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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Hyun Joong at FC soccer match today.




[26/03/11] Kim Hyun Joong @ FC Men Soccer Match —-
1st game: 4-1 (Hyunjoong scored 2 goals);
2nd game: 0-3 (FC Men lost)
Final result: TIE.
*Thanks to @kathy1218*
(Credits: JYJ Telzone + @KHJ860606_fan + kimhyunjoong24.com + @KHJPERFECT + sharingyoochun.net)

Watching Secret Garden for the 2nd Time

School vacation starts early this year, so it means my time is more flexible now. Will have more hours to kill, after doing some errands and finishing work the soonest possible time.

Listening alone to soundtracks of this drama is enough to miss Kim Joo Won and Gil Ra Im. Really love the music "That Man" , and whenever it was played, I felt my heart squeeze for the both of them.

Watching it for the second time, I concentrate even more and feel the lines to understand the drama and the characters, especially, Kim Joo Won.

A rich man falling in love with a poor girl. This is the fact that he could not accept fully at the beginning of the story. Is it so hard for a rich man to be in love with a common girl? Is that how our society is?

Anyway, what makes this real is the fact the KJW's Omma acted the same till the very end of the story. I guess, there are really mothers of her kind, who will not accept the fate of her child when it comes to love. Rich has to be married to rich...whatever happens.

Well, for now I will enjoy the rest of the drama, where KJW and GRI switched place.
So funny, I can't help but laugh:))

Just want to add that Oska and Yoon Seul's love story is also beautiful...

below are the beautiful soundtracks...

Hyun Bin’s impressive military discipline displayed through a video message

by phenom

A video message with actor Hyun Bin has been released to the public.
On March 25th, the Marine Corps released images of the recruit platoon 1137 on their official website. The video message contains a representative message of one trainee and shows the glimpses of the other trainees’ faces.
In the video, Hyun Bin is standing straight up without a blink of an eye – displaying his unwavering military discipline. No longer a celebrity, but Kim Tae Pyung (real name) the trainee, Hyun Bin didn’t receive any special treatment – he was shown for only a brief moment like the others, although, even in that second, he was still able to catch people’s attention.
The video message from Hyun Bin’s platoon was clearly different from the other platoons’ video messages, in that Hyun Bin’s platoon’s message received many more views – proving Hyun Bin’s vast popularity.
Netizens commented, “Although the video passed by in a flash, he is eye-catchingly handsome”, “He is completely discipined”, “Everyone is probably having a hard time, cheer up”, and “Very masculine.”
Source: Newsen via Nate

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Kim Hyun Joong is busily recording for his solo album


SS501’s leader, Kim Hyun Joong, is finally working towards releasing his debut solo album!
On March 24th, a representative from KeyEast Entertainment spoke through OSEN and revealed, “Kim Hyun Joong has been living in the recording room and is busily recording his newest tracks. Since it is his first solo album apart from his group, he’s filled with both determination and effort.”
Aside from attending photoshoot schedules, the singer/actor has cleared everything in his path so that he could focus entirely on his music. Whether it’s night or day, representatives revealed that he would be seen in and out of the recording room for hours on end, surprising everyone with his passion.
The representative continued, “He’s been expressing his ideas and opinions on his album’s concept and the tracks to be included. He’s working very hard to exude a different charm as a soloist, which will distinguish him from his usual image as a SS501 member. “
His solo album will be released by May at the earliest, or by June at the latest.

Source: OSEN via Nate

Behind the scenes of ’ Playful Kiss’ featured in Japan.

Hyun Bin and Song Hye Kyo voted as couple most likely to get back together


Hyun Bin and Song Hye Kyo have been voted as the couple who will most likely get back together.
The movie “Last Night”, soon to premiere in Korea on April 7th, is about two people who cannot forget about each other despite their break up. Using this, a poll asked netizens to pick the celebrity couple who cannot forget about each other and will end up back together.
The poll resulted with Hyun Bin and Song Hye Kyo ranking in first with 73% of the votes. Netizens have stated, “They fit really well together~ I wish they will meet up again,” “It’s really sad to hear that Hyun Bin went to the military but with the break up… it’s really upsetting.”
2nd place went to Gil and Park Jung Ah. Following them was Kim Min Hee and Lee Soo Hyuk, andYoon Jin Suh and Lee Taek Geun.
Source + Picture: Newsen via Yahoo! Korea

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Athena: Goddess of War..the conclusion[mslee's thoughts]

On the 3rd night of my movie marathon, finally reached the ending of the story.

