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Friday, August 12, 2011

[Trans] Kim Hyun Joong - 'Tuoi tre' Newspaper Interview [2011.08.12]

by 더블에스오공일 (Double S 501)

Hello, Kim Hyun Joong, this is the first time you have come to Vietnam. There are so many, many fans of yours in Vietnam, especially young girls. Do you know about that?

KHJ - I arrive in Vietnam on 10/8 evening and really surprised when seeing lots of fans waiting for me at the airport, major of which are young people. Howeverm for the security reason, I had to use VIP gate, couldm't wave at them so they might have thought I'm a bit cold, I truly feel sorry and want to send my apoligy to them. Becausr of their enthusiasm, when turning back to Korea, i will consider holding a concert in Vietnam.

* At present, you are very famous over the whole Asia. Have money and fame changed anything in your life? Have you ever wished you hadn’t been famous?
KHJ - I think, for a singer or an actor, fame is the measure of success. I have to be famous to be considered doing good my job.... But it also makes me tired, and sometimes makes me want to quit. However, on the second thoughts, I think I best suit for this job, I have worked hard and I will have to work harder.

KHJ - As everyone knows, Korean showbiz includes movies, television, music... It is huge and influential in other countries. Professional work environment is good for artists. But the severity and high level of elimination are quite hard for us. For a singer/actor like me, besides practicing, acting, performing, I just want to sleep. Every week, I only have about 24 hours in all to sleep. But to maintain the Hallyu wave in Asia, I will have to practice more on my singing, dancing as well as my acting.

*After Boys over Flowers, you have become the dream prince to many young girls over Asia with your long hair and sad eyes, But in "Break Down", which is just released, you have shown a totally different image:  strong, masculine, experienced. Why did you change your image?

KHJ - My previous image in BOF was a little bit feminine, because that character was a rich boy, quite introverted and unhappy. But that drama ended 3 years ago. Now I want to portray the image of a grown man through new dramas, new albums. Because 3 years has gone by, I'm 3 years older and of course, many things have changed.

In 3-day schedule in VN, besides being the representative for TFS, Kim Hyun Joong will attend a fansign for 3000 fans in Ho Chi Minh City. At this fansign, 3 standees of KHJ will be auctioned for project Children Smile to cover the surgical cost for children with facial deformities including cleft lips and palates in Vietnam. KHJ will depart from HCMC on 12/8 evening.

At the press conference at HCMC on 12/8 morning, answering a question related to his song Please getting banned by the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family, he said that he was sorry and that this song was for adults and its getting banned maybe because of the different point of view.

Credits: http://tuoitre.vn/ + News@TripleSVN.com (English translation)

[12/08/11] Kim Hyun Joong @ The Face Shop fanmeet in Vietnam

By 더블에스오공일 (Double S 501)

[11.08.2011][Interview] Talking with Kim Hyun Joong

Reposted from News@triplesvn.com
Credit: http://idol.com.vn
English translation: hippoluvkhj @TripleSVN.com
Please repost with full credit! Thanx!

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How do you feel when you arrived here in Vietnam?

HJ-(Smile) Actually, I was landed here very late last night so I couldn’t see your city. But this morning when I woke up, I have observed the city from the hotel’s balcony and It was so cool. I arrived lately and the weather quite hot, I have never experienced this kind of weather before.

Do you know that in Vietnam, you’re very famous and the members in your fanclub is even “bigger” than other Vietnamese artists’ ?

HJ- As you have known, the K-pop industry is very popular in Vietnam and it has made a deep impression on teenagers here. I’m very happy because of the love that Vietnamese fans gave me. Last night, although it was very late but they still waited for me at the airport, and it was really hard for me to get out of the crowd. That’s the motivation which makes me work harder.

However, when you see the Vietnamese fans, you was quite frosty and seems like you didn’t smile much, that makes the fans feel not really close?

