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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Hyun Bin, Jang Dong Gun, and Joo Jin Mo Get Together to Celebrate Hyun Bin’s Discharge

cr: soompi.com

On December 9, Hyun Bin got together with friends Jang Dong Gun and Joo Jin Mo to celebrate his discharge from the military. The three actors shared a meal and drinks together for the first time in a while. A source says that Jang Dong Gun and Joo Jin Mo gave Hyun Bin many advices in both his future career and life. 

Hyun Bin, Jang Dong Gun, and Joo Jin Mo’s friendship is very well known inside and outside of the entertainment industry. The three actors play baseball together on celebrity baseball team, Play Boys. Even when Hyun Bin was still in the military, fans have spotted the three together whenever Hyun Bin was out for a vacation. Hyun Bin and Jang Dong Gun are especially close. In 2006, Hyun Bin signed an exclusive contract with AM Entertainment after Jang Dong Gun recommended it. Recently, Hyun Bin signed a new contract with O& Entertainment, 

a new agency that AM Entertainment’s agent Kim Ok Hyun established.

Hyun Bin was discharged from the Korean Marine Corps on December 6. He joined the Marine Corps in March 2011 and spent 21 months serving the country. On the day of discharge, Hyun Bin garnered much attention for his teary confession, “I missed acting so much.” He plans on taking a short break before returning as an actor. Sources say that Hyun Bin has received numerous scripts for movies and TV dramas. The advertising industry is also showing much interest in him. 

[Engsub] Hyun Bin- Full speech on the day of discharge from military 2012.

121213 Behind the Scenes of "Missing You" - Yoo Chun and YEH

My heart be still...jebal! Omo! I can't get enough of these two! I have yet to watch this week's episodes later tonight but I can't help looking for BTS and photos even though they will somehow spoil the suspense. Gwenchana! This drama is daebak! The chemistry is filling the small screens. Will definitely look forward to this scenes.:))

He is so handsome. While YEH is beautiful. I love their smiles! Chincha!

They shook hands after the shoot.

Episode 12 - King of Dramas Screen caps Update

What more can I say? I really love this drama. With a bit of humor and drama and suspense all rolled into one. Choi Siwon's character Kang Hyun Min is cute, always annoying Sung Min Ah and making her pissed off by just his presence. He was just so naughty. Love the part of the kiss scene. Just to get even with her for the many NG's she did, slapping him for so many times, he ate garlic just before the kiss scene!!!
lol! I think these two should end up together. 

As for our lead characters, Go Eun and Anthony aka Kim Bong Dal, the tension is there and slightly increasing. She could not sleep after the little incident in Anthony's bedroom when he asked her what she thinks of him as man while in a compromising situation. She was almost on top of him.

She was so confused she even dreamed of him kissing her!

Okay, for the screen caps..I made some.

Kim Hyun Joong’s Japanese album places 1st on Oricon Album Chart, SHINee & U-KISS place 2nd & 3rd on Singles Chart


Kim Hyun Joong topped the Oricon Daily Album Chart while SHINee & U-KISS placed 2nd and 3rd respectively on the Oricon Daily Singles Chart.
Kim Hyun Joong released his first full length Japanese album ‘unlimited‘ on December 12th and after first day sales, the album sold 56,473 units which was good enough to top the Oricon Daily Album Chart.
SHINee and U-KISS both released their latest Japanese singles on December 12th as well. After first day sales, SHINee’s “For 1000 years, always be by my side...” placed 2nd with sales of 22,954 units while U-KISS’ “Distance…” placed 3rd with 22,033 sales.
Congratulations to Kim Hyun Joong, SHINee, and U-KISS!

n3Source: Oricon(2)

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Kim Hyun Joong reveals year-end plans

cre: allkpop

At the recent release event for his first Japanese album ‘Unlimited‘, Kim Hyun Joong announced his plans for his upcoming Japanese and worldwide tours as well as other events in his year-end schedule.
Kim Hyun Joong stated, “In the beginning of next year, I’ll be starting my tour in Japan, and at the end of the year, I have my worldwide tour and the release of a Japanese single planned.”
He also gave other details about his upcoming schedule, stating, “Next year, I’ll be greeting you all as an actor in a drama,” referring to his role in ‘City Conquest‘. When asked about what he’ll be doing for Christmas, Kim Hyun Joong told fans, “I’ll be going on a trip with my male manager.”
Kim Hyun Joong will be touring Japan with ‘Unlimited’ from January to March of 2013.



