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Saturday, September 22, 2012

To The Beautiful You - Minho & Sulli Bed scene making film

Found another video of MinSul moments like BTS.

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A Cute Video of Minho with Sulli and f(x) - Krystal Calling Him "Brother-in-Law!"

This video was from the time Sulli's f(x)'s members visited the set of the To The Beautiful You.
Omo! How they tease Minho! And the heart signs especially Kim Ji Won's, too. I was like grinning when I watched this video over and over and over again!!! lol!

Thank you Jenniline@soompi/TTBY thread for sharing this and the translations...

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Krystal called to Minho something...
Luna : hey(Krystal), what? (did you say?)
Sulli : (what? HyungBoo~??!!!) Brother-In-law~ ??!! kekekeke 
Minho : hahahaha (I think, He looked embarrassed but sooooo happy!!!)

★HyungBoo = sister's(Sulli's) husband. Sulli and Krystal they're like sisters.
According to Krystal, Minho is Sull's husband. They seemed like a couple of her view.

Ha Ji Won for Kiss You Photos by DC 갤러리

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Friday, September 21, 2012

CN Blue Immobilizes Britain’s Airport Proving Their Great Popularity

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CN Blue Immobilizes Britain’s Airport Proving Their Great Popularity

Boy band CN Blue’s appearance at the London Airport caused a big commotion. A lot of European fans came out to give them a hot welcome.
They headed to London on September 20 to attend their first concert in Britain, “CN Blue Live in London.” It will take place on September 22. 400 fans went to the airport to take a peek of the handsome quartet.
CJ E&M is in charge of production for this concert and a representative shared, “We saw about 50 fans waiting for the group just 1 hour before their departure, but all of a sudden about 400 fans came. The fans shared the news of CN Blue’s arrival with other fans through SNS.” More than 95% of the fans who arrived on this day were European fans. CN Blue commented through their agency, “We’re very thankful, but truthfully we’re stunned. We didn’t think we’d receive a reaction like this.”
Their agency, FNC Entertainment continued, “It’s their first time trying to enter the European market, but we knew there would be fans through channels like Youtube, SNS and Korean shows. But it was much more than we expected.” The current fans are waiting anxiously for the concert. The venue seating 3000 people have been sold out proving how popular they’re being received.
The concert will be on September 22 at 7pm held in IndigO2 in Greenwich, London.
Soompiers, who’s attending?

SHINee’s Min Ho gets half naked on To The Beautiful You

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SHINee’s Min Ho will show off his muscular figure on SBS’s Wednesday-Thursday series To The Beautiful You.
In the twelfth episode of the series, which will air on September 20, Min Ho and Sulli go down to the country to do volunteer work together.
After working hard doing volunteer work, Min Ho asks Sulli to pour water on his back to wash off the sweat. Sulli helps him to cool off by pouring water on his back.
During the shooting, Min Ho showed off his perfect figure. His muscular upper body will capture the female audience. Even though he has a baby face, his manly figure impressed all the crew members on the set.
The scene was taken on September 18 in a Korean folk village. Min Ho actually sweat a lot during the day shooting the series under the strong sun. However, he had to shoot the scene, in which Sulli pours ice cold water on his back, in the evening when the weather got cooler.
Sulli worried about Min Ho because he might have caught a cold. But Min Ho comforted Sulli by playing jokes and the two stars finished shooting the scene quickly.
The production crew for the series said, “Even though the shooting is hard and exhausting, the actors and the crew members are always smiling. Sulli, Min Ho, Lee Hyun Woo, Seo Jun Young, and other actors always create a happy atmosphere on the set and we want to thank them for their hard work.”

Source: TV Report

Kim Hyun Joong City Conquest Premium Event

Tranlated by OnlyKHJtimes

Dorama “City Conquest” promotion event the 2nd on Jan. 2013 has been announced!
Highlight and behind the scene of the drama will be shown with wonderful cants such as Kim Hyun Joong and Jeong Yoo Mi.
Kobe World Premium Hall
Jan.6th Open the venue: 16:00 / Start: 17:00
Saitama Super Arena
Jan.9th Open the venue: 18:00 / Start: 19:00
Kim Hyun Joong, Jeong Yoo Mi, Nam Goong Min, Yang Yoon Ho
* Need to contract DATV with J:COM (one of Jp cable TV compamies) to apply the pre-order will be started from Oct.1st 15:00 to 14th 23:59.
J:COM special price for contoractants: 8800 yen
Normal price: 9800 yen
* This event is different from HENECIA JAPAN 1st Anniversary Memorial Event.
* Normal order will be announced in HENECIA JAPAN, KHJ mobile site.
More detail will be announced in DATV web site http://datv.jp/


Episode 12 To The Beautiful You Update...

What can I say? But I love this episode. So many cute scenes between Kang Tae Joon and Goo Jae Hee. Guess this is the start of romantic moments between them? :))

With the confession of Eun Gyul to Jae Hee hanging there, Jae Hee was a bit uncomfortable towards Eun Gyul. She does not know how to address the issue, so the only thing she can do is to avoid him, which Tae Joon noticed. He was bothered by Jae Hee's actions and her silence, though when he asked her about it, she did not say anything.

On the good side, Tae Joon told Jae Hee the real score about Han Na. Guess he wants to tell her that he is not really involve with Han Na. 


One of the funny scenes here....

When Min Hyeon Jae was undressing, Eun Gyul tried to stop him. I was laughing when I watched this sene. Eun Gyul thought he would be uncomfortable with another man undressing in front of him because of his feelings to Jae Hee who he thought was a man. Omo! So funny!

Inside Tae Joon's and Jae Hee's room...

Love this scene, so cute. Glad that they did this because I feel that calling Tae Joon who is just below your bunk is kind of  romantic. The chemistry was definitely there. They both feel something whenever they are together and talking through the phone somehow eases the tension.

The easy atmosphere is good especially to Tae Joon who is finally inspired to achieve his goal.


I think Min Hyeon Jae's mind is being clouded with jealousy because of Tae Joon's record that he could not beat. His focus was not on doing his jump properly but about beating Tae Joon. It's really bad for an athlete to think this way. I hope he will conquer his fears and jealousy.

Jae Hee visited Han Na in the hospital. 

The screen caps say it all. I was tearing while watching this part. Perhaps because after all the misunderstandings and the meanness of Han Nae to Jae Hee, still Jae Hee considers her a friend and cheers her now that she's down. Also advising her not to give up sports. I'm looking forward to see both of them being friends in the future.

Well, here's my favorite pair. Chincha!
Ha Seung Ri is smitten with Han Na! Funny guy!


What an embarrassing situation for Seung Ri!

Anyway, Eun Gyul told Tae Joon about his confession to Jae Hee. It does not matter if Jae Hee is a guy or a girl for Eun Gyul. This leaves Tae Joon thinking deep. Back on their room, Tae Joon is beginning to feel the hazard of having a girl roomate who he likes. The noise of the shower inside the bathroom while Jae Hee is in there is doing something to his hormones as a healthy male.

Gwenchana Tae Joon! :))

He was surprised by what he saw in the computer...

Jae Hee is planning on leaving.

They spend the weekend together with Eun Gyul and the teachers doing volunteer work.

Another favorite scene...
The chemistry is just so amazing! I could feel the tension here while watching them.

The awkwardness is exhilarating! 

Omo! Tae Joon oppa, are you ready to take the next step towards Jae Hee?

The ending is quite charming, it leaves me again feeling deprived. And anxiously waiting for next week's episodes! A week!? Hope I can last that long...:))

Thanks for reading...