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Saturday, June 16, 2012

[spoiler] A Peek on What to Anticipate in Episode 7 of A Gentleman's Dignity

Oh my! I can't wait to watch episode 7 of A Gentleman's Dignity!  It's really making me anticipate the scenes now that I saw some photos shared on line of what will happen next between Jang Dong Gun [Kim Do Jin] and Kim Ha Neul [Seo Yi So]. After what happened in episode 6 when suddenly Do Jin just kissed Yi Soo so suddenly to make her forget the back hug from Tae San [which was actually a mistake for Tae San thought it was Hong Se Ra  he was surprising then] there will be more opportune scenes Do Jin will take to make Yi Soo fall for him.

And tonight is just the 16th, the airing of the 7th episode in Korea thru SBS. Oh...have to wait for the upload and the english sub for a few days still.

Well, gonna share the still photos to you guys...

the news:

A Gentleman’s Dignity: Jang Dong Gun and Kim Ha Neul is going to show a sizzling love scene on couch

In this week’s episode of SBS’s A Gentleman’s Dignity, Jang Dong Gun and Kim Ha Neul is going to show a sizzling love scene on the couch.
In the 7th episode of the series that will air on June 16, Kim and Jang make whirlwind romance scene. While Do Jin lies in the couch, Yi Soo happens to fall over him.
Flustered by the unexpected contact incident, Yi Soo tries to sit up, but Doo Jin stops her from getting out of him. Do Jin’s sexy but unpredictable smile generates great curiosity and anticipation.
The shooting was done on the set located in Ilsan, Gyeonggi-do on June 12. Before the shooting, the two stars looked extremely nervous as it was their first shooting of sizzling scene. However, when the shooting begins, the two lead actors did an excellent job—Jang played the playful but disarmingly sexy Kim Do Jin, and Kim Ha Neul played Seo Yi Soo, totally flustered by the situation.
The production company said, “With this scene, Kim and Seo will realize the feelings towards each other. The two have been extending themselves to shoot series of scenes despite the dreadful schedule. Please look forward to seeing what the future will hold for the two.”

Choi Siwon - Korean Coffee Brand ‘Caffe Latte’ Official Pictures

I am a coffee holic and seeing Siwon's photos endorsing this brand I am very tempted to take a sip!

cre: Choi Siwon 

Siwon's Bench 2012 Ad Campaign

Nice to see some Siwon's big posters whenever I stroll at the mall. He is the current model of Bench, Philippines.

Bench Spring/Summer 2012 Ad Campaign

Choi Siwon

Handsome photos of Siwon @Incheon airport...

as tagged

Omo! Muy gwapo! So handsome. Love the airport fashion.
So casual yet so neat and fresh! What mostly stands out about Siwon is his height and body physique. He carries himself so well with that cute dimple in his face that gives awesome charisma whenever he smiles. And he is such a charismatic guy always smiling and waving at people and if you follow him @twitter you can see his playfulness towards his followers which endears him more. Not surprising though if he has the highest number of followers in twitter reaching over 2million to date.

Love the white shirt hugging his body with that back pack. And the shades, too.

and look at  that smile... could melt any one's heart! Oh Siwon! You are such a cutie!

Overload charisma pouring there...!

Well..envy those people around you that time at the airport. They had a wonderful time staring at you.:))

More of Kim Hyun Joong Photos Heading to Japan and Back to Seoul

This is kind of late but I just got to share a-hlia's beautiful photos of Hyun Joong going to Japan.

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The following were arrival from Japan to Seoul

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source: Henecia Nepal

love the cap..:))

Friday, June 15, 2012

Full MV of Kim Hyun Joong's HEAT..Now Playing + screencaps by me

After the teaser here comes the full MV! And if you were entranced by Hyun Joong's performance in that very short clip, now you can enjoy fully the 4 minute video of HJ singing like a true rocker with a band behind him. A feast for the eyes, chincha!

video as tagged

I am feeling this song very much as much as HJ does as I see him really giving and loosing himself to the beat and rhythm of the music. You could just see how his body language reacted to the song. It was so sexy at the same time. So much like a true rocker as I like to see him. Perhaps I really love this new image of him in this new video and new album HEAT. Heat as in HOT!

Cresso...I did some screencaps as usual...

I'm happy to see Hyun Joong enjoying this kind of performance. It brings out the BEST in him! More Hyun Joong-ssi..jebal. Love it! Guess mslee is a rocker-lover.:))