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Saturday, September 1, 2012

[screen caps] Five Fingers Episode 4 Update

Episode 4... Chae Young Rang made a mistake.

The rabbit pajamas saved Yoo Ji Ho. It was a gift from Young Rang to his son In Ha, but by twist of fate In Ha gave it to Ji Ho without even looking at it inside the box. When the house was already blazing with fire, Young Rang left the unconscious Man Se after she unintentionally knocked him down and hit his head over a sharp object lying on the floor. This was her chance. Her chance to make something happen in favor of In Ha.   She ripped the signed last will of Man Se stating Ji Ho to be the heir.

Running upstairs she lifted the child wearing the pajamas she gave. Only realizing after that it was the wrong child. In Ha was still inside the blazing house being saved by the deaf father of Hong Da Mi. 

Man Se and Da Mi's father passed away. In Ha injured so many burns. Young Rang was either a good and loving mother to In Ha or a greedy one who hates Ji Ho. This time it seemed that fate is by her side even though In Ha was suffering. But again, fate was not going according to her plans. Another will was found leaving 80% of shares to Ji Ho. She needed Ji Ho by her side to be able to survive and get revenge in the future. She became the President. All she wanted was to be by In Ha's side, but she could not. Not yet. Even breaking her promise to him of making Ji Ho go away.She kept her silence. And In Ha was hurt. His insecurities are piling up against Ji Ho who has a pure and loving heart.

14 years gone by. The story ended with both Ji Ho and In Ha already matured as young men.

Am still confused by Young Rangs personality. Sometimes she was crying while looking at her mother in law whose illness progressed. Was there guilt inside her heart? It was like good and evil were fighting within her. She is definitely making the story interesting. How far will she go?

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Friday, August 31, 2012

[screen caps] Episode 6 - To The Beautiful You...Funny Episode!

I am learning to like this drama. Not because there is something extra ordinary about it, but it brings out the laughter in me. It's good to watch series where you find yourself laughing and enjoying the whole time even if you are alone. And this particular drama is very funny and cute at the same time. The characters are lovable. Though the theme is not different from previous series I already saw, the difference lies in knowing early on the identity of Jae Hee by her roomate Tae Joon.

The highlights of the episode is the festival. Tae Joon became a barrista together with Eun Gyeol, Hyun Jae, Jong Min and Jae Hee.

Jong Min is always being annoying to Jae Hee and he made her wore the mascot. The cute thing was, Tae Joon made a drink for Jae Hee, but during the time he handed the drink, it was Eun Gyeol inside the mascot. Tae Joon is beginning to like Jae Hee little by little unknowingly.:))

The festival ended with the competition for Ms Genie. While Jae Hee was getting ready, someone stole her things. She has nowhere to hide except lock herself inside the dressing room while her classmates were outside pounding on the door  urging her to come out. A good thing Tae Joon was lurking outside the room when that guy stole her dress. He then tripped the guy and confronted him. The guy explained that he was just trying to get even with Jae Hee about what happened on their first encounter inside the comfort room.

Love how Tae Joon protected Jae Hee. he slipped the dress inside but Jae Hee knew it was him just by looking at his arm. 

I laughed when the group who were pounding the door opened it with a key while shouting at Jae Hee and just fell silent, dumbfounded by what they saw!

She was simply beautiful. Eun Gyeol was mesmerized. :)) Plus with a wink from Jae Hee, I think Eun Gyeol just fainted inside.

Tae Joon did not see Jae Hee perform but after the program Jae Hee went to Tae Joon still dressed as a girl.  The chemistry was definitely there. I was holding my breath literally while staring at the screen and watching them both. They really look good together.

A good ending needs a surprise and that's what I got. Jae Hee tripped as she was about to go away. Tae Joon tried to catch her but they fell with Jae Hee on top of Tae Joon while Eun Gyeol and Han Na witnessed the incident.

Hmmm...another week to wait for next episodes!

some screen caps...cute ones!

KHJ - Hangten Wallpaper and Hangten Fall Collection 2012

Feast your eyes! Kim Hyun Joong Hangten photos Fall Collection 2012 loaded.:))

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