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Friday, February 3, 2012

KHJ-Keyeast mobile update

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Siwon Goes to Taipei 120201

from siwon's tweets...
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In flight. heading to taipei. SIWON he is in gate C1? funny ;)

As expected SUPER SHOW with Rain! 

you are amazing taipei. It was powerful first day. see you tomorrow! good night beautiful world. you are such a light!

Siwon Thanks his Thailand Fans...120201-02

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updating Siwon's tweets...

can't describe by word. nothing to compare. just.. thank you and love you.

thanks again thailand. I really appreciate it for your passion and share. Im always be with you and stay with you.

thanks again thailand! you are always suprise me :) see you soon. cheers!

[Video] Kim Hyun Joong on Sakigak Teaser

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Official Photo from sakigake site

Credit: http://blog.fujitv.co.jp/sakigake/index.html

[Scan] Kim Hyun Joong feature in KOREA Magazine 'CeCi' (2012.02)

Credit: http://blog.daum.net/a-hlia/2718ceci1ceci2

source: http://hyunjoongkajeablover.blogspot.com

Kim Hyun Joong - The Face Shop facebook update

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Kim Hyun Joong ranks #2 on Oricon Weekly Chart

cre: http://www.dkpopnews.net/2012/02/news-kim-hyun-joong-ranks-2-on-oricon.html

Singer Kim Hyun Joong is enjoying huge popularity in Japan since his solo debut. He had already gained a steady fan base as a member of boy band SS501 and his part in the hit drama "Boys Over Flowers."

Having released his Japanese debut single titled "KISS KISS/Lucky Guy" on January 25, Kim Hyun Joong held on to the second place on the Oricon weekly charts by selling over 100,000 copies in the first week. He is being bombarded with requests for appearances on major music programs on NHK, TV Asahi and Fuji TV.

Meanwhile, Kim Hyun Joong will meet over 20,000 fans to celebrate the release of the album in Yokohama Arena on Sunday.

Source: english.chosun

Kim Hyun Joong holds a guerrilla fan meet in Shibuya

cre: allkpop

On January 29th, Kim Hyun Joong set up a guerrilla fan meeting for his Japanese fans!
He made a surprise visit at the Ginza Yamano and Tower Records stores in Shibuya and sat down with fans that were in the area. Kim Hyun Joong had actually been on his way to another schedule when he decided to make an extra stop. News of his stop spread on social network services, and within minutes, fans swarmed to the scene.
Kim Hyun Joong also had the biggest booth in the Tower Records store out of all of the other artists that released albums around the same time. A large scale screen plays his music videos along with a small photo exhibit.
The singer greeted fans with a warm smile and thanked them for coming all the way despite it being a short meeting.
Source + Photos: OSEN via Naver

[Eng Trans] 29/01/12 Hyun Joong – Japan official mobile site update

Source: KHJ Japan official mobile site
Chinese translation: wing @ Magic (magic0606.com)
English translation: tzeyin28 @ facebook.com/DS501fanpage
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(2012/1/29 DA staff T)

Hello everyone, I’m DA’s staff “T”.

Kim Hyun Joong took some time out of his crazily busy schedule and made a surprise appearance at Tower Records, Shibuya (a music chain store in Japan) and Yamano Gakki, Ginza.

It’s a last-minute decision, therefore we didn’t manage to inform you of it. However, a lot of fans still arrived at the venue upon hearing the news. Even Kim Hyun Joong himself was kind of dumbfounded too.

The exhibition at Tower Records, Shibuya will remain open until January 31st while another one at Yamano Gakki, Ginza has been extended until February 6th.

Everyone please go and take a look!

Furthermore, (Kim Hyun Joong) will be a guest on “Music Japan” tonight at 6:10pm. Don’t forget to turn on your TV and tune in to the channel~

[Photo] Kim Hyun Joong @ "魁!音楽番付 Eight"

