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Friday, June 24, 2011

Heo Young Saeng - Rainy Heart Lyrics

feat: Kim Kyu Jong (rap)
lyrics by: Heo Young Saeng

Hey.. You never know.. This is my story…

vers one

On one rainy day
Hiding the tears…
Heaven is showering rain on me as if it is mocking at me…
On one rainy day..
Lost in thoughts…
Longing for that memorable day..

(Rainy heart) Rainy day, while looking at the rain
(Rainy heart) Tears rolling down unknowingly
Why does my heart cries whenever it rains…
(Rainy heart) Who am I missing?
(Rainy heart) Today just passed by like that day..

On one rainy day
Walking on the streets alone…
My heart said to me as if it is making me cry..
On one rainy day
Lost in thoughts..
The farewell approaching me…oh yeah…

(Rainy heart) Rainy day, while looking at the rain
(Rainy heart) Tears rolling down unknowingly
Why does my heart cries whenever it rains…
(Rainy heart) Who am I missing?
(Rainy heart) Today just passed by like that day..

I’ll forget that it remains deep in my heart that love is true..
But remains deep in my heart like a Hurricane..
(Rainy day) I’m alone Drunken again
Looking at the rain lonesomely..If I listen to this song…
Baby Maybe I cry again..

(Rainy heart) If I get in the rain now..
(Rainy heart) Crying together with the rain..
In such a day..why is my heart crying?
(Rainy heart) Who am I missing?
(Rainy heart) today..will pass by…like that day…

Huh.. It’s raining….Maybe I’m crying again..
Hey..U hear me? My heart ..Rainy heart….

Credits : (English Translation) eeyore.pink @ Quainte501.com + edited by xiaochu @ Quainte501.com

Heo Young Saeng - Let It Go (lyrics)

Heo Young Saeng - Let It Go Lyrics (English)
feat: HyunA of 4minute (rap)
(Rap) Like being indifferent towards me,
Your cold heart is just like as if I don't know you are hard on me
Not many woman like this you have tried so far,
Timid me is continues to go round and round everyday
This kind of me kept being attracted by that kind of you,
Just being uneasy, just being hurt
Please whatever you try to say is frustrating to me,
Try to lie you will be frustrating


No time to give and take in order to get you
Nothing to regret, because there are many more besides you
There is only one chance, don’t ask for more
Otherwise I will coolly send you away

just let it go let it go let it go
just let it go let it go let it go

This is how I am, you just didn’t know that

I just let it go let it go let it go.. oh no
I just let it go let it go let it go.. oh no

Don’t need to hesitate, that we came till that point
Not even starting, you have me and if you leave me again
I have nothing to lose, because I was alone originally
If you are not sincere, I have nothing to give you too
Because you are not mine originally

just let it go let it go let it go
just let it go let it go let it go

This is how I am, you just didn’t know that

I just let it go let it go let it go.. oh no
I just let it go let it go let it go.. oh no

Don’t need to hesitate, that we came till that point

Don’t you know, don’t you know

My heart hidden behind the pretentious strong words
Pretending it’s not, pretending to go
Saying take my outstretched hand

just let it go let it go let it go
just let it go let it go let it go

This is how I am, you just didn’t know that

I just let it go let it go let it go.. oh no
I just let it go let it go let it go.. oh no

Don’t need to hesitate, that we came till that point


(Rap) Even when I become exhausted because of you,
I pretend not to know, pretend not to see, that started to make me hurt

I’d rather you let it out and say you hate it when you do,
Frankly asking me to leave, that would be better for me

Your words are difficult, like your heart which I don’t understand,
I thought everything was a joke, like throwing away everything

Open your heart a little, tell me for sure, I will follow whatever you say will do

Credits : (English Translation) xiaochu @ Quainte501.com

source: ss501lyricstranslation.blogspot.com

Kim Hyun Joong’s ‘Break Down’ limited edition album sells out in 1 hour [11.06.24]

Credit: allkpop.com

Kim Hyun Joong’s ‘Break Down‘ album had previously achieved sales of 100,000 albums within only two weeks, making him the first solo artist to do so this year.

