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Sunday, September 11, 2011

[DATV Special] Dancers Talk Abt KHJ-Translation by cheerko

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Part 1

KHJ thinks of Artmatic as a team like brothers and family. He considers himself a part of Artmatic.

Leader of Artmatic Is the one with white and black shirt.—second one from right.

They call him Hyunjoong-ah or yi or Oi if in a hurry.

KHJ is kind of 4-D but not terribly..but with gonjo—sense of strong self or center/core---

Eg. When they were returning from vacation, he saw kids sledding and insisted that everybody sled down on kiddie sleds. They were somewhat embarrasses as there were parents with kids only but they end up having fun. HJ likes to drink but he is also very proud. He was not feeling that well and could not drink as much. His pride prevented him from telling everyone that he could not drink or that he was easily drunk. He was passed out but his head was just bent over and silent and was out. HJ at the time of debut easily slept anywhere and anyhow.

KHJ’s positive quality is that he always tries very hard no matter what and he himself as older person could learn a lot from him. But KHJ tends to want to do things impulsively and he wishes that he does not push as much. After long practice, KHJ would insist that they go play soccer—soccer call??

KHJ once he sets a goal, follows till the end. Also KHJ tends to go overboard. They usu do 3 sets of exercises but sometimes he can push for 7 sets and they would all suffer later—their muscle would shake so much that they cannot eat properly.

KHJ talks about practicing about 8 to 9 hours and then playing soccer for couple of hours. He considers his group to be very cool because they all work really hard and do it together.

KHJ has a very strong sense of himself and his opinions. But they wish that he can learn to rest as well.

KHJ has a very sensitive taste in food and he also likes very delicious food. So, through HJ, he learned to eat properly and with delicious taste through HJ.

Part 2

Through HJ, he feels like he learned what is good taste. They like spicy pig feet and ate delicious ramyun at the Ropongi area.

HJ is very good looking and they are both pos and neg. This Artmatic leader has known KHJ for a very long time—even before debut. But he refuses to take pix with KHJ because other people make fun of him standing next to KHJ. KHJ is so radiant that he overshadows other people. That is why he never takes off sunglasses in TV.

KHJ as lots of curiosity. If he gets curious, most people hesitate and think about it. But KHJ always tries out what is curious first before he tries again. He thinks that is good. That is how he got into body building—through HJ. But once he does not like it, he may make a promise and not show up. One dancer really got into body building and works out really hard that even though KHJ wanted to work out with him, he changes his mind without telling the dancer hyung.

A dancer who is part of User of USA helped out with dancing for Break Down. At first it was hard but they continued to practice and monitor together. The hard part about dancing to BD is the falling on Knee part and got hurt a great deal. They lose about 2kg per practice and regain after eating. They feel that the unique thing about BD MV is having survived it and live to tell about it. At the mv, the floor was concrete that their knees were bleeding and scratched up after many Ng’s.

Funny part of BD mv is a scene that is already deleted. KHJ was suppose to fight with an African- American guy over a girl but it got deleted because the African-American man was twice KHJ’s size that mv director felt that the part was too funny to include in mv. Also the doverman appeared scary but his barking was too weak that they had to double the sound of barking or sub it.

Artmatic wishes: They all want to contine to dance and work hard into the future. One wants to marry and another wants to be a choreographer and the leader wants to not only continue to dance but he want to operate or manage an Entertainment company with HJ one day.

KHJ says that he is always grateful to dancer hyungs and he wants to try hard so that his hyungs are always proud of working with KHJ and he wants to continue to shine with them. 

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