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Friday, April 13, 2012

[photos+news+videos] Scouting for more of Kim Hyun Joong: Activities to Look Out for..

There are days when there's no news about leader [KHJ] and there are days when I am out and not in touch with the internet and these [sometimes] are those that news about him flooded the internet! Now I don't know how to post them all at once, so I decided to put them all here. Chincha! Reading news about Hyun Joong always make my day. And I am glad that plans about his ASIA FM is pushing through.

Kim Hyun Joong @ arirang TV "Vocal Trainer for K-pop Singers, The One" Memorable K-pop star? [12.04.11]

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FCMEN Japan Official Kim Hyun Joong Photo Gallery Update

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Another Teaser ‘K-Pop Stars Documentary’ Hallyu star Kim Hyun Joong

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Kim Hyun Joong to talk about depression on ‘K-Pop Star Captivating the World’

Hallyu megastar Kim Hyun Joong has revealed that he suffered from depression in the past.

As reported earlier, in MBC‘s upcoming special documentary titled, ‘K-pop Star Captivating the World - Lucky Guy Kim Hyun Joong’, viewers will be treated to behind-the-scenes documentation of Kim Hyun Joong’s Japanese arena tour, Korean fan meeting, and his upcoming comeback scheduled for June this year.

Most notably, the show will contain Kim Hyun Joong’s confession of his struggle with depression during his Japanese activities. It will also feature his honest thoughts regarding his friend of 10 years, Kim Jaejoong of JYJ.

In related news, MBC is planning to air ‘K-pop Star Captivating the World’ as a series by covering other Hallyu stars such as CNBLUEB2ST, and IU.

Don’t forget to miss the broadcast which is scheduled to air on April 15th, 12:20am KST.

Teaser3 ‘K-Pop Stars Documentary’ Hallyu star Kim Hyun Joong

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MBC sets eyes on Kim Hyun Joong [12.04.13]

Hallyu sensation Kim Hyun-joong will have a frank discussion about his struggles with depression on a special MBC program profiling the singer, which will air on Saturday.

Kim will reveal the dark thoughts that went through his mind during his time in Japan on “Special Report: The K-pop Star Who Bewitched the World – Lucky Guy Kim Hyun-joong,” the show’s producers said.

MBC said that never-before-seen footage of Kim from his Japan arena tour will be shown to accompany the stories.

In addition, the 25-year-old star will open up about his 10-year friendship with JYJ’s Kim Jae-joong, whom he met before either successfully broke into the entertainment industry in Korea.

To examine Kim from a different angle, friends of the star will also appear on the special Hallyu program to discuss his school days.

And as Kim is currently preparing for the release of a new album in June, details about the upcoming record will be divulged on the show, too.

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[Notice] From KeyEast: Schedule Kim Hyun Joong May 2012 ASIA Fan Meeting

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[News] Kim Hyun Joong is a Romantic Spring Guy for ‘Hang Ten’

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Kim Hyun Joong is showing he can rock not only outdoors wear but casual wear as well.

In newly released pictures for casual brand, Hang Ten, Kim sports a striped cardigan over a denim shirt, layered over a white T-shirt. Beige-colored khakis complete the ′romantic guy′ look just in time for spring.

Kim is currently preparing for his Asian fan meeting tour, which is set to kick-off in Singapore before making stops in Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, Thailand and more.

For more behind-the-scenes look at Kim′s shoot, click here for the Hang Ten homepage.

 Photo credit: Hang Ten

[Info] 2012 Kim Hyun Joong Asia FanMeeting ~ Seat Map



 ‘K-Pop Stars Captivating the World’ to follow around Hallyu star Kim Hyun Joong

Credit: http://www.allkpop.com

Singer and actor Kim Hyun Joong will be sharing his hidden passions through an MBC special titled K-Pop Stars Captivating the World‘.

The program will be following top K-Pop stars like Kim Hyun Joong, CNBLUE,B2ST, and IU and go through a full 24 hour day with them to see just what is behind the scenes, in an effort to better determine whether the Hallyu wave can continue to grow all over the world or eventually run stagnant.

The focus will be on Kim Hyun Joong, especially since he’s created a Hallyu empire with just his name. One Japanese critic had stated, “In 2012, the direction of K-Pop will change to focus on solo artists, and Kim Hyun Joong is expected to stand as leader of that change. All eyes are on him.”

‘K-Pop Stars Captivating the World’ will give a glimpse into his international activities and the preparation he undergoes for his concert at the Yokohama Arena.

The program airs on April 14th.

Source + Photos: Mydaily via Nate

Video Preview

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English translation: Stephanie (@5StarsAs1/ www.i-kpoplovers.blogspot.com)

HyunJoong said Jaejoong have handwritten some(?) letters and sent it to him. Jaejoong laughed very Jaejoong-ishlysaying 'Between man & man, writing letters is...'

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