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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Facts about SS501 that TripleS should know! :D

by 더블에스오공일 (Double S 501) 

Credits : Taehee @ www.facebook.com/SS501Daebak .

Once, a pregnant fan, bearing a 4 months-old child, was in the crowd of people who were standing, and when Young Saeng saw her, realising that it was not easy for her to stand there amongst the fans to cheer for them, he asked  the guards to escort her to a safer place, one of the seated sections of the VIP spot to cheer for them instead!

There was a fan who argued with the guard that taking pictures using personal cams/phones are not allowed. But, the fan still took a picture with her favourite member on stage and the guard went and broke her phone. Jungmin bought her a new one on the spot and the fan even mentioned it was a better phone than the one she had before and she was speechless.

During their concert in Thailand, there was a fan who had a Kidney transplant and was eagerly waiting to see SS501. As there were some complications with her kidney, her friend wrote a letter to Leader about it and gave it to her friend who was going to give a gift to Kyujong, so that KyuJong can help her pass Leader the letter. Leader read the letter and sent the fan a gift. It was a cute bunny.

When Triple S fans were blamed for throwing lightsticks at SNSD during their performance once, Leader and Jungmin defended their fans and said “Green is a color, it can represent anything, so there is no need to 
blame our fans because they share their love to all artist and respect even those they hate or dislike."

Jungmin & Kyujong mentioned during the broadcast of Young Street Radio that they will buy food for their fans waiting outside the radio station, in the end they really did buy for their fans.

When SS501 was busy working preparing themselves for their performance the following day on Music Bank, a bunch of fans were outside and did not expect the rain to start pouring hard, SS501 tried to find anything that can cover up their fans and sent it to them outside.

During 2006 MKMF there were some Triple S members who were not able to enter the stadium because of the guards, Leader then spoke indignantly saying “It’s a really cold weather, why won’t you persistently let our fans in?” for the Triple S.

Leader always says that sincere and lovely letters made by fans mean more and are more expensive compared to actual expensive material/things.

Young Saeng likes to mention his fans as his “babies” from time to time in his last entries, and Kyu Jong is calling their fans “pretties”.

Some fans waited in front of Baby’s house until midnight and the last bus has already left during that time. Baby felt that it wasn’t really safe for them to go home late at night so he sent them to a Sauna that was open all night.

When SS501 was given a letter by a fan asking if they could come to her 18th birthday party, they sent her a letter and a big cake and apologized to her and sent a video of them singing happy birthday as well as 4 of their songs and dancing to it. They apologized because they couldn’t come due to conflict schedules but mentioned they would have otherwise.

Our loving and caring leader, he posted an entry last year where he said “I told you all this before right? I will protect you all…”

SS501 have spent their time with their fans over at Jeju Island which they gave as a treat for them and they spent a night with them as well.

When someone asked Leader what they wanted as gifts from fans he went out to say “The things that we need, fans do not need to buy for us because we will buy it ourselves.” (claiming that fans do not need to 
spend too much money for material things for the boys.)

Prince mentioned before that when he prays at night he always asks God to protect his fans, Kyujong said that this was true as he’s seen it several times and he constantly stares at Prince when he prays.

Jungmin and Kyujong heard that one of their fans wasn’t able to continue her studies because of money, the two of them gathered up their money and paid tuition fees for the fan.

When a fan cried once in a signing event of SS501 after shaking Baby’s hand, he stood up and helped the fan wipe her tears away.

MKMF had a voting through cellphones, Jungmin mentioned that they don’t need that kind of award and told their fans not to waste their money voting for them.

Leader mentioned that it wasn’t Triple S’ job to protect them, but instead it was their job to protect their lovely fans.

Kim Hyun Joong Featured in Hanryu Pia October 2011 Issue

credit: http://blog.daum.net/elley0606

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Song Seung Hun Drops "Brain"

by: Joonni @soompi.com

Song Seung Hun Drops "Brain"

Just hours after it was reported that Song Seung Hun would be taking on the lead role for the KBS’ drama “Brain,” it has been announced that Song has decided to not take the role after all.
The drama, centering on neurosurgeons in a Seoul university hospital, had recently dropped its established leads Yoon Seung Ah and Lee Sang Yoon for reportedly skewing too youthful to effectively play medical doctors. In turn, the production team had hopes of securing high-profile actor Song Seung Hun for the role that was originally Lee Sang Yoon’s.
Representative from the production team stated that Song Seung Hun declined the drama because he felt that he need not have enough time to prepare for the heavy role of a medical doctor.
As of now, “Brains” is without a cast and is slotted for broadcast in November.
Let’s hope that the production team finds a cast soon. Or we’re going to get more news of stars going-in-and-out of hospitals because of live-shooting.