And now, it has been reported that the ‘Break Down’ limited edition album that Kim Hyun Joong had prepared as a way to thank his fans had sold out within an hour of its release on June 23rd, making him the first solo artist to sell a total of 110,000 albums within two weeks this year!

Kim Hyun Joong also recently achieved his second consecutive win on Mnet’s ‘M! Countdown‘ with ‘Break Down’.

It looks like the singer’s soaring popularity won’t be slowing down anytime soon!

Source + Photo: Newsen via Nate

Playful Kiss FM in Osaka (video)

Just been to Minjoong thread @ soompi and as usual found some interesting updates about our couple.:))
Playful Kiss is really gathering a lot of attentions recently, especially here in my country, and doing great at the ratings. Number 1 on it's time slot and commercials keep on coming. That's a lot for a K-drama that I have ever watched in our local net.

Anyways, there are still videos that are not yet translated in English that somehow give Pkissers a lot of happiness and spazzing.

Thanks to tlbpc who translated from chinese the PK FM in Osaka video ^^
also to kyra@minjoong thread for posting the translations...

cre as labelled

here is the video

 translation starts from 14:00

14:00 (after both rehearsed and returning to backstage)

HJ: What did you do yesterday?

MM: Very happy yesterday, walked till my legs almost about to break

HJ: That dangerous huh

MM: See you later

HJ : Bye

(Such a short conversation but to me it seems like they probably must have talked alot backstage earlier or else how did he know MM was already there the day before? Haha! I got him!)

15:19 - Voice over: Now let us have a chat with Jung So Min

Q: How do you feel about KHJ?

MM: This question, HJ also have to answer too? (MM laughed heartily and clapped her hands together, I wonder why she has such a strong reaction to this question...hmm...quaint isn't it?)

Q: Won't be

MM: Ah, then my answer has to change somewhat (MM laughed again....hmm...ask her to talk about HJ, she seem to react in such drastic way....) Although we filmed together for a very long period of time still I can't figure out what kind of a person is he but because I know alot of people like him alot so I too think that could be the his appeal. Even though always get to see him in a playful way but the more I understand him the more I realise actually his thoughts are very deep and also because of this contradiction that's how come he is liked by so many kinds of people.

Q: Any memories from filming?

MM: If it's just and HJ the 2 of us alone, should be when we were not that close yet, there was a sleeping scene, he actually fell asleep, I can hear him snoring and it was also due to this that was how we become close. Very happy about it. After that, I also found that whenever there was a break he'd fall asleep because it was really very busy then so just a little bit here and then will want to fall asleep. After a sleep then is able to better grasp the role's character... this he is very interesting. Also there was a scene where actually he was not included, it's the Youtube version with the injection scene, it was a real injection and there was bleeding of blood ...I really feel apologetic....I did it with my eyes closed....till now I still can remember very clearly. (This is exact translation, I think she meant HJ was not suppose to be there but he offer his arm for her to do the injection scene, how touching..)

Q: Which scene leave the most impression on you?

MM: Personally, it is the kiss in the rain scene....from the drama point of view it is 2 persons' change in their relationship...a turning point. During the filming of it, it was very difficult because it was very cold and still have to get wet by the rain....I became having indigestion, our Soundman has to use a needle to poke my thumb. As long as it was important scenes there will be many many memories.
Voice over : Thank you Jung So Min

Survey on fans' favourite scenes in PK

3rd place - The kiss in the dream in episode 1

2nd place - The kiss in the wedding in episode 14

1st place - THE kiss in the rain in episode 13!

21:58 - HJ was asked to say something about this event

HJ: This is for in memory of PK's broadcast in Japan, the 1st fan meeting ....especially especially happy, hope more people will be aware of our drama

22:19 - HJ speaking as he prepares to go on stage

HJ : Although 1 year has passed but compared to then, now have become more matured (is he talking about himself?)

FM starts with both of them meeting on stage, hugged and get seated and begin the interview after both of them had introduced themselves. Here I must mentioned that MM introduced herself by giving her name and her character in the drama and then said she is very nervous.

