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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Hyun Bin’s Popularity Continuous in Japan

Movie preview for Late Autumn will be held in Japan
July 30, 2011  hannacha 

SPHC of Japan decided to give a movie preview of Late Autumn in which Hyun Bin and Tang Wei starred. The preview will be held in Tokyo and Osaka on August 18 and 20.
Production company of Late Autumn said on the 30th, “A preview of Late Autumn will be held before its actual release in Japan. Hyun Bin cannot attend the preview since he is serving in the Marine Corps, but movie director will appear for the promotion.”
SPHC decided to purchase the movie before its release in Korea valuing the cast, Tang Wei and Korean Wave star Hyun Bin, and its sensational story line.
Late Autumn is remade film of director Lee Man Hee’s work by director Kim Tae Yong. In the film, a woman who killed her husband spends seven years behind the bars and gets special holiday of 72 hours. The woman meets a guy on the bus and fall in love passionately for a short period of time.
Hyun Bin, who serves in the Marine Corps, received ten days of vacation on the 27th and is spending time with his family.
Source: Startoday from Nate-Late Autumn 30/07/2011

cre: The_Joker @soompi.com/hbthread

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