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Saturday, December 24, 2011

111223 KimHyunJoong fancam-Music Bank(He's dancing now~^^)

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[pics]Kim Hyun Joong Before Music Bank 111223

source: Kathy's Bench
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just like Kathy said...he looks so handsome! as always!

[Pic] Kim Hyun Joong's 2011 Christmas Message

Credit: @anpan0512

CT message

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Friday, December 23, 2011

K-drama marathon resumes tonight - Poseidon

Mslee will resume watching POSEIDON now. Currently in episode 12 already and the plot thickens. Anticipating more secrets to be revealed. Hoping romance will develop between Choi Si Won's character and Lee Si Young's soon!:)) 

4 more episodes and I am done.  Who is the real Choi Hui Gon? 

will update soon...and perhaps my own review about the series.



I only have time to post today, though I finished the drama that same night. The culprit/villain is someone you would not thought would do such acts. An old man whose lame excuse was that his adopted son who was an immigrant to Korea suffered a grave discrimination that led to his death. An excuse to justify his wrong doings. He used the name of his son which is CHOE HUI GON, the name behind the Black Snake Triad that smuggles, murder and among other things, using the laundered money to bribe government officials and make Coast Guards betray the institution. 

These are the story of POSEIDON, admittedly a bit dragging but because I want to finish the drama, and Choi Si Won looks handsome across the screen, I endured 16episodes. I had watched two K-drama/action and I'd say that among the three action/drama I'd rank POSEIDON 3rd. But the storyline is good if not for the numerous inconsistency. Like when there will be a chase, they would start in broad daylight but the highlight scenes were shot in the evening. I just don't know if they just ignore these lapses.

The one that really took me by surprise was the traitor among the UNIT 9. Never thought that it would be that guy.:))

well..if you like  SiWon...it's okay. A drama with a lot of twists, I think POSEiDON will still be a good K-drama to pass the time.

this is just my own interpretation...yours can be different from mine.


KHJ Likes the song Closer To[Brain OST]

Find myself searching for this song once KHJ mentioned that he listens to this one and that he likes it.

I've been listening to songs like Kim Yeonwoo's Closer to (더 가까이), I like it very much so I've been listening to it since this morning ^^(from HJ's latest message)

Kim Yeon Woo - Closer To (Brain OST Part.5)

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(Video) Kim Hyun Joong's Christmas Greeting for Rainbow FM

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Jung So Min's Necklace[cross pendant]-Fashion or Something More..[for shippers only] + SC from PK BTS

this is just for oppa/dongsaeng shippers only. a biased observation, I admit, as a shipper.:))

Lately, MinMin seems to be wearing this necklace with a cross pendant. And as a shipper, my imaginations are running wild! There is no harm in dreaming though. Well..I am wondering if it is a fashion statement, or perhaps a necklace that was given to her by someone[wink]. 

Anyway, just want to share some pics of her wearing the necklace...which is almost similar to her oppa[HJ]. Well, not the same necklace but the cross pendant which is KHJ's kinda signature accessory. We often see him wearing that kind of pendant, some in his MV's and performances.

and these pics were recent ones...not sure though if it's the same necklace...


a shipper's eye also noticed this while watching PK BTS. hand holding? hmmm..perhaps. to quick to be sure but I did some screencaps and hopefully I captured what I also saw.:))


[pics]Jung So Min in "Wonderful Radio (which stars Lee Min Jung) VIP Premiere"

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video-KHJ@MusicBank 111223 by cozy1010

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KHJ in Music Bank with a new hair cut! 111223

aigooo!!! aegyo...chongmal! Kim Hyun Joong-shi's short hair is really becoming...:))

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added a clearer video

KHJ-Dance Break 111223@Music Bank! [remix]

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another link..

[Interview] Jung Il-woo, causing teens' hearts to ache.

Cr. - hancinema
source: http://twssg.blogspot.com

tvN's "Flower Boy Ramyun Shop" was a cable drama, but the popularity it garnered made it feel like a broadast drama. In the middle of all this was high school student Cha Chi-soo, also known as actor Jung Il-woo (24).

