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Thursday, October 4, 2012

will be waiting for the last and final episode of TTBY tonight! will gonna watch it RAW! then will do the recaps for both ep 15 and 16....

121003 Updates on Kim Hyun Joong Leaving Gimpo and Arriving @Haneda Japan

Will be updating Hyun Joong's activities today in Japan. It's the Production PressCon of City Conquest in Budokan. Photos and videos [fanpics/fanvids] shared by fans leaving Incheon to Haneda will be posted.

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Arrival @Haneda...KHJ and Jung Yoo Mi


Credit: khhala@yt

Credit: hj8666@yt

Departure @Gimpo



Photos by Hyunbar66 and love77hyun

Credit: 橙子hyunbar66.cn + Credit: blog.naver.com/love77hyun

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Arrival @Haneda

KHJ and Jung Yoo Mi

by KHJ24

@Gimpo Airport

will update this page later for more...

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

City Conquest Drama To Hold Its First Promotion In Budokan

Source: eNEWS24
Korean to English Translation: City Conquest Blog (


Singer and actor Kim Hyun Joong together with Jung Yoo Mi to meet their japanese fans prior to airing of their drama 'City Conquest'.
To be held in Tokyo Japan's Budokan auditorium on the 5th in the afternoon expecting a thousand fans to gather for the 'City Conquest' promotion. Starring Kim Hyun Joong and Jung Yoo Mi including director Yang Yun Ho to attend the said event, they will leave for Japan today at 7pm through Gimpo airport.
This promotion is scheduled to launch the 30minute video teaser of the drama.
Last July , the drama took its shooting place in Osaka that causes the fans' expectation to increase.
Kim Hyun Joong and Jung Yoo Mi will introduce the drama and will also celebrate the 1st anniversary of Kim Hyun Joong's fanclub.
This promotion will be attended by more than 400 medias togehter with japanese influential media such as NHK, TBS, Fuji TV.
Hallyu star Kim Hyun Joong's combination with Jung Yoo Mi caught the japanese fans as well as the medias' hot reaction and attention.
Budokan promotion also will add up another meaningful point. Concerts held in Budokan became a measure of the japanese market success knowing that for the japanese local singers this is known as the dream stage as well as to the domestic singers. With its packed performances on the stage with exceptional reaction.
In regards to this drama, a representative told eNEWS "It was reported that the tickets are now sold out because the japanese fans could get a glimpse of this drama" "this will set the expectation to bring the hallyu craze back in the japanese market".
'City Conquest' with its original name written by Shin Hyung Bin, Kim Hyun Joong will transform into a tough man, Jung Yoo Mi as the honest and pure jewelry designer together with other casts Park Hyo Jun, Kim Seung Woo, Kim Hee Won and Choi Cheol Ho. This drama is expected to air 2nd half of this year in KBS2.

Kim Soo-hyun's delightful time with his fans [Showbiz Korea]

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Spoiler Pics! Final Two Episodes of To The Beautiful You Tonight and Tomorrow!

Oh my gosh! I am waiting since last week for this day! Episode 15 tonight. Omo! Gonna miss this cute drama. Definitely one of the cutest and funniest series. Fresh faces also. Brings back happy memories of youth and high/middle school romance.

I am glad I took this journey with Jae Hee. It was very pleasant. The atmosphere of the drama is so light and entertained me much I become addicted. A crazy noona once again coz of Minho! lol!

Well, I know that you guys out there are searching for spoilers and teasers since last week. 

Eun Gyul and Jae Hee locked in an embrace inside the locker room. Apparently, Jae Hee was about to change clothes, but because there are rumors about a girl in GENIE, dorm leaders 1 and 3 hid inside the locker room to discover the truth. Eun Gyul to the rescue.

It's now official! Tae Joon and Jae Hee is a couple. On what episode, I am not sure. But thankful that they did the scene and the story went that way. The couple on an aquarium date! Wanna see this!

Love almost all the scenes. So many skinships here. Thanks PDnim! Chongmal, chongmal kamsahamnida!:))

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

[Trans] Minho's Interview with Star News for "For You In Full Blossom" / To The Beautiful You

SHINee is an idol group leading the Korean Wave and from the group, Minho began a new challenge as an actor. We met him on a autumn day at the drama filming set. The SBS Wed-Thur drama “For You In Full Blossom” is Minho’s first mini-series and received a lot of interest before its broadcast because of the idol cast.

Unfortunately, “FYIFB” did not record an increase in viewership ratings. Without raising the ratings to two digits, the drama is coming to an end.
“The low viewership ratings are definitely disappointing. I think about if I should have worked harder. But the satisfaction I felt while working on “FYIFB” is 100%. I was happy to meet the character Kang Taejun. I can accept the poor aspects modestly and work even harder and return through a good project. I can’t be full after my first drink. I want to show an improved side of me in my next project.”

The drama showed lots of potential with its idol actors. Minho is definitely one of the jewels that “FYIFB” discovered.
“It’s my first leading role in a drama. I’m starting to act, which I’ve wanted to do since I was little, so I worked hard to prepare. Rather than anticipating the evaluations, I went in with the determination to develop and mature. I still feel that I lack a lot so I want to leave a good image of Kang Taejun. I want to return again through a good project and role.”

Due to the pain of losing his mother, Taejun hid his feelings and became a cold and blunt character. Minho talked about his differing personality compared to the chic and “cold city man” Taejun.
In reality, I’m the type to be as courteous as I can to females. Even I see Kang Taejun as a rough, ill-mannered, and cold character. I played a character whose personality contradicts mine and without realizing it, I slightly integrated it. But it was interesting and enjoyable to express a personality that’s unlike mine. Just like how I played a high jump athlete in the drama, it’s fun to play another character.