HJ - (Smile) Oh, it was not like that. When I arrived here, I didn’t expect that there was so many fans brought the banners and posters to welcome my first time in Vietnam. I’m very worried about the security here. I worried that something bad will happens to them and I always tell the manager to protect them. It makes me nervous so you have the feeling that I’m not friendly

Many Korean stars come to Vietnam felt very impressive on their fans ‘s cheerfulness, and even some of them felt uncomfortable because of “the crazy fans”. What about you, do you feel uncomfortable because of “the crazy fans” ?

HJ -I don’t feel like that about the cheerfulness or craziness from my fans. The cheerfulness of the fans makes me feel confident so that I could be stronger. I will have to remind myself to work harder in every movies and also in my music to make sure that you’ll always love me.

These days, you have “exploded” with the new concept, and your blonde hair in “Boys over flowers drama” was disparaged about your gender. Was that the reason why you changed your image?

HJ -(Laugh) What an interesting question! However, I’m an actor so changing the concept that make the audience “feel” my character is needed.
These days, I have changed to a strong, menly concept because I always want to bring something new to the audience. It’s the purpose that almost artists want to do.

Kim Hyun Joong sometimes look strong, manly and sometimes look cute…So how is the real “people” inside you?

HJ -I’m very manly, just think about me like that.

Recently, your song “Please” was banned because it caused a bad effect on children. How do you feel?

HJ -This song is for adult, it was banned because the culture in each country is different. But I think you can listen to it.

With the love of Vietnamese fans, what will you do to say “thanks” to them?

HJ - I’m very happy and touched because of the fans. Waiting for hours at the airport although it was late. I’ll have a meeting with you guys tomorrow. If I would have a chance, I hope to hold a concert in Vietnam in the future ^^.

(Video) Playful Kiss Japan Event

[110802] Kim Hyun Joong - Jung So Min PK FanMeet Japan - Games part

cre: pluiekiss

Eng Translation-Playful Kiss "talk" Afternoon Show

translation: tlbpc@soompi.com

Source: http://navicon.jp/news and 日饭Blog
Translated by :大毛&由幽&Annie and 莹水
From: www.hyunbar66.cn and Baidu HyunMin Bar

I have translated the Tokyo PK FM - Talk & Live from two sources and combined them into one specially for those who don't read Chinese. Actually I am quite confuse about the 2 shows, so I may have put some parts from the afternoon show together with the night show.  Hope you guys don't mind after all we just want to know what they said mainly.

Afternoon show 

MC: PK has completed a year ago?
HJ : To be precise, it has been 1 year and a month (after looking at his watch somewhat sadly)
MC : That precise, Thank you.

MC: Just as long as KHJ open his mouth, need not care what’s said fans will be very happy.  How about JSM?
MM: Although I have attended the event once in Osaka but still feel very nervous.  I may make little mistakes, hope everyone will forgive me.
MC: Ms SM seem thinner than in PK now
MM : Could be that I’ve aged, the flesh on my cheeks are a little loosen.  I always eat in front of others,  same when I’m alone, so I’ve become how I am now. (SM isn’t old yet and the audience laughed)
MC: HJ how do you feel on knowing you will be acting in this TV drama?
HJ: Because before PK I’ve acted in BOF, so was feeling quite indecisive whether to act in another teen girl manga character but I heard that girls’ craze for these 2 manga is similar to guys' love for “Dragon Ball” or “Slam Dunk” so to be able to act in 2 teen girls manga favorites I feel very honoured.

MC: What is it like to act as the HaNi who would not stop at anything to reach her goal?
MM: When acting I was really converted by her brave and optimistic character.  Although the filming process is very hard but because of acting such a happy character, unknowingly I had also become very cheerful.
MC: When in university was Japanese and sports your forte?
MM: I learned Japanese after High School then from TV dramas and movies on my own, as for my forte it’s still early to say …

(Not sure when this comes in where MM said these)
MM: A lot of sleep, no make-up, that’s how complexion will be good
MM likes the colour blue

About which is the most memorable scene in PK
HJ: Most impressive scene is the kiss in the rain.  There wasn’t enough water and have to complete at one take.
HJ: Precisely so, no NG, thinking it will be a very beautiful and intense kissing scene.
MC: How about Ms SM?
MM: Also that kissing scene, I wasn’t feeling well that day, sometimes I’d cough and causes NG... feel very apologetic to everyone.  I was thinking if it can be completed early.  In Korea, when not feeling well we can use a needle to prick the finger to release blood, so I asked the sound-man to help me with it.

