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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Minho and Sulli... for MinSul/TaeHee Shippers

Found this nice video of Minho and Sulli with other artists. There really is nothing special about it, just that it's a fanvid. But what strikes me as I watched it, knowing Sulli was here also, I really watched it closely and found some interesting bits which is tickling my mind as a shipper.

Thanks from baidu for this fanvid. Credit as tagged.

Minho glanced at Sulli as she passed by. Near the end of the vid, he found himself a place beside her, and I am wondering if he intended that move to be close to her. He then had the chance to held her hand as they all say "kamsahamnida" to the people.

See for yourself.:))

Original Video - More videos at TinyPic

Is it just me or ... I think that he really liked Sulli just as he already mentioned before, as a dongsaeng, according to him, but I feel that it is not so.:))

Episode 14 To The Beautiful You Recap + my thoughts

 With my previous post of favorite scenes sceen captured I was thinking of not adding any more thoughts about the episode. But then, perhaps just a very short recap for the continuity of the story. 

But before I do that, I just want to say that I will be missing this drama once it ended, which is this coming week, the final two episode. Omo, I really don't want the drama to end, now that I am enjoying the story and the characters. It's not really a great drama compare to the others being aired now, if the ratings were to be given some thought, but personally, it entertained me as a viewer, which I think is what really matters. It's refreshing to see young faces and light atmosphere that brings laughter to anyone who watched it.  And the romance between Kang Tae Joon and Goo Jae Hee developed beautifully as the story goes with cute and funny guy, Cha Eun Gyul at the side. 

Anyway, for the recap...
will just concentrate on Tae Joon, Jae Hee and Eun Gyul

Episode 13 ended with Tae Joon's father in the hospital. Jae Hee urged him to see his father but Tae Joon was stubborn. But of course, Jae Hee will always be the guy/girl who butts in in Tae Joon's life and determined so in the end they both went. Reaching the hospital, Jae Hee excused herself saying she felt weird coming empty handed, which is really an excuse to leave Tae Joon and his father a moment of privacy. Still, Tae Joon showed his father how he was reluctant to be there and told he is never coming back to the hospital.

On their way home, Tae Joon held Jae Hee's hands. He was feeling lost.

The incident made an impact on Tae Joon's practice. His jump was as bad as before he was inspired again. he could not make it over the bar. And Jae Hee was concerned. Seung Ri was back in the school and made the team train hard. The sit up scene where Jae Hee toppled over Tae Joon bothered her. She thought Tae Joon likes men, so she showed him a magazine with a man and asked if he likes what he saw. Unknowingly to her, the page fell on the floor thus giving Tae Joon a photo of a beautiful woman. He replied of course which shocked her. But looking at the page she found out that it was not what she meant and Tae Joon gave her a poke on her head.

Jae kept recording Tae Joon's practice which is nowhere near his perfect jump from before and analysing the situation she found out that Tae Joon's bad jump happened during the time his father was hospitalized. Clearly, he is suffering inside. Meanwhile the coach is not happy of course of the result so he commanded Jae Hee to take Tae Joon out on a date and to bring a camera as a proof that they really went out. It was to make Tae Joon relax a bit. So the two went out, buying couple fake rings, playing at the park and visiting Tae Joon's former school.

After they get back, they decided to take Sangchu on a walk. This is where the kiss [second] took place. Jae Hee said she was cold and Tae Joon put his jacket on her and just could not resist not kissing her. She was surprised and bubbled about Tae Joon drinking with alcohol, on which he nodded out of nothing to say and pretended. Though of course both knew that they were saying nonsense.

Jae Hee decided to take Tae Joon to see his father by inviting him to dinner. Tae Joon was a bit mad when he found out he was fooled but at last the "talk" between father and son took place. Everything was cleared on how his mother tried to hide her sickness to both of them and because it was Tae Joon's competition hovering that time. He was crying realizing that. He went home to the dorm still crying and Jae Hee just hugged him. She embraced him to give comfort as she also cried.

While Eun Gyul was noticing the camaraderie of both Tae Joon and Jae Hee. He saw how close they are and comfortable with each other. Jae Hee kept saying 'Mianhe, Cha Eun Gyul." He was a bit puzzled but did not put any lingering thought on it.

There's still the scene where Tae Joon was doing push ups and she just sat on his back while he did so. It was a funny scene for the two of them. You can see how Tae Joon is trying hard to continue push up while Jae Hee was on him. They both collapsed on the floor when finally he could not do it any longer.

At least Tae Joon's relationship with his father is beginning to get okay.  His jump is doing good. He is inspired again.

Just before the end of the episode, Tae Joon finally found the courage to say he liked Jae Hee. Then ruffled her hair as if he did not just confessed his true feelings. Jae Hee told herself she will soon tell Tae Joon that she is a girl.

Ending of episode 14 was a shock to Eun Gyul. As usual, he needed to go to the comfort room but his roomate Hyeon Jae is using it. He then went to Tae Joon's and when he opened the door he saw Jae Hee was about to undress, her chest bandage visible to him. Jae Hee was surprised and immediately put on again her shirt but it was already too late. Eun Gyul realized something was not right and dawning on him the truth, he asked confusedly, "Jae Hee, you're a girl?!"