Today the album just released...121212!
tweeted by Steven Lee

Unlimited Album is at #1 in Japan Oricon Album Chart!!!

King of Dramas Episode 11 Update - Anthony and Go Eun Got Amazing Chemistry!

Why do I anticipate each week's episode of this drama so much? Don't you? It is getting even better and better as the story runs. And finally, in episode 11, I get the chance to relax a bit and enjoy the funny and cute scenes of the story. Wow! And my thoughts are being answered.

Initially, when I first watched the drama, I really had no idea where the characters will lead. I don't know who among them will be paired to one another. But after a couple of episodes, I just felt that Anthony and Go Eun have this great on screen chemistry. I already wrote about this on my previous blog and as I said, it does not matter if it is a hoobae/sunbae or professional realtionship, they just both filled the screen.

But last week's episode, there were times when I was torn between Sung Min Ah and Lee Go Eun. Min Ah had a past with Anthony so I was thinking perhaps the story or the love angle will go that way. And of course there is Siwon's quirky character, Kang Hyun Min who also show his cute side to Go Eun. 

Episode 10 ended with Anthony declaring his confidence and total trust to Go Eun as a writer and as a person. With the plagiarism scandal, he is putting his trust and standing bu her side. This new side of Anthony is quite surprising for a man like him who never show his feelings let alone be vulnerable in front of other people. He is a tough guy and don't receive or ask help from anybody. But we all know how Go Eun has dealt with  his stubborn character and most of the times she won. That's why they are awesome together.

To start off the episode, Min Ah was left thinking of how she used to be with Anthony. After hearing him asking the whole production staff and crew to trust Go Eun, she realized how special this girl might be to him.  Then the next day, Go Eun was able to get the evidence needed to claim that she wrote Morning of Kyeongseong as early as 2005. The court rule in favor of them. She was crying and Anthony was so cute, lending her his handkerchief.

Well, another funny scene,  [seriously, there were some in this episodes that made me giggle and grin and laugh the whole time] was when they were both inside the car and a highway patrol  flagged them down for driving through the red light. He was asked for his driver's license and because it was already expired, the officer read his name aloud through his mobile radio so the officer from the office can check and verify. He insisted before to Go Eun that he does not have a Korean name because he lived in the US. But hearing the officer reading his name...Kim Bong Dal, she laughed non stop. She find his name funny.

Photo: Did you also laugh at this scene? :D

A scene where Go Eun thought it was Hyun Min at the door and played a prank but it was Min Ah. lol!

The filming resumed and the broadcast date finally came. After airing for about 30 minutes, their drama is still behind in ratings. Anthony left and went to drink by himself. Lee Go Eun came after him and she drank with him. As the whole team, actors and crew  are watching and waiting for the official announcement of the ratings, they are all tensed. I guess, this is how it is behind the camera. Then a phone call from the producer of SBC told Anthony they got the highest ratings!

They are all so happy. Their hard work paid off.

Now the parts that made me felt the screen was so alive and my heart palpitates was when Anthony told Go Eun to revise the scripts in episode 7. The scene where the characters will kiss. He told her that it was not written very good but she insisted that it is good. He then asked her to play the part with him. His staff, the boys read the dialogues while Anthony do the character of Hyun Min. Go Eun was hesitant to go along but in the end she tried. When they both faced each other, omo, that's when the chemistry was at it's best! I was holding my breath literally waiting for Anthony to kiss her just like in the script. They were looking at each other's faces and you can feel the tension!

Yes! They are looking good together. The other scene was the ending part, where Anthony was drunk and she helped him put to bed but suddenly he seized her hand and ask...

 “What do you think of him” Kim questions with his completely-sober-looking eyes open. Lee finds herself speechless and just stares at him. “What?” she mutters. Anthony Kim speaks clearly: “What do you think of me as a guy?” Embarrassed, Lee stays mum, just staring at his face.

Now, this is what I call, another cliff hanging scene. 

Looking forward to episode 12!!!