Kang Taejun isn’t an average high school student but a national high jump representative whose athletic abilities had a great influence in the drama. Minho’s exceptional athletic skills were known well through shows and we wonder if he felt burdened.
“I tried something called the Forsbury flop and it was tiring at first so I had a hard time. I was confident but it was harder than I thought so it was bothersome. Although I wasn’t 100% satisfied, I was able to make it look like one an athlete would do which was a relief. I think I could have done it if I had a little more time. But all actors have limited time and the problem was how to prepare apply that into the jump.”

A sweet and cute romance unfolded in the drama. Since the two know each other well personally, they said being immersed in the romance wasn’t all that easy.
“We’ve known each other since we were young so I was worried. I was worried since we’re pretty close and thought it might be awkward. We worked together one step at a time and we gradually adjusted well together. Since we’re normally close, we’d ask each other “How would this emotion be?” and “Wouldn’t it be good to express it this way?” which had a synergy effect. Wasn’t it quite passionate? Since it was Sulli, I was able to express myself more naturally.”

We asked Minho “Was the high jump or romance with your close dongsaeng Sulli harder?” As expected, he confessed that the high jump was more burdensome where he had to use his body a lot.
The high jump was a bit harder since I had to use my body. When we filmed all day, I became exhausted. I think using my body was more difficult than emotional acting. When I filmed emotion scenes with Sulli, it took about 2 hours. It took around 6 hours to film the high jump and get the picture we wanted.

How are the members’ reactions? We’re curious about their thoughts on the romance between the two people whom they know well.
“The SHINee members told me “I can’t watch it.” On days when there were skinship scenes, they’ll joke around and say “I had fun watching yesterday.” But still, they make sure to watch and also follow the lines. They even asked me to teach them how to high jump (laugh). Jonghyun hyung memorizes lines that even I forget about and recites them so I get surprised.”

Minho felt a different kind of pleasure through “FYIFB” than on stage. He revealed his desire to show various sides of himself as an actor. 
Well when I stand on stage, there’s an immediate response from the people watching so there’s pleasure and enjoyment that not everyone can feel. I don’t get direct and immediate responses when I act compared to when I’m on stage. But when I worked on the drama and see the finished product on TV, I remember the hard times and feel pleased. It’s a huge sense of accomplishment. It’s now my first step into acting so I have to learn a lot as I go and I know there are aspects that I am poor at. It has its various charms and it’s fun. 

Minho displayed his high jumping skills through this project. What kind of image will be show in his next project?
I haven’t thought about it in detail yet but since I played a high school student this time, I want to play a new role that’s fit for my age. As I was learning how to high jump, the director told me “You’ll earn a talent that nobody else has. It’ll be good to be confident when you film,” which were nice words. In the future, I want to learn various things through many experiences and work on projects that will help me. I want to be acknowledged as a good actor.

Source: Star News
Translated by: kimchi hana @ shineee.net


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KHJ - October 4, 2012 - City Conquest Drama Production Conference in Budokan

Just to remind that City Conquest will have this Production Conference for those who can attend the event in Japan. Once again, Hyun Joong has this activity and will be visible to us fans.

현중 :: 『도시정벌(City Conquest)』 제작보고회 in 부도칸 (Drama Production Conference in Budokan), Oct.4

오는 10월4일, 현중군이 주연하는 드라마 도시정벌이 한국에 방송하기 전에 먼저 일본 부도칸에서 대규모 제작보고회를 열립니다.
현중군과 정유미양 주연 두 분이 참여할 예정입니다.

There will be a press and report and production conference to be held in Budokan, Japan next week. It will be a full scale event.

When: October 4 (Thursday), 7:00 PM (GMT+9)

Where: Budokan Stadium, Tokyo, Japan

How many people: 16,000 fans, 400 local and international media (egs, NHK, Fuji TV, TBS, etc)

Who: Kim Hyun Joong, Jung Yoo Mi, Producers from Baek Media

Itinerary: Production conference, 1st Promotion Video will be revealed, Drama Introduction Session

It is the first time such a big event for the broadcast of a Korean drama is being held in Japan, even before its airing.

Information: TV Daily

Update: KHJ Activities October 2012

Reposted from http://ss501ode.blogspot.com

현중 :: 10월 中 공연, 행사, 이벤트 (Events in October)

10월이 '현중복(福)'을 많이 받을 수 있는 좋은 한 달! ^^

October is the month to receive much 'HyunJoongFortune
Summary of Event Listing to see Hyun Joong's appearance upfront

10월 4일 (October 4) (Thursday)

・HENECIA JAPAN 1st Anniversary 『都市征伐(City Conquest)』 Memorial Event
Budokan Stadium, Tokyo, Japan

・『都市征伐(City Conquest)』 Production Conference
Budokan Stadium, Tokyo, Japan

10월 13일 (October 13) (Saturday)

・『LOTTE : KIM HYUN JOONG Fanmeeting in Seoul』 (*3rd time*)
Seoul, Korea

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Moon Embracing the Sun Screen caps Update ep 13

Busy watching new k-dramas lately that are currently airing thru SBS in Korea. Never found the time to update my screen caps for Moon Embracing the Sun which is now showing in our local network, GMA 7 every afternoon weekdays. The reason I still glued myself to the TV even though I already watched it. The story is really beautiful and I like Kim Soo Hyun's acting. 

Well, as I am waiting for subs for Five Fingers, I decided to update. Hope that my visitors will appreciate them. This photos will be shown tomorrow as episode 13 starts. I like this episode because there's a lot to happen here. 

screen caps by mslee1107

The episode is not yet finished but these are all for now. Will try again to update next time. Please visit

for previous screen caps and for other drama screen caps, also.