  On the stage, looking at the eyes of the audience, I sing this song with my love to them, as if I would kiss to them.  I really wanted to put the word “sweet” (amai in Japanese) in this phrase, because “ love “ is sweet and dramatic, right? 

How do you imagine a dramatic love ?

KHJ:   Let me see ……….  Based on my experience, it seems the first love because it is a long-lasting memory for everyone, and a precious memory for myself as well.  “ A dramatic love” in imagination …. it may be coming across with the ex-girlfriend ?  If I happen to see her in such a situation, I may feel a strange emotion.   

The objective of this year in Japan ?  

You mainly focus on music activities this year.  Your objective is Arena Tour in Japan ? 

KHJ:  I am happy about being No. 1 in the music chart, but I strongly hope to have concerts in many cities as there are chances to see many people.  When I realize this, Arena tour, I will show you a great performance. You can expect much.   If  I could hope for more, I would like to challenge for a drama or a movie in Japan because I think that there are interesting themes in  Japanese drama/moivies.  I should work harder in Japanese for that.

Kim Hyun Joong Sings with Passion "Im Your Man" Live!

Wow! This is my 2nd favourite track from his album Lucky, U, being my first perhaps because I love the melody which is light and easy. I was a bit disappointed though of lack of MV of this song I'm Your Man. I was hoping to see him doing this one.  

Watching this video uploaded by sarah860606@yt/kimhyunjoong24  I was moved by his singing. He sang it with so much passion and tenderness. He has improved much since SS501 days in terms of singing live and hitting high notes.Though it was not exactly perfect, he did it giving his best. And I liked it! I think this is what matters..that I loved the way he sang it. 


Your hard work paid off very well. 

thank you to kimhyunjoong24 for always sharing wonderful videos. appreciated much.

KHJ in PATI PATI Vol. 327

cre: @kimhyunjoongesp
source: elley

Kim Hyun Joong Continue To Serve as Official Model for Hangten Korea

It seems that Hyun Joong is a great endorser that Hangten Korea re-signs him again as their model and will continue to be the face for the company. This is surely the outcome of a good marketing and flow of costumers buying their brand because of Hyun Joong's popularity. 

cre: allkpop

Hang Ten Korea’s executive director Jung Yong Ha remarked, “Kim Hyun Joong increased the likeability of our brand by modeling for us last yearHis image is one that appeals to the masses, and his stylish nature pairs well with our brand’s image.”
Kim Hyun Joong will be endorsing the brand’s Spring/Summer collection, and will continue to serve as their official model for the next year.
The concept for this season’s line is ‘casual and easy to wear’; highlighted pieces from the collection include light cardigans and comfortable plaid shirts.
Source & Image : MediaInNews, HK via Nate

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Photos of KHJ by Hyunbar66

like @khjean14 quoted..."get drowned" with leader's photos...

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love his facial expressions..so childlike yet manly...

Lucky Guy gif by Legend of 0606

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source: @khjean14

Lol.... Soo cuute..Lucky Guy..gif
cdtLegend of 0606

naughty smile...

[08/02/12] Kim Hyun Joong attempts to eat a hot chili pepper from Okinawa

cre: allkpop
source: OSEN (http://osen.mt.co.kr/article/G1109350235)

Singer Kim Hyun Joong, who recently released his debut album in Japan, guest-featured on a Japanese television program to show off his entertainment skills.

According to Oricon, the leading Japanese music authority, the singer was able to experience a bit of Okinawa — a city he’s always wanted to visit. Through Fuji TV‘s ‘Sakigake! Music Ranking Eight‘, Kim Hyun Joong finally received a chance to indirectly experience the culture of Okinawa.

The program gave him the opportunity to taste different foods unique to Okinawa, including one of Okinawa’s indigenous hot chili peppers. Fans grew curious to see how well he would handle the heat, as the singer enjoys spicy food in his everyday life.

A representative from the program remarked, “We launched this program in order to see side of celebrities that are hard to see on other programs.”

Whether or not Kim Hyun Joong was able to successfully stomach the chili will be revealed in the February 8th episode of ‘Sakigake! Music Ranking Eight’.

HyunJoong - Been HangTen's Model for 2 years straight

Hallyu Star Kim Hyun Joong had been the model/ambassador of the casual fashion brand HangTen for 2 years straight.

On the 9th of February, the Manager of HangTen Korea exclaimed, "During the past 1 year, due to HyunJoong's endorsement of HangTen, customers' good impression on our goods increased. We think that HyunJoong's image suits the casual style of HangTen, so we decided to let HyunJoong to work with us for one more year".

After looking forward to HyunJoong's completion of the shooting for the Spring and Summer pictorial, we hope that we can bring the casual fashion brand HangTen up to a new level!

Source: www.asiatoday.co.kr/news/view.asp?seq=594614
Korea to Chinese translation : xiaoyudian@金贤重中文网
Chinese to English translation: Bizhen @ DS501fanpage

[KHJ] U:zoosin and Matic

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Kim Hyun Joong Looking Yummy as his Food.

Hyun Joong looks yummy as the food he was munching...eating! His cute facial expressions were fun to look at. It was like he really enjoyed what he was eating.

cre:  nameless0606
source: @khjean14

Aigo....Sooo Many Cuuute Faces..!!

cre: willpower

now...it feels like I'm craving what you were having leader!:))