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Friday, July 20, 2012

[mslee's thoughts + news] Kim Hyun Joong of City Conquest... The Next Lee Byung Hun?

Barely started filming City Conquest, yet the motorcycle chase and car explosion stills that were released earlier today is making everyone gasping with delight seeing Hyun Joong rode that big bike. Only photos but imagining that scene keeps every fans excited for our Hyun Joong and almost everyone praying that he take care of himself.

Like  I always say at the beginning of his acceptance of this amazing role, this particular character was made for him. Baek Mir is Kim Hyun Joong. Hyun Joong the action star. And with team IRIS participating in the production of City Conquest, those who had watched it, like I did will know how good the effects done in the said drama. Action packed and very, very heart tugging when it comes to drama. Of course we all knew that Lee Byung Hun was the lead character in IRIS. 

Now, media are seeing City Conquest as IRIS 2 [with the same production] and can't help talking and thinking about Kim Hyun Joong being the next Lee Byung Hun. As a k-artist follower, Lee Byung Hun is a big Hallyu star that is now a successful Hollywood actor as Storm Shadow from G.I.Joe.

As a fan, I consider this comparison as a great compliment, considering Hyun Joong so much younger than Lee Byung Hun. A seasoned actor like him is someone every hoobaes [juniors] should definitely look up to.

Really supporting this new drama of Kim hyun Joong. Wishing that all scenes, light and action packed will all be done carefully.

Will share the news from www.hancinema.net

Kim Hyun-joong, will he become the next Lee Byeong-Heon in "City Conquest"?

Kim Hyun-joong is currently filming the drama "City Conquest" in Japan. The fancy action, intense bike chase and car blow-up's are done by the special effects team from the drama "IRIS". These scenes have been planned and calculated days before the actual taking to prevent accidents.
Kim Hyun-joong jumped onto a bike the moment he saw one on the set and drove it around without difficulty.
However, he tensed up when he was about to go into filming and the scene started with a monstrous roar from the bike.
The expert on special effects exploded two real cars. The sudden explosion caused debris from the fire to spread out everywhere and the situation could've been dangerous.
Apparently, "City Conquest" is being dramatized so the security is tight. The cars and the bikes are just the beginning.
"City Conquest" is produced by Yang Yoon-ho from "IRIS" and is being expected as the second "IRIS". The background is going to take place in America, China, Singapore, Myanmar, the Switzerland and more.
Source : www.tvreport.co.kr/?c... ( English )

Kim Hyun Joong - City Conquest Released Car Explosion Stills...

I was thrilled when I saw these stills from City Conquest! I said to myself, "Wow! Hyun Joong is now an action star." Great scenes and as I understand Iris special effects who is a professional staff help in making the motorcycle chase and the explosion be realistic.

photos from http://tvdaily.mk.co.kr

New Updates: Jung So Min Ceci Interview Trans by Tlbpc + photos and more

I miss MinMin! This is how I update my blog, sometimes late, like now. [laughs] With all the K-artists I like and follow 24hours is not enough to cover them all specially when one of them has many activities, [like Hyun Joong:)) ]who is of course my one true bias of all time.

Well, a good thing I visited MinMin's thread @soompi where all the goodies are, thanks to those who never get tired of sharing. 

To update us about the Ceci interview, tlbpc kindly translated it for us.
Shippers like me [MinJoong/Oppa-Dongsaeng couple] should read this interview and will find an interesting answer just like me. Coincidence or not...it is still interesting!:))

Posted by Nat

Thank  Tlbpc of Minjoong/HyunMin Soompi Thread for the translation interview of CeCI Magazine

Source:  CeCi Korea website/moonyunnglish.

Translated from Korean to Chinese by希影chen of HyunMin Baidu Bar

CeCi: First debut in “Bad Guy” and in “Playful Kiss” as an attractive new star, return in this year’s “Standby”, how are you during this period of time?

MinMin: Find that time passes by very quickly while learning hard in school, the study course is very tense.  I’m unable to participate in outside activities.  Need to perform three shows before I can graduate as a vengeful spirit on stage of this year’s creative script “So Seol Hyeo”.  Because the nature of TV drama, movie or sitcom are different, I have to start all over again to learn voice delivery and find that very interesting.

