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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Jang Dong Gun...Currently My Favorite Lead Actor

I have posted several thoughts about A Gentleman's Dignity, and keep on saying that I like Jang Dong Gun and the character he is playing, yet haven't really wrote anything about him. To start off, I will officially say that he is currently my favorite leading actor now. 

Jang Dong-gun picture, pics and wallpaper

This was what he looked like when I first saw him in All About Eve. More buff and his face has more flesh then.

If Jang Dong Gun Wears or Eats it on “A Gentleman’s Dignity” it Will Sell!

This is now, as Kim Do Jin in A Gentleman's Dignity. Time had passed since All About Eve and he looks leaner now. Still handsome but in a more mature way. The same piercing eyes that makes your heart flutter when looking at him.

I just can't get over him after watching every week's episodes. He leaves his fans a lasting impression that will stay till the next episode. His cute facial expressions are adorable, despite his age, which is still very much appealing to all ages.

I read that his fans were very generous and brought food to the filming set of his current drama. Since this is Jang Dong Gun's comeback in small screen they were very supportive to him. 

the news:

Jang Dong Gun’s Fanclub Gifts Food Truck to “A Gentleman’s Dignity”

cre: soompi.com

Jang Dong Gun’s Fanclub Gifts Food Truck to “A Gentleman’s Dignity”

Jang Dong Gun‘s fanclub surprised their favorite actor with a food truck with 100 servings of food at the filming set of SBS “A Gentleman’s Dignity” to celebrate his return to the small screen after twelve years. Jang Dong Gun’s fanclub prepared a dinner truck for all actors, actresses, and crew members of “A Gentleman’s Dignity” on June 21. The food truck had traditional Korean meal consisting of rice, soup, and several side dishes,as well as desserts such as ice cream and nuts.
Jang Dong Gun thanked his fans, “I am so touched by my fans’ heartfelt gift. They are so considerate. Thank you for allowing us to have a chance to grab a warm, hearty meal with all the staff members who are working so hard for this show.” A crew member on the filming set of “A Gentleman’s Dignity” added, “We understand that there are many people out there who watch our show and support us. We will try our best to make a good, memorable TV drama together until the end.”
“A Gentleman’s Dignity” features Jang Dong Gun, Kim Ha NeulKim Soo RoKim Min Jong, and Lee Jong Hyuk and airs every Saturdays and Sundays at 9:50pm KST on SBS.

Fans are really great. 
Another news that caught my attention was that Jang Dong Gun is a great endorser. He does not have to promote the things he wear or eat, people watching him will just wear or buy the things they saw JDG have in the drama.
the news: 

If Jang Dong Gun Wears or Eats it on “A Gentleman’s Dignity” it Will Sell!

cre: soompi.com

If Jang Dong Gun Wears or Eats it on “A Gentleman’s Dignity” it Will Sell!

Jang Dong Gun is a walking advertisement because of the character “Kim Do Jin” on the SBS drama “A Gentleman’s Dignity.” It appears that anything he wears or eats is selling out online. Even the car that he drives on the show or the pins that he wears comes up as search engine terms.
For example, Jang Dong Gun appeared on the TV series with a clothing pin that is worth more than $1,000. The pin is currently sold out.
On the show Jang Dong Gun is always eating vitamins with water. Viewers of the show are asking internet vitamin shops where they can purchase the vitamins.
One pharmaceutical representative stated, “We get a lot of questions about the vitamins that Jang Dong Gun consumes on the show. We get questions from people in South Korea and overseas. We can’t tell you exactly how many of the vitamins are being sold. But, even though the product is pretty old, we are getting many offers for advertisements.”

Surely the companies of these products are very happy.
 But who is Jang Dong Gun?
I decided to post his profile here. Although I will say beforehand that he is a married man already, [sigh] to those who had missed this information.

Jang Dong-gun (born March 7, 1972) is a top South Korean actor best known for appearing in hit films such as Friend (2001) and Taegukgi: The Brotherhood of War (2004).