Towards the end of the video it only managed to taped one question for HJ to answer and after that the interpreter has to repeat what HJ said into Japanese and that's the end. He was asked after talking about the role as a very handsome with high IQ, able to cook but an unfriendly person so how did he play the role. HJ answered that he's similar in sports with the character BSJ but not in the IQ and cooking dept, he has to memorised the lines very hard so it seems like he had become very intelligent too but after the drama is over he's back as KHJ. I guess this most have already read about it, no need to go into detail.


cre: czakhareina@soompi.com

Mnet's "Idol Chart Show" Ranks the Top 20 "Wild Stars"

This week's episode of "Idol Chart Show" ranked twenty idols categorized as "wild" due to their eccentric but fun personality on television. All twenty stars demonstrated their natural and "wild" sides, and "Idol Chart Show" picked that up. Check out the video clips below of the twenty who made the cut and let us know if you agree!

20. 2PM's Nichkhun
19. Super Junior's Siwon
18. KARA's Han Seungyeon
17. DBSK's U-Know Yunho
16. T-ara's Jiyeon
15. After School's Lizzy
14. UKISS' Dongho
13. f(x)'s Luna
12. SS501's Park Jung Min
11. Wonder Girls' Ye Eun
10. MBLAQ's Lee Joon
9. SNSD's Taeyeon
8. miss A's Suzy
7. 2PM's Chansung
6. 2NE1's CL
5. BEAST's Yoon Doo Jun
4. KARA's Goo Hara
3. 2AM's Jokwon
2. SHINee's Minho
1. SS501's Kim Hyung Joong

YT Cr farring101 

cre:  my.yonghwa.baby @soompi.com/news

Thursday, June 23, 2011


Credit: b2ment

Heo Young Saeng's music video for his ballad Rainy Heart.

The song is from his first mini album "Let It Go", which was released last month on May 12. Since then he has been working on promotions for the title track, also titled "Let It Go".  

As one of the main vocals of the group SS501, many fans were anticipating a ballad by him. 

Kim Hyun Joong to release ‘Break Down’ limited edition album!

 by ramham424 @allkpop.com

It’s just been revealed that SS501’s Kim Hyun Joong will be releasing a limited edition version of his debut solo album, “Break Down“!
KeyEast Entertainment stated, “We are releasing a limited edition album as a gesture of thanks for those fans who’ve sent lots of love for Kim Hyun Joong’s first mini-album. The limited edition contains a variety of content, including a ‘making-of’ clip as well as personal stories from Kim Hyun Joong himself.”
The limited edition album is comprised of a CD and a making-of clip, a DVD containing the music videos for ‘Break Down’ and ‘Please‘, and 48 pages of never-before-seen photos.
The making-of film holds a special video message for fans as well as highlights from June 7th’s showcase. It also includes clips of Kim Hyun Joong’s dance practice and behind-the-scenes moments from the MV set.
A representative from KeyEast stated, “We regrouped with the best staff once again to provide higher-quality videos and footage, different from the ones you’d find in other limited edition albums.
Kim Hyun Joong’s limited edition mini-album will be available in off-line stores on June 30th.
Source: BNT News via Nate

Kim Hyun Joong as a Solo Artist, Break Down Fever

my thoughts...


June 2011 is only the start of an amazing and great month this year for Kim Hyung Joong.

First, he launched his comeback album Break Down, and now two weeks after, it surpasses everyone's expectations! A total album sales of 100,000  and still counting, not to add the countries outside Korea that will also launch Break Down. News were buzzing in the music industry that it is a first on a solo artist to have accomplished this much. This is just a vindication for KHJ.  A true confirmation that he is an amazing artist, a singer in his own right, and that he can do it alone. He not only conquered Korea but the world outside.

Second, Playful Kiss/Mischievous Kiss which had a hard time in the ratings during it's airing in Korea, is now being recognized in other countries and like here in the Philippines,  gaining many viewers and making it number 1 in it's time slot. And still holding on despite other K-dramas being shown at the same time in other network. Naughty Kiss official Channel on YT gained over 20,000,000 views already and yes, still counting! This is truly daebak! A powerful retaliation for those who bashed the drama.

Third, KHJ winning an award. He won the award as 2011 Best CF Model given by MTN at MTN Broadcast Advertising Festival. 

Not to add Break Down  winning @MCountdown and @Music Bank.