Wow! The series is really coming to it's end. Final two episodes next week and it will be over. The truth is slowly being uncovered. I just really hope that Eun Gyul will not be hurt badly. I like this boy who is so fun to watch at and brings laughter to me everytime he is on the screen.

Anticipating the two episodes. Oh pls...pdnim, make it a beautiful ending. With more skinship of our MinSul.

For now, this is my latest recap and thoughts...

-mslee1107 writing-

Friday, September 28, 2012

BTS To The Beautiful You - Taemin said “They looks like lovers”

Another BTS of TTBY. Sulli and Hyun Woo aka Jae Hee and Eun Gyul fell down together during the bike scene. SHINee members were there visiting Minho and looking at the video, Minho was running towards the scene being filmed,  the rest following.

Taemin told Onew while looking at Sulli and Hyun Woo, "They looks like lovers".

Minho on their right just kept his eyes on the scene being filmed. So serious Minho. What exactly were your thoughts? I am intrigued to know? :))

cre: QnKholic@yt

Episode 14 To The Beautiful You Screen caps Update! Favorite Scenes.

Will post some of my favorite scenes in episode 14. Recap to follow.:)

Push up scene with Jae Hee sitting on Tae Joon's back. Oh no, she must have weighed a lot for her tall physique. [Minho must have exercised a lot!:) ] 

Hahahaha..look at his face!

The hug. Jae Hee hugged Minho as he was crying...

The second kiss!

Another [Secret Garden] sit up scene...Tae Joon helped Jae Hee coz she could not do it on her own. :))

Enjoy the scenes as much as I did. :)
pls give credit to my hardwork when reposting screen caps.

Tae Joon and Jae Hee went on a date.

photos crehttp://www.vingle.net

Beautiful You, Sulli (f(x)), Minho (SHINee)

Thursday, September 27, 2012

[Episode 13] To The Beautiful You Update - screen caps and recap

The highlights of the series are becoming intense and soon it will be over. It's episode 13 and personally, this episode made me teary eyed. So many things happening at the same time.

Well, made a lot, as in a lot of screen caps just for this episode.:))

Tae Joon almost confessed to Jae Hee while Eun Gyul was just outside looking for Jae Hee. When he opened the door, Eun Gyul sensed an awkward atmosphere surrounding them all.

Meanwhile, the doctor became aware of Tae Joon's protectiveness towards Jae Hee. He sent a txt message to Jae Hee to be careful but unfortunately it got sent to Tae Joon's. Now, the secret is already out. Tae Joon knowing Jae Hee as a girl since her oppa came. 

He was about to confess but then remember what the doctor told him that Jae Hee will leave as soon as she realize that her secret was out. Tae Joon decided not to say a word.

I like how Tae Joon in small ways let Jae Hee see his affections. Although he did not yet told her directly his feelings but he let her know how he wanted her to be by his side always. Just like a gum!:)) [as Jae Hee said]

And of course the little notes that makes Tae Joon smiles. So sweet of Jae Hee.

I laughed at this scene coz of what the notes said.

He replied to her note also! kekekeke

Tae Joon is beginning to get back on his track. His efforts are now being rewarded. He can jump over the high bar like he used to. 

With Jae Hee as his number one fan.

Who would not be inspired to do his routines if this cute and sweet roomate is always there showing her support? 

Which makes another soul even more grim and bitter. I feel annoyed at Min Hyeon Jae for always being jealous of Tae Joon. I thought it was just for the pure envy. But watching this episode, I now understood Hyeon Jae's struggles as to why he has to beat Tae Joon. A pity he had to resort to vicious acts just to beat him. But of course, Tae Joon was safe, thanks to Jae Hee for always protecting him. Instead, Eun Gyul suffered when he tried to block the damaged bike of Tae Joon rode by Jae Hee. 

Jae Hee confronted Hyeon Jae. It has to be done to stop him from doing more serious damage. What I like was how Hyeon Jae acknowledged his mistakes and how guilty he was learning Eun Gyul, who is his roomate got hurt. How sorry he was.

Although Eun Gyul was hurt, I am glad that he is Hyeon Jae's roomate. Because Eun Gyul is mature despite his age and oftentimes comedic antics. He just gave Hyeon Jae something for him to digest to realize his mistakes. Eun Gyul is a good friend.

I really felt his sincere apology. I was sad. I felt how he hated his acts but he could not win over it until Eun Gyul was hurt. 

Bless you Eun Gyul for your nice advise. it really opened Hyeon Jae's mind and heart.

My favorite scene of Tae Joon and Jae Hee....!!!

The back hug!

Awww!  So sweet! [more pdnim! jebal!]

As for Tae Joon, he is a person with a good heart and he let Hyeon jae have his second chance. Well done Tae Joon. 

The ending is kind of not good. Tae Joon's father, who he keeps ignoring coz he blames him for his mother's death, collapsed. 

Oh no! What will happen next?

3 more episode and this drama is done. Am still not yet ready to say good bye but it will really end in episode 16. Looking forward for the last 3 episodes! I need more romance between Tae Joon and Jae Hee. I hope Eun Gyul will be ok and not really heart broken. I was hoping for Hyeon Jae's success if only to keep his promise to his cute dongsaeng. And of course, a love between Han Na and Seung Ri if possible. 

For my ending recap/review, the cute screen caps of Hyeon Jae's sister.

Thanks for reading my post.