Early life

Spending his childhood in Yongsan-guSeoul, he later went on to the Korea National University of Arts School of Drama, dropping out before obtaining a degree.[1]

Personal life

The famously private actor surprised the country in November 2009 when he went public with his two-year romance with Ko So-young.[24][25] Since co-starring together in the 1999 film Love Wind Love Song, rumors about Jang and Ko had spread several times in the past, but both had consistently denied them. The announcement immediately sparked speculation of an impending marriage although it wasn't until March 2010 that Jang officially told his fans at a fan meeting that he would be marrying Ko in May.[26] After months of media frenzy leading up to their nuptials,[27][28][29][30] the two tied the knot on May 2, 2010 in an extravagant wedding ceremony at Seoul's Shilla Hotel which was attended by their A-list celebrity friends, swarms of reporters and fans from around the world.[31][32][33]
Their son was born on October 4, 2010.[34][35][36][37]
Jang is a practicing Buddhist, having first explored Buddhist writings while hospitalized in high school, after undergoing chest surgery.[38]

A Gentleman's Dignity is a good choice for a comeback. Jang Dong Gun definitely nailed it. His presence in the small screen made a difference to all viewers every week. A fact that is noted through the growing viewers of the drama every week. Jang Dong Gun plus a great cast and a beautiful story is already a winner.

[news + photos] Asia's Actor of the Year...is Jung Il Woo!

For a while now I have not posted anything about Jung Il Woo. But I miss his smile. So refreshing always. 

the news: 

Jung Il-woo is Asia’s actor of the year

Jung Il-woo won the Asia’s Male Actor award at the 2012 Huading Awards on Wednesday.
The annual awards show in Beijing recognizes the Chinese public’s favorite entertainers. Jung became the first non-Chinese entertainer to be nominated and win an award since the awards started seven years ago.
Accepting the award, Jung thanked his Chinese fans in Mandarin and said it was an honor to take home the coveted award.
After the show, Jung also was named Most Popular Entertainer at the show in a poll by the search engine Sina.com.
The awards show had previously focused only on the Chinese entertainment scene, but this year decided to include all of Asia. Award winners were chosen through phone and online surveys as well as by a panel of entertainment insiders and experts.
His agency said Jung was invited following the popularity of last year’s “Flower Boy Ramen Shop.” The tvN production was No. 1 among dramas streamed in China.
By Carla Sunwoo
Source: Korea JoongAng Daily

Congratulations Il Woo!  Another achievement for you.

Well, since I am posting about Il Woo, I will share more.

Jung Il Woo Snaps a Photo While Chatting with Chinese Netizens

cre: soompi.com

Jung Il Woo Snaps a Photo While Chatting with Chinese Netizens

On July 6, Jung Il Woo’s agency tweeted, “Good News! Jung Il Woo has won an award in China. After the ceremony, he went straight to the hotel to chat with his fans on Weibo. How thoughtful…Ha…This is proof of that touching moment,” and attached photos of Jung Il Woo.
In the photos, the actor is dressed comfortably as he sits in front of his laptop, chatting away with his Chinese fans. He also gives a small smile to the camera as he flashed the peace sign.
Netizens commented, “Ahhh, he went straight to the hotel after the ceremony to talk with his fans. How very sweet of him,” “Such great fan service,” “He has such a kind heart,” “No wonder people love him so much,” and more.
Meanwhile, Jung Il Woo became the first Korean actor to win an award at the Huading Awards in Beijing, where he took home the “Best Asian Male Actor Award.”

Oh...how cute! Sharing sometime with fans. So kind.

some photos of Jung Il Woo
source: soompi.com
Jung Il Woo Becomes First Korean Actor to Win at the Chinese Huading Awards
Jung Il Woo Updates Fans from China

Choi Siwon Photo Update

cre: Choi Siwon

Bench Endorsement

120706 Dailyvita.net Splash page Update

SiwonZone Splage Update

Kim Hyun Joong Handshake @Osaka 120707 by MurdererQ

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source: kimhyunjoonhthailand

Kim Hyun Joong in Let's Party Dance Rehearsals

cre:Henecia Nepal@fb

Thursday, July 5, 2012

More News on Kim Hyun Joong's HEAT in Japan and more Photos

Kim Hyun Joong's new album HEAT is literally hot! On the day of it's release, July 4, the album sales has gone up and making it number1 in Oricon Daily Chart. HEAT is Hyun Joong's second album in Japan. I know how popular he is and it was already tested during the launch of his two previous mini albums in Korea and the first album in Japan which all sold amazingly fast. I, for one had been anxious when my copy was delayed due to high demand. 

But it continues to surprise me that his popularity even soars high and making him as a solo artist one of the most successful so far against the popular groups. We know how difficult it is to make it as a [successful] solo artist but Hyun Joong makes it seem piece of cake. I for one will not assume it is because of his beautiful face, but rather the whole package, the entertainer who give his all while performing and of course let's not forget the dedication he puts into while preparing for every single event, in this case, making the album. 

