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Friday, July 22, 2011

“Secret Garden” Causes “Alice in Wonderland” To Top Bestseller List

Why is a 145-year-old novel suddenly a best-seller in Korea?  Because it was featured in a hit drama, of course! In the popular drama “Secret Garden”, the characters played by Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won both read “Alice in Wonderland”, and lines from the book are featured in the drama.  As a result, “Alice in Wonderland” is currently the number two bestseller of the week in the online Korean bookstore Aladdin.


Kim Joo Won trying to get his mind off of Gil Ra Im…… while Gil Ra Im reads “Alice in Wonderland” to find out what’s going through Kim Joo Won’s mind.  How cute!]
This is a continuing result of what the news refer to as the “Hyun Bin effect”: In 2005, another book, Michael Ende’s “Momo”, hit bestseller lists in Korea after Hyun Bin was shown reading it in “My Name is Kim Sam Soon”.  This book ended up selling more than a million copies in Korea.  Looks like Hyun Bin is an excellent method for encouraging reading!
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  1. can i know what exactly title is? and where can i buy it in the philippines? how much is it?

  2. @sandy: hi! thanks for dropping by! a Filipino? :))
    so am I...
    are you referring to the book? Alice in Wonderland? well..perhaps there are copies in the book stores anywhere....

  3. Where can I buy this book in Singapore?

  4. @sharlene:
    hi! sorry i don't know. try looking at it on line, you may find it there. i haven't looked for that copy , too in the bookstore, but will try.:))