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Friday, February 24, 2012

KHJ - Behind the stage 1st Tour in Japan[cap by elley0606]

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‎[News] Kim Hyun Joong's solo World Tour

credit: kimhyunjoong24
Translation: Wonderrrgirl
Hallyu star Kim Hyun Joong’s will soon begin the biggest world tour in K-POP singer’s history.

On the 23th, Kim Hyun Joong’s company KEYEAST revealed that the concert will begin on the third week of September with Seoul as the first stop to start the concert tour, and will go to 20 cities worldwide, with about 30~40 concerts. It will be a 6 months project with plans for the last concert in Busan, early next year.

For the tour, there are plans for North America, South America, Europe etc will be included, as well as Central Asia and North Europe; places where no other Korean celebrity has ever step foot into before. Together with the partner, a global IT business company, who will work together with the company for the tour, official notice will be uploaded next month on the website and regular promotions will begin.

Before the concert tour, there are plans for a new album to be released, and at the moment recording and preparations for it are ongoing.

Also, for the upcoming April, activities with mainland China top stars to record an album and further activities are also in the midst of ongoing preparations.

Last year, Kim Hyun Joong debuted as a solo in June, and have released two albums as well as an Asia tour and a Japanese debut. From last year, many big agencies have been expanding out by sending their idol groups to perform all over the world. For this tour (Kim Hyun Joong’s), it contains a resolution for an unparalleled position of a solo singer.

- other news not related to Hyun Joong omitted -

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Hyun Bin-Feb audio message on The Space official Fan Club

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It's those days changing a season. It is somewhere border between winter and spring, February.
I am so thankful to communicate with you through this short message in every month.
The most part that I cherish while acting is the communication.
It will turn out the different results as I discuss and share opinions more and more.
After I communicate with the directors and the other actress/actors more closely, good results always follow.
Maybe as an actor gain more experiences, that means it's more comfortable and skillful to communicate with others.
I will pay back my appreciation for you to communicate more often with you who always cheer me up and wait for me.


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[photos] KHJ in New Hangten Collection 2012

cre: Hangten

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Super Junior’s Siwon and Ryeowook graduate from Inha University

cre: @siwon407

siwon tweeted:
더 큰 꿈을 품으며.. 더 넓은 세상을 향해 나아가겠습니다.. 인하인이여서 자랑스럽습니다 ^^

source: soompi.com
by hazelnutthursday

Super Junior members Siwon and Ryeowook are now certified degree holders. The two idols attended their graduation ceremonies at the Inha University on February 24.
Siwon celebrated the event with a post on his Twitter (@siwon407), saying “At the beginning of the realization towards bigger dreams in the wider world. Proud to graduate from Inha.” With the comment was a picture of himself in a toga and holding his diploma.
Netizens who have seen the photos replied with their congratulations. Some even praised his hunky appearance in his graduation clothes.
Ryeowook also graduated in the same university on the same day. He also tweeted (@ryeong9), “FINISHED! Thank you to professors, assistant Lisa, seniors and all who helped me graduate with these qualifications. I have not been active in campus, but my heart is here. Lastly, thank you to all professors. I’ll never forget you.” He was likewise captured in his toga, complete with cap and holding his certificates and congratulatory bouquet.
“You’re both cool,” “It’s a bittersweet thing to graduate,” “In the future, be even more triumphant,” “Celebrities certainly take a different graduation picture,” “Model Force,” and such reactions flooded social networking sites.
Soompi congratulates you on your graduation, Siwon and Ryeowook! 

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Keyeast Official Mobile upload 120223

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BIG BANG's BLUE MV Hits 2.8 Million Views! + Lyrics Eng Trans

I am not really a fan of BIG BANG but I like T.O.P since I watched him in IRIS. Love his aura. Anyway, a new mini album was released. The title track BLUE was beautiful and I like the MV.

today just for fun...I did screencap because I was amazed by the number of pageviews in just two days!

over 2.8 million views!

Here's the video...

Big Bang Blue English Translation Lyrics

Big Bang Blue English Translation Lyrics

*The winter had passed
And the spring has come
We have withered
And our hearts are bruised from longing

**(I’m singing my blues)
Used to the blue tears, blue sorrow
(I’m singing my blues)
The love that I have sent away with the floating clouds, oh oh

Under the same sky, at different places
Because you and I are dangerous
I am leaving you
One letter difference from ‘nim’^
It’s cowardly but I’m hiding because I’m not good enough
Cruel breakup is like the end of the road of love
No words can comfort me
Perhaps my lifetime’s last melodrama
Now its final curtain is coming down

I was born and I met you
And I have loved you to death
My cold heart that has been dyed blue
Even with my eyes closed, I can’t feel you



I feel like my heart has stopped beating
You and I, frozen there, after a war
Trauma, that has been carved in my head
Once these tears dry up, I will moistly remember my love
I’m neither painful nor lonely
Happiness is all self-talk
I can’t stand something more complicated
It’s no big deal, I don’t care
Inevitable wandering, people come and go

I was born and I met you
And I have loved you to death
My cold heart that has been dyed blue
Even if you have left, I’m still here


Again tonight, underneath that blue moonlight
I will probably fall asleep alone
Even in my dreams, I look for you
And wander around while singing this song

**Repeat (X2)

[screencaps] KHJ Slim Beauty House Cf

A new CF for Hyun Joong!

screencaps by mslee1107

video credit to littlebean@yt

김현중 Kim Hyun Joong Slim Beauty House CF Making

cre: littlebean@yt

김현중 Kim Hyun Joong Slim Beauty House CF (30 sec ver.)

cre: littlebean@yt

[video] KHJ CM Interview

cre: cozy1010@yt

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

New Photos of Choi Siwon

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