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Saturday, April 13, 2013

BTS - When a Man Loves ... Tae Sang and Mi Do on a Date?

Some BTS that I am anticipating on coming episodes...

Han Tae Sang wearing a ring while riding a carousel with Mi Do. Hmmm, I see they are on a date.

photos via  http://tieba.baidu.com/p/2266297576

When A Man Loves] Ep5 Preview

[20130417][When A Man Loves] Ep5 Preview by Sittichai_Wannasiri

130413 KHJ @FC Aventures Game - Photos by hyunbar66.cn_lulu

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130413 KHJ @FC Avengers Soccer Game

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With maknae Hyung Jun

Credit: HollisHyun@yt

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Song Seung Hun Smugly Poses while Hugging Shin Se Kyung

Song Seung Hun Smugly Poses while Hugging Shin Se Kyung

cre: soompi.com

On April 11, Song Seung Hun revealed a photo on this twitter and commented, “When a man is happy because he won the first place!” The revealed photo is from a filming set of MBC “When A Man Loves,” showing Song Seung Hun embracing Shin Se Kyung in his arms while signaling V for the camera. Shin Se Kyung looks rather uncomfortable and stiff with both her hands at her sides. 
According to audience measurement system Nielson Korea, the third episode of “When A Man Loves” achieved 11.4% in ratings on April 10, becoming the most watched drama of the night. Song Seung Hun is expressing his joy in receiving such a good news through this picture on twitter. Netizens commented, “Who is that woman in his arms? Shin Se Kyung? Chae Jung Ahn?” “He must be really happy,” and “‘When A Man Loves’ is so good! Congratulations!”
KBS “Iris 2” and SBS “All About My Romance,” both in the same time slot as ”When A Man Loves,” each reached 9.7% and 5.5% in ratings on the same night. 

Friday, April 12, 2013

[episode 4] Tae Sang and Mi Do Sweet Moments

Tae Sang visited Mi Do in her home and ate dinner with the family. He sure is courting the mom and dad, his sincerity shown to the parents. Mi Do is looking fine with the situation. She is giving him a chance, Yes! They look good together. Scratch Jae Hee and Sung Joo. They are misunderstanding the situation.