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Saturday, February 5, 2011

My Princess - last part of Ep 10

Wow! Episode 10 started a bit cruel for our Princess, because Park Hae Young appeared when Yoon Ju called him to pick her up, even though Lee Seol admitted to Yoon Ju that she wished PHY would never come, still, the Princess witnessed how Yoon Ju ran towards PHY and embraced him. Lee Seol felt betrayed once again. Although unknowingly,(to Lee Seol) it was a staged scene, where both PHY and YJ knew the real score.  When they both turned to leave, Lee Seol still managed to call PHY and tried to stop him from going and leaving her. She asked 3times, yet, after hesitating a bit, PHY walked away with YJ, holding hands.

Another hanging episode for us viewers, watching the end of episode 10, when PHY knocked on Princess' door and asked her if she can be not the Princess and be his woman. A revelation at last! A true confession from a guy who started hating her and planned on sending her away. But of course, our Princess' charms were too powerful for him, and in the process, he just succumbed to his weakening heart.

Looking forward with excitement for the next instalment of this cute romantic drama. Below is a link for the last part of epsode 10

My.Princess.E10 E
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Hyun Joong's old photos with SS501~

saw these cute photos of leader @SS501 in facebook..
komowo for sharing these..
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Friday, February 4, 2011

Hyun Bin reveals his thoughts on enlistment

On February 4th, actor Hyun Bin appeared on tvN’s ‘Taxi‘ and shared his thoughts about his upcoming enlistment in the Marines.
The actor first expressed, “If one is a Korean male citizen and is a healthy man, then it is his duty to serve in the military.”
He then moved onto a surprising angle in the topic, asking the public to please pay less interest to his military activities.
Hyun Bin stated, “This is my first time saying this, but I want to be careful. I think it’s become overrated. Because this was something I was preparing on my own, I received physical examinations even during filming for the drama.”
“However, it all became such a big deal. On one hand, I am thankful that many are so supportive of my decision. Yet I wish people wouldn’t make a big deal about something that I feel is necessary.”
Hyun Bin, who’s gained much attention from his role as ‘Kim Ju Won‘ on SBS’s “Secret Garden“, will be enlisting into the Marines this March.
Source: MtstarNews via Yahoo!Korea

Yoon Eun Hye touched by the thoughtfulness of her fans

Recently, Yoon Eun Hye’s fans prepared dinners for Yoon Eun Hye and the staff members of “My Black Mini Dress”.
Through her Twitter, Yoon Eun Hye left a message saying, “Today my fans presented us with heartfelt packed dinners. After eating that, I was immediately strengthened and worked even harder during the filming. It was really delicious and I can’t believe that you guys made the ribbons, stickers, and even the black dress cookies!!…I was really touched.”
She also added, “Because the staff members really enjoyed it too, my happiness was doubled!! Thank you so much~ Thank you to all my overseas fans also. *Bow* (( _ _ )) I will pay you guys back through this good movie and acting!!” With that, she uploaded pictures of the dinner her fans prepared for her.
As previously reported, Yoon Eun Hye is currently filming the movie “My Black Mini Dress”, and is playing the role of a 24-year-old woman who loves luxury items.
Source + Picture: Osen


Thursday, February 3, 2011

Weekend Moments-Matt Damon

Staples Corner & On the Beach, LA

Cheering Boston Celtics who played the Los Angeles Lakers at the Staples Center in LA

Early morning stroll on...the beach in LA:)

cre:matt damon@facebook

[Spoiler: My Princess] Kim Tae Hee confesses to…

It’s the sweet confession everyone’s been waiting for! Well, almost.
On the ninth episode of MBC’s “My Princess“, ’Lee Seol‘ (Kim Tae Hee) indirectly confesses her feelings to ‘Park Hae Young‘ (Song Seung Hun).
Hae Young decides to visit Lee Seol’s mom after Lee Seol’s older sister, ‘Lee Dan‘ (Kang Ye Sol) causes a commotion in the castle. He wanted to explain the misunderstanding in the press conference, since it gave her family such a shock, but he received a shock in turn when he heard Lee Seol’s admittance of her feelings.
Since her mom wouldn’t open the door for her, Lee Seol was forced to communicate with her from outside, not knowing that Hae Young was inside listening. Sobbing, she cried out, “There are people around me who laugh at me during my hardships. But amongst those people, I like someone… He’s betrayed me and cheated me before, but my heart beats every time I’m next to him and even if I try to hate him, I can’t.
After hearing her confession, Hae Young decides to visit Lee Seol’s father’s grave in order to ask for forgiveness. He also promises to protect her.
Meanwhile, Lee Seol visits the old orphanage she was in to find the pouch that proved her lineage. However, the nun at the orphanage revealed to her that it was not Lee Seol’s, but her sister Lee Dan’s.

Source: TV Daily via Nate

ahhh..can't wait to watch it with eng subb...just have to post this one here, even though it pre empted the episode. anyway, i know i will enjoy episode 9:))

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

SS501 “Disbandment” at Strong Heart Upsets TripleS

Group SS501′s fans are now angered.

On February 1, member of Group SS501 Park Jungmin appeared in SBS TV variety ‘Strong Heart’ and shared stories about the difference with starting solo activities under the subject talk — ‘Solo and Group’.

The root of this issue arose when Park Jungmin was speaking halfway and the phrase ‘SS501 Disband’ began to appear in the broadcast’s subtitlings.

To this, SS501 fans have made protests on ‘Strong Heart’s notice board, “It’s not a disbandment, I’m truly speechless”, “We courteously demand for an apology”, “Seems like you all are not putting our SS501 fandom in eyes, indeed this is The-Strong-Heart huh”, thus demanding an apology for the producers’ fault.

