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Thursday, November 8, 2012

[Minho and Sulli] My MinSul Couple - Searching for Facts

The best thing TTBY did for me was making me jump on another yet ship, the MinSul ship! Yes, mslee1107 is a MinSul shipper. Who isn't. after watching the drama? I bet everyone is dying to know the real score after the intimate BTS of the kiss scenes. I do! :))

Well, as a shipper of two couples already, [and if I may add, I have yet to be disappointed coz I know they are both real] MinSul will be added to my list of OTP. Why? Because I found some reasons to believe that if they are not yet real, soon they will be. So much positivity, huh! Well, it's not I will just say they are a true couple without first searching for facts. Facts such as photos to see and dissect, similar things which are commonly used by Korean couples [like accessories, shirts, shoes and the likes] and videos to watch how they interact towards one another. This is another investigation job for mslee.:))

If you are a regular visitor of this blog, you will know that I have a keen eyes for details. I had done it with my other OTP and looks like my unnies @the thread though late in affirming what I saw, in the end they believe.:)) And MinSul couple have a lot of history if their careers as idols in the same company is to be put under the microscope. They have friendship and oppa-dongsaeng relationship, too. 

Now let me start by saying that I was hooked while watching them in To The Beautiful You. One great romance story is when you find that there is awesome chemistry between the lead actors playing the character. Not only on screen chemistry but beyond. And I found it in my MinSul. They are just so beautiful to watch I felt the awkwardness and the romance at the same time. One of my complaints as a viewer, they gave us few BTS, unlike some dramas, there are lots. But though few, the interactions of Minho and Sulli especially the kiss scenes are daebak! Minho said he felt nervous and awkward at first but if I would base my analysis on the kiss scene at the park, there was no longer awkwardness, instead, they are both comfortable to each other enough for Minho to tease Sulli gently "Why are you so happy?"

They were already so attuned to one another. Actually, I only watched the videos from the Press Con after the drama ended. And from those videos, you can see Minho always there for Sulli, smiling sweetly, holding her, touching her arms, being a gentleman and always looking at her. Then I scout for more of MinSul videos. I found the fanvids of SM concert. Though it was really taxing to watch them, finding the moments where Minho was at Sulli's side, staying at her side, holding again her hands, I will myself to finish the entire videos just to see for myself. After all I am searching for facts. Facts are not rumor, or make believe. 

I know this is a going to be a long journey for me as a MinSul shipper. But patience is my second name.:)) I got a lot of patience if only to find the truth and not mislead my visitors to just accept they are a couple. No, I want to search more and if romance will really find it's way to my MinSul hearts, my heart will be happy.

Never thought I will be a SHINee and f(x) follower. I was only watching another romcom and two more k-pop group were immediately added to my list of  K-pop addiction! And I thought SS501 is my one and only. Well, SS501 will always be my top choice, all their songs and the group is already embedded in my heart. But there's still room for more.

This is only the beginning of my ride as a MinSul shipper. And for starters, some photos of them together, similar items spotted, and videos. I hope that you see and feel what I do.

photos credit to my unnies @MinSulthread/soompi as tagged
special mentions to @lianaestimo for always posting all the informations regarding both SHINee and f(x) schedules and pics
also to some... @bananali, @counsel05, @jenniline, @eva21, @zee, @foxicully and the rest of the shippers who are always high and happy at the thread.

some screencaps by mslee1107 [that's me] and some edits, too

Let me begin with the romantic and sweet kiss scene...

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Minho's look speaks for itself.

Your image is loading...

Sulli's bracelet was undone and Minho to the rescue, beating Hyun woo who became the third wheel...


Minho could not keep his hands off Sulli, compare to Kim Ji Won who was also there.

will share my thoughts at thread...

