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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

[Minho and Sulli] MinSul History...Searching For More

Writing about MinSul is not easy. I take time to gather all my thoughts and whatever I read that has been shared on line. There are already solid fansites about MinSul everywhere. Their posts are awesome and as a shipper, I make time to read all things about Minho and Sulli. What makes these shippers different is that they have a lot to share regarding our MinSul. Because, Minho and Sulli has history together as entertainers/talents of the same company, SM Entertainment.

Having trained under the same management, they have this hoobae/sunbae or oppa/dongsaeng relationship. Sulli is like a sister to almost everyone, not only to Minho. Although I am not really a follower of SM artists, though I like some, especially those who I have seen act in a drama and caught my attention [like Siwon of SuJu and Yunho of TVXQ] I learned that some of these guys treat her as such, a dongsaeng.

So it's not surprising if Minho is close to her. They have done a lot of shows together with their SHINee and f(x) group, and they have appeared on several CF's, too.  Recently was from the drama series To The Beautiful You where they played the characters Kang Tae Joon and Goo Jae Hee, the main lead stars.

[an interview]
credit to owner

But one thing is remarkable about Sulli and Minho. They share extraordinary and amazing chemistry! Just looking at them on screen or even in photos is really fantastic . 



Anyone who sees these photos above will think that they either got incredible chemistry or the relationship has taken another step... too intimate for hoobae/sunbae or as chingus which is more than meets the eye. The way Minho cares for her and the way they both stood so close to each other makes me wonder. If i had not known about them and saw these photos, I would immediately assume they are indeed a couple. And it is because I based my conclusion to what my eyes see.

Here's another share from MinSul thread. An old screencaps of Sulli and Minho. He was behind but his eyes never left Sulli's. It is as if Sulli is like a magnet for Minho. I have seen and watched some videos and he is always there just by her side. 

shared by @Timnat2010

[fans think that they had a misunderstanding]

110528 Dream Concert Ending

These are my thoughts about these videos which I already posted @the thread. Will share them here.

I think I've watched this vids a number of times. I had spazzed over the MinSul moments here for the nth times!  Many discussions already has been posted and yet here I am adding my thoughts once more!   Watching them again this time, thanks for more detailed accounts @Timnat2010,  I noticed that the whole time, Minho was restless here. Although he tried to be himself and looked happy with the group, with Yunho  and Changmin and Taemin, you can see that he was somehow preoccupied. And yes I noticed how he seemed to be calling the attention of Sulli when she came back just like @counsel05 said. But she kept on ignoring him. If we were to analyse the whole scene, 

Just to summarize...

1. Minho with all the girls surrounding him did not decide to stay with them or chat with them which I think he would normally do if some more vids were to be scrutinized. 
2. He stayed with his hyungs.
3. He was preoccupied...restless always looking for something or someone.
4. This we already knew how he seized the opportunity to be near beside Sulli at the ending part of the song and pushed taemin to his right to secure that place beside her.:)) 
5. The way he looked at her, as if gauging her mood.
6. After waving, on which we could see her smiling, maybe that little sweet thing Minho did was enough to change her mood,  Sulli extended her right arm at Minho's back touching him to relay she was ready to leave. It was very subtle. But the point is, she made that gesture which is usually done by couples. Very discreet but the camera captured the moment.

I think that this little scene tells something of their true relationship with each other. And I realized Minho is a little afraid of our Giant baby! He would do anything to make Sulli notice him. Watching this made me see that they were not joking around or smiling like they used to do.

shared by @jenniline


my thoughts: 

Thanks for posting this pic. This is awesome! If we analyse closely, Sulli was already walking away, ahead by an arms length from Minho,but he reached out and touched her head to catch her attention back and let him walk with her. He even put his arm around her right arm for a moment. Seemed he liked to walk with her that way but decided to let go. And there were boys, [his buddies or hyungs with him] but still he could not resist Sulli.  This show of affection and craving attention from Sulli is something he can't do without. [He really likes her! No question about it. Confirmed!]

Note that this is my thoughts about the photo [gif]. It is how I see and interpreted.

I could have scouted for more but that's for my next post.:))

As I am a new Sulli fan and Minho fan, I am ignorant of their preferences. So thank you to anyone who shared this information. Facts that somehow connects my MinSul.

credit as tagged


Sulli dislikes tight clothes. She is more likely to prefer box t-shirt and hotpants with leggings under it.

Q. What kind of girl in terms of fashion do you like? – Recently I think it is cute to match a long t-shirt with leggings or hot pants. (Minho's Interview in Anan Magazine)

Sulli’s must-have item is perfume.

Q. Wondering what kind of female appears to be the most dazzling ones to them? -Someone whom likes me, the moment when I got attracted with her perfume (Minho's Interview in Elle Girl)

Choi Minho's Ideal Type

A person with a kind heart.
A person that is able to get along with him well.
A person that laughs a lot. (You said sulli is smiling angel who laughs a lot even tired right?)
A witty person.
A person he would have a lot of fun hanging out with.
A cute person. (You always say Sulli is cute.)
A pretty person. (She belongs to your pretty hoobaes right?)
A person with long legs. (She has.)
A person with long hair. (She has.)
A person that would look good in a feminine one piece dress. (She is very feminine dresser!)
A pure person.

*other criterias are subjective

ehem are you referring to this girl ♥

Credit: minlem@tumblr.com

Just recently SHINee held their Dazzling Girl showcase and the following was a fan account.

 Credit as tagged

[FANACCOUNT] 121113 Dazzling Girl Special Showcase in Sapporo

Minho was asked about what his thoughts were after seeing the lyrics of Dazzling Girl. Key said to him, “Minho, please tell us about it. In Japanese!” Key was emphasizing on the Japanese part. The charisma guy smiled bitterly.

Minho couldn’t explain smoothly in Japanese… “The lyrics… I was happy.” “What do you mean by happy!?” That made him stumbled again. As he was panicking Taemin came to him, grinning, and wiped his sweat for him before adding, “Please speak seriously.” Taemin, your kindness lasted in just a moment.

Source: MJY_MiSW

Translated by: red @ shineee.net

 Nothing really special about this Talk Session. But shippers like me and those who are visiting the thread were smiling while reading this post. This was recent, after TTBY and MinSul shippers have oer active imaginations. I also think, like they do, that Minho was like although he was there, his mind was elsewhere. I don't think that he was not prepared for an answer. This kind of question is already anticipated especially when you are promoting an album. But then...he was at a loss for words. :))

These are only some that keeps my mind wonders about MinSul. Their history together. I know there are a lot more but tonight, these are enough.

And before I end my post, I would like to share some more interesting piece about Sulli. I happen to notice her wearing a necklace which is always under or hidden inside her blouse. As a shipper, I look for small details. They may come in handy in the future for reference or for evidence.

It must be special, she is always wearing it lately. It must be her lucky charm. I want to think that it was given to her, but I don't know who to ask. It could be a gift or something that she bought for herself. Unless someone can enlighten me about the necklace.:))

From six consecutive events...


Feel free to share what you know about this interesting piece of accessory/jewelry. I am waiting to know the truth.

These are my search for MinSul history.

This is mslee1107 writing as a MinSul shipper.
Addicted to Minho and Sulli.



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