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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

[Minho and Sulli] My MinSul @ SBS Drama Awards 2012 - Captured Moments by April Bae

Got to say these... April Bae from facebook, whoever you are unnie, you really got amazing eyes and screencaps! You always make every MinSul shippers at the thread go gaga and jump with joy.

There was a moment last night while watching the live stream of SBS Awards show that some shippers felt let down and sad...but hey, coz of these amazing photos/screencaps and gif from tumblr [http://taembby.tumblr.com/] the girls were all alive and once again, MinSul never failed us.


the caps...
shared first by stekatta @MinSul thread/soompi

Did I forget to mention that Sulli was amazing last night...? With her short white dress that really becomes her and seating besides Minho with her long flawless legs! Hmmm..someone must be fidgeting in his seat last night! look at the way he sat behaved with hands clasped tightly on his lap...afraid it will be caught wandering to someone else's lap? lol!

Well...these are facts and captured.

MinSul fighting! What a way to say good bye to 2012 and welcome 2013! :))

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