The Unchanging Beauty of Kim Tae Hee

by: sOo JjI @soompi.com
The Unchanging Beauty of Kim Tae Hee

Actress Kim Tae Hee's unchanged and immaculate appearance has gained the attention of netizens.

On September 21 on a portal site forum was posted a picture of Kim Tae Hee 8 years ago with headline "Kim Tae Hee spotted in a 2003 magazine ad."

In the picture Kim Tae Hee is modeling for a make up brand she represented at the time. Not much different from her appearance now, Kim Tae Hee's appearance as expected naturally fixates viewers. Although it is a picture from 8 years prior, there was nothing tacky or outdated about her appearance.

Netizens responded: "She's exactly the same. Even her high school photo is the same…she's a goddess." "This is the first time I fell in love with her."

Currently Kim Tae Hee is filming for her role in Japanese drama "My Stars 99 Days" with Japanese actor Nishijima Hidaetoshi. It is to start airing in October.

[English Trans] Kim Hyun Joong in Trendy Magazine - Date.2 Date with KHJ for afternoon tea

English translation by Lichi / www.liezle.blogspot.com
Reposted by hyunniespexers

cre: http://hyunited-6686.blogspot.com


U:ZOOSIN Kim Hyun Joong, who haven’t visited us for 2 years, finally landed Taiwan again. During the 4D3N schedule, he was in the Hi5 Touch Event with fans in the downpour, and answered truthfully people’s questions to U:ZOOSIN in the press conference, also did the drawing for the personality tests to share his inner world and humor of 4D. The fansigning event held by the Korean cosmetics he endorses for attracted numerous fans, of which he saw Taiwanese fans’ love and passion to him in person. Trendy was witness to U:ZOOSIN’s charming out of sincerity all the way, and expects sincerely with everyone for KHJ’s next visit for his Asia Tour coming soon.

The fanmeeting along with downpour, lightning and thundering.

Date: 2011/8/14
Location: Taipei Hankyu Department Square
Event: 2011 HIGH FIVE TOUCH Taipei Fanmeeting

The first public schedule after he alighted from the plane was to meet every GreenPea Princess in “2011 HIGH FIVE TOUCH Fanmeeting”. Although it started officially at 3pm, fans still gathered at Dream Square in the early morning for the good spot to watch long-time-no-see KHJ. Before the event was started, it was packed with the crowds everywhere. In addition to many creative fan boards, we saw the printed cards being green in color surrounding all over the place. Everyone obeyed the rules for safety, no one was in uproar, believing that it’s because people had nothing in mind except watching KHJ.

We didn’t expect that the sky eventually couldn’t hold back the rain drops, 20 minutes before KHJ arrived, it rained cats and dogs. In the fanmeeting, when Ken just appeared on the stage looking at the downpour, couldn’t help but say, ” That’s the way it is…Because he’s U:ZOOSIN! ” of which people all had approval smiles. And then KHJ appeared on the stage, it’s like he didn’t want to let people wait too long, so he ran towards the stage fast. The vest with the plaid shirt made KHJ look very energetic, and the short blond hair being rare on him looked very refreshing. Right after he finished the speech, ” Hello everyone, I am Kim Hyun Joong. (in Chinese)”, it rumbled right away, of which it increased U:ZOOSIN’s force inadvertently. The following was to talk about his future work plan, but whenever he opened his mouth, it rumbled. KHJ also burst into laughing. He repeatedly said that, everyone was drenched by the rain and would feel uncomfortable for sure, truly very grateful for everyone being here in the event to support. KHJ who always has affection for his fans made the Hi5ing upgrade to handshaking. Just saw him who extended his hand initially with smile to all the lucky fans who won the lucky draw, and had the eye contacts with them. Believing that they would feel that all the waiting was worthwhile at the moment.

KHJ’s elegant manners and charming sweeping across in the press conference

Date: 2011/8/15
Location: Taipei Far East Plaza Hotel
Event: KHJ in Taiwan The Great Chinese Region Press Conference

The second day after landing Taiwan, KHJ carried on the press conference in Taipei Far East Plaza Hotel. Dressing in the black suit with open-collard shirt, which made the thin figure look extremely slender and handsome, and also staider comparing to the previous visits.

