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Saturday, January 21, 2012

More Pics of KHJ in Fan meeting 120121 via twitter

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[Video] Kim Hyun Joong LNTV Spring Festival Interview [12.01.20] (Full)

[pics] KHJ Seoul FM 120121 by MurdererQ

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2012-01-21 21:31
재업로드2 변형 금지!!!

현중아  새해 복 많이 받으세요 ^^
오늘은 너무 재미있어요 : )

FANCAM >>>No change and no re-upload please!!!!


Yoon Eun Hye new photos from The House Company

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Is Kim Hyun Joong on His Way of Surpassing Jang Keun Suk?

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With the release of Kim Hyun Joong′s Japanese album right around the corner, all eyes are on the singer.

Universal Music, which is in charge of Kim’s album promotion in Japan, released the tracks off the upcoming album for the mobile ringtone service on January 18, one week prior to the release of the album set for January 25.

Within a single day of release, Kim ranked no.1 on ‘The Mobile Ringtone Download Daily Chart’ on Recochoku with Kiss Kiss, becoming the first Korean solo male singer to top this chart. Lucky GuyU, and Breakdown also ranked within the top 20.

Currently, Kim has been preparing for a live performance on Music Station, which is to be aired on January 27 on TV Asahi. It is an unprecedented event for a Korean solo singer to put on a debut performance on a popular music program of a major TV station.

At the news of Kim Hyun Joong′s upcoming appearance on the Japan’s major music program, his fans have been highly anticipating his performance.

Meanwhile, Kim is set to hold a concert Premium Live 2012 to mark the release of his debut album on February 5 in Yokohama Arena with 20,000 fans.

[pic] Kim Hyun Joong's "U:zoosin" new lightstick at the Fan Meeting 120121

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"Art" and "Matic" in KHJ Seoul Fanmeeting 120121

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[21/01/12] Kim Hyun Joong @ 2012 Fanmeeting in Seoul

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