Well, the long months of waiting is over. Hyun Joong had worked hard for his comeback. He learned well during those times away from the music scene. He cameback with a humble aura during his album launch, addressing the fans that all his efforts are for them. Opening his heart to the fans. Showing his love. All these blessings are really deserved by KHJ. He promised his fans that he will comeback, and yes, he did cameback with a different KHJ look (which the fans loved) and an amazing performance that left the audience in trance. 

This is what I call a beautiful and anticipated comeback! Because all the anticipations and expectations were met and surpassed. People want more of KHJ. And 2011 is only the beginning of another era for KHJ.


Official Photos Kim Hyun Joong & Heo Young Saeng in Happy Together 3

cre: KBS

cre: nycgirl@soompi.com/khjthread

110622 김현중 MTN 방송광고 페스티벌 수상직캠(khj)

Kim Hyun Joong & T-ara selected as top CF models!

by MountainMadman @allkpop.com

Posted Image

The seven ladies of T-ara and SS501’s Kim Hyun Joong were awarded the titles of “Best CF actor/actress” at the 2011 MTN Broadcast Commercial Festival.
“Thank you for giving me such a meaningful award,” said Kim Hyun Joong, whose fame skyrocketed through his drama, “Boys Over Flowers“. “In the future, I will do better in commercials as well as branch out into other forms of media.”
All seven members of T-ara were present to receive their award, which is decided by a panel of industry executives and specialists. “Thank you for the award, and please show a lot of love to our new album, which we’ll be releasing soon,” the ladies said.
T-ara will soon be unleashing their new album, “John Travolta Wannabe“.
Source: Star News via Nate

Kim Hyun Joong Becomes Highest Selling Solo Artist This Year

by: thunderstix @soompi.com/news

Kim Hyun Joong has become the highest selling solo artist this year by selling over 100,000 copies of his latest album, “Break Down.” According to Hanteo, Korea’s largest record sales chart, “Break Down” sold 80,000 records in the first two weeks of its release, and an additional 20,000 so far, reaching the 100,000 milestone just today. Aside from DBSK and Big Bang, no other K-Pop artist has sold more than 100,000 albums this year.
“Kim Hyun Joong has been able to overcome the pressures of turning solo and bring in a positive impact to the K-Pop industry,” an industry official was quoted as saying by local media.
Breaking the 100K mark in album sales is almost considered a landmark event in today’s music market, especially considering the drastic decline in overall music sales. Despite such dire circumstances, Kim Hyun Joong has created a something called the “Kim Hyun Joong Syndrome,” keeping up high sales figures and sensational popularity since the album’s release on June 8th. “Break Down” has topped various online and TV show charts, and many expect the album sales figures to continue increasing as Kim Hyun Joong is planning a nine-country Asian Tour in August.

cre as labelled

congratulation! you made it KHJ!:))

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

(Video) Kim Hyun Joong's Greetings to Filipino Fans


reposted from Kathy's Bench

and a foldable bag as freebie for us Filipino fans when we buy a copy of Breakdown album...

nice bag..

Kim Hyun Joong's Debut Solo Album Sales Figure breaks 100 000!

Translation: khjgalaxy

reposted from Kathy's Bench

Kim Hyun Joong's management company Keyeast reveals that his debut solo mini album 'Break Down' 's total album sales has surpassed 100 000 within 2 weeks.

Album sales figures research site Hanteo has recorded 83 000 from the release date on the 8th to 20th of this month. In addition with 20 000 amount of album sales in Japan, the total album sales reached 100 000.

Keyeast expresses 'This year besides idol groups like Big Bang & TVXQ, he is the first solo artist to break 100 000 in album sales.' and 'Other than Japan, the rest of Asia's album sales have not been recorded. Kim Hyun Joong will be starting Asia tour on 9 locations in August, the total album sales figures are expected to increase even more.'

Kim Hyun Joong is promoting the title track 'Break Down' which has won various number 1 on music shows. 

what a comeback for leader!!! daebak! no other words to describe this....but daebak!:))
congratulations KHJ!

Playful Kiss Official Youtube Channel Reached Over 20 Million Views

cre: newyorkcitygirl@soompi.com/khjthread

It has been reported at many news portal today!







credit : khj0606.com

Posted Image

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

视频: 110614 Radio SBS Power Time (KHJ)-Interview

reposted from soompi.com/khjthread
110614 SBS RADIO POWER TIME with ChoiHwaJung credit to Blancaqin
English translation credit to Gerry from Ssangchu101

Cut some khj to jsm ^ ^).