MC: When at Osaka HJ ever said that if girlfriend can’t cook will go out for food?
HJ (smiling sweetly): It’s the 21st century now, we can use various sort of services.  If there’s someone to accompany in life isn’t that better?  If want to cook for your boyfriend but after a year and feel troublesome, that’s when to make use of restaurants and live happily, isn’t it better?  If everyone feel the same way as me, please smile a while. (My note: in another translation, here its to raise their hands if the audience agree with what HJ said)

MC: SM like Seung Jo or Joon Gu? (A question from a fan)
MM: Ammm….Bong Seung Jo (Combination of BSJ and BJG? How witty)

MC: Is SM and Ha Ni alike? Will you like someone like BSJ although he is very handsome but with a very introvert character?
MM: From a certain degree she’s really a very brave girl, she's unafraid and just go ahead.  I don't think I can do so, I’m afraid of getting hurt, but if in my life when I found true love, it’s very important that I’d convey my feeling properly.

About episode 1 when SJ return the love letter to HN
MM: Everybody feel very sorry for me but SJ is also human and is also very pitiful.

About birthday
MM immediately said : Kelp soup
HJ : Cake
MC: Mum's kelp soup (Here need to fill in some details, the MC had a chat earlier with MM backstage, MM told her that she's eating the almonds her Mum plucked from last year daily, such that the MC can feel how close is she with her Mum and that's why she mentioned Mum's seaweed soup.)
Here HJ at this moment said without a thought : Because I'm living alone.

About Oh Ha Ni
MM: My earlier drama were with those of a wider age difference, very happy that this one was with those closer to my age.
MM wrote KHJ's name in Korean but the MC said it's wrong.
HJ kept asking anxiously : Oh Ha Ni? (he said it 3 times because he can't figure this one out)
MC: You have forgotten?
MM giving hints to HJ: Think simply.  It's simple! It's simple!
HJ shake his head and very quickly have the answer : I've written it
Both reveal their answer : BSJ (the audience clapped)
HJ: Thought much, I was thinking will SM write BSJ or a fool?
MM said it's simple that's to say it's BSJ.

About Baek Seung Jo
MM: Genius
HJ: IQ200
MC: Finally both answers are the same. Out of 6 questions 3 are the same.  Entirely different from the Osaka show.....but still have to go thru forfeit time.

To be continued ..... 

(photo) KHJ-THEFACESHOP Colorful Bracelet

By 더블에스오공일 (Double S 501)

Credit: www.kenh14.vn 

2,000 fans flood Vincom Plaza in Vietnam for Kim Hyun Joong

by  @allkpop

Hallyu star Kim Hyun Joong captured the hearts of 2,000 fans who awaited his arrival in Vietnam.
Kim Hyun Joong, who’s currently in the midst of promoting his album across all of Asia, flew into Vietnam at 10:30am on August 10th. 2,000 fans waited for his arrival at the airport and screamed havoc once he stepped off the plane.
In response, Kim Hyun Joong smiled and waved at the girls, and made his best effort to greet as many of them individually as possible. There were enough fans at the airport to block street traffic, and Kim Hyun Joong’s vehicle couldn’t leave the airport premises for quite some time. The news of his arrival spread quickly and the Vietnamese media couldn’t get enough of him.

The next day, he sat down to conduct formal interviews for Vietnamese newspapers, magazines, and TV programs. The media was extremely interested in him as he was asked in-depth questions about his current album, and the next steps he plans to take as an entertainer.
He then made his way to Vincom Plaza to visit The Face Shop for which he is the model for.
Kim Hyun Joong plans to visit most of Asia during the month of August, including Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia, Thailand, and the Philippines.