He told E Daily Star In, "I have a lot of teen fans now. 80% of the people who joined my fan café after "Flower Boy Ramyun Shop" are teens".

"Flower Boy Ramyun Shop" is a romantic comedy drama that reveals the love between Cha Chi-soo, the only heir to a food company, and Yang Eun-bi, the only daughter of a restaurant owner. The way the two meet, as student and student-teacher, then playing hard to get but slowly developing a relationship, is drawn out very pleasantly. The drama ended happily with the two kissing each other.

This comical love story shook up the hearts of teens. Cha Chi-soo's popularity feels no envy against Kim Joo-won (Hyeon Bin) from "Secert Garden".

"There were a lot of older female fans during "High Kick Through The Roof" but it was amazing to see so many girls in uniforms coming to the set of 'Flower Boy Ramyun Shop'".

At first he was worried. There was concern about the viewing percentage as it was a cable drama. However, "Flower Boy Ramyun Shop" ranked first place from the first episode to the sixteenth. The final episode rated 2.86%. Seeing as cable dramas find it hard to even pass 1%, this is a very inspiring result.

Is that why Jung Il-woo hopes that, "If there is a chance I want to try out a character like Cha Chi-soo once again".

"Cha Chi-soo reflects a lot on my own character and creating the role was a lot of fun. The way he drums his fingers on his lips is also a habit of mine. His cocky way of talking also reflected some of my ideas. I think a lot of it was Jung Il-woo".

He also mentioned working with Lee Chung-ah (27). She was the best. He expressed friendliness by calling her a 'simple country girl'. He said, "Despite the three years age difference, we were very comfortable with each other. I didn't think she was older than me".

"Flower Boy Ramyun Shop" is over. However, he plans on coming back soon. He is being talked about for a role in the MBC drama "The Sun and the Moon". He said, "I haven't done a lot of work after my debut. So I think the time from then until now was a waste. I want to be more active next year".

[News] Kim Hyun Joong’s first fan meeting of 2012 sells out in 30 minutes

cre: kpopfever

Singer Kim Hyun Joong makes time together with the fans to start the new year.
Kim Hyun Joong will be holding ’2012 Kim Hyun Joong Fan Meeting in Seoul’ on January 21st, 2012 at the Jamshil Indoor Gymnasium in Seoul.
Kim Hyun Joong is planning to present colorful performances of some of the songs off of his first mini album ‘Break Down’ and the second mini album‘Lucky Guy’ at the ’2012 Kim Hyun Joong Fan Meeting in Seoul’. Kim Hyun Joong will also spend some time together with the fans to feel closer to each other.
The Korean and overseas fans are already zeroing in and when the tickets went on sale for the fan meeting on December 21st, there were upwards of 10,000 people trying to connect at once resulting in all seats being sold out within 30 minutes. The requests for more dates from the fans who have not been able to purchase the tickets are pouring in.
Kim Hyun Joong’s management company, KeyEast representative relayed, “Kim Hyun Joong is really looking forward to the day to meet with the fans. Even with the busy year end schedule, Kim Hyun Joong is working hard to prepare for a cool memory with the fans. You can bet on it.”
After the fan meeting in Seoul, Kim Hyun Joong will release an officialJapanese single and start promotions in Japan.
Source: WStar News via Nate

Still obsessing for another Playful Kiss BTS !

a new link was again provided for shippers...the oppa/dongsaeng couple shippers.:))

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[20111223 Music Bank (18:10 KST) Setlist]Super Junior, Wonder Girls, Wonder Boys, IU, Beast, G.NA, T-ARA. Kim Hyunjung n more!

