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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

INFORMATION About Kim Hyun Joong's VISIT in Manila

by Henecia Philippine

Hello Henecians.. 

WE have been getting enormous inquiries about Hyun joong's visit in Manila for the 25th and 26th. To answer all questions at once, here are the answers.

1. YES, HENECIANs, it is confirmed... Kim Hyun joong is coming to MANILA on 25th and 26th of AUGUST.

2. Yes, HENECIANS, he will be here for 2 EVENTS. For his BREAKDOWN PROMOTIONS for POLYEAST, and 26th for FACE SHOP. 

3. What will happen on the 25th:

Hyun Joong will be at TRINOMA MALL at 6pm for a HIGH FIVE EVENT.


All you have to do is BUY his Breakdown album at the event itself to be one of the FIRST 500 who will have a HIGH FIVE with him. 

High Five means, a high five... literally.. 

How are you going to be one of the first 500, is up to you.  The best way is to be on the mall as EARLY as you CAN. 

4. What will happen on the 26th:

More things will happen on the 26th as he will have a PHOTO OP at MOA and a FAN SIGN again, at TRINOMA.


To get a chance to be one of the FIVE(5) people who will have a photo op with Hyun joong,

  • You have to buy a minimum worth of 500 FACE SHOP products and buy the BREAKDOWN ALBUM with 2 posters for 500 to get a raffle ticket and have a chance to be chosen for the photo op. 
That means you will have to spend at least 1000 pesos to get a chance to have the raffile ticket.

Same procedure with the FAN SIGNING, however, 100 people will be chosen for the fansigning... 


That when you have the raffle ticket, it doesnt necessarily mean that you are entitled to be on the activity center with him. You only have the CHANCE to be one of the winners. 

The winners for the FACE SHOP will be drawn... So, PRAY HARDER.

However, it is sure that you have TWO POSTERS and a KOREAN EDITION ALBUM once you purchase it from FACE SHOP.

Hope this clears everything that has been boggling your minds HENECIANS.. 

Thank you!




  1. can I ask what time will he be in moa & trinoma?

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  3. @ elisanieva

    pls do take note the mechanics of the high five event @ Trinoma... ONLY HIGH FIVE WITH KHJ..NO SIGNING OF AUTOGRAPHS...

    FAN SIGNINGS WILL BE ON THE 26TH...(see above info) but details is yet to be posted about it.

    thanks and hoping all is clear..

  4. Hello, may I know what time will he be arriving here in the airport? I saw from his Asia tours, many fans are already waiting for him in the airport when he arrives.
    Thank you

  5. @ pinkhoney2
    hi! as I recall he will arrive here on Thursday morning, just not really sure about the time, with all the blogs I have been posting, i too get confused sometimes...10am or before 12noon. just around those times i think, if only i can search that post i did..kekeke..sorry for not being able to answer immediately..still searching for that post:))

    just be at Trinoma very early on the 25th for album sales starts at 10am gonna be a long line..good luck!

  6. Where will he be staying? what hotel in the Philippines?