Source: Star News via Nate

(videos) Kim Hyun Joong @Vietnam August 2011

Kim Hyun Joong at Vincom Center in Vietnam [2011.08.11] 
Credit: TripleSVN501 @ YouTube

[11/08/11] Hyunjoong @ TFS event in Vietnam 2
(Credits: kenh14.vn + leenongkan2 @ YT)

[11/08/11] Hyunjoong @ TFS event in Vietnam 1
(Credits: kenh14.vn + leenongkan2 @ YT)

 [11/08/11] Hyunjoong @ TFS event in Vietnam 3
(Credits: kenh14.vn + leenongkan2 @ YT)

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Exclusive interview with Kim Hyun Joong (Press Con in Vietnam)

by 더블에스오공일 (Double S 501)

With an open-hearted and his friendliness, in a small conversation at Hyun Joong’s own room, but Kim Hyun Joong seems like he doesn’t want to show his beautiful smile much.

Q: How do you feel when you saw the love of the fans waiting at the airport and the hotel last night?
HJ: I was really surprised and happy, it has overcome my thought about the loves of Vietnamese fans before. But it also the reason that makes me worried for their safety.

Q: There are some comments said that you are “economizing” your smile a bit when you come here!
HJ: Firstly, it because of the late flight, and the other side is because I was worried for the fans’s safety. Hope that in the next activities here in Vietnam, especially in the fanmeeting, I could have more chances to meet all of the fans.

Q: Recently, your song “Please” get banned by the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family, do you want to share something about this?
HJ:I think this song is suitable for adult audience, so I think you could listen to it.

Q:After overcame the Asia music industry, do you plan to attend the world’s music industry?
HJ: Now, I’m having activities in Asia and of course I really want to develop all around the world. I have a plan in next year…

Credit: kenh14.vn
English translation: Hippoluvkhj@TripleSVN.com

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Two pictures with Hyun Joong’s signature will be sold by auction today

By tackseal at 2011-08-10

posted by nycgirl@soompi.com

[TRANS + DL LINK] Up-close to HyunJoong at hotel room

credit: Angel4N (@Luv4DBrothers)

HyunJoong is very friendly in the interview at his private room, although he rarely shows his “heart-melting” smile.

Reporter: What is your feeling when you see your fans waiting for you at the airport and hotel last night?

HJL: I’m really surprised and happy. It’s beyond my imagination about Vietnamese fans’ love for me. However, because fans were waiting at night, I worried about their safety

Reporter: There is comment that you “rarely” smile this time coming to Vietnam!

HJL: Partly because the flight was so late at night. Also, the reason is that I worry about fans’ safety. I hope that in next activities and at fan meeting event, I’ll be able to communicate with all my fans.

Reporter: Recently, your song “Please” got banned as harmful media in Korea. What do you think about this?

HJL: This is a song with performance style for adults, so I think you guys can listen to it

Reporter: After winning the heart of so many people in Asia, do you plan to expand into the world music industry?

HJL: Right now I’m having activities in Asia. Of course, I want to expand my work to all over the world. I’m having a plan for next year.

(OMO..this admin Angel4N is jumping up and down when I see this. US please oppa)

Here are up-close pics of HJ during the interview: http://www.mediafire...aj2vftw04fm4y33 (cr: Kenh14)

Source: Kenh14 News Site Original Link: http://kenh14.vn/c1/...g-khach-san.chn
English Translation + Download link: Admin Angel4N
(Please take out with full credit)

(photos) KHJ Vietnam...2011August

cre: http://ss501explorer.blogspot.com

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Interview Photo [2011.08.11]

Credit:  http://kenh14.vn/c1/2011081101064017/kim-huyn-joong-giai-thich-li-do-khong-chiu-cuoi.chn

THE FACESHOP Press Conference, Vietnam [2011.08.11]

Credit: http://kenh14.vn/c1/20110811103943939/kim-hyun-joong-sieu-dep-trai-tai-buoi-hop-bao-sang-nay.chn

THE FACESHOP Vincom Plaza [2011.08.11]

Credit: http://kenh14.vn/c1/2011081103254280/kim-hyun-joong-gay-bao-khap-trung-tam-thuong-mai.chn

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