by KBS World

Shuffle Dance - All the cast
Hot Summer + Pinocchio - F(X)
Intuition + Love Girl - CNBLUE
Goodbye Baby - Miss A
[Special Retro Dance Perf.]
Couple - B1A4
Im your girl - DalShabet
Candy - Boyfriend
Eternal Love - APINK
Angel without Wings - B1A4, Dalshabet, Boyfriend, APINK
Don't say goodbye - Davichi
Be Mine + Paradise - Infinite
Top Girl + Black&White - G.NA
[Special - 3 Divas]
Listen - Jieun, Minkyung, Hyorin
Breakdown + special perf. - Kim Hyunjung
So Cool - Ma Boy - SISTAR
[Special Duet]
Lucky - IU & Jung Yonghwa
Starlight Moonlight + Shy Boy + Love is Move - Secret
Fiction - Beast
Roly Poly + Cry Cry - T-ARA
[Special Dance Battle] HyunA, BEAST, G.NA
You and I - IU
Be my Baby - Wonder boys + Wonder Girls
Girls Girls - Wonder Girls
SuperMan + A-Cha + Mr. Simple - Super Junior
Random imagination - All the cast

Kim Hyun Joong Japan Major Debut Premium Live 2012.

by 더블에스오공일 (Double S 501)

Kim Hyun Joong to Debut in Japan With a Premium Event
With many comebacks and debuts on the way in 2012, Kim Hyun Joong will be another to look out for.

After making a successful solo debut in Korea this year, Kim Hyun Joong is now getting ready for his Japanese debut. He is scheduled to debut on January 25th under Universal Music.

In celebration of his debut, an exclusive concert will be held for those who purchase the CD. The event was named “Kim Hyun Joong Japan Major Debut Premium Live 2012” and will be held at the Yokohama Arena on February 5th.

Those wanting to attend one of the two sessions will have to apply and hope to be one of 20,000 lucky fans chosen.

For those who are not chosen to attend, there will still be other chances to get something special. Another 200 fans not selected to attend the event will win a special DVD. Fans who purchase the single from the shops will get an A2 sized calendar-poster. Finally, fans who purchase all three versions of Hyun Joong’s singles via DATVshopping will win a DVD with secret unreleased footage.

Source/Credit Translation: koreaboo.
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Song Hye Kyo ranked #5 most beautiful face in the world, Jessica & Go Ara also in

cre: kpopfever.com

Actress Song Hye Kyo has been recognized to have the 5th most beautiful face in the world.
The British movie review site TC Candler announced the result of their ‘Annual Independent Critics List of the 100 Most Beautiful Faces’ on December 23rd.
According to the list, actress Song Hye Kyo is solidly ranked at #5, that is a 13 spot climb from her first appearance on the list last year when she came in at #18.
TC Candler enlists the help of the world renowned review freelancing group ‘Independent Critics’ to draft their list and it has been done since the year 1990.
The site described Song Hye Kyo, “She is already one of the legendary beauties of the world and we think she deserves to be celebrated as such by the entire world. Too often, it seems that Western audiences don’t get to enjoy Asian cinema and celebrity as much as they should.”
Aside from Song Hye Kyo, actress Go Ara also made the list at #12. They described her as, “Here is a lovely South Korean actress and model who deserves a worldwide following. The 21-year old enters the list at #12 and will assuredly be a fixture for a very long time.”
Finally, Jessica made the list at #45 and she was described as, “She is better known simply by her first name, Jessica. She is Korean-American singer, dancer, actress and model. The new addition to our list is a member of the fantastic South Korean nine-member girl group, Girls’ Generation, where she is one of the main vocalists.”
The #1 spot was taken by the British actress Emma Watson. Last year’s most beautiful actress Camilla Belle dropped one spot to #2. The full list can be found here, The 22nd Annual Independent Critics List of the 100 Most Beautiful Faces – 2011
Source: Sports Chosun via Nate
Additional Source: Excerpts taken from ‘The 22nd Annual Independent Critics List of the 100 Most Beautiful Faces – 2011′ on www.tccandler.com