Choi Hwa Jung: Hmm..then this is just passing rhetoric answer use as an excuse for shows, isn’t it? But then our Kim Hyun Joong ssi has been in a relationship before, then what type of woman he likes?
Kim Hyun Joong: I?...Hmmm….a woman who treat me well
Choi Hwa Jung: A woman who treat you well
Kim Hyun Joong: Hmm! A woman who sacrifice herself & treat me well
Choi Hwa Jung: Have you encountered such a person?
Kim Hyun Joong…Yes...I have
Choi Hwa Jung: Oh!..Let put it…I do feel & think that the actress who played in “Playful Kiss together with you is really good
Kim Hyun Joong: Hmm!
Choi Hwa Jung: How is she then?
Kim Hyun Joong: That person is just a dongsaeng (little sister)
Choi Hwa Jung: A dongsaeng…just a cute Dongsaeng
Kim Hyun Joong: Hmm!
Choi Hwa Jung: She really cute, isn’t she?
Kim Hyun Joong: Hmm! She is really kind
Choi Hwa Jung: Hmmm!...kind
Kim Hyun Joong: Hmm!

cre as labelled

another translation from cheerko@soompi.com/khjthread






KHJ with Choi Hwa Jung on dateJune 14th 2011, The Kiss Day in Korea.

First clip:

KHJ thows kiss at the audience at the request of MC.
She asks about his short hair cut and why? She wonders if he did that to get out of the image of being manga-like. He says there is that but mostly he felt that long hair got in the way of playing soccer and he plays soccer a great deal. He also says that as he is coming out with a solo album he no longer wanted to look childish/-like. He does not want to regret how he looked if he goes back to a karaoke room later in life. He feels like he did everything possible one can do with hair--from coloing to yellow and red, attaching hair, braiding, tying, etc...So it was not any codi or mangemnet who suggested such hair cut but his own decision. Not too long ago, he actually thought about shaving his hair off due to great stress from making the solo album. He was about to send the text to his codi-noona but stopped himself as he already knew what she would say or yell--"What? What are you thinking!, Are you crazy? Do what you want and then see..." He says he got scared and did not send the text.

MC goes straight into asking him about his ideal type of female. She says it is good for Lee HyoRi-ssi but other close celebrity friends and associates may feel sad that he only picks LHR.
She also wonders if he continues to say it is Lee HYoRi because he really does not want any scandals and misunderstandings. He gave a vague YES. But it seems like his attention was somewhere else and he realized what he did a second later. SO he clarifies and says, Of course I am a fan to so many other celebrities. But LeeHR used to be in the same agency as I was and I have also been a fan since young age. But, now we are in different agencies and I have not contacted her. However, I still feel that, because of her, KHJ of SS501 somehow came far. 

MC says, so, it is out of gratitude. It is a good feeling to a woman (to hear such thing). So, as a man, don't you want to make an approach to her?
He says he has absolutely no wish to do so.
MC points out that he said "absolutely not".
But he shakes that off and says that she is a noona.
So, mc says that KHJ should still date and love, so what kind of style of woman do you like?

K--I like a woman who is good to me and is very devoted to me (He used a word 'hyun-sik' which has a connotation of being self-sacrificial).
mc--Did you ever meet such a woman before?
Yes, I have.
mc-You mean someone who is in your age group who calls you opppa, oppa and is very proactive in showing her interest? Personally I really liked the young woman whom you starred with in Mischievous Kiss. What do you think about her (mc is referring to Jung SoMin)?
K--she is also just dongseng.
MC--just dongseng. An adorable dongseng. She is really cute.
(Just look at his face as they are talking about this issue: @5:40~5:57)
K--yes, she is nice.
mc--(she is noticing his lack of enthusiasm and lack of vitality here) I feel like you seem different. We used to be very close and comfortable. Remember?