In the press conference, despite the session for fans to ask questions, KHJ also talked about many inner thoughts, of which it was very precious. Moreover, through drawing for the personality tests, people could get to peek his inner world.

U:ZOOSIN, I Got A Question!

In the press conference, Warner Music prepared the fans’ I-GOT-A-QUESTION videos, and let the sassy questions from fans have the chance to be seen and heard by KHJ. In order to catch U:ZOOSIN’s attention, fans put their best foot forward in the videos! The fan cosplaying a ghost asked KHJ if there were scary preternatural events happening during the album recording or MV shooting. Beyond the expectation, KHJ revealed that he has sensitive body physique, so he has ever felt the existence of that kind of things before. However, he said he didn’t run across any over the album production and MV shooting. And comparing to ghosts, the difficult choreography he has danced for hundred times was even scarier. After the MV shooting was finished, himself and dancers all got sick. However, because of this, he didn’t get nervous performing on stage anymore. KHJ’s speech of ” MV shooting was scarier than ghosts” made people on the scene couldn’t stop laughing in the press conference.

Predicting and analyzing U:ZOOSIN

Ken kept asking him, and KHJ revealed the feeling for visiting Taiwan this time, ” Really appreciate that people don’t forget me and welcome me passionately!” Also he said that he doesn’t mind being called 4D, and the reason he named himself U:ZOOSIN is because he hopes everyone can be very blessed, including the entire universe could be blessed! In the press conference, he revealed that yesterday he was served Shanghi cuisine, and every dish was delicious, so he ate up all. But he still concerned with Xiao Long Bao, and said with smile that he could have that at night, felt very happy.

The following was that Ken requested KHJ to do the drawing, including houses, ducks, fences, trees, the sun, the moon, rocks, roads, and mountains on the paper. Through the drawing personality test to find out U:ZOOSIN’s inner world. Among which Ken laughed at the not-so-well-drawn duck, KHJ answered with no hesitation, “That’s the way Korean ducks look like,” which made people all burst into laughing. From the drawing, it could be interpreted that KHJ would be a good man who is in good relationship with his family and would take care of it. Moreover, he would see the other half on the same position as him and have no Chauvinism. And the tree would represent the number of friends, the host watched the few trees and then looked at KHJ. KHJ said because he drew many fruits on the trees, he would have many friends, of which it caused a sea of laughter. From the drawing, despite that his career could be interpreted to be as high as the sun, and it predicts that the kids would be another turning point for his career. Is it accurate or not on earth? Really curious.

U:ZOOSIN’s Inner World

The second drawing personality test also was answered in a sea of laughter. From the drawing, it could be interpreted that KHJ would be considered someone often with smile by his family, and KHJ also nodded with saying he thought so as well. The blank which represented the future spouse was drawn with a candy, so the host Ken said she would be a sweet person. The blank for the future direction was drawn with an arrow pointing upward, so everyone all agreed that his career would still keep soaring up to the sky in the future. However, the blank representing for what kind of person KHJ would be in other people’s eyes was drawn with the no smoking sign, of which the host couldn’t help but ask if he was a serious person. KHJ said he’s a little bit serious, but definitely not strict. The blank for the truest self was drawn with a clock, KHJ said seriously, “Yes, can’t stop working, no time for the rest.” The blank for the current state was drawn with picked yellow radish, KHJ explained, ” Picked yellow radish is the required side dish for Zha Jiang Mein in Korea, of which it means sacrificing oneself to achieve a greater goal.”, of which it earned applause for this cute U:ZOOSIN.

In the end of the press conference, KHJ wore a sincere smile and said that he felt sorry for no performances on stage during this visit, and hoped to dedicate the best performance to everyone in the concert. To add on, he also mentioned his affection to fans for the raining and thundering yesterday and his appreciations to them. Moreover, he said he would work hard on preparing for the new album, and thanked for everyone’s support and love.

Various Photos-[16/09/11] Kim Hyun Joong @ Shenzhen Very Perfect Concert

Credits: 大麦网深圳站官方微博 (weibo.com/1608886304) + 诙邪幽雅 (weibo.com/bzsq) + MurdererQ (hi.baidu.com/murdererq) + 卡哇依瑤瑤_6664 (weibo.com/kawaiiyao) + 溪_tx (weibo.com/sophie0606) + 中国妈妈饭 (Chinese Mother Fans) + @ahlia0606 @ khj0606.com + Hyuniversal0606.com

cre: 더블에스오공일 (Double S 501)

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