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Saturday, August 25, 2012

CN Blue for Bang Bang with Moon Chae Won

cre: A Gentleman's Dignity 

Cha Seung Won in Esquire Pictorial

Oh...missing this sexy guy! It's been a while since I saw him in the drama, The Greatest Love. And news about him are scarce. So this set of photos are a must to share with everyone who likes this guy.

I do! :))

Dark Brooding Cha Seung Won Sexily Leaps Through “Esquire” Pictorial

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Dark Brooding Cha Seung Won Sexily Leaps Through “Esquire” Pictorial
Dark Brooding Cha Seung Won Sexily Leaps Through “Esquire” Pictorial
Dark Brooding Cha Seung Won Sexily Leaps Through “Esquire” Pictorial
Dark Brooding Cha Seung Won Sexily Leaps Through “Esquire” Pictorial

A pictorial featuring actor Cha Seung Won, in 2011’s most addictive romantic comedy MBC drama “The Greatest Love” with co-star Gong Hyo Jin, for men’s magazine “Esquire” has been released.   The pictorial shows off Cha Seung Won’s dynamic and darkly brooding good looks.
The recently selected model for Daks Accessories Cha Seung Won gave life to the concept of a polished dark spy with his overpoweringly charismatic poses and facial expression.  Known for his particular brand of tough but sexy, the photographs show Cha Seung Won modeling several  elegant but youthful bags for Daks Accessories Aber line.
Daks Accessories specifically chose Cha Seung Won to market and promote the Aber line which gives off a natural and British style calling it the “Cha Seung Won Collection.”
A pictorial representative commented: “Throughout the shoot, the studio was overwhelmed by Cha Seung Won’s dynamic movement and the showing of his intense charisma.  Cha Seung Won perfectly expressed the youthful, active, and unique Daks Accessories.”
Cha Seung Won’s pictorial will be featured in the September issue of “Esquire.” 

IRIS Sequel Confirmed!

There has been news about a sequel for IRIS in the past but no confirmation. Now, the producer of the drama confirmed that they are really doing the sequel which will be airing next year. This is good news for someone like me who had watched the drama and fell in love with it. And thinks that the ending of IRIS was somewhat hanging. 

the news: 

cre: 10asia

"IRIS" producer confirms sequel. 

KBS’ 2009 hit TV series “IRIS” producer is gearing up to produce the sequel to the drama aiming to hit the airwaves next year.

Taewon Entertainment, the original series’ production company, is in the pre-production stage of the action-packed TV series' second season, a rep from the firm talked to the magazine over the phone Friday.

“We are in the process of renewing and refreshing the original story [for the next season], so we have yet to to talk about the casting. We're aiming to air the show next year, but it has not been settled yet,” the official said briefly.

Industry watchers predict that producer Chung Tae-won will get his hands on the project after wrapping up filming the fifth installment of "Marrying the Mafia" series, a comedy pic due out this year.

"IRIS," which aired back in 2009, stars some of the biggest names in the Korean entertainment industry including Kim Tae-hee, Jung Joon-ho, Kim So-yeon and Big Bang member T.O.P. 

The espionage series dominated the primetime lineup during its run, between October 14 and December 17, with its viewership ratings reaching nearly 40 percent, and later turned into a big screen film, dubbed "IRIS: THE MOVIE" in 2010

Friday, August 24, 2012

To The Beautiful You Screen Caps + mslee's thoughts

Mslee is busy watching k-dramas that are currently airing in Korea. There is Faith by Lee Min Ho and To The Beautiful You, a first drama series from SM Entertainment starring  Shinee's Minho and Seol Ri of f(x).

To the Beautiful You is a  Japanese shōjo manga series, more popularly known as Hana Kimi. The Korean series is the fourth television adaptation of the manga.

 A girl who likes an athlete and pretends to be a man in order to go to the same all boys school and be close to him. At first, I thought, another same story. Like Coffee Prince and You're Beautiful. The two dramas are good but watching another same plot was kinda predictable. But then, it's me, so decided to take a peek. Well, I am not really impressed by the first two episodes. Just an ordinary campus life and the love of this girl to Kang Tae Joon, played by  Choi Minho. They even became roomates!

 Few screen caps only...

Anyway, after watching episodes 3 and 4 this afternoon, I am beginning to like the story. Why? Because compared to Coffee Prince and You're Beautiful where the personality of the girls were only revealed much later, in episode 4, Kim Tae Joon already knew that Goo Jae Hee is a girl, but without her knowledge.

Fast right? Yes. And I think will wait for next week's  episode for more. :))

The sad news was although this drama is star studded, the ratings are declining. Well, let us see if it will go up again now that there are developments in the story. After all who does not love teenage love stories? I do.:))

Moon Embracing The Sun...screen caps update episode 12

Updating my screen caps for Moon Embracing the Sun. I 'm now in episode 12, one of the highlights of the story.  In this episode, the King was being forced to consummate the marriage with the Queen. A little maneuver here and there by the Queen and her father along with the doctors and officials who wanted the King to produce an heir.

King Lee Hwon was confused by the presence of the shaman, and he felt something for her even though he wanted to believe that she was her Crowned Princess. As for Wol, the name given by the King to Eun Woo, she also started to feel something for the King, unknowingly, it was her heart that was remembering the feelings. Prince Yang Myung on the other side was there for Wol and asking her to choose him instead. 

 The story builds up for the four main characters. The greed of Queen Bo Kyung to have  His Majesty all to herself, the confused King  Lee Hwon and  shaman Wol, and the heartbroken Prince Yang Myung.

Will the marriage be finally consummated after 8years ?

the screen caps...

Will Bo Kyung succeed?

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Ha Ji Won @ VIP Screening of the movie ‘Neighbors’

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Kang Min Hyuk, “I don’t want to promote myself at the cost of breaking the balance of the band”

CNBLUE member Kang Min Hyuk showed that he was not a little brother, but a mature a young.
Kang Min Hyuk recently participated in a photo shoot and on an interview with the beauty and lifestyle magazine ‘Allure’.
Kang Min Hyuk is currently starring in the KBS drama ‘You Who Rolled In Unexpectedly’ as thecharacter Cha Se Gwang and he’s successfully made a name for himself in the acting world.
In recent episodes his character and Bang Mal Sook‘s (played by Oh Yeon Seo) relationship started getting serious and Kang Min Hyuk has been showing more manly side of himself. About the characterBang Gwi Nam (Played by Yoo Joon Sang) he stated, “He’s the closest thing to what I always thought of a good man. When I find a woman that I like, I can be even nicer than he is to Yoon Hee (played by Kim Nam Joo)”, revealing a romantic side of him.
When asked about his plans after the drama, “I will fully immerse myself in the promotion of the soon to be released 1st full Japanese album.”
Kang Min Hyuk added, “I have no wish to promote myself at the cost of breaking the balance of the band.”, and he expressed that he will concentrate on his music activities only once the drama ends.

Image: Allure
Source: TV Daily via Nate