There was this okay chemistry for both Hae In and Jung Woo at the first episodes of the series. But after Jae Hee appeared in the mid of the story...I find myself torn between the two beautiful ladies. Who I want more to end with Jung Woo.

As a romantic, I always felt that there will always be a connection to our first love. That what we felt then, nothing will compare. But in the story, it seemed that JW had moved on after he broke up with JH, for the sole reason that her father asked JW to let go of her to avoid further harm, because of the nature of their work as an agent.

Although the reason was not acceptable, he did broke up with her. To make the story more appealing, he fell in love again with Hae In, who was a spy and an enemy and led him to believe her sincerity to hid her agenda. It was a betrayal which would hurt Jung Woo deeply.

I felt sorry for Jae Hee, working with Jung Woo who still resides inside her heart, yet seeing him looking in love with another girl and always caring for her. The look in Jae Hee's eyes whenever she stares at JW told how much she suffers inside.

But then...there was this scene where Jae hee and Son Hyuk had a night of passion together and I think that they made a hot couple. I thought that there would be a new love story for the two of them..but, yes, it was just a moment for the two of them.

Athena Sexy Scene [Lee Ji Ah & Cha Seung Won ep 10

Son Hyuk may be the bad guy in the story, but his love for Hae In is beautiful. Deep inside, he does not want to harm her but to protect her instead. It's his principles that made him wicked in the story.

The moment Son Hyuk fired at Jae Hee in the end is what makes the episode memorable for me. It was like ...Yes, Son Hyuk is the only one who should end her life, regardless of the night they spent together, it was also a kind of betrayal for Jae Hee's part.

At least in the end Jung Woo reached Jae Hee before she lost her last breath. At least I saw him cried and in pain...and sad. After all, Jae Hee was his first love.

Well, in the end, both Jung Woo and Hae In found their happy ending.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Responses to Korean Celebrity Donations

By: jbarky

As the Korean celebrities that lead Hallyu donate funds to the Japanese relief effort, many Japanese people are expressing their appreciation and how they are being moved. Because of these efforts, certain Japanese news sources are showing their thanks to the Korean donations. Also, various online communities are also expressing their thanks and their positive opinions about Korea. Some netizens are saying “Korean celebrities are doing something that Japanese celebrities can’t do easily,” “After Japan recovers I wish to go to Korea and express my thanks.”
Of course, on the flipside certain Japanese netizens are saying that “The Korean donations are just a front,” “The donations are merely an effort to dilute the issue of Dokdo.” (The controversy surrounding the island Dokdo and whether it belongs to Korea or Japan)
Even some Korean netizens expressed their criticism, “Donating is always good but we should focus on those individuals harmed through the attack on Yeunpyendo islands and the recent Foot and Mouth diseases.” Also about the amount of donations, “This isn’t a contest about who donates more money, somebody needs to draw the line.”

cre: soompi.com/news

Jung Woo Sung confirms that he is dating Lee Ji Ah


On the day of his 38th birthday, actor Jung Woo Sung addressed the rumors about his relationship with fellow “Athena” castmate, Lee Ji Ah (30). The actor has confirmed that he was indeed dating her.
Jung Woo Sung wrote a post on his official homepage that read, “Hello, this is Jung Woo Sung.  I have found a friend that my heart is moved by, and have been spending time together ever since the conclusion of my drama.  We are just now beginning.”
In response to his announcement, representatives of KeyEast Entertainment (Lee Ji Ah’s agency) stated, “As it is an issue regarding the private life of our artist, this is not something our agency can comment on.  Should the opportunity arise, Lee Ji Ah will be making her own announcement soon.”
Source + Photos: Star NewsAsia Economy via Naver