K-yes. I think I was more like that because HyungJoon was there, calling you Sunsengnim and all.
MC--yes I was yelling at him to call me Sunsengnim. (at that time HJB was chastized by this mc for calling her sunbae-nim and she told him to call her sunsengnim which is higher reference to a person in the same profession.)
mc-you returned with a solo album which is very differnt,,even the words..Break Down.

KHJ- I was in the middle of filming the 6th episode of MK when I received this song. As soon as I reviewed it, I knew this was it. I kept it and was gong to record it and then the song Please came to me and I was torn as to which one to make the title song. So I made mv's with both songs and then had a meeting with the all the managers and presidents concerned. They also liked the melody of Please but they felt that Break Down would have a greater social impact. That is how Break Down became the title song. 

music played: (Break It Down)

2nd part 

Soon after the Break Down song ends, it appears that Lee Min Jung and Lee Jung Gyu are in the studio. MC asks him what he thinks of LeeMJ.

K—I know Lee MJ because I worked with her on BOF and had maybe 3 dialogues with her in the drama. But it has been such a long time that it feels strange and it feels like I am seeing a different person. 

MC-Lee seems to have gotten prettier.
K-(very quiet ) yes 

MC reads off some of the responses from fans about his music. Sexy voice, Wow, etc.

Summary: This was an unexpected event where LMJ and LJG came to study radio DJ work in progress because they are soon going to work together in a movie about a radio dj falling in love with the radio pd..MC asks LMJ what she thinks about KHJ and she comments that his body really looks good. LMJ also says that she worked with KHJ at BOF and maybe had three scenes together through Jejudo and at the horse race track. KHJ says that they were filming at 3 in the morning and LmJ remembers shivering in the cold weather. Due to so little scenes, LMJ says she did not become that close to KHJ. She does not think he talks a lot but remembers him saying very interesting/funny things. LMG says that he is not close to KHJ but has bumped into him at the TV station few times. MC asks what is it like when two good looking men meet because temperature goes down when two pretty ladies meet for the first time. KHJ says that honestly he is more excited about meeting actresses than actors. So MC tells both Lee’s to study the radio work and send them off. They take pix before leaving and later I think KHJ give signed copies of his cd to both actors. 

Part 3

They both read off fans posts on message board. Another one said KHJ is pretty but also looks good appearing as tough and rough.

mc- when you look at yourself in the mirror, do you feel that you are pretty? Be honest.
K—honestly, I never did.
mc—then do you see yourself and say, attractive?
K-No, I just say to myself it is better not to erase the make-up. (Both laugh.)

mc--once in a while your statement is very interesting.
Mc asks KHJ to read a post. Fan asks how would KHJ like to be addressed by noona fans.
KHJ—I guess it would be fine to call me, Hyunjoong-ah. Excuse Me sounds a bit ….
(I will skip uninteresting conversations.)
Fans say they like his short hair, they like that he is funny and goodlooking so he is a perfect man. MC asks about his sense of humor. He does not think himself that funny but he finds it a relief and comfort that fans like what he says. He knows that when comedians speak, they speak with a big sense of responsibility but he says whatever is on his mind and some gets the laugh—maybe three out of 10. Haha (I think KHJ is beginning to be comfortable on the radio…perhaps his discomfort in the beginning was due to nervousness???)

MC—Because of KHJ’s honesty, he is also called perfect honest man. So she is going to have a Q&A session to get further into his honesty. She tells him that this is a speed Q&A and she wants him to answer and then they will talk about his answers later.

MC- Today is june 14, Kiss Day. When was your last or most recent kiss?

K-(hesitating and not answering @ 6:41 on the 3rd tape. ) Well, this…..

MC—What was the last meal that you personally prepared for your gf?
K- kimchi fried rice.

mc-rank in order how you would like to be known~ beast of man, cold city man, flower-like man
K—Flower man, beast of man, cold man
mc—I have been asked for a date by a celebrity or vice versa
mc—about holding grudge,,
K—I hold it a little.
mc—Girl Group who appears the prettiest to me is
K—After School
mc—name two male stars who are more handsome than I am
K—Bae YongJoon and,,,,,(bell rings to sign the end of speed Q&A) Jang DongGun.

mc—I guess you are right. But there are 4 questions left. And I am still going to ask them to you.
K-I tend to speak more slowly than most people so you have to give me 1.5 times the normal time.

mc—So I will give you the time. You took too long on the kiss question. You were thinking too much That means there is something there.