[News] Line-up for Hallyu-themed ’2011 SBS Gayo Daejun’ revealed

Credit: http://www.allkpop.com

SBS will be holding their ‘2011 Gayo Daejun‘ on the night of December 29th live at 8:50 p.m. KST!
Representatives of SBS revealed, “We’re preparing stages centered around the theme of Hallyu. Like our previous festivals, singers will be holding joint stages together. The details aren’t hashed out yet, nor are the MCs confirmed.”
Super Junior‘s Kim Heechul and CNBLUE‘s Jung Yonghwa hosted the event for two consecutive years, but as one is currently on army duty and the other is busy with other schedules, SBS has been forced to search for replacements.
As such, Yonghwa will only be performing with CNBLUE for the event. His representative explained, “CNBLUE will be beginning their Asia tour next month so their schedule is booked.”
As of now, the line-up for the ’2011 Gayo Daejun’ includes TVXQ, 2PM, Super Junior, 2NE1, SNSD, Wonder Girls, KARA, B2ST, CNBLUE, F.T. Island, Brown Eyed Girls, T-ara, miss A, f(x), Lee Seung Gi, IU, Kim Hyun Joong, After School, MBLAQ, INFINITE, Dal Shabet, Boyfriend, A Pink, B1A4, SECRET, 4minute, G.NA, SISTAR, Davichi, K.Will, TEEN TOP, Rainbow, and U-KISS. (The list may be changed)
Source + Photo: TV ReportSBS

[Info] Top10 Highest Scores Music Bank 2011 ~ Kim Hyun Joong #6

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[Fanvid] Kim Hyun Joong & Mr. Jeong as Elves


credit:  TheCoocoo00 @yt

[News] Kim Hyun Joong to start the new year with his fans

Credit: http://www.allkpop.com

 Kim Hyun Joong will be spending the new year with his fans through his new fan meeting event called ‘2012 Kim Hyun Joong Fanmeeting in Seoul‘.
He’ll be performing songs from his “Break Down” and “Lucky” mini-albums, as well as hold discussion sessions to talk about what 2012 will be like for him and his fans. Since the event is open to fans from all over the world, the diverse turnout is expected to cement his status as a Hallyu superstar.
Reservations for tickets opened up on December 21st, and in moments, the pages were flooded with 10,000 fans, claiming every last seat in just under 30 minutes. Fans that weren’t so lucky are still scrounging on boards and hoping that more dates will be added to the fan meet.
A representative of Key East expressed, “He’s counting down the days to meeting his fans. Even amidst busy preparations for year-end shows, he’s working hard to come up with ways to make the event memorable for his fans.”
After his fan meet, he will be preparing for the release of his Japanese single and promotions.
Source + Photos: Sports Chosun via Naver

[Video] Kim Hyun Joong, Jung So Min and Seung Jo Omma Talking About Jaksal Chicken on YTKISS BTS!

Credit: exlley @yt

[Pic] fanpic Kim Hyun Joong arrived @ Music Bank for Special Stage today [11.12.23]

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[Fanmade] Bae Yong Joon & Kim Hyun Joong’s Cartoon Painting on the door

 Credit: as tagged + Khj Baidu


[News] Yoon Eun-hye wins "No compensation for no evidence".

Cr. - hancinema

Yoon Eun-hye won the case against the Ginseng Farming Association.

The Seoul Central court ruled that "Yoon doesn't have any responsibility of compensation" in the case that was filed against Yoon Eun-hye, her father and the Daehan City Gas Co., Ltd by the Ginseng Farming Association.

The Ginseng Farming Association rented out a part of a building that is owned by actress Yoon Eun-hye in May 2010. The contract states that with 2 months of unpaid rent, the contract is automatically cancelled and the building should be vacated.

The association couldn't pay the rent since the end of that year so was pressure by Yoon's side to vacate the premises. The association then signed a confirmation in January that said it will pay the unpaid rent in three months time.

Yoon's father later found out about the unpaid gas fees and notified the Daehan City Gas, who cut supply right away.

The association then filed a suit against Yoon and others for the reason that, "More than 5000 7 years old wood cultivated Ginseng have frosted because the boiler froze" and asked for a compensation of 4.2 billion won.

However, the court said, "There is no evidence to prove such damage as the plaintiff claims so there is no reason to investigate into other statements and this case is dismissed".