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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Marine Hyun Bin thanks Jang Dong Gun and Sistar at military discharge ceremony

cre: kpopfever.com

Actor Hyun Bin thanked sunbae Jang Dong Gun and girl group Sistar.
Actor Hyun Bin’s military discharge ceremony took place at the Marine Corp headquarters at 10am on December 6th. The ceremony was crowded with the fans, the members of the press in Korea as well as from overseas.
The reporters asked Hyun Bin, “Is there an entertainer who you had spoken to the most while in the military?” and he answered, “I spoke to Jang Dong Gun sunbae the most.”
When Hyun Bin was asked about the picture with Sistar members which created a buzz recently, he answered, “I had attended a big event in the Marine Corp then. I asked Sistar for a picture and they obliged, no problem. I want to thank them again right now. It was a support while in the military. I will root for them going forward too” drawing the eyes.
Hyun Bin had started his military service on March 7th of 2011, joining the Marine Corp and has now been discharged after a 21 month service.
Image & Source: TV Daily via Nate

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