C:  Not a stranger to stage dance performance as she has left a deep impression during high school days, in practicing alone then but it’s over in just a few minutes’ performance.

M: Acting in every drama there are director, script-writer, actors and the entire crew that makes a little society, need to communicate with many people, there are certain things that’s really difficult but through acting, I’ve gotten to know some very remarkable people, I’m very happy being with them.

CCompared to completion of the filming of a TV drama, feelings seem quite different

M:  When a drama wraps up there will be a period of emptiness, although the period of time in preparation for the theatre play is very hurried but being into character is very deep so when the curtain closes, feelings in my heart of emptiness is more intense and felt like at a lost.
CWhen it’s over do you still feel empty in your heart?
M: Because right after “BG” immediately I went into acting in “PK” the timing is very rush.  When “PK” ended, that feeling of unable to get rid of emptiness came back.  In order to keep steady and very wearily to go on every step it took a lot of time to do so but the hangover is still a long while before getting over.  If this still persist, I’d thought of snapping out of it, need to go through the process of replacing that emptiness.  This to whoever would also fall into a state of both being lost and the need to free oneself. (Laugh) But when I return to school I recover.

CWon’t you think of other characters to replace?

M:  To have many projects is not my aim; at my age is the time to think of trying this and that age but also thought of being a more cautious person. My face isn’t as perfect as a doll, suitably to leave an option, as an actor on survival this shouldn’t be a bad look.  Actually, I normally don’t like to look at the mirror, only when I’m filming, if I don’t seem to look like it, really it’s for that feeling at that moment to be more focus.  “So that’s how my expression is when I felt that way!”  This too is a kind of delight
C: On filling up that emptiness and happiness …..

M: My aspiration is quite big, when something begins, the willpower and responsibility to do it well is great.  Recently, felt empty towards everything, when emptiness is filled there’ll be feelings of happiness; also the idea of being stronger often comes to mind.

C:  Changes in Jung So Min and Kim Yoon Ji (real name) is it the same?

M:  When I take on the name “JSM” in my acting activities it has the meaning of “Dream in a clear pond”, although it sound a bit awkward but to KYJ, objectively it’s beginning to get familiar and sounds nice, aren’t both also “myself”?  That’s the process to getting to know myself.

C: Now as an actor, should be a time to accumulate moral values?

M: It’s for the pursuit of happiness; it’s a time and way to seek happiness.

C:  You’ve started to look for happiness in your daily life?

M: Each morning when I wake up, the first thing would be to be thankful for everything around me, at the end of the day coming home seeing my dog greeting me cheerfully really gives me the feeling of happiness.  Little things I don’t see in the past now too let me have that feeling of happiness.
C:  Give you three tickets to happiness, three blank cheques
M: Give me the super power to be able to let people around me to become happy

C: All for the others, I’m a very slow to open up kind of person, if time allows I don’t want to lose those that I’d treasure

M: In the past friend’s relationship was “even though nothing’s been said yet we know each other’s heart” but now because of them I want to consider how to be better.

C: Left the last one, write down your own wish

M: Pressure prevention ticket

C: What is your biggest source of pressure?

M: I have let myself become quite narrow-minded, so at 40 years old I want to become a confident person always having a smiling face.  To become such a person need to find delight in everything, I’ll be glad if I can be such.

C: How are you when fallen in love?

M: Definitely will not be the one to get close, even if I have love I’d not take the initiative to get close to him but rather as the motivated one and wait for him to come close. But slowly I’ll protect our love relationship, finally at the beginning I wanted to be a fox in the end I become a bear. [ this answer of her's made me want to think about HJ's Big Bear in every Fm he just held and the bear in the recent video 5things he'll do for his gf! what you think? - mslee1107]

C: Searching through JSM’s info, “losing weight” seems to have taken a year to slowly lose it

M: Aren’t there many ways of losing weight in this world?  Body and heart together, whenever there’s pressure, what’s eaten need to be spent, surely the body will use it.  Although it’s very difficult, relying on self-discipline at the same time the aim is also very important.  For not wanting to look too alike as in the previous project I lose weight that’s all.  As an actor, physical management is part of it.

C: Relying on your determination, you begin your acting path

M: Parents objected, later they approved.  Because of the need to improve expressions in dancing, I attended acting classes and love acting since.