Minho's eyes : looking directly at Sulli's, maybe a little discreet and trying to contain his feelings for all the media surrounding them. yet, his face definitely had that aura of being happy.

body posture : same pose, hands on their knees. this projects a bit of stiffness on both sides. they were trying to look relaxed but the pressure on their hands and fingers were there, coz they felt on edge and both maybe were so attuned to each other's emotions. they had the same cross leg posture. making it appear that they were not touching or making body contact. yes, we saw it that way but they did it so obviously that a mere body contact would tell differently and i think this was how their minds thought at the time. after all the skinship in TTBY, they are both guilty of being seen publicly in the same way, like what Minho has been doing, touching her. [People might caught onto something fishy?]

and last, seemed that their chaperons were giving them time to have that small conversation and not butting in. 

and the best about this pic was that THEY CHOSE TO SIT NEXT TO EACH OTHER. [why not Sulli next to Key or Victoria next to Minho?]:


their history as CHOIs in CF's

as SM artist

their awesome chemistry

almost same design on the fabric... Minho's scarf and Sulli's dress


and the recent question... is it a couple bracelet?





another vid

Minho at the back. at first he was almost at the front but little by little decided to stay at the back and inched his way sideways till he found that spot next to... was that Sulli? i think so. but correct me if i'm wrong. 

@6:48 he touched her back... @8:17 he went back at her side and she tapped him

mslee's thoughts on Minho's interview

edited: Minho's part only

[TRANS/Oricon interview with SHINee] 

Q: The result of working hard. It’s going to be autumn soon, what do you want to try doing this autumn?
Jonghyun: I want to go on a vacation. I want to try going to Europe in autumn.

Taemin: From now, I will challenge to study composing.

Minho: I want to look at the autumn leaves in the mountains. As I watch the falling leaves, I slowly (enjoy it).

Q: For the last, tell us something that you are hooked on. 
Jonghyun: I watched the anime ‘Slam Dunk’.

Taemin: I did soccer.

Onew: I like to go somewhere while riding the bicycle.

Key: I enjoy studying a foreign language and thinking of what birthday presents to give others.

Minho: Being on good terms with dogs. I had a scene with a dog in the drama, but we couldn’t really get along *laughs*. I want to be on better terms with dogs. *laughs* 

N: Not full translation. 
[Trans by : jas_ramblings]
reposted from tumblr

why do I feel that his answers are that of a boy in love?!  what Minho? look at the autumn leaves in the mountain? could the scene in TTBY training something to do with your answer? remember the camping scene surrounded by trees and leaves and mountain? lol was there ever a mountain there? aha you want s'more!!! 

and you want to be in good terms with Sangchu!!! omo! they are all related to TTBY! comparing Minho's answers to other SHINee members, his was kind of personal. not random whims or wishes.


MinSul moment3
MinSul moment2
MinSul sweet moment 1


This particular scene caught me, I played it over and over, still, I am sure, Minho was definitely holding Sulli's wrist. An oversight by the director and camera men perhaps? I really wonder if it is a part of the scene, coz it does not make sense, Jae Hee was supposed to be a guy, right? Why hold hands with Tae Joon?:))

For now these are only some of what I like to share as a MINSUL shipper.
Only time would tell if I  am on the right sail or not:))

this is mslee writing


  1. Huwaw! Such a wonderful blog you have here :)Your team at soompi is also happy to have you on board :)Definitely there will be a lot of MINSULRACTION (MinSul + Interaction)in the coming days. Happy to be in the same ship as you :) MinSul Fighting and Hwaiting!

    lianaestimo :)

  2. I'm waiting for new update about minsul couple...I love both, I hope they will be gather soon

  3. I'm waiting for new update about minsul couple too , I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!!!!!!

  4. is the couple bracelet real? omg!! im so in love with them

  5. hello! OMG!!! so many comments here and I don't even know them! KOMOWO! The couple bracelets are accessories I think used by Minho but Sulli's coordi maybe gave her to wear it, or maybe Minho. I am not sure about it coz they came from the same agency and maybe the accessories can be used by anyone.

