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Saturday, September 15, 2012

[episode 10] To The Beautiful You Screencaps Update + mslee's thoughts

Oh no! Exactly my thoughts after seeing the end of episode 10. A very wicked and devious Han Na up smarting Tae Joon and Jae Hee. Using her knowledge of the true identity  of Jae Hee, her hurt feelings soon made her mind think of a way to get a hold over Tae Joon. She knew how he feels for Jae Hee, and it was her advantage of knowing that. She is going to use this opportunity to make Tae Joon  do this favor for her. She would shut her mouth and not tell the secret.

Oh my...I want to slap her! Can I? :))

My feelings after she made the announcement publicly through the interview that she is dating Kang Tae Joon. Jae Hee was surprised and of course, shocked and hurt. The rendezvous she shared with Tae Joon became a mockery. I am really pissed off! To think that finally Tae Joon is building up that courage to accept his feelings towards Jae Hee, he even hugged her when he realized it, but all these will come to waste? Han Na, you are making me mad at you! :))


I was sad for Cha Eun Gyul not making it to the nationals. It was a dream for him and a promised to Jae Hee. I felt his sadness. He was heartbroken. Will he be able to confess? Although he is also one who may be a strong rival of Tae Joon in Jae Hee's heart, I love this guy. He is such an adorable 
 and cute and funny guy who makes the series more enjoyable to watch.

As for John Kim, why now, when Jae Hee has feelings for Tae Joon? Why it took him so long to realize his affection for her? 

Well, it somehow added to many more complications that affects Jae Hee's mind.   

I should have wrote this yesterday, but because TTBY is becoming interesting as episodes increased, I watched it twice. To absorb the feelings. To grin all I want while watching. In short, I can't have enough of TTBY!

for screencaps, here are they


Kang Tae Joon...ottoke? What will you do next? :))

Park Shin Hye, The New Ambassador for Daejong Film Award

Together with Joo Sang Wook, Park Shin Hye also became the new Ambassador for Daejong Film Awards.

cre:  en.korea.com

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[photos] Kim Hyun Joong @Jaksal - Still the Humble Businessman

Another reason why many fans love Hyun Joong. Not only for his charisma as an entertainer, but his humble personality really makes every fan smile with warmth in their hearts. He is one of the most successful solo artist of today, one who has conquered Asia and other countries as well, a man who has shown he is capable of reaching his goals and a businessman on the side as well. A friend who promised and realized a dream for his chingus. 

Jaksal Chicken Restaurant, his business he started a few years back with non showbiz friends. They do the management, he takes care of the financial side. A promised made that he really fulfilled.

I say that Hyun Joong stayed humble after all these years and after all his success. He was always spotted visiting Jaksal's, even the original restaurant before he opened another branch where his mother managed it. With his busy schedules, he has time for a quick stop every now and then regardless of people or fans waiting there in hope for his presence and not minding if they asked or lined up for a signature. Photos were quickly uploaded and shared by fans who had gone there and had a glimpse of him. 

A fan photo of Hyun Joong inside Jaksal will always draw attention to people especially to fans. It's what makes him human like any other person. His mere presence in a restaurant like Jaksal though he co owns it makes him more bigger than what he is right now, a superstar. A superstar who knows his way to his friends and family and not bothered by his status. A simple guy who dreamed when he was young, reached what he wished for and still stay grounded.

Recently, some photos were once again uploaded with Kim Hyun Joong @Jaksal and what was he doing there? :))


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OMO!!! :))
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Credit: @nameless0606@nameless0606
Credit: @lyna0606lyna0606

Kim Hyun Joong, still the humble businessman.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Update : Episode 9 - To The Beautiful You Recap + screen caps

The awaited episode! After all the BTS, the spoiler photos, the stills, I watched this episode twice. It's one of the good episodes. 

The S'more prepared by Jae Hee for Tae Joon was tasted by Eun Gyul. Tae Joon left with Han Na that night and went back to Seoul. Jae Hee was a bit disappointed.

While Han Na and Tae Joon was together.

Tae Joon feels like an older brother to Han Na, yet, Han Na hasn't realized this too. Personally, as I have not yet watched Hana Kimi, I am n ot familiar with the story but I see chemistry between Han Na and Seung Ri. :))

 Eun Gyul changed his hairstyle...

Look who is taking photos of Jae Hee secretly!

Oopppsss...she almost caught him! 

Johnny Kim, Jae Hee's first love from America came to Seoul and visited her, surprising her by kidnapping her all of a sudden in broad daylight, inside the campus, while she was walking with Tae Joon, Eun Gyul and Seung Ri. It was a joke on Johnny. But not knowing his presence in Korea, Jae Hee was first alarmed and Tae Joon kept running after them. 

Giving a hard punch when he did catch up. Seriously, Tae Joon is unaware of how he has been acting towards Jae Hee. So protective of him, but it did not escape Johnny's sharp observation.

Johnny is Jae Hee's first love...

Tae Joon was jealous...

and of course... Eun Gyul, too.

Tae Joon was torn between going to Canada to pursue his dream and to stay in Korea.

The reason...

The funny thing was when Jae Hee and Johnny was to go on a date, sightseeing in Seoul, Tae Joon volunteered to came along, then Eun Gyul too.

This particular scene caught me, I played it over and over, still, I am sure, Minho was definitely holding Sulli's wrist. An oversight by the director and camera men perhaps? I really wonder if it is a part of the scene, coz it does not make sense, Jae Hee was supposed to be a guy, right? Why hold hands with Tae Joon?:))

Well, anyway, the outing ended in the studio where Johnny was doing his work as a professional 
photographer. He was short on models, ergo, both Tae Joon and Eun Gyul posed as replacement models. Johnny asked Tae Joon why he still keep pretending not knowing Jae Hee as a girl. He answered that he wanted Jae Hee to stay by his side.


My favorite scene so far...

Well, the episode ended with Eun Gyul surprising not only himself but the two, Tae Joon and Jae Hee both in the same bed, sleeping. Jae Hee was sick the night before and Tae Joon cared for her.

Exciting episode 10. Can't wait to watch!