C: Completely different from her delicate appearance, accommodating yet a profound perfectionist.  Recent growth and this interview’s main point

M:  Lately, I’d sometimes drink a little, go to clubs to unwind and also went to many places for travel.  Now at already 24 (23), how then would I live to have more happiness, for this I’m quite vexed.  The conclusion now it appears is – to live the rest of my life splendidly.
source Jung So Min Cyworld, her homepage 

More photos...
LG Twin's Pitch
Credit: SimplySomin

Love her Photos here. Nice body position. But this one also made me smile...
cre as tagged
The same number! As a shipper, this is something that tickles my mind. Besides the "bear" of course.

more sponsor photos
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Thursday, July 19, 2012

[photos + mslee's thoughts] Kim Min Joong as Choi Yoon or "Yoon Oppa" in A Gentleman's Dignity

Who is your second favorite character in A Gentleman's Dignity? I ask second because of course, we are all in one in saying that Jang Dong Gun is our number one "oppa" in the drama. [right?] Although I will say that all four gentlemen are good looking in their own way and their characters are all cute. But for me, I have this soft spot for Choi Yoon whose real name is Kim Min Joong.


I first saw him in Athena: Goddess of War and his character there was also significant and comedic, too. He has such good timing.

Anyway, I say soft spot because the character given to him was a widower, who is [still] passionately in love with his wife who unfortunately passed away already. There were no scenes of them together in the series [yet] like in a flashback, but you could see how sad he is when he is alone. So young to be a widower. For his age, he should just have enjoyed his status as a single man again after 3 years but, no, he remained single and workaholic to forget.

I want to know how Im Meahri will finally succeed in making Yoon admit his fondness or his growing attraction to her.


What will it take for him to set aside friendship in favor of love. Oh, chongmal! Four episodes to go and there's still no development between Meahri and Yoon! Wish the writer and the production behind AGD will add at least more 5 episodes to the original 20 episodes for us, specially me, enjoy more the story and the sweet moments that has not yet happened to the couples in the drama. I find it lacking in romance. Chincha!

And one thing, I like how attentive, caring and a good friend he is to Kim Do Jin in the series. A sensitive friend to Seo Yi Soo. His character speaks of his well mannered ways and how professional he is as a lawyer. Although his character is also comedic, and he has good timing [oh well, I already said so] he really makes me laugh and feel sad at the same time. Want to see you happy and smiling broadly Yoon Oppa! Jebal.

Well, I was just at soompi and saw photos of Yoon [am tired of making more screencaps :)) ] and decided to post them here.

cre: http://forums.soompi.com

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Can't wait for this weeks episode now that the spoiler photo had come out.:))

Will I see you Yoon Oppa begging Meahri to stay???:))


[news + video + screencaps] CN Blue Is the New Endorser of T.G.I Friday’s

Like the success  CN Blue is reaping right now. With all the members busy with their own activities, a drama here and there either an official role or a cameo, a new project has been trusted and given to them. CN Blue is now the new endorser for  T.G.I Friday’s, a popular American Restaurant franchise.

Congratulations boys!

CNBlue Is the New Endorser of T.G.I Friday’s

the news:

cre: soompi.com

CNBlue Is the New Endorser of T.G.I Friday’s

CNBlue has been named as the newest endorsers for the American restaurant chain, T.G.I Friday’s!
The boys have four different concepts for the endorsement – romantic, tough, cute and chic to capture the hearts of customers. The CF for the restaurant was shot last June 25 in a T.G.I Friday’s restaurant. It was noted that the members had remarkable teamwork even though filming went on late into the night.
On the endorsement, CNBlue said “We’re really glad to be models for a restaurant we’ve always loved. We’ll work hard to express the fun atmosphere that you can only feel here.”
Representatives from T.G.I. Friday’s added, “We chose them as our models because the powerful energy they gave off on stage was the exact ‘youthful’ and ‘fun’ image we were looking for. We hope to get closer with our consumers in the 20-30 age range through CNBlue.”
The boys released the CF for the restaurant on July 18 and will be making an appearance on the cooking channel O’live‘s ’Eat City – CNBLUE’s Love on Party on July 28. They will be having a special dish and cocktail presentation on the show.
Check out the photos and CF they shot for the video below!

the video: 

mslee's screencaps: K-drama and K-pop screencaps 

They are all so cute!

Keep up the good work boys!