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Friday, July 22, 2011

Jung So Min (Oh Ha Ni) Interview-Playful Kiss

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Source : 日博
Translated from Japanese to Chinese by : 莹水

Playful Kiss's  lead character Oh Ha Ni is new actress Jung So Min.  On today's appointment at the cafe, she appeared giving the impression of just as Oh Ha Ni.  At the entrance, she almost fell and gave a loud yell but didn't fall into the cafe.  We got a shock, "You're alright?" JSM said laughingly "Absolutely fine." and laughingly said "Actually like today, wearing this pair of shoes earlier I did fall before.  There was a slight injury then it's all right after that."  The director of PK said "When I saw her during casting, the moment at seeing her laughed, I decided it's to be her." Now we sort of understand that, really she and OHN are very similar, no ....she is Oh Ha Ni.

Heard that for OHN's role, there were many singers and actresses vying for the role, do you have any confidence to get the role?

That day happened to be "Big Guy"'s very important shoot, all energy were exhausted.  That night I rushed to meet the PD and crew yet I remember I could unbelievably chat easily with them.

When casting you didn't specially dress up and were just as you normally are?

Yes, didn't do anything special.  While casting I have already heard that there were many participants, contrarily, I went in a relax mood to face it.  Told the PD that my house is just nearby etc etc, really it ended just like any normal daily chit chat.

Do you find yourself and OHN very similar?

HN and myself are the type that would complete anything by not resorting to any kind of  trickery or method but even though if it fail once also wouldn't let it go, this we're very similar. (laugh) Although sometimes I'd use my dignity to work but HN didn't so I'm envious of her.

What difficulties are there in acting a manga character?

Very difficult (laugh) HN is not the type that guys of this present society would like.  Recently, growing up in an age where women continually have to work hard, I too grow up in such an environment, frankly, initially I find it hard to accept OHN's character.  But because the original is a manga, compare to reality, it's like another world .....it's hard to contemplate, so may as well accept it gladly.  The TV drama world, for the audience may seem very exaggerated but in our daily life are there not dramatic moments too? OHN may seem very unusual, but to her, she's just another ordinary person in everyday life.

During today's meeting, although it looks like JSM and OHN are very similar but after our conversation, find that it is entirely two different persons, so how is JSM really?  That was some one who was changed into the character?

 (Laugh) I too was amazed, I would changed accordingly as I act with my co-actors and situations.  It was not changed intentionally, it was changed without my knowing. Sometimes I'd become very steady, sometimes I'd hold onto the subject theory till my friends thought I was crazy, when with family members I'd feel as if there's an elder sister there, just find the roles I did very enriching.

Is your romantic view similar with OHN?

Absolutely different (laugh) Definitely can't be like OHN hanging onto the guy like that. I'm the type that's unable to reveal my liking to that person.  Not only on romance but I express myself very badly.  Even saying "Thank you", "Sorry" also seem difficult to say it out to the person next to me .... able to be so bold in expressions like OHN is something I wish for.

What type of guy to you like? If BSJ exist would you like him?

(Sorry, the Chinese translator translated what MM said into her China colloquial expression which I don't understand, it probably mean - SJ is fine enough!, I may be wrong) Although there's favourable first impression but it seems hard to maintain that feeling.  He has been locking himself up in his own world not allowing any one in.  I prefer those who are relax, natural, easy, happy and simple guys.  Contrarily, being with an over sensitive person can be tiresome and NG! also those who always are concern about their outward appearance are very loathsome.

Kim Hyun Joong's first impression gave was? Doesn't he exactly gave the casual, natural, easy, happy and simply feeling?

He's a very lovable person.  Just as most said, 4D (laugh). The first thing he said was very humourous, the content is just different from any ordinary person.  Only he finds it funny, others don't get it, saying it can't understand the meaning .... it is just very hard to explain.  When actually it was not a big joke but it was different from others!  Conclusively, he's a humourous person (laugh).

The set for shooting seems to be very relax, are there anything worthy to share?

HJ's sleeping act is real sleeping (laugh) then it was the kiss in the rain, my tummy aches badly.


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