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Gong Yoo for MindBridge's 2011 Autumn/Fall Collection


GYEH (Gong Yoo and Yoon Eun Hye) FOREVER

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Yoon Eun Hye at the VIP Premiere of 'Blue Salt'


GYEH (Gong Yoo and Yoon Eun Hye) FOREVER

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EXCLUSIVE: Kim Hyun Joong Interview!


August 25, 2011 Kim Hyun Joong press conference Manila, Philippines
[Jeree] Thanks to the person (who shall remain anonymous) who instead of just taking this video (as we first agreed upon) has opted to allow me and my bff to be inside the actual press conference. I went there thinking I'd deliver the TSPH flowers and got pulled into the room, fed and got to witness the press con myself. Please forgive the grainy video quality. I didn't exactly come prepared so I used a phone. T_T

Kim Hyun Joong – Hang Ten 2011 Fall Collection

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더블에스오공일 (Double S 501)

Kim Hyun Joong THEFACESHOP Press Con in Manila [2011.08.26]

By 더블에스오공일 (Double S 501

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Kim Hyun Joong – Wearing Givenchy Sandal


더블에스오공일 (Double S 501)

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Keyest Notice regarding 2011 unconfirmed deposit of Henecia Membership

by 더블에스오공일 (Double S 501)


헤네치아 운영팀 입니다.

김현중씨 공식 팬클럽 ‘2011 Henecia’모집에 대한 입금 미확인자 최종 안내 드립니다.

앞서 현중닷컴에 공지 된 입금미확인자 명단 중 배송이 진행된 분들은 제외되었으며,

8/26 기준 입금 미확인 된 분들에 한해 공지 드리오니 아래 사항을 확인 부탁 드립니다.

입금 미확인 자는 5월 2일부터 5월 23일까지 팬클럽 전용 계좌로 입금은 하였으나,

메일 수신이 되지 않은 분들로 첨부된 파일의 명단을

확인하여 주시기 바랍니다.

입금미확인자 명단에 포함되어 있지 않으며,

입금은 하였으나 현재 카드 배송을 받지 못한 회원 분들의 경우,

배송담당업체(YHlogistics) khbyeon1@nate.com으로 문의하여 주시면 보다 빠른 답변 받으실 수 있습니다.

마지막으로 입금 미확인 자 명단에 포함된 분들과 안내된 아이디(rtyue1966 / Venessa0606 / HAUNGJING / Kiri /

xoisabella / caroline / KIKI979791 / silk2922 / e3311 / ysh0625 / mywipa / EUNICE / Aoglsm / Susana / yy1927 /

siopeng / Kuroibi / khjlove0430 / a0955712023 / doris726 / TammyYip / Taku111388)를 소유하신 분들은

기존 배송업체(YHlogistics)가 아닌 헤네치아 운영팀에서 8월 26일부터 매주 금요일 일괄적으로 배송이 진행될 예정입


1. 입금 미확인 자 정보 다운로드

2. 본인 확인

3. 입금 미확인 메일 발송

4. 담당자 확인 후 “입금확인” 메일 회신

메일 주소 :

메일 제목 : [입금미확인] 입금자명/입금날짜

메일 내용 :

1. 이름 :

2. ID :

3. 입금자명 :

4. 입금날짜 :

5. 입금시간 :

6. 입금은행 :

7. 주소 (국가 및 우편번호 필수기재) :

8. E-mail :

9. 연락처 (휴대전화 또는 집전화) :

** 입금 미확인 자는 정확한 정보 확인 위해 입금증(입금확인서류)을 첨부해 주시기 바랍니다.

– 해외 송금은 입금정보(입금일, 시간, 은행명)가 상이할 수 있습니다.

– 모든 정보는 빠짐없이 정확하게 기재해 주셔야 합니다.

– 입금 미확인 자에 한해 추후 개별 확인 메일이 발송될 예정입니다.

Title : Membership card delivery and Regarding unconfirmed deposit of

Greetings From staff of henecia

We would like to give our final announcement to Unconfirmed deposit status for ,

Kim Hyun-joong’s official fan club member recruitment. This list is valid from the date of 26th Aug.

and the members whose deliveries are on progress from the list which posted at earlier are

Unconfirmed deposit status is for someone that has sent the deposit to the fan club exclusive bank account,

during the period of May 2nd ~ May 23rd, but has not received a ‘Deposit confirmation e-mail’.

Please download the attached file and check the list.

If you are neither on the list nor can’t receive membership card please Call delivery company

(YHlogistics) for further details. You will receive such a prompt reply.

Lastly Unconfirmed deposit status and If you are got a next ID(rtyue1966 / Venessa0606 / HAUNGJING / Kiri /

xoisabella / caroline / KIKI979791 / silk2922 / e3311 / ysh0625 / mywipa / EUNICE / Aoglsm / Susana / yy1927 /

siopeng / Kuroibi / khjlove0430 / a0955712023 / doris726 / TammyYip / Taku111388),

doesn’t send delivery company (YHlogistics).

We will send a membership card every Friday From 26th of August.

Thank you.

1. Download the file

2. Check if you are on the list

3. Send an e-mail that you are on the list

4. After the person in charge confirms it, you will receive a ‘Deposit confirmation e-mail’

e-mail address :

e-mail subject line : [Unconfirmed Deposit] Name/Date deposited

e-mail contents :

1. Name :

2. ID :

3. Name of the person who made the deposit :

4. Date deposited :

5. Time deposited :

6. Deposit bank :

7. Address (nation and zipcode is required) :

8. e-mail :

9. Contact number (mobile phone or home phone) (country code-area code-contact number) :

** For accurate verification, Unconfirmed deposit status has to attach the deposit slip

(deposit confirmation document).

– Overseas wire transfer date can be different from the deposit date information(date,time,name of bank).

– Please fill out all information accurately.

– Individual confirmation mail will be sent out to those who are on the Unconfirmed deposit status list.

It is a final announcement to receiving money the unconfirmed person to official fan club

‘2011 Henecia’ recruitment of Kim Hyun-Joong.

The person to whom it progressed a delivery of the list of receiving money the unconfirmed

person who had been notified excluded it before.

A person alone to whom payment is not confirmed based on August 26 notifies

and confirm following particulars, please.