K—yes, there is. (@ 8:01 See KHJ’s bright smile at this!!!)
I was thinking whether to lie or not.
mc—You cannot lie. We will slowly talk about that later. (KHJ has his face down @ 8:11)

mc—name two people both men and women who would come running if you ask them to meet you for drinks.
k—It does not have to be stars…(mc says hmm) The head of the dancers Lee Hyun Sang will come right away. Keyeast’s Team Leader Shin Jae Gwang.

mc—how about women?
k—honestly?? (@8:36 he seems to have slightly turned his eyes towards the camera..or am I imagining??) ,,,Jung YooRi who is codi and team leader (of codi’s) Lee YuMi.
mc—how about HYoRi noona? Wouldn’t she come running? I would think so.
k—well,,,I don’t think that I will call her out. I don’t think that I can comfortably have a drink with her.
mc—I guess you will be too tense..

k—(his head is down) yes.

Mc—what would KHJ recommend as his method for body building?
K—Eat whatever you want.
Mc—and exercise?
K—yes. Spots and health(exercise) and just work out as much as you have eaten. With soccer and health/exercise. Wherever I go, I don’t say I won’t drink or anything. I would just eat and work out twice as hard.
mc—It is because you are young. What is one area of yourself that you have most confidence in?
k—me? ,,,hmmm, maybe eyes?
mc-You may like everything but especially eyes?
K—yes. And not too long ago, I even had lasik done and now they are better than ever. 

Part 4

mc—(cracks up) What are somethings that you want to say to parents but normally have not??
K—hmmm,,,there is nothing that I have not said to my parents. I am saying everything to them that I need to say.
mc—you mean like I love you?
k—not those. For the harmony of the family…I feel too awkward saying those things.
mc—so what are those things that you want to say..
k—I guess …thank you..at least? I guess I should do it. (I wonder if he is very close to his family.)
mc—I have never heard somebody say that they say everything. So….do you say Thank You often?
K—no…When I go home, I think the number of things that I say decreases.
mc—but isn’t it time that you gossip and talk a lot with your parents?
K—yes I guess I should…but later.
mc—do you have a brother? Is he as good looking?
k—yes he looks like me.

mc—So, let’s take a look. Today is the Kiss Day (June 14). The question was the most recent kiss that you had…did it take long because you were confused or because it was too long ago??
K—hmmm,,,I think I did it while preparing for the album.
k—I guess it has been about 4 months ago.

mc—(laughs,,,because of the way KHJ said 4 month was kind of funny) 
K—I am here for the new album with a clean and neatly ordered mind. (mc is cracking up, I think KHJ is telling her that he does not want to delve into that issue period.!!???)

mc—All right. All right.. So the meal that you made for a gf was kimchi fried rice? She must have really liked it.
K—yes..that was the last cooking.
mc—for her.

mc—you said that you were proposed for date?
K—yes..I did the “dash”—asked for a date.
mc—you never received a proposal for a date?
mc—you did ask for a date…did it work out or not?
K—it did.

mc—You are very clear cut. (I believe she said that because he would not volunteer any more information than necessary. But the mc continues..maybe he is mad about that???) So how many times did you meet? Are you still meeting?

k—We met for about 10 months. But,,,like all entertainers, ….we parted. (@ from 2:02 look at his expressions as he talk about this issue. Very stoic…no expression at all...) 

mc—Is it because of the scheduling conflicts? Because you could not see each other??
k—Yeah. It seems so. (continue to look at his expressionless face)

At this time the mc is laughing..don’t know why..

k—our hobbies and interests were different. I like to go out with friends and have drinks but she wanted to stay home.
mc—she wanted to stay home with only HyunJoong-ssi?
k—no. not even with me. (@ 2:46 he again turned to face the camera briefly as he said this. I wonder why?? )

mc—So you did not know about it at first and made the “dash” and since both of you are so different…?

mc—So between soccer and women friends, what do you prefer? You even cut your hair for soccer.
K—Of course, girl friends are better than soccer. Soccer is…I do it to console loneliness… (both laugh). 

mc—so you are saying that you will reduce the time on soccer if you have a girlfriend..

mc—you said that you have a bit of tendency to hold grudge. In what way do you do it??
k—I hold it in. And when I have crossed over or overcame something, then I will say it, I have come this far holding it in. I was patient at that time..I say it like that.
mc—That is great. Perhaps those incidents are what made you run towards success.