After ending their contract with previous agency DSP Media, SS501 have since moved agencies. Kim Hyunjoong was the first to move into Keyeast, after which Kim Hyung Jun and Park Jung Min also both went to different separate agencies. And then again, Heo Young Saeng and Kim Kyu Jong also moved into B2M Entertainment in which Lee Hyori is in.

Amidst the SS501 fandom, there are also a part of fans who are concerned over whether or not SS501 has already been disbanded. However, through many interviews, SS501 members have all revealed that “there is ample possibility for all five of them to unite again on the same stage whenever possible, though they may be pursuing their separate activities for the moment now”.

* note from translator: ‘해체’ means Disbandment and the subtitle ‘SS501 해체’ came out in the show even though Jung Min didn’t mention anything about it and neither did the hosts.

Credits to tvdaily.mk.co.kr + (English translation) ss501ode.blogspot.com

Hyun Bin Holds an Autograph Session

source: http://livekpop.com/2011/01/hyun-bin-holds-an-autograph-session.html

Actor  recently held a autograph session on January 22 at the Lotte Department store in Myeong-dong, Seoul. The event was held in celebration of ’s sales hitting 20 billion won.  has been modeling for , a male cosmetics line, since 2009.

Fans began lining up outside the Lotte Department store hours prior to the event in hopes to meet the “Secret Garden” star.  was able to greet his fans, give them his autograph, and shake their hands.
This was ’s very first time to meet with his fans after his well-liked , “Secret Garden” ended. But also his last autograph session prior to he leaves for the Marine Corps in March.
Source: bntnews, mt.co.kr, Newsen
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[Spoiler alert] No “Secret” about it: Ha Ji Won and Hyun Bin’s on-set confessions

As star-crossed lovers ‘Kim Ju Won’ and ‘Gil Ra-Im’, actors Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won kept viewers on the edge of their seats during the 10-week run of their wildly popular drama, “Secret Garden.”
But did you ever wonder what scene made Hyun Bin feel warm inside? Or what Ha Ji Won’s favorite pet name is? Since their last episode aired almost two weeks ago, the stars have come forward with some of their own on-set “Secrets.”
In a recent interview with tvN’s “On-Set Talk Show Taxi,” Hyun Bin confessed that the show’s infamous ’sit-up kiss’ scene had more than just his abs burning: “To be perfectly honest, [the scene]made me feel a little weird and tingly inside.” When the reporter asked if he was actually any good at doing sit-ups in real life, the actor shook his head and laughed. “Since I’m not a fan of sit-ups, I actually had a lot of NGs. I felt like I had to do hundreds of them.”
On the flipside, his “amazing woman” and co-star, Ha Ji Won also had a few confessions of her own. In an interview with “Star Today”, she confessed that she loves being called “이 아~메이징한 여자야’예요” ["You amazing woman"] –  a name that she often hears lately from her Japanese fans. The nickname first came about when Hyun Bin’s character expressed his affection for her.
Ha Ji Won even confessed that she was a little envious of her own character: “In the last episode, the couple have sons, but Ju-Won still only has eyes for his wife. Though it may be a girlish dream, I’m still hoping for that great love who will love me as his first priority.
Although the show has ended, it seems as though the stars, their characters and the unforgettable ride that they took us on, will be one great “Secret” that we will surely want to keep.
Sources: Daum (1), (2)

Lee Yeon Hee thanks a senior actor and selects her ideal man on “Strong Heart”

On February 1st, actress Lee Yeon Hee guested on SBS’s “Strong Heart” and expressed her gratitude for rapper/actor Yang Dong Geun.
She revealed, “We met by chance, but MBC’s ‘East of Eden‘ made my relationship with him a necessity. I was under a lot of pressure because I was chosen to be the female lead for a drama with over 50 episodes, and I had to go through an acting controversy in the beginning as well. I was really scared at the time, but Yang Dong Geun supported me by saying that it might be difficult for me, but I must work even harder in order to become acknowledged by the public.”
She continued, “His words became such a great source of strength to me. Afterwards, there was a scene where I became kidnapped and I surprised myself with the level of concentration I had in my role. What was even more surprising was that there were now viewers watching for me. Great results came out of hard work. I’d really like to thank Yang Dong Geun once more.”

The actress then took part in a game of ‘ideal male star World Cup’ at MC Kang Ho Dong’s suggestion.
She was forced to choose men in three different rounds: Hyun Bin and Song Seung HunKang Dong Won and Moon Hee Jun, and finally Won Bin and Jung Bo Suk. Lee Yeon Hee ended up choosing Hyun Bin, Kang Dong Won, and Jung Bo Suk respectively.
When asked to choose between MC Lee Seung Gi and B2ST’s Yoon Doojoon, she made a request asking them to show off their best charms. The two men immediately went up for an arm-wrestling match, and although Lee Seung Gi lost, Lee Yeon Hee chose him anyway.
To complete her ‘ideal male World Cup’, she chose Hyun Bin out of the final three, much to the disappointment of Lee Seung Gi.

Although her final choice was Hyun Bin, which is interesting in itself, people were more curious as to why she chose Lee Seung Gi over Doojoon.
Although Lee Seung Gi had lost the match, he had done so on purpose in order to show off his ‘variety show skills’. But it wasn’t necessarily Lee Seung Gi’s superior ‘variety show skills’ that knocked out Doojoon from the race.
The actress reasoned, “Doojoon-ssi is younger than I am. I have a younger brother, so men my age don’t feel like men to me.”
Source: Sports TodayStar NewsMax Movie via Nate
cre: allkpop