Source: http://www.fujitv.co.jp/sakigake/index.htm

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Kim Hyun Joong Sells 100,000 Albums within First Week of Japanese Release

cre: soompi.com

Kim Hyun Joong Sells 100,000 Albums within First Week of Japanese Release

Kim Hyun Joong
 sold 100,000 copies of his Japanese debut single, "KISS KISS/Lucky Guy," which was released only a week ago on January 25. This puts him in second place on Oricon's Weekly Chart. Kim Hyun Joong already had a pretty big fan base in Japan from his SS501 days and dramas "Boys Over Flowers" and "Playful Kiss." 
For a Korean artist to rank within top 3 of the Oricon chart, sell 100,000 copies within a week, and be the most-selling foreign artist on the day of album release with his debut single in Japan is an impressive record to hold. As a result, many Japanese entertainment industry officials are paying close attention to Kim Hyun Joong. 
Kim Hyun Joong has performed on NHK's "Music Japan," Fuji TV's "Sakigake Ongaku Banzuke," and TV Asahi's "Music Station" and has been continually asked to make an appearance on several other shows. He was also featured on TBS's news program to represent himself as well as K-Pop in Japan. 
An official from Universal Records, the company in charge of Kim Hyun Joong's Japanese career, commented, "The Japanese fans are very excited to see Kim Hyun Joong. His album sales is off the charts, and the evaluation of him as an artist is also very impressive. We are expecting to see more growth in the album sales." 
Kim Hyun Joong is holding "Premium Live 2012" concert in Yokohama Arena on February 5 to celebrate his successful debut and meet his fans. 
Check out the teaser of Kim Hyun Joong's Japanese debut single, "Kiss Kiss" below! 

[Pic] Kim Hyun Joong went to restaurant in Tamachi yesterday and left a signature

source: http://hyunjoongkajeablover.blogspot.com

YTD seems Khj went to this restaurant in Tamachi where he used to live nearby for recording some Japan TV program and left a signature.^^
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20120121 KIM HYUN JOONG FANMEETING in SEOUL 나를 네 남자야 I'm Your Man

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20120121 KIM HYUN JOONG FANMEETING in SEOUL 다행이다 I'm Fortunate

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[Photo + Trans] Hyun Joong's Thank You message in Seoul FM Photo Book

cre: http://501wangja.multiply.com

Photo Courtesy 알리아 (http://blog.daum.net/a-hlia) + (eng trans) kelemama@501wangja.multiply.com
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Hi, I am Kim Hyun Joong.

I think it is very nice to start the new year with fanmeeting as my first activity. I'd worked hard to prepare in order to create wonderful memories with everyone. I hope everyone will have a pleasant time.

I hope that all fans will have a happy year in 2012. I will also put in effort and greet (everyone) with better music and works~
Please look forward with much anticipation!
Kim Hyun Joong

[photos] Yoon Eun Hye Japan official website

cre: https://www.facebook.com/YEH.Warrior

Kim Hyun Joong Scans at KAN FUN Vol 39

cre: blog.daum.net/elley0606
source: HeneciaPhil

[Scans] Kim Hyun Joong feature in Choa Vol.8

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[Video+Screencap] Kim Hyun Joong on TBS TV Nスタ [12.01.31]

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Credit: weibo.com

KHJ's Apartment on E! News...

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Super Junior’s Siwon is willing to give wider publicity to Kimchi

cre: en.korea.com

On February 1, Super Junior’s Siwon posted a comment on his Twitter page: “Not ki mu chi, but Kimchi! The actual name of Korea’s traditional fermented cabbage is kimchi, not kimuchi.”
This is what he replied to a comment of one of his followers. As a member of the globally favored boy group, he seems to try to give wider publicity and more accurate knowledge to Korean culture including kimchi. His sensible behavior caught many eyes on the Internet.
Fans who saw the comment left responses: “You are so cool as much as I have expected.” “Thanks to you, more people in the world will call it kimchi, not kimuchi.” “You’re a real sensible guy.”
Super Junior attended the MBC Music Festival to hold on January 31 at the Olympic Hall in downtownSeoul.

[photos] Jung So Min updated her Twitter 120130 + her Manager tweets

cre: JSM twitter

After a long while...Minmin posted again in her twitter account. I so miss her...so much!

우리 곧 만나��

 웅 대박��

below is her manager's tweet to JSM

소민이가 커피사줬다! ㅋ http://spic.kr/4Mpw

lovely Jung So Min..as always!

Choi Siwon tweets-updating 120130-120131

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Had a good dinner with staff. Oh my honey is there? Hello honey ;)

Thanks! Its fun“:Choi Siwon (Super Junior) Interview 'ACER-INTEL SIWON MEET AND GREET IN ...: via

Im on the set of still photo shooting for ACER with our families E.L.F :) thanks for coming and being my family.

great time with mom and aunt. lovely cheers!

(updated photos) KHJ-U:ZOOSIN phone cases

Source: http://hugumall.co.kr/front/php/product.php?product_no=847&main_cate_no=194&display_group=1

Cropped by tzeyin28 @ Twitter

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