Mc—since today is Kiss day, I chose your song Kiss Kiss to play. It sounds very sweet.
k—yes. Today is kiss day. (@ 3:58) If you look at the lyrics, it is very good. It says (she is ) So lovely that (I) want to kiss.

mc—(@4:07) Please look at the camera and blow your kiss..and he does a dance move) you have just listened to KHJ’s Kiss Kiss. While it was playing, you continually sang along.

k—yes (I did not think he was singing along..)
mc—That is a first time. You must really love this song.
k—yes I really love this song. From the current album, it is a song that I really treasure.
The lyrics say, “whenever a new movie comes out and whenever new music comes out, the very first person I think of is you.” I have actually experienced such feeling..I would want to show to the person first when a new movie comes out or whenever something new comes out…

mc—They say that when you are looking at a beautiful view or eating something very delicious and you think of a person at that moment, that person is the one that you love.
K—yes. I think so (@ 8:20)

mc—is it that person from 4 months ago?
Khj also cracks up and quietly says, no…(but it is not clear if he is really saying it is that person from 4 months ago or not.)

Mc says that she will give 5 signed KHJ CD to those who guess correct answers. KHJ comes up with the quiz..since there has been much criticism about his actual height, many are saying that I am same as JaeSuk hyung. Mc chimes in and say that if people guess his correct height . the first 5 will get his CD that is signed. 

Part 5

mc---hint is that he is taller than 179cm. When you first heard the news were you hurt??
k—I really did not think is seriously. But the news was becoming very big. (big laughter from mc) For me, I do not normally wear height enhancer. If I do that on stage I cannot dance at all. I don’t think it really matters to me if I am 175 or more. It is just a height.
Mc—While waiting for people to send in answers. She is going to ask KHJ questions given by the fans.
--Do you like younger looking older female or do you like glamorous younger female?
K—I like younger looking older female. (mc says woah)
--If you are to open a business later, what would you do besides a chicken store?
k—a kindergarten

mc—tell us why by imitating Andre Kim’s voice.
k—(@1:37) The reality of our country’s child education is too poor in quality. (laughter)
mc—chicken store and kindergarten….sound good.
k—I want to teach dance, guitar, piano instead of too much emphasis on English lessons. 

mc—ahh. Teach music and skills…another question is what do you do when you are alone at home?
k—well..I don’t like when sunlight comes into the house, so I have curtains drawn. I don’t even really sleep. I would listen to music. And…I really like the TV program about “life’s philosophy/master=senghwal’s dalin”. 
Mc is cracking up again. So you would close all curtains and watch Life’s Wisdom/Philosopher. 
K—yes, It is so interesting.

Another fan asks what would you do if there is an acting role that you really want but it has a bed scene.
K—if that is the situation, I guess I have to work out really hard from that day on. 

mc—that is great.

Last questions is what is your favorite dish that your mother make?
K—kimchi. My mother is a vegetarian and makes it herself. 
mc—are you sure she does not buy it??
K—no..I cannot eat kimchi that has oyster or octopus or anything that has that flavor. My mother’s kimchi is strickly vegetarian. 

mc—so you like kimchi, kimchi fried rice,,,you are truly a Korean male. 
k—yes,,,,very little money is spent when one meets with me. 
mc—because you only eat kimchi?
k—I basically eat well whatever is given to me..I hope everybody knows this well. (he laughs..but I wonder why he said that???)

mc—it seems like your nickname 4-D uzusin really fits well. Thank you so much for coming today and for being so honest . We will listen to the sponsors and then return with KHJ.

mc—you requested a song by Kim JongMin. Are you two close?
k-We all share the same codi-noonas.
mc—you all really love your codi-noonas.
K-yes. I just want everybody to become encouraged today. (Kim JOngMin’s new song is about getting charged for life even if one is tired.)
Mc asks KHJ to take off his sunglasses and say his last goodbye. He wishes everyone good health and happiness and imitates someone again…