Reading that he had beaten DBSK, who is so popular in Japan, in terms of album sales first day, I was awed! Chongmal, chongmal, chongmal daebak!

Well, the news about the HEAT release in Japan and the Guerrilla Concert that took place on the same day...

cre: soompi.com

Kim Hyun Joong Breaks DBSK’s record with “HEAT”

Kim Hyun Joong Breaks DBSK’s record with “HEAT”

Currently Kim Hyun Joong’s second Japanese single album “Heat” is really heating up! After its release on July 4, “Heat” has already reached 138,000 in sales in a day and reached #1 on the Oricon Daily Chart. This beats Kim Hyun Joong’s own record for his Japanese debut album “Kiss Kiss/Lucky Guy” that sold 72,000 copies. But, it also beat DBSK’s record. In January, DBSK’s “Why” had sold 133,000 copies on the day of its release.
“Heat” created a lot of waves when it was revealed that the famous Japanese musician “B’Z” had worked on the album.
A representative in Japan stated, “The response for Kim Hyun Joong’s album ‘Heat’ is explosive. Kim Hyun Joong’s Japanese popularity and the high quality producing of ‘B’Z’ have created a great synergy. We believe this is the reason for the success of ‘Heat.’”
On July 7, Kim Hyun Joong will hold a handshake event in Osaka.

Kim Hyun Joong Holds Guerrilla Concert

Kim Hyun Joong Holds Guerrilla Concert

Kim Hyun Joong surprised fans on July 4, the day of the release for his Japanese second single album “HEAT.” At 1PM, he held a guerrilla concert at the Odaiba Shiokaze Park. Although details of the guerilla concert were not released in advance, many fans gathered for the concert. The Kim Hyun Joong fans froze up the park.
At the guerrilla concert, he performed “Let’s Party” for the first time. The amount of fans at the event was nearly 1,000.
A representative at the event stated, “It is a rare event that so many individuals gathered together in the afternoon. We were able to witness the popularity of Kim Hyun Joong that he has been building up since his successful national tour last year, and the promotions for his debut album back in January, 2012.”
Kim Hyun Joong began his promotions for the second single album on July 3, with a handshake event. Nearly 5,000 fans attended the event.

as labelled

Kim Hyun Joong gathers 5,000 fans to his release event

Singer Kim Hyun Joong held a promo event for his new single album, connecting with more than 5,000 Japanese fans.
At the event, which took place in Tokyo on July 3, Kim greeted his fans who came to see him –even in the rain.
Kim garnered anticipation for his second single “Heat,” along with the track “Let’s Party.” The title track “Heat” particularly caught the eyes of many Japanese fans because it was written by the popular Japanese group B’z.
Kim will showcase his new song live on the July 4 episode of Fuji TV’s entertainment program “Non-stop,” and will also appear on Nippon Television Network’s show “Happy Music” on July 6.
Kim will also host “Kim Hyun-joong ‘Heat’ 2012 in Japan,” an exclusive event for album buyers, on July 15 at the Saitama Super Arena.
Source: JoongAng Daily

Kim Hyun Joong Hits First Place on the Oricon Daily Singles Chart
Kim Hyun Joong is making Heat on the Oricon chart! 

According to Oricon’s chart update, Kim Hyun Joong’s second single Heat sold 137,774 copies on its first day of sales on July 4 to reach the top spot for the Oricon Daily Singles chart. 

He was able to best Morning Musume, selling more than twice the popular girl group’s new single which shifted 56,139 copies. 

Kim Hyun Joong’s Heat also sold nearly twice the 71,812 copies his debut first single Japanese album Kiss Kiss/ Lucky Guy sold on its first day of sales on January 25. 

As part of promotions for his new single, Kim Hyun Joong will hold live performances on July 14 and 15 at Saitama Super Arena.

2PM and 2AM’s theme song One Day for their documentary movie Beyond the One Day also made its debut on the same day in fifth place. 

Photo credit: Oricon
Reporter : Stewart Ho (stoo@cj.net)

More Photos of Kim Hyun Joong ...

120705 Hyun Joong @ Ginza Japan

cre: kimhyunjoongthailand@facebook
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@ tsutaya, tower record in shibuya

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more photos ...

Handshake Event at Odaiba 7-3-2012

source: HeneciaPhil@facebook
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