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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Song Joong Ki Talks About his Childhood Dreams

Well, since seeing him in SKKS, I already liked him. But after watching Nice Guy aka The Innocent Man, I loved him more as an actor. His acting is great and he carries himself well. So good looking you can just stare at his handsome face through out the drama.

I like his laidback, nonchalant  attitude while acting. It's refreshing for me. It's as if he is not acting at all. So natural.

Anyway, he used to dream of becoming a diplomat and working at a broadcasting station.

the news:

Song Joong Ki reveals his childhood dreams

cre: allkpop

Actor Song Joong Ki revealed his childhood dreams.
On the February 9th episode of ‘Entertainment Relay‘, the crew visited Song Joong Ki at a photo shoot set. The topic of his childhood dream came up, and he answered, “I wanted to be a diplomat, and there were times I thought about working at a broadcast station. In elementary school, I wrote that I wanted to be an actor. My elementary school dream came true.”
He also discussed his college days, saying, “I bought a lot of alcohol and food for my hoobaes. It’s because I received a lot from my sunbaes.”
In other news, Song Joong Ki signed an exclusive contract with Blossom Entertainment, which also houses actor Cha Tae Hyun, this month. He’s currently taking a break after ‘Nice Guy‘ and considering future projects.

Kim Hyun Joong and Kim Hyung Jun Played Soccer Together for FC Avengers 130209

Oh, good. Leader and maknae reunited!

cre: Hyunjoongkajeablover

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Kim Hyun Joong Playing For FC Avengers Team At Soccer Game 130209

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윤은혜 Yoon Eun Hye Update her Facebook with a New Photo

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울 매니저 애기가 찍어준 파파라치컷 깜깜한 차에서
번쩍!! 하더니 아주 맘에드는 사진이ㅋ

Wool Manager Chiu gave pics paparazzi flashed in a car cut precious precious!! Beat very like photo ㅋ

additional photo

YEH spotted at Shinsegae Department Store today 

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KHJ - 130204 Japan Official Mobile Update

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YEH Shared Photos of Herself on her Facebook

Glad that YEH is now on facebook. Her latest photo from France...


Photo: 시작합니다~

And her cover photo...

KHJ Facebook Photo Update 130208

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Park Yoo Chun Overload!

Oh, mslee's attention is being solely captured by PYC at the moment. JYJ's Park Yoo Chun's charm is chongmal daebak!

Photos now and then...

photos credit: en.korea.com
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Park Yoochun - 박유천

with JYJ
Korea Tony Moly Update: Sneak Peek into New Photoshoot


(PIC) Preview of Yoochun on cover of “Crea-Star” Japanese Magazine (April 2013 Issue)

Yoochun at “Men’s Manual” VIP Premiere..