    Thank you for visiting. If ever there will be new post about them, pls feel free to leave a comment!

  6. have you guys seen their running man episode???lots of sweet and cute minsul episodes in there!!!!<3<3<3

  7. @anon
    thanks for dropping by. YUP! already watched it. :))

  8. Misleeeeeeeee! Hahhaa where have you been? I miss you on our thread..
    I remembered how often you post when in ttby forum, but now huhuhuhuu..
    But dont worry lah coz now you still keep believing in minsul and always support & spread their love no matter what...
    Your blog is 2nd high recommended minsul news source after minsul thread! XDD
    Thanks for mentioned my name too, hikssss I'm so touched :')

    If you have a twitter acc pls feel free to talk with me again then! Mine @minsulshippers! Xoxo

    Much love, zee. ♥

  9. I really love your blog and you are a great shipper. :D

    I also wonder on that couple bracelet. I blinked a lot of times and I do believe that it is the same. :D

  10. I love your facts.. it's soo true.. hope you get more informations cause it really makes me smile when they're together..:>>>

    I'm just wondering if until now they're seeing each other or having projects together...
    ugghh..,, i'm really hoping for more :<<

  11. @Meian Jane Estallo

  12. Nice observations!:) I also became a MinSul shipper because of there drama. And after watching it, I got hooked to them and wished them to be together in real life. They're just PERFECT! I hope there would be more MinSul action in the near future! More power!:D

  13. i was smiling the entire time reading this...i have only been obsessed with one person my entire life..and that was with Jerry Yan..and luckily for me I found to The beautiful you and from the very first moment I saw minho i was hooked and when I saw him with SUlli I just instantly prayed that they are together because that would be like the best news ever...hoping for more of you "investigative reports" on these lovebirds!

  14. Annyeong! I am a MinSul Fan too. I am literally rolling on my bed while reading this! Awesome blog! I wish there will be more updates!

  15. I hope they will continue like that and SET UP WITH SPECIAL RELATIONSHIP ...
    HEHEHE ...

  16. Nice! MinSul Fighting! Minho called Sulli in the Amazing fx :'> omg!! I thought many times. Did Minho miss Sulli ? Did Minho wanted to talk to Sulli about something? Did Minho wanted to hear Sulli's voice? OMG.!

  17. to all minsul shippers who still visits my blog... updates about minsul are now in my new page wandering thoughts..my k-world


    trans of minho and sulli's phone convo already posted there.:))

    happy shipping all!:))

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  19. Thanks for sharing this blog. :)) Hi! Misslee, you're such an awesome blogger!! ^^ I felt the same too. This two couples brought me to KPOP, knowing i'm from the philippines. After the TTBS, till now im still searching and looking for some minsul updates cause i'm definitely a minsul shipper. Then i found this, your blogspot. Your analysis makes me inspired a lot as a minsul shippers. :)) I really love their oppa-dongsaeng relationship. :) LOVE! MinSul shippers, FIGHTING!! :) And again, thank you so much for sharing you're analysis Misslee. more power!! ^___^

  20. thanks for all the appreciation. sorry, i ahven't found time to update about minsul... but then the recent phone convo in amazing f(x) was another hint.

    1. Yes, i've seen it already. Thanks! Mslee, you're so amazing! hehe Visiting you're page is really great hope too see more minsul updates. Kamsahamnida!^^ By the way, just wanna share this link to all MINSUL SHIPPERS: https://apps.tradablebits.com/tb_app/308416?fb_source=timeline&ref=profile&refid=17#_= Minsullians in FB plug this link if you're interested just go to the link and vote for sulli for "QUEEN OF KPOP 2013" thanks!! :)

  21. i just Love your blog! especially about minsul ^-^

  22. I defntly love ur blog about minsul...keep supprting them....:)

  23. like it but why the video dont open...why? i want to watch....

  24. hi! sorry about